Democracy Dies in Darkness
Gun Violence
Authorities said they had “insufficient basis” to deny the application, despite relatives reporting that Robert E. Crimo III had threatened to “kill everyone.”
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, left, and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. (AP, Getty Images)
A map depicting Amtrak's current and planned service network. (The Post)
Any expansion in Amtrak’s territory, which has remained nearly unchanged during its five decades, would boost pressure on freight companies and add trains to shared tracks at a time when the industry is under scrutiny over supply chain disruptions.
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(Spencer Platt/Getty)
Republican attorneys general and conservative legal activists are plotting ways to challenge other environmental regulations on similar grounds.
The city is experiencing its wettest year on record after 8 inches of rain in recent days.
On Tuesday, heat advisories and excessive-heat warnings covered a sprawling zone from Louisiana to Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Ronald Reagan, then the governor of California, reacts to a 1972 ruling by the state supreme court that the death penalty is unconstitutional. (Bettmann Archive)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
The court invalidated capital punishment a half-century ago in Furman v. Georgia. Since then, the death penalty has made a comeback and faded again.