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Beltway Bootup
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Michael Dell Online
Michael Dell Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer, stopped by WashTech's World Congress booth for a live chat. Read the transcript.

Read transcripts of our earlier chats with:
  • William Haseltine
    CEO of Human Genome Sciences Inc.

  • Alfred R. Berkeley III
    Pres. of Nasdaq
  • Overview of the Event
    The 1998 World Congress on Information Technology was held at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. from June 21-24, 1998. The Congress featured speakers from the information technology industry, government and academia.

    As The Post reports, for the 1,700 people who attended, the event's most important issues weren't bits or bytes or graphical user interfaces. Most of the attendees seemed to be more concerned about networking and deal making.

    Who are these networkers? Washingtonpost.com reporter John Martin asked around town and came up with an unusual guest list. Find out why Operation Smile saw the event as a major opportunity.

    As Mary Beth Regan reported in her Beltway Bootup conference update, the exciting action, however, was the Virginia officials' behind-the-scenes lobbying effort to snare international IT business.

    WashTech's World Congress Features

    Relive Monday night's gala with this photo gallery.
    For more information on the program of events and to find out about networking opportunities, visit the World Congress on Information Technology Web site.

    Beltway Bootup
    Pick up today's local tech news in the latest Beltway Bootup column written by WashTech Contributing Editor Mary Beth Regan.

    Read a profile of the kinds of people who attended the event and learn more about the tech issues that were addressed.

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