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Stephen Hunter - Weekend section, "The movie has a great deal of zest and charm."

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'Shall We Dance?'

Scene from this movie On the fault line that certain people have a talent for dancing and some who have two left feet, is "Shall We Dance" situated, but with an additional degree of difficulty added: The man who wants to dance but canít is not only middle-class, middle-aged, repressed, shy and full of body-shame, but heís also Japanese, and formed by one of the most rigid of social codes.

So while itís a charmer about one guy who manages to fight his way out of his bind and let his inner Fred pirouette across the dance floor, the film is also a story of a man struggling for some kind of liberation against a system that sees him merely as a cog in a big machine. -- Stephen Hunter
Rated NR

Director: Masayuki Suo
Cast: Koji Yakusho; Tamiyo Kusakari; Naoto Takenaka; Eriko Watanabe; Akira Emoto; Masashiro Motoki; Misa Shimizu
Running Time: 2 hours