Democracy Dies in Darkness
Biotech firms are rushing to understand how well their vaccines can defend against omicron.
The variant has sparked alarm among epidemiologists worried that its mutations could make it more transmissible. Scientists across the globe are racing to learn more as new cases are confirmed.
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If they succeed, the former president and his backers could pull down some of the guardrails that prevented him from overturning President Biden’s victory, critics say.
Britain's Prince Charles arrived on Nov. 28 in Barbados, as the Caribbean island nation prepares to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. (Reuters)
The easternmost Caribbean island, known for cricket, rum and Rihanna, will become the first Commonwealth realm in nearly three decades to declare itself a republic.
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Many countries have closed their borders to travelers from southern Africa after the new virus variant was identified by South African scientists last week.
Tairanohara sits high in the dense forests of Gunma prefecture. (James Whitlow Delano)
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The country is slamming its doors closed again, just three weeks after reopening.
Amid a wave of beatings, arson and other violence, Israeli officials have directed soldiers to do more to stem the incidents.
The tribes are getting help from the environmental nonprofit Conservation Fund to buy back part of their homelands. The lands will be held under conservation easements with the state so they can’t be developed into housing.
Supporters raised more than $40,000 for the Fulton County Library. (Fulton County Library)
In her first three days testifying, the disgraced founder said she believed what she told investors and business partners about the company’s portable blood-testing device.
Prices are rising on many popular Christmas gifts due to production shortages and shipping problems.
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It’s common to install apps without thinking about what we have access to.
Israeli is heightening restrictions on cyber vendors amid international pressure.
After 20 months of balancing turning a profit with keeping their staff and customers safe, small-business owners said they were not surprised to learn the pandemic may take yet another turn for the worse.
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No one disagrees that Stafford County is changing rapidly, but political observers are split on whether this year’s leftward turn in local elections is fluke or a hint of more political change to come.
Abloh wasn’t interested in blowing up the fashion system. He was simply looking to blow open the door.
His words and music made a profound impact, beginning in the 1950s with his lyrics for “West Side Story” and continuing with his scores for “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and others.