Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Tori Ferenc for The Post)
Tehran has targeted former senior U.S. government officials; dissidents who have fled the country for the United States, Britain, Canada, Turkey and Europe; media organizations critical of the regime; and Jewish civilians or those with links to Israel, according to the officials and government documents.
A camper parks along Lake Powell in Big Water, Utah.(Joshua Lott/The Post)
A once-unfathomable scenario — Lake Powell dropping to historic lows and shutting down power generators that serve millions — could start as soon as July.
(Carson McNamara for The Post)
Three pregnant women shared their abortion journeys since Roe v. Wade was overturned, each living in a state where she could not legally access the procedure.
The visit also marks an ongoing effort by President Biden to repair the damage to U.S.-French relations caused by an American submarine deal with Australia last year.
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