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'The Wedding Singer'

By Rita Kempley
Washington Post Staff Writer

  Movie Critic

Frank Coraci
Drew Barrymore;
Steve Buscemi;
Allen Covert;
Adam Sandler;
Angela Featherstone;
Matthew Glave;
Chrstine Taylor
Running Time:
1 hour, 35 minutes
For language

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Adam Sandler is surprisingly likable as Robbie, a struggling musician who is left at the altar early in this modest romantic comedy. The experience so sours him on nuptials that he not only gives up on love but can no longer bear to perform at wedding receptions.

After a good sulk and a run of bar mitzvahs, Robbie is distracted from his troubles when a waitress friend (sunny Drew Barrymore) asks him to help her plan her upcoming marriage. Frank Coraci directed the predictable, but amusing screenplay by Tim Herlihy, who also cowrote Sandler's earlier movies, "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore." Highlights besides the dazzling Barrymore include cameos with Steve Buscemi as an ugly drunk entrusted with the wedding toast and Jon Lovitz as a Vegas-style wedding singer in competition with Robbie.

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