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The Associated Press
Tuesday, February 9, 1999

"Making 'Saving Private Ryan' was a life's experience for all of us on the film. To be nominated is a very special honor, to be nominated for 'Ryan' ... all the more. I am, of course, very delighted. I am also very proud."Tom Hanks, nominated for best actor for his role in "Saving Private Ryan.''

"I think this is a tribute to the veterans. It's important that before this century is out ample recognition is paid to the veterans who saved the world."Steven Spielberg, best director nominee for "Saving Private Ryan,'' from Germany.

"It's very exciting. When people give you a wonderful script, they say it has Oscar written all over it, by which they mean it's a good script and you don't really believe a word more. But then when you start to get awards, you think, 'My dear, I wonder if I'm going to get nominated?' Now it's come true."Ian McKellen, nominated for best actor for his role in "Gods and Monsters.''

"What's very encouraging is to see Edward Norton's nomination. He said to me I was the reason he became an actor. I hope I'm the reason he doesn't win an Oscar."Ian McKellen, on the best actor nomination of Edward Norton for his role in "American History X.''

"I guess I had been hopeful because people were saying to me there was a good chance. That doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's down to the wire when they call you fifth, though!"Lynn Redgrave, up for best supporting actress in "Gods and Monsters.'' Her nomination was announced last in the field of five.

"I bet a director friend of mine in Australia that I'd have to buy her a pair of Roller Blades if we got seven nominations and now we have. I'd better get moving."Cate Blanchett, nominated for best actress in "Elizabeth.''

"It was a small picture, $6 million budget picture to gather this much attention. One doesn't anticipate that. You make those kinds of films for the sake of making them. You can't really lose money on them, but it's just the love of filmmaking. It makes it very special in that sense."Nick Nolte, nominated for best actor for his role in "Affliction.''

"We didn't make any money doing it. It was the project, the work. That's what it's all about."James Coburn, a best supporting actor nominee from the low-budget film "Affliction.''

"I'm surprised at my nomination but also very happy because I loved this role so much. I share this nomination with everyone who made "A Simple Plan,'' and especially with Sam Raimi, my director who helped me."Billy Bob Thornton of "A Simple Plan,'' nominated for best supporting actor.

"It's the best song I wrote for a movie. I didn't think it'd be noticed because the movie went away so fast."Randy Newman, who received a best song nomination for "That'll Do'' from "Babe: Pig In The City.'' He received two other music-related nominations.

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