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    By Mike Musgrove
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    March 26, 1999

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    Hunting for a job is a lonely activity; part of the appeal of job-hunting sites is the tiny bit of online camaraderie/gallows humor you get from other folks at these sites' bulletin board and chat areas. Most job sites ask for a lot of information about you up front, which can get tedious – but it's just part of an effort to try and help you figure out what you can realistically expect and what you'd be willing to consider.

    This site doesn't have as large a database of employers as the other two below. What's unique about this site, though, is its "CollegeConnection" area, which features advice and links for students and recent graduates and a new "Alumni Network" section that hopes to help recent grads work that valuable angle of the job-hunting game.

    This site can sometimes be tricky to navigate, but it does have a huge pool of jobs listed. It also offers a control feature that will help you keep your employer from finding out that you're on the hunt – but only if your current paycheck provider is one of the 1,000 "member companies."

    Another huge job-hunting site; post your resume here and this site will tell you how many people have clicked on it. This can either be a positive feature or a discouraging one, of course, but a job hunter I know says this site actually made the process of looking for work "kind of fun."

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