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    Phone Phun

    August 7, 1998

    What's the one way an everyday schmuck can look like a monstrous, world-controlling corporation? By having a phone number that spells something interesting. For instance, one friend in college had a number whose last four numbers spelled "tofu"; part of another friend's cell phone number translated to "myne" (spelling doesn't really count here, after all). Two Web sites assist this tedious process by suggesting the words and phrases that match all or part of a phone number; PhoneSpell is easier to use, while PhoNETic offers more flexibility, including the option to look for suitable words in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish. (These sites also work in reverse, translating overly cute 800/ANUMBER phrases into regular phone numbers.) Among other things, both of these pages now have me irked at Bell Atlantic for giving me a home number with an alphabetically deprived "1" as its second digit.

    PriceWatch Web site, a first-of-its kind list of hunters.

    – Rob Pegoraro

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