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College Edge
There's something reassuring about this site's index of 4,000 schools and a staggering number of degrees and majors. There's also advice on applying to college, choosing a major, finding a scholarship and even what to pack when you load up the family station wagon and ship out.

The Princeton Review
Done by the folks who put out the Princeton Review, this is more than an online plug for test preparation. Written in a chatty, conversational tone, the Princeton Review page makes wise use of the Web's interactivity. There's a sample SAT; the Counselor-o-matic takes your vital info and attempts to match you with first-choice and backup schools. The Remind-o-rama is a possibly handy service which, on request, will e-mail you timely reminders at various stages of the application process.

Fishnet's College Guide
This site features an unimpressive college search engine, decent articles about campus life and an online Admissions Guru. The Guru takes on such classic college-admissions chestnuts as "Should I take honors classes or go for the high GPA?" "How many extracurricular activities are enough?" "Who should I ask for recommendations?" and so on.

The unique feature of this otherwise middling college-matching site is that you can enter two majors as search criteria. This is a very good idea, since many high school juniors and seniors have not narrowed their career choices to just one, yet need to pick a school anyway. It's also fun: You think there isn't an institute of higher learning that can accommodate your twin passions for Naval Engineering and Addiction Studies? Guess again.
-- Mike Musgrove


You've probably heard the ads on the radio: Poor, dumb guy fecklessly tries to find a job through the newspaper while our plucky heroine sits at her PC and e-mails her resume to all the right people. Be prepared to experience a degree of shell shock from all the "explosively growing" companies you'll encounter here. Also features an online version of that great time waster, the Myers-Briggs ("I'm an ENTJ! Somebody gimme a job!!"). The strength and flaw: Most jobs listed here involve programming, so searching in Health and Medicine nets you a list of positions at hospital-software firms.

America's Job Bank
Looking up jobs in architecture on this site, I found two in Connecticut -- one pays $4.77 an hour, one pays $99.99 an hour (but requires "99 months" of experience. Numerologists? Masons?). This site, working in conjunction with state employment agencies, claims "the largest pool of active job opportunities available anywhere." Not an uncommon claim, sure, but I tend to believe it: AJB has tons of jobs listed, whatever your interest. Only problem is weeding through the jobs posted here. Looking for a job as an "artist," the search engine coughed up a listing for "Director of Sports Programming" for a radio station in Alabama. Another job: "Escort/Stripper" in California. Obviously, I have some big career decisions to make.

The Monster Board
This site features an international job search option. Alas, this globalism is evidently just fledgling -- there was one job listed in all of Germany, and no amount of resume-enhancement would pass me off for a "Gas Turbine Specialist" anyway. But there was an intriguing listing at the Prague Post.

Meta-Site: About Work
This megasite offers links to many job-seeking sites plus chat rooms and all sorts of advice -- for instance, find out what it's like to be an archaeologist.
-- Mike Musgrove

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