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Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Once a revolutionary tactic, buying a new car by negotiating up from what the dealer paid rather than down from what he'd like to charge you is getting to be the norm for savvy shoppers. This site provides all-important dealer invoice price information, road tests, performance data and typical used-car trade-in prices.

Microsoft's car-buying site is attractive and better on test-drive reports than Edmund's. But, annoyingly, it charges for detailed pricing info.

Kelley's Blue Book
If your only concern is used car prices, this is the best single source -- but watch out for occasional unexplained discrepancies between Blue Book prices and other sources' estimates.

Car Talk
Public radio's Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, dispense their cranky, folksy advice on bringing recalcitrant cars to heel. Other features include an archive of past print columns and cool nationwide used-car classified ad service.

Meta-Site: Automotive Web Index
A staggering set of international links on current and vintage autos, including manufacturers' addresses and links to general interest automotive pages.
-- John F. Kelly

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