Democracy Dies in Darkness
Podcaster Joe Oltmann’s political movement will face a critical test of its influence in Colorado’s primary on Tuesday. (Olivia Sun/Colorado Sun via Report for America)
Joe Oltmann has built a sprawling political network in Colorado marked by false 2020 claims and suggestions that opponents be hanged.
Michael Derry is superintendent of the Utopia Independent School District (Joshua Lott/The Post)
Utopia, a tiny community on the edge of Uvalde County, has allowed some teachers and school staff to carry guns since 2013.
The ailment in older adults has received little attention, even though research suggests seniors are more likely to develop it than younger or middle-aged adults.
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(William Neff/The Post)
As extreme weather events are expected to worsen globally, the Philippines is at the forefront of the crisis. Filipinos have learned to add features to their homes such as flood dikes, elevated floors and — in one case — a floating garage.