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Some web sites do one thing extremely well. Others blow it by doing many things so badly you want to cry. Here we list the addresses of sites to click on to carry out singular but sometimes, urgent tasks.

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Learn to tie a tie media/mr/doc/howtotie.htm
Find bargains on all kinds of stuff aw/welcome.html
Buy close-out merchandise
Find financial aid for college
Keep your children happily occupied
Find out how far apart places are
Decide whether to do a household repair job yourself or hire a pro
Choose a breed of dog
Find an area code for a city or vice versa ~americom/aclookup.html
Get the Zip code for an address
Look up a word in the dictionary
Find a synonym thesaurus
Read FFWD's favorite online magazine
Plan an extremely unusual road trip
Figure out what those abbreviations in online chats mean pages0/jerbo/chat.html
See how much it costs to ship a package via UPS services/rave/rate.html
... and via the U.S. Mail itds/owa/calculator.home
Get comparative quotes on life insurance
Read quotable quips /data/quote.html
Get lessons on almost any task imaginable

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