Democracy Dies in Darkness
The United States and other countries are concerned that Afghanistan could again become a haven for militants seeking to carry out international attacks if the Taliban can't contain them.
After nine months in office, President Biden — or at least what he represents — is increasingly becoming an object of hatred to many Trump supporters.
To the annoyance of some and the joy of others, the island is home to more than 10 families of the carnivorous mammals.
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The U.S. government had been offering $5 million for help locating Dairo Antonio Úsuga, widely known as Otoniel.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s comments didn’t clarify whether Turkey intended to immediately expel the ambassadors.
Hattie Pierce, 75, receives a booster shot from Tiffany Taliaferro in D.C. this month. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images)
Some snagged long-sought shots Friday, but others encountered problems with providers unprepared for the expanded rollout.
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Maria Roque-Diaz was unconscious and relying on a machine to breathe when her son, Dylan, was born. (Meghan Borkowicz)
Day after day, the hospital staff kept placing the baby, a boy named Dylan, on his mother.
At Maiz64, Oaxacan chef Alam Méndez Florián shows flashes of innovative cooking.
New developments have brought beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center to Tysons.
Día de los Muertos returns to the Wharf, and the 17th Street High Heel Race celebrates its 34th edition.
Halyna Hutchins, director of photography on the film “Rust,” was known as an innovative filmmaker and a trailblazer for other women in film. (Fred Hayes/Getty Images)
Hutchins, director of photography on the film “Rust,” died Thursday after a prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin was discharged on set.
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The holiday months used to be the most coveted segment of game developers’ release calendar. Not so in 2021 — and possibly beyond.