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  What's Your Sein?

February 13, 1998

Nine p.m. on Thursday evenings will soon become just another time slot; my VCR preset will be reset and I'll actually be able to go out those nights. But the all-too-quick approach of the last new Seinfeld episode doesn't mean that I can't continue my obsessive viewing patterns – there are, after all, nine seasons' worth of old episodes to watch out there. The trick is picking out the ones I haven't already seen five times. I could consult the TV listings in this fine publication, but that requires actual work and discipline, both of which are antithetical to the couch-potato ethos. A better solution awaits on the Web at, where Web-guide service the Mining Co. maintains a weekly-updated list of what episodes are airing each weeknight. Although the Mining Co. folks haven't been completely diligent in updating this, when it's current it's an enormous help, alerting me, for instance, to a rerun of "The Junior Mint" (a.k.a. "Dolores") two weeks ago.

-- Rob Pegoraro

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