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  • Explanation of Antitrust Law

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  • Intel Investigated
  • U.S. v Microsoft

  •   The Clayton Antitrust Act

  • The Sherman Antitrust Act
  • The Clayton Antitrust Act
  • Methods of Enforcement
  • A Brief History
  • Mergers Awaiting Approval
  • In 1914, Congress passed two more laws that further protected the competitive marketplace. The Clayton Antitrust Act outlawed the following:

  • Trusts formed by two companies with interlinking boards of directors
  • Fixing prices in agreement with other businesses offering competing products
  • Making agreements with other businesses to control the supply — and thus the price — of a product
  • Abusing power to gain or maintain a monopoly

    Soon after, Congress established the Federal Trade Commission to enforce antitrust laws.

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