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December 26, 1997

Rail Tales

If you need to ride the rails on the Eastern Seaboard, you may want to take a detour around Amtrak's page Sure, that site looks pretty enough, but just looking up train schedules takes too many clicks and too much time waiting for those images to load. You'll save time by going to the excellent volunteer-run site put together by the Delaware Valley Association of Railroad Passengers, which lists schedules for Amtrak in a simple, concise and unfashionably browser-tolerant listing, just like what you'd get on an old-fashioned brochure. How quaint! And how effective! (Even if you still have to muddle through Amtrak's site to get actual fares.) The uncharacteristically straightforward DVARP site also lists schedules and fares for Maryland's MARC trains and Philadelphia's SEPTA commuter-rail system. Elsewhere, you'll find news updates on railroad issues, plus such DVARP administrivia as meeting minutes and such. Traveling further afield? The site includes links to information on most of the big mass-transit systems in North America, from the "T" in Boston to San Francisco's BART. - Rob Pegoraro

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