In India, the schisms of race and religion, poverty and wealth, cleave the countryside and the cities. For many, coping is a struggle. Identity and heritage are sacred. These are portraits of ordinary people in India who strive for opportunities to better themselves and their communities. And the story of an American descendant of Indians who faces misunderstanding bred of ignorance.


In America (Indian-Americans):
• Population: 1.6 million
• Median age: 30.3
• Married: 67 percent
• Average household size: 3.06
• Median family income: $70,708
• Poverty rate: 9.8 percent

SOURCES: U.S. Census 2000, CIA World Factbook 2002, 2005 and 2006, United Nations Human Development Index 2005, National Population Commission (India)
In India:
• Population: 1.110 billion
• Median age: 24.9 years
• Literacy rate: 61 percent of population over 15 can read and write
• GDP per capita: $3,139
• Population below poverty line: 25 percent
• Unemployment rate: 7.8 percent

United Nations Human Development Index (2006) (The index combines measures of life expectancy, school enrollment, literacy and income): 126th of 177 countries.


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