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Buffalo shooting
Police said the teen was taken into custody last June based on a report that he might be planning to shoot people around the time of his high school graduation.
Authorities are assembling a detailed timeline of the suspect's moves leading up to the attack in Buffalo, to build what they hope is an unshakeable case proving his guilt.
Family members of the victims were grappling with a loss that was both sudden and incomprehensibly cruel.
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After the shooter opened fire, police said, parishioners detained him, tied his legs with an extension cord and took his two handguns.
The complaints from staff at the federal trial and appeals courts in D.C., an institution regarded as a steppingstone to the Supreme Court, appear in a confidential workplace survey obtained by The Washington Post.
India's information officials, Ravi Shankar Prasad, left, and Prakash Javadekar, announce social media companies regulations in 2021. (AP)
Musk’s vow to restore free speech to Twitter is likely to be difficult to implement in the United States. But it will be even more complicated abroad in places such as India.
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Grant Williams scored 27 points on Sunday. (Getty Images)
Grant Williams scored a career-high 27 points to help Boston earn a spot in the Eastern Conference finals against Miami.
Tom Wilson suffered a "significant" knee injury in the postseason, and hip surgery is possible for center Nicklas Backstrom.