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  That's DejaNews to Me

Rob Pegoraro
March 27, 1998

DejaNews is already the best way to view the past of Usenet, the worldwide network of discussion forums; now it's a decent way to look at Usenet's present. The new, free 'My DejaNews' service lets you subscribe to newsgroups, making it much easier to read and write in your favorite groups. And DejaNews's effective screening of unsolicited ads means you'll spend less time wading through irrelevant junk. (Speaking of ads, you do have to fill out a marketing survey so DejaNews can target its own at you.) This is no replacement for a capable newsreading program — it doesn't even let you use a signature with your postings — but if you want to keep up with online discussions while you're out of range of your regular Internet provider, this is an excellent option.
— Rob Pegoraro

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