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Carrie Johnson / @Work
Written for people who toil in the high-tech workplace – from worker bees to CEOs – @Work provides a closer look at the best and worst workplaces in the region as well as the creative ways local businesses are developing to attract and retain skilled workers.
Johnson has also reported extensively on the state of the Washington region's job market. Some recent articles include:
Help Wanted*: Despite Downturn, Some Sectors Still Hiring
Credentials Provide a Clear Pass to Job Security
E-mail: Carrie Johnson

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Bi-weekly column offering tips and advice for job seekers and employed professionals.

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Weekly column aimed at young professionals.

In-depth weekly conversations with regional employers looking to fill tech positions.

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Region Lost 21K Jobs in '01 - Study
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BAE Systems Adding 1,000 Jobs in Reston
Terror Spending Vitalizing Area Economy
State and Local Governments Lack IT Workers
A Job Market Divided by Skill
Region Ranks Among Top Areas for Certified IT Professionals
No Recession for Cybersecurity
IT Talent War

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