Voices on Personal Tech

Whether it's the invention of the light bulb, new software, the latest computer or a new nanotech discovery, technology is constantly changing the way we live, work and play. See what the experts have to say.

Cory Booker
Mayor of Newark, N.J.

We're trying to bring our city from the Flintstones era into the Jetsons era ....
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Wyclef Jean

If the music industry knew what technology was going to do... I think they would have adapted and... actually made [them be] part of the music industry today....
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Majora Carter
Executive Director, Sustainable South Bronx

I'm not one of the evironmentalists that thinks that technology will cure everything....
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Jeff Jarvis, Founder, BuzzMachine.com
"Technology for me really means that I'm ubiquitously and constantly connected.... "
Keith Gessen, Author, "All the Sad Young Literary Men"
"You could never before have access in this way to your readers.... "
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