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  World Congress on IT Key Stories

If you haven't already, be sure to check the latest Beltway Bootup column – or catch up on local tech news with previous columns. Or scroll down for a primer on issues that speakers will address at the World Congress.

>  For most of the 1,700 people attending the World Congress, the most important issues don't seem to be about bits and bytes -- but rather deal making and networking.

>  Winning hosting rights and then building participation wasn't easy for the Fairfax County organizers.

>  Just who plans to attend? Washingtonpost.com reporter John Martin asked around town and came up with an unusual guest list.

>  Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III has been anxious to play host at the event.

>  Some technology executives and economic development officials doubt the conference will live up to its billing as "the Olympics of technology."

Background on Issues: Monday, June 22

Washington as Tech Center
>  Some people argue that Washington isn't the center of the universe, but for a growing number of companies based abroad, Washington has become the center of U.S. operations.

>  On June 17, Intersolv Inc. became the latest Washington technology company to be snatched up by an out-of-town suitor – this time from abroad. Catch up on other technology mergers.

Global IT Issues
> Political sanctions – such as those recently slapped on India – could limit sales of computer technology abroad.

> Some say China is undergoing a technology revolution. Read about one Texas entrepreneur in the thick of it.

> Encryption is a hot high-tech issue on Capitol Hill and has international ramifications. Decipher encryption with a special report from washingtonpost.com's Politics section.

> Stay abreast of the latest developments with our U.S. v. Microsoft report.

Background on Issues: Tuesday, June 23

Spotlight on Maryland Biotechnology
>  MedImmune Inc. of Gaithersburg won approval Friday to sell a specially engineered treatment that could keep tens of thousands of premature babies out of the hospital.

> Few people knew about Rockville-based EntreMed Inc. until the media called attention to two of its cancer drugs. But can EntreMed live up to its research promise?

> Catch up on news about the rest of the major players in Maryland's biotech industry.

>  Several biotech firms are providing the once-missing link in Maryland's biotech industry: manufacturing.

> They are replacing needles with nibbles at University of Maryland's Center for Vaccine Development in Baltimore to put the bite on disease.

> Montgomery and Frederick counties are home to America's foremost research institutions on diseases and germ warfare. That means one big "bio-headache" for local emergency crews.

IT and Russia
> Speaking today will be former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. In Russia, the year 2000 computer problems are even worse than ours.

> Esther Dyson has taken a keen interest in emerging technology in Russia – even footing the bill to bring Russian entrepreneurs to U.S. conferences.

Background on Issues: Wednesday, June 24

Global Workforce
> A Post series sorts out the issues involved in the tech worker shortage.

> See how the Washington area is dealing with the local tech worker issues.

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