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‘Wayne’s World 2’

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer
December 10, 1993


Stephen Surjik
Mike Myers;
Dana Carvey;
Tia Carrere;
Olivia D'Abo;
Christopher Walken;
Chris Farley;
Kim Basinger;
James Hong
raunchy language

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Wayne and Garth schwing back into action in "Wayne's World 2," which, if you'll exsqueeze me for saying so, is not all that different from the original. The duo's catch phrases -- "hurl," "party on," "way" -- already belong in slang Heaven alongside "Jane, you ignorant slut." But then that's the nature of a movie based on a movie based on a comedy act.

Mike Myers, who conceived the character of Wayne while in high school, also wrote the screenplay with comedy writers Bonnie and Terry Turner of "Saturday Night Live." Like "WW1," it is a parody of heavy metallurgy, American mall culture and the eternal travails of teenage boys. Additionally, and somewhat lamely, it spoofs films from "Woodstock" to "Jurassic Park."

Wayne and his puddin'-headed sidekick (Dana Carvey) are still hosting their late-night cable TV show, and though they have moved into a new babe lair, Wayne is becoming restless. Then one night, he has a revelatory vision: The late Jim Morrison tells him he must hold a marathon rock concert to be known as Waynestock. "Book them and they will come," says the former Door.

Wayne and Garth enlist the help of the greatest roadie who ever lived (Ralph Brown) in preparing for the upcoming concert, which is jeopardized by the fellows' increasingly complicated relationships with Cassandra (Tia Carrere) and Honey Hornee (Kim Basinger). Cassandra, the stunning songstress who took a shine to Wayne in "WW1," is like totally attracted to Wayne, but he is jealous of her relationship with a record producer (Christopher Walken).

Honey, played with burlesque bump by Basinger, runs her tongue over Garth's licorice at the laundromat, which leads to his eventual seduction. "I am no longer a stranger to the ways of women," says Garth, who is later chagrined to find that Honey is married and wants him to shoot her husband. It's a ribaldry right out of a Bob Hope special.

Carvey is such a lovable doofus and Myers such a well-intentioned naif that it's hard to get down on them, especially considering that the heirs to their niche in pop iconography are Beavis and Butt-head.

"Wayne's World 2" is rated PG-13 for raunchy language.

© Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company

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