Democracy Dies in Darkness
(The Post)
Seeing AI selfies everywhere? Here's how to generate your own — and what to know about the app Lensa before you download.
(Serhiy Morgunov for The Post)
Ukrainians are adopting survival skills as Russian bombing disrupts critical infrastructure services, but some wonder whether they will have to leave the country for winter.
(Stacy Kranitz for The Post)
“Most of the venues where I do my shows do not have security — let alone armed security. So do I feel safe working in those spaces?,” Veronika Electronika said.
A tourist train in Takachiho runs on biodiesel made from used oil and lard extracted from discarded ramen soup.
Some Japanese companies are using discarded foodstuffs to make entirely different products — and help save a bit of the planet in the process.
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