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  Catch My Snow Drift

February 6, 1998

It's Friday afternoon and raining in D.C. Again. But could it be snowing at Massanutten or Whitetail? Three useful Web sites (SkiGate, SkiCentral, and iSki) can give you the answer. They present a similar mix of information – links to equipment manufacturers, archives of trail maps, first-person accounts of ski trips and reporting on Olympics preparations – but the most compelling info is the links to weather information and to resorts' home pages. Almost all of the latter are updated early every morning to record how much snow has fallen, what trails are open and lift-ticket prices. Many resorts also sport "resort cams" to broadcast photographs of the slopes every day. While all three Web sites have similar sets of links, each has distinctive features; for example, SkiGate offers a section of classified ads for those job hunting or selling used equipment. SkiCentral, in turn, boasts that its search engine covers more than 4,000 sites. And iSki publishes original features like tips on improving your skiing and reviews of ski magazines; the site's peripatetic "snowmads" send reports from the road on their ski adventures.

— Terri Shaw

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