Democracy Dies in Darkness
The stopgap bill would fund the government until Feb. 18, and the House could vote on it as soon as Thursday. But it’s unclear whether the measure can be rushed through the Senate by midnight Friday.
Tyler Steinkamp prepares for a Twitch stream at his home in Missouri. (Joe Martinez for The Post)
Ten hours a day, Twitch streamers such as Tyler Steinkamp broadcast the intimate details of their lives for an unforgiving crowd. The pressure is fueling major burnout among this kind of Internet celebrity.
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The report is prompting concerns that Iran is not serious about reinstating the 2015 nuclear deal.
Scores of record highs were set Wednesday in the western half of the U.S. and Canada, and dozens more were predicted for Thursday.
(Zoom and iStock/Washington Post illustration)
Zoom, Google, Microsoft and others say new tools will help improve the problems that ensue when some meeting attendees are in the office and others are at home.
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Cargo vessels share space with oil platforms near the Los Angeles-Long Beach port on Oct. 5. (AP)
Previous research had suggested a possible increase in storm intensity in recent decades, tied to climate change. This study also finds that hurricanes are increasing in frequency, a more controversial idea.
(Tom McCorkle for The Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Post)
Traditionally, it is a time to enjoy fried foods, which symbolizes the miracle of oil that was supposed to only last for one night but instead burned for eight. So, here are eight recipes from classic to perhaps new-to-you.
The lockout limits what the Nationals can do as an organization. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
Any 40-man transactions are entirely frozen, meaning the Nationals can't sign major league free agents or trade with other clubs.
The move will undoubtedly be costly to the Women’s Tennis Association, but it is based on “right and wrong, period,” and it might just put the wheels of change into motion.
The greatest women’s freestyler of all time appeared in top form in her first competitive swim since the Tokyo Games.