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'She's Out of Control' (PG)

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer
April 15, 1989

Cuddly TV neanderthal Tony Danza finds himself in Fred MacMurray's bathrobe in "She's Out of Control," an inspid comedy about Daddy and Daddy's little girl. It's an irksome, one-dimensional sitcom with smut.

Danza brings a new hairdo, a dumbfounded puppy dog look, apish body language and adenoidal resonance to the part of Doug, a broadcast executive who is distressed when his 15-year-old daughter Katie (teen bimbo Ami Dolenz) blossoms. He sublimates his incestuous urges by fending off Katie's suitors, who come to the door in packs -- like dogs. And all Katie did was have a beauty makeover.

Becoming ever more obsessed with his daughter, Doug makes increasingly exaggerated attempts to protect her chastity. When his fiancée (Catherine Hicks) points out that he is behaving irrationally, he starts seeing a celebrity psychiatrist (desperate Wallace Shawn). "I know Jung and Freud. I've been tuh college," says Doug to the psychiatrist. (What's your major -- boxing?) The psychiatrist gives him a book he has written for single fathers, adding, "If you're a slow reader" -- which we are pretty sure he is -- "you better put your daughter on the pill."

The last passes for a zingy one-liner in this excruciatingly dull first screenplay by Seth Winston and Michael J. Nathanson, a couple o' cards all right. Stan Dragoti, who directed "Mr. Mom," once again plumbs the psyche of the male, proving in this instance that testosterone rots your brain.

"She's Out of Control" is a scaredy-cat's variation on "Blame It on Rio," which at least was honest about its cheap intentions. We know that under all this father-knows-best nonsense there's a big bad wolf panting: What lovely white knee socks you're wearing, my dear.

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