Democracy Dies in Darkness
In barely a week in office, President Biden has moved to rejoin the Paris climate accord, halt the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, impose new limits on oil and gas production and mandate climate change as a priority across every federal agency.
President Biden, one full week into his presidency, has shown a disciplined adherence to routine and planning. The coming weeks will tell how that fits this moment of urgency and crisis.
President Biden’s top diplomat said an independent press is a “cornerstone of our democracy.”
Priscila Carvalho reacts outside the 28 de Agosto hospital where her father was hospitalized amid the coronavirus outbreak in Manaus, Brazil, on Jan. 14. (Reuters)
The humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Amazon’s largest city has shown what happens when government failures, scientific misfires and public indifference meet a new, possibly more dangerous variant of the virus that has ravaged the globe.
Israel’s coronavirus outbreak is taking a tremendous emotional toll on some elderly survivors of Nazi atrocities.
Top administration officials launched regular briefings on their coronavirus response by seeking to illustrate their fidelity to science and transparency.
Allie Caren/The Washington Post
How to deal with 3 lasting symptoms of 'long covid'
Some people experience “long covid” months after their battle with covid-19. While cures remain unknown, there are some practical steps you can take.
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Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears Wednesday in the House of Commons. (Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
Skeptics ticked off long lists of alleged mistakes and broken promises, a policy of “dithering and delays,” as a leader of the Scottish National Party put it. On many days, Britain has the highest per capita death toll in the world.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, under pressure from jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s social media network, said sites are “de facto competing with states.”
People in Mali say they were caught between extremists and the forces fighting them.
The development comes as a high court is hearing an appeal of a lower court’s acquittal of Ahmad Saeed Omar Sheikh.
Veteran diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield says at her confirmation hearing that she regrets a 2019 speech at a forum sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party.
The announcement comes after a months-long battle over former president Donald Trump's failed attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from state population data, which is used to calculate how many House seats each state gets for the next 10 years.
Following months of climbing air travel numbers, U.S. passenger volumes dropped this week to their lowest daily number in six months.
One in 7 adults say their households don't have enough to eat — a persistent crisis made worse by the pandemic.  The Post went to four states to spend time with people living with hunger and the people trying to help.
Douglass Mackey was arrested in Florida for a conspiracy case pending in New York.
Nearly a million people with a high school education or less lost work in November and December, reversing job recovery since April.
It was the company's latest polarizing design decision, following the sci-fi inspired Cybertruck in 2019.
Apple sold $66 billion in iPhones in the quarter ending in December, up from $56 billion a year ago, according to the company’s earnings report.
Public worker retirement funds controlling more than $1 trillion are pressuring the world’s largest asset manager to reveal more.
As the cost of renewable energy plummets and climate change awareness grows,  renewables, heavy industry efficiencies and novel transport ideas are attracting mainstream investors.
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Wheeler, who was released from jail after he posted a $400,000 bond, was arrested after police responded to a 911 call from a woman who reportedly claimed she was being “killed.”
Speculation about the fate of the Summer Olympics hurts athletes who continue to train, the president of the International Olympic Committee said. 
Josh Heupel, who was hired away from the University of Central Florida, will be the Volunteers’ fifth head coach since 2008.
Gonzaga is the nation's top-ranked team and seems headed for a No. 1 seed. So why is Coach Mark Few trying to schedule more ranked teams?