'I Couldn't Take Any More'

As the global trade in domestic workers surges, millions of young girls face exploitation and abuse, especially in Togo, which has one of the highest rates of domestic slavery in the world.
Girls' Muted Cries
In Lome, hundreds of girls a year seek protection from abusive employers.
Togo girls

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Readers' Comments
Readers comments on "'I Couldn't Take Any More'":
paulmar: "Maybe I can't do much to help these girls in Togo, but I can do things here at home to serve those in need."

Readers comments on "'This Is the Destiny of Girls'":
nleggett: "Each nation should realize that they are losing the possible contributions that these girls could make to society. In this nation and some others, half of the new doctors and lawyers are women."

Readers comments on "In Germany, Women Confront Bias":
NeedToKnow: "Why do women in America not have groups to sue for them too? Women in the US get paid less than men for the same work. I know."
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