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February 20, 1998

The greatest secret of the Metro system is waiting to be discovered online. I speak not of the reason for that "70s-vintage orange hue on Metro trains, but of something a little more prosaic – bus schedules. Yes, those timetables, rarely found on actual buses and only occasionally seen on signposts, can be downloaded from Metro's Web site The catch: They're only available in Adobe's Acrobat format, requiring a lengthy download of that company's free Acrobat Reader program (see; versions are available for Mac, Windows, DOS, OS/2 and numerous flavors of Unix). This is easier than schlepping over to Metro Center, Metro's other bus-schedule repository. On the other hand, how many bus riders have Internet access – and couldn't those who don't use this info too? Perhaps that's another one of Metro's secrets.

-- Rob Pegoraro

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