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Kevin McManus - Weekend section, "Muddled action flick ... prepare to suffer."

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'Warriors of Virtue'

Scene from this movie Many kids may actually get a charge out of this muddled action flick, which unfolds in a fantasy world filled with animal-like creatures and humanoids. But if you play chaperone at the cineplex, prepare to suffer. The warriors of the title are lugubrious, kangaroo-like beings with kung fu skills. They’re befriended and joined in battle by a boy who has been plunged into their realm after a mishap involving a class bully. There’s lots of blather about "energy-producing lifesprings," "the five classic virtues" and the strange powers of a bulky manuscript tucked in the boy’s backpack. As with other cruddy kid fare, the yakking scenes serve only as buildups for the whacking scenes. -- Kevin McManus
Rated PG
Director: Ronny Yu
Cast: Mario Yedidia; Chao Li Chi;
Angus MacFadyen; Marley Shelton
Running Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes