Democracy Dies in Darkness
Senior U.S. administration officials, health experts and Democrats warn that low-income nations remain vulnerable and that the risk of another variant will remain elevated as long as billions are unvaccinated.
The Sagamore subdivision in Superior, Colo., was completely destroyed by the Marshall Fire in late December. (Chet Strange for The Post)
The Marshall Fire destroyed the Colorado subdivision of Sagamore. Homeowners are weighing how to build back — and whether they will feel safe.
In a leaked video, the CEO of Guidehouse boasted of company earnings from a contract to distribute funds to struggling renters.
Mammatus clouds are seen over Montevideo, Uruguay, on Jan. 4. (Mariana Suarez/AFP/Getty Images)
Rising temperatures could reduce how far meteorologists can see into the future, a study finds.
Interviews with more than 60 White House and administration officials, Cabinet secretaries, members of Congress and Klain associates found a turbulent year for the White House chief of staff.
President Biden speaks Monday with European leaders about Russia and the situation in Ukraine. (The White House/Reuters)
Things aren’t cooling off with Ukraine, Houthis, North Korea, China.
Many extreme pro-Trump voices cast Jan. 6 as the first shot of a “revolution,” but Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes is charged with seditious conspiracy while others aren’t. The sentencing of right-wing influencer Brandon Straka illustrates why.
At an anti-vaccination rally over the weekend, Kennedy implied life was harder for unvaccinated Americans today than it was for Frank, who lived in hiding in Nazi-controlled Europe and died at a concentration camp.
Maddie Barber with one of her hogs at the Kendall County Junior Livestock Show. (Tally Barber)
The Carnac stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites around the French village of Carnac. (iStock)
The Carnac Alignments, set in place some 6,500 years ago, provide a rocky path to our Neolithic past.
Your sister begged you for weeks to join a small in-person gathering after your baby shower. Six days later, she tested positive for covid.
Reader wonders why it's still a social faux pas to ask a woman her age.