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Everything That's Mined Is Yours

By Rob Pegoraro
The Washington Post
August 15, 1997

The quest to make some sense out of the ever-changing Web never seems to stop. One of the newer contestants in this game, the Mining Co. takes a different approach to the problem from its search-engine and Web-directory competitors, letting its staff of "guides" collect sites in particular categories. Instead of attempting to list every relevant site, pack rat-style, the Mining Co. covers things in a frequently updated, newsy format. Under "Music," for instance, you get categories like "80s Music," "Bubblegum Music" and "Garth Brooks." Click through to "Alternative Music" and you get a list of this week's finds, plus a brief feature (one week, a quick overview about listening to concerts over the Web). The site's a poor choice if you want to find every site on a topic, but it does one thing that Yahoo! can't touch: letting you keep up with Web developments in a particular area of interest. In other words, this site can make it seem like you spend more time on the Web than you really want to, which has a utility all its own.

-Rob Pegoraro

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