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    Vote Note-Taking

    August 14, 1998

    Want to check up on your congressbeing without having to slog through the PR on his/her official Web page? This site calls itself the Women's Voting Guide, but it actually lets all citizens research politicians' positions and develop a personalized voting guide. Click on "Compare your positions" to select from more than 20 big-ticket issues or request a match on the full list of nearly 300 issues. Under the Church/State and Personal Freedom categories, for instance, I found a list of 11 relevant House and Senate bills on which to express my opinion – "oppose," "support" or "ignore." I then received a scorecard on how my U.S. senators and representative had voted. The comprehensive FAQ list explains how the site works, what its privacy policy is (information that all interactive sites should provide), what political races and issues are covered and more.

    Gabriel Goldberg

    © Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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