Democracy Dies in Darkness
AMERICAN ICONDeadly weapon, divided nation
(Manuel Canales/The Post; Ronald Paniagua for The Post)
The Washington Post examined autopsy and postmortem reports from nearly a hundred victims of previous mass shootings that involved AR-15-style rifles.
Scenes of shock and grief
A woman leaves flowers at the Covenant School. (Johnnie Izquierdo for The Post)
The remains of a mobile home park in Mississippi. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post)
Across the United States, tornado-related deaths in mobile homes have been increasing in recent years as more temporary structures pop up to accommodate population growth.
Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus will form an arch immediately after sunset, and viewers from around the world will be able to see the spectacle — as long as clear skies and a view of the westerly sky permit.
(Emma Kumer/The Post; iStock)
Drinking in moderation is no longer considered good for your health. Fortunately, nonalcoholic beer options are better than ever.
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