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  Finding Useful Web Sites for Everyday Life
Second Annual Guide to the Web

  • Major League Sports
  • (Out)Door Prizes
  • Culture Consumption
  • Food and Drink
  • Expensive Hobbies
  • Family Matters
  • House Bound
  • With all of the weird, wacky and sometimes useless Web pages on the Internet, Computer graphicit's hard to imagine Web sites designed for regular folks. Our second annual guide, designed for people who use computers but don't necessarily love them, can help you choose a movie, buy a house or have a laugh. You know – all that stuff you do beyond the glow of your computer monitor.

    Funny or Peculiar?
    If you're on a search for good humor on the Internet, it will be a long journey. But if unintentionally funny material is your bag, the Internet abounds.

    Still www.worthwhile
    Every Friday since January 1997, we've spotlighted places online that help with real-world tasks. Here are 10 favorites from the FFWD's WWW.Worth It column.

    To Surf, Perchance to Dream

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