Holiday Shipping: Internet Sampler

Fees and deadlines for a typical $100 order.

Retailer Standard shipping fees
and deadlines
Holiday shipping deals
and deadlines
RadioShackFree, Dec. 17Free on orders over $25 until Dec. 17$1.99-$9.99, plus per-item charges, Dec. 20Free on orders over $25 until Dec. 16
Barnes & Noble$2-$3, Dec. 20Free on qualifying orders over $25 until Dec. 20$16.22, Dec. 19Store pickup for orders until Dec. 23
Neiman Marcus$13.50, Dec. 16Free on orders over $150 until Dec. 16
Gap.comFree, Dec. 20Free on $75 orders until Dec. 20
Wal-Mart$2.87, Dec. 17 Little or no free shipping$2.45- $5.45, Dec. 18Free on select orders until Dec. 16$2.95, Dec. 18$2.95 on all orders until Dec. 16
RedEnvelope$7.95, Dec. 19For orders over $100, free through Dec. 19; discounted through Dec. 23

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