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October 17, 1997

My computer's calculator program is nifty enough, but it's no good for much of the everyday math I run across. That is, if I just want to find out something practical and boring like the area of a circle—such as when I went shopping for dining tables—the only way to get that answer is to dredge up formulas I last learned in high school (and most of those years I'd rather not remember anyway). What I need is a good cheat sheet, like the one I found at Along with some high-level scientific math, the site also collects simple mathematical references, like a table listing the decimal equivalents for fractions and a series of templates that will compute the areas of a circle, rectangle, hexagon and octagon and the volume of a sphere once you enter in basic measurements like diameter or width and length. And the pages does list the formulas behind each result, so occasional math morons like myself may wind up learning a thing or two after enough visits.
—Rob Pegoraro at

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