Iraq: Five Years In

Derek Bennett Peggy Buryj Ryan Crocker Robby Diesu
Derek Bennett
A disillusioned soldier
Peggy Buryj
A mother's loss
Ryan Crocker
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq
Robby Diesu
Protesting the war
"This isn't like World War II. There's no VJ Day, no sailor kissing a girl when he comes home."
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"People think I have to justify this war just because my son died in it. That's not the case."
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"Our absence can be as substantial as our presence."
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"If I believe in something, I want to make sure I know what I'm talking about."
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Lee Hamilton Adel Abdul Mahdi Meghan O'Sullivan Kenneth Pollack
Lee Hamilton
Iraq Study Group
Adel Abdul Mahdi
Shiite politician
Meghan O'Sullivan
White House adviser
Kenneth Pollack
An advocate of invasion
"The White House has gone one way, and the Congress has gone another—and the president prevails. But the country is weakened."
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"One year ago people were fighting. Now, well, they are fighting in words. This is much better than fighting."
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"The experience has been very sobering for all of us involved. ... I've learned there are no easy choices with Iraq."
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"If at the end of the day, the U.S. screwed things up for four years and then in the end left Iraq a better place than they found it under Saddam, it may have still been worth it."
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William Quinn Paul Rieckhoff Peter Rodman Qasim Sebti
William Quinn
An interrogator
Paul Rieckhoff
Infantry officer
Peter Rodman
Pentagon adviser
Qasim Sebti
A culture warrior
"It's very difficult for me not to see them as human beings, and human beings who are caught up in incredibly difficult circumstances."
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"The lack of involvement on the part of the American people is unprecedented."
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"Even without the WMD, Hussein was a destabilizing power in the Middle East who brutalized his own people."
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"I'm fighting by my own special way. I'm fighting by culture and art."
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Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson
15-year veteran
"We can see it every day
in the eyes of the Iraqis.
It's a better place
for them to live now.
It's a better country."
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