Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Sam Peters)
The author was about to give a talk at a prestigious event in Chautauqua, N.Y., when he was stabbed in the neck.
Former Louisville detective Kelly Goodlett's role in the case could prove crucial for federal prosecutors as they pursue charges against four current and former officers.
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Today's pop stars are only doing what Han Solo and Greedo taught us years ago.
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Actress Anne Heche, who last week crashed her car into a Los Angeles home, is not expected to survive the injuries she sustained in the collision, a rep said.
(Melina Mara/The Post)
Reports from Nigeria beginning in 2017 suggested the virus appeared to be spreading through sexual contact and affecting mostly young men.
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A tweet from New York City’s parks agency had everyone curious about the meaning and origin of “splooting.” The good news? Squirrels that “sploot” are doing just fine.
Afghanistan: After the Fall
Taliban rule brought an end last August to America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan, but peace has neither healed old wounds nor created new opportunities. A recent trip to Helmand province revealed changes — and continuing heartbreak.
Kabul, whose population swelled to 4 million just two years ago, is gradually hollowing out.
The withdrawal saw desperate Afghans try to flee the country as violence left nearly 200 dead.
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Firefighters from several European countries have deployed to France to help battle a raging wildfire that has torn through the country’s southwest.
Some cities and towns will be allowed to ban fossil fuel infrastructure in new and major construction projects.
The airport in suburban Virginia could be among a growing number nationwide to install solar arrays on otherwise undevelopable land.
The recommendations signal the Biden administration has decided the lower covid fatality rate in a heavily vaccinated nation allows less demanding guidelines.
For weeks, Western intelligence and military analysts have predicted that a Ukrainian campaign to retake the strategic port city of Kherson is imminent. But there is little sign that a major counteroffensive is brewing.
Russia and China are drawing closer together. But the power imbalance between both countries is also getting more and more stark.
The U.N. chief called for military forces to leave the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant site, Europe’s largest.
China is building a $50 million stadium for the Solomon Islands for the 2023 Pacific Games. (Michael Miller/The Post)