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    A company maintains the National Bulletin Board for Year 2000 as one of the most comprehensive Y2K information sources.

    A private consultant hosts the Year 2000 Information Center as a clearinghouse for updates, discussions and other Y2K information.

    A New York online publisher provides strategic analysis in Westergaard Year 2000.

    The Tennessee-based Trades Publishing Co. publishes Y2K News, magazine with up-to-date Y2K news from around the world.

    The Information Technology Association of America publishes a comprehensive private-sector site with vendor directories, certification programs and other information.

    The President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion includes a comprehensive industry sector survey.

    Using analysis from Triaxsys Research LLC, created a searchable database of public companies.

    The President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion coordinates the federal Y2K response. This site offers speeches, testimony and other reports.

    In the Senate, the Special Committee on Year 2000 Technology Problem handles most Y2K legislation.

    In the House, the Banking Committee and the Science Committee's Technology Subcommittee track most Y2K legislation.

    The White House's Office of Management and Budget releases quarterly reports about federal agencies tackling Y2K glitches.

    The General Accounting Office (GAO) publishes studies about Y2K readiness.

    The General Service Administration maintains the U.S. Federal Government Gateway for Year 2000 to search agency Y2K sites and international sources.

    The National Association of Counties operates a clearinghouse for local officials.

    Maryland's Year 2000 Program Management Office has a state Y2K information resource center.

    The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments releases quarterly reports on the region's cities and counties.

    Virginia maintains a Century Date Change Initiative that gives reports on state agencies.

    The Virginia Department of Information Technology maintains a site for companies that do business with the state.

    The Washington D.C. Year 2000 Working Group provides a forum for corporations, nonprofits, local agencies and others.

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