Democracy Dies in Darkness
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In more than two dozen counties, thousands of voters came out to vote, some waiting for hours for the chance to cast their ballot early for the Dec. 6 runoff between Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker.
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The establishment of a new council to coordinate military supplies reflects the Kremlin's grave concerns over the economy.
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It was no easy feat to squeeze one of the world’s biggest sporting events into one of its smallest countries. We sought to visualize just how remarkable the task was using — what else? — soccer balls.
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The Postal Service is set to roll out 34,000 electric mail trucks in the coming years, and it’s transforming its operations to make them go.
Dub Crochet with his family on Nov. 9. (Rachel Crochet)
Dub Crochet of Bellaire, Tex., was hospitalized through more than a year’s worth of milestones and holidays before emerging from the hospital this month.
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Under a new Treasury Department license, it will be able to resume pumping oil. The limited license stipulates that any oil produced can only be exported to the United States. No profits from its sale can go to the Venezuelan company but must be used to pay off Venezuelan creditors in the United States.
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Hoyer hopes the new top Democrats can replicate the balance of the outgoing three, but the new guard must contend with the polarization of the Republican Party.
His comments come after he urged his more than 115 million Twitter followers to back Republicans in the midterms.
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Black OutThe NFL’s failure to promote Black coaches
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In Taylor Heinicke's sixth consecutive start, the Commanders face a weak Atlanta Falcons defense and an offense that has most of its success running the ball.
The Terps dominated in a 37-0 victory, in large part thanks to quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa and a hapless Scarlet Knights offense.