Search engine reveals risks to machines

PART TWO | A new search engine called Shodan finds industrial control systems connected to cyberspace and unsettles the balance of security online.

Behind a framework, a cautionary cyber tale


PART THREE | The Tridium company’s widely used technology is a marvel of modern connectivity, but after its networks were found to be vulnerable to hackers, it is moving to boost its security.

Hacking kits fuel cyberspace arms race

(Eric Schulzinger / Lockheed Martin via Reuters)

PART FIVE | Tools make breaking into networks almost as easy for hackers as ordering food off a menu.

Missions in virtual city train Pentagon’s soldier-hackers for cyberwar

(Mark J. Terrill / AP)

PART SIX | “It might look to some people like a toy or game,” but program prepares government for digital attacks.

Health-care sector vulnerable to hackers, Post investigation finds

(Daniel Acker / BLOOMBERG)

PART SEVEN | A Post examination of cybersecurity has found that health care is among the most vulnerable industries.


Video: A new domain of war

For global leaders to address risks in the digital universe, they must understand cyberspace.

COLUMBIA,MD.- MAY 4,2010: BAE SYSTEMS. Office where internet is monitored for potential threats, bugs, virus,etc. Workers not identified due to security concerns.  Photographed on May 4, 2010 in Columbia,MD. ( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan )   Freelance Photo imported to Merlin on  Wed May  5 19:31:06 2010

Timeline: History and hacks

Explore some of the technological advances that led to cyberspace, along with notable hacks.