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October 10, 1997

Measure Your TeleWorth

Commercials for the big three long-distance companies continually accuse each other of lying about offering low rates. But how can you tell? The formulas they use are too cryptic for normal people to figure out. A site called TeleWorth ( may help. Enter your calling information from your last phone bill, and TeleWorth crunches the numbers for you. (Privacy buffs note: you don't even tell them your full phone number or the full numbers you call just the area codes.) TeleWorth found that a company called Matrix had a plan called Code 8-D that could save me as much as half off my current long distance bills; plans from BTI and Tysons Corner-based LCI came close. Matrix's 24-hour-a-day 13.9- cents-per-minute rate is not as good as PhoneMiser's 8.9-cents rate (see above), but it's a vast improvement over my current Big Three "discount" plan (often as high as 27.4 cents a minute). TeleWorth also offers full details of all these plans, company stats, calling card info, 800 number services, price protection options and a whole lot more. Even if you make very few long distance calls, TeleWorth will pay for itself in one call, since it's free. Daniel Greenberg

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