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Improve Your Move

By Rob Pegoraro
Washington Post Staff Writer
August 29, 1997

I HATE MOVING. The only smart thing I've done in my last six moves was hire a moving company this spring, saving me from my own incompetence at stuffing my belongings into U-Hauls. This is a subject where I can use any help I can get. Enter MoveQuest (, a spinoff of the MapQuest site ( It combines MapQuest's geographical data, sometimes klutzily, with services offered by other companies at other Web sites. For instance, you get moving-expense estimates and cost-of-living comparisons from the Homebuyer's Fair site (, insurance help from Allstate (http:// and financing information from Countrywide Home Loans ( MoveQuest can also generate a calendar of to-do reminders, starting 2 1/2 months before moving day. (Sample event: "Arrange ISP service.") When I gave it a moving date of Oct. 1, it scolded me in user-manual English: "Your schedule is [sic] little behind. You better hurry up!!"

-Rob Pegoraro (

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