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    May 29, 1998

    Have a question about the Amish, a children's book author or hemophilia? Then Ask-An-Expert at the Virtual Reference Desk . Designed for knowledge-seeking parents, teachers and kindergarten-through-high-school students, the Desk links to more than 70 sites—for instance, Ask Dr. Math, Ask the Grammar Lady and NASA's Ask an Astronomer —and connects the curious to the e-mail boxes of experts. Need details on humpback whales? Contact Max the SeaResearcher ( Want details on the 1777 battle at Valley Forge? Send a note to a Revolutionary War expert ( Most experts promise to get back with answers within a week. Will such one-on-one interaction actually make students want to do homework? We'll find an expert and ask about it.

    — Hope Katz Gibbs

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