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    March 26, 1999

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    Last Year's Guide

    Most of the junk on TV isn't about how to watch more programming or how to debug your VCR. Few magazines deal with the problems of finding a current issue in the newsstand or what to do to optimize your purchasing schedule. And you don't find too many radio stations that fill their schedules with reviews of antennas.

    Clearly, the Web is a little different, with a huge chunk of the stuff out there devoted strictly toward helping you get to all the other stuff out there. (Hence, for instance, the last page of this issue is all about trouble-shooting miscreant Web sites.) All of this info is fascinating, yes, but it also seems a little silly that – instead of using the Web to further the interests you had before the Web existed – it's possible to spend most of your time on the Web just learning how to use the Web.

    That's why, for the third year in a row, we've collected sets of Web sites about purely off-line interests. It's a pretty random list, but we hope this looks a bit more like your life. Don't see topics here that match your interests? Our Web site offers last year's Real-World Wide Web directory, too.

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