Democracy Dies in Darkness
Racing Louisville FC ex-coach Christy Holly was accused of sexual abuse. (
An investigation by Sally Q. Yates, the former acting attorney general, found that officials failed to respond “when confronted with player reports and evidence of abuse.”
(Source: Xiaofan Liang and Clio Andris of Georgia Tech’s Friendly Cities Lab)
When Georgia Tech researchers provided the latest update of their delightful data on chain restaurants, they also identified a compelling mystery: Places that support Donald Trump also tend to have the most franchise foods. But why?
(Johnny Lauder)
When Hurricane Ian flooded Naples, Fla., Johnny Lauder’s mother, 84, was stuck inside her home.
(Jimmy Dean)
A two-man team of competitive fishermen was disqualified from an Ohio fishing event after a tournament director found weights inside their walleye.
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