Democracy Dies in Darkness
Activists reacted with unusually harsh language, suggesting they would no longer give President Biden the benefit of the doubt as the viral images circulated of mounted border agents grabbing Haitian migrants.
Lawmakers in both parties agree that the debt ceiling must be raised to avoid economic calamity, but their standoff over how to do so has intensified.
The suit alleges that Mary Trump, the New York Times and at least three of the newspaper’s reporters participated in an “insidious plot” to obtain records about the former president’s finances.
Travis Hutchinson collects trash in Kenner, La. (Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate/AP)
When the city lost power, people tossed the contents of their refrigerators into garbage bags that have been left to rot. The hazards of the uncollected trash and debris have been exacerbated by rain and soaring temperatures.
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An autopsy was performed Tuesday on her body, found near Grand Teton National Park this week. The FBI's Denver office tweeted Tuesday that Petito's fiance was a “person of interest” in her death.
A fern pattern on a coffee drink. Many coffee shops rely on the Square system, which normally asks customers if they want to leave a tip.  (Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg News)
An apparent automatic software update for the ubiquitous point-of-sale system caused the usual tipping screen to disappear, workers and managers say.
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A dog nibbles on black soldier fly larvae. (EnviroFlight)
Despite what scientists call the “yuck factor,” bugs could be a sustainable secret ingredient for the booming pet food industry.
The measure seeks an independent examination of America’s longest war and demands clarity on how the Biden administration intends to conduct counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan.
The investigation was opened following the release of a memo from the Texas Education Agency that says “school systems cannot require students or staff to wear a mask.” (AFP/Getty Images)
It said it was opening a civil rights investigation into Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) ban, pressing its fight with GOP governors over their pandemic policies. The Education Dept. had earlier said that its Office of Civil Rights was investigating Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.
Charlotte Charles, the mother of Harry Dunn, takes part in a demonstration during then-President Donald Trump’s visit to London in December 2019. (AP)
The collision that killed Dunn became a diplomatic dispute. A criminal case is still pending.
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U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas testifies before a Senate panel Tuesday. (Reuters)
The homeland security secretary says it should apply to critical-sector companies.
Former Senator Al Franken kicks off his stand up tour this month. (Marvin Joseph/The Post)
The recovering politician on Saturday launched “The Only Former U.S. Senator Currently on Tour Tour,” which pokes fun at many of Franken’s former colleagues. It’s his first extended stand-up stint since he resigned in 2018 after several women accused him of groping and kissing, allegations he has denied.
“Bewilderment,” longlisted for a National Book Award, follows a widower desperate to help his neurodivergent son.
Dan Stevens plays an automaton designed to be the perfect man, but he’s a little stiff.
A traveling exhibition, now at the Colby College Museum of Art, introduces the beloved African American artist to a new generation.
This anthology by Kwame Mbalia is comprised of stories that have always existed but rarely get told.