Democracy Dies in Darkness
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A report alleging safety failures at a plant took four months to reach Frank Yiannas, the agency's top food safety official.
The highest numeric drop, according to the census, was in New York City, which lost 305,465 people, or 3.5 percent of its population. The highest percentage drop was in San Francisco, which lost 54,813 people, or 6.3 percent of its population.
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It’s fair to say his new album, “Harry’s House,” is not going to transform the pop genre. His more significant contribution to the culture is his style.
Artists such as Halsey, FKA Twigs and Charli XCX have made TikToks about being upset that their record labels expect them to make TikToks.
Tom Cruise returns as Navy flyboy Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in a sequel that feels familiar and new in just the right proportions.