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Random chat apps on the rise.
Trump’s order to combat anti-Semitism.
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Boris Johnson’s party has clear majority in exit polls as vote count begins

If Conservatives achieve a solid majority in Parliament, the British prime minister will assuredly plow forward with a plan to leave the European Union.
Campaign 2020

The left’s nightmare scenario looks more believable

The two presidential candidates most broadly acceptable to the Democratic left wing have been splitting endorsements and capturing separate swaths of the electorate, leaving centrists less nervous.
The Afghanistan Papers Part 4
Part 4

The U.S. flooded Afghanistan with money — then turned a blind eye to the graft it fueled

Key figures in the Afghanistan war said Washington tolerated corruption by unsavory warlords, drug traffickers and contractors because they were seen as U.S. allies, documents The Post obtained after a three-year legal battle show.

Defeated GOP governor pardons violent criminals in a spree lawyers are calling an ‘atrocity of justice’

Governors often issue pardons as they leave office, but Matt Bevin’s actions boggled some of Kentucky’s state’s attorneys, who questioned his judgment.
As part of the partial trade pact, the White House would not impose tariffs on $160 billion in Chinese imports on Sunday, people briefed on the talks said. President Trump approved the deal.
The accord came after a Thursday meeting with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and days of negotiations aimed at resolving conflicts over President Trump’s border wall and other issues.
At two Hanukkah-themed events, the message the White House wanted to send was clear: President Trump is using support for Israel as the defining characteristic of fighting anti-Semitism.
Tessa Majors, an 18-year-old musician who had recently started college in New York, was attacked in a Manhattan park.
The community is questioning whether the attack reflects underlying ethnic tensions.
(Photo illustration by Junne Alcantara/The Post)
(Photo illustration by Junne Alcantara/The Post)
Critic’s Notebook
And other recordings by Angel Bat Dawid, Goonew, Theo Parrish, Nicola Cruz and more.

U.S. lab chimps were dumped on an island and left to starve. One man helped to save them.

Rarely is the aftermath of animal testing so visible — and so hungry.

Ivanka Trump will do her job no matter what happens in Washington

She went to a women’s prison in Indiana with MC Hammer, Apple's Tim Cook and Commerce's Wilbur Ross — because why not?
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His siblings were killed by their adoptive mother. He was left in foster care to suffer a more common fate.

When Dontay Davis left prison last year, he learned that months earlier, Jennifer Hart had driven her family off a cliff — including his biological brothers and sister.
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