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Iraq: Four Years of War

Four years after the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003, Iraqi and U.S. troops struggle to keep the country unified against rising sectarian violence. Below, a look at key Washington Post coverage of the conflict:

The War Today

Bush Warns Against Withdrawing Troops From Iraq (March 19, 2007)

Rice: Iraq War 'Worth the Sacrifice' (March 19, 2007)

Poll Shows Iraqis Feel Quality of Life Has Plunged (March 19, 2007)

Analysis: Iraq War's Statistics Prove Fleeting (March 19, 2007)

Military Is Ill-Prepared for Other Conflicts (March 19, 2007)

Archives: Militias and Sectarian Conflict

Shiite Clerics' Rivalry Deepens in Fragile Iraq (Dec. 21, 2006)

For Iraq's Sunnis, Conflict Closes In (Dec. 11, 2006)

In a Land Without Order, Punishment Is Power (Oct. 22, 2006)

Distrust Breaks the Bonds of a Baghdad Neighborhood (Sept. 27, 2006)

'Shiite Giant' Extends Its Reach (Aug. 24, 2006)

At Heart of Iraqi Impasse, a Family Feud (April 19, 2006)

Sadr's Disciples Rise Again to Play Pivotal Role in Iraq (Aug. 30, 2005)

Militias on the Rise Across Iraq (Aug. 21, 2005)

Sunni Resistance to U.S. Presence Hardens (July 7, 2004)

U.S. Targeted Fiery Cleric in Risky Move (April 11, 2004)

Ethnic and Religious Fissures Deepen in Iraqi Society (Sept. 29, 2003)

Archives: U.S. Military in Iraq

Officers Look Back for Clues to Future (Jan. 15, 2007)

In the Battle for Baghdad, U.S. Turns War on Insurgents (Feb. 26, 2006)

A Unit's Fitful Year at War (Dec. 13, 2005)

In Iraq Jail, Resistance Goes Underground (Aug. 24, 2005)

Trouble Spots Dot Iraqi Landscape (Nov. 15, 2004)

Demise of Iraqi Units Symbolic of U.S. Errors (Sept. 25, 2004)

Mistakes Loom Large as Handover Nears (June 20, 2004)

Dissension Grows in Senior Ranks On War Strategy (May 9, 2004)

Iraqi Security Forces Torn Between Loyalties (Nov. 25, 2003)

Archives: Iraq Votes

Iraqi Vote Draws Big Turnout of Sunnis (Dec. 16, 2005)

In Iraqi Swing City, Hope vs. Defiance (Oct. 14, 2005)

Iraqis Defy Threats as Millions Vote (Jan. 31, 2005)

How Cleric Trumped U.S. Plan for Iraq (Nov. 26, 2003)

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