Shutdown deadline
Amid increasing signs that GOP leaders do not have the votes to pass a short-term spending bill that would keep the government open through Feb. 16, the Trump administration expressed frustration with Congress for “being unable to do its job.” A growing number of lawmakers said they oppose the deal, not over immigration, but because they are tired of passing stopgap measures.
President Trump privately fumed after White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly said that Trump’s views on a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border had “evolved.”
A new office will help protect doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who decline to participate in care that goes against their moral or religious convictions.
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The criminal cases against Larry Nassar are nearing an end, with a marathon sentencing hearing where 101 of the more than 130 girls and women who’ve accused Nassar of abuse are expected to speak. Nassar faces a 60-year federal term for child pornography crimes.
The online retail giant released a list of regions in the United States and Canada that it is considering for its second headquarters that could support as many as 50,000 future employees. The list includes major metropolitan areas as well as a slew of smaller communities.
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In the year since President Trump’s inauguration, Washington Post photographers explored what unites Americans through portraiture and audio interviews. What values and beliefs are shared in a country often described as polarized? In 102 conversations in every state plus D.C., seven themes emerge — and they reveal that what binds us is as powerful as what divides us.
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Excerpts from the interviews
“Everybody is equal. We all bleed the same blood.”
— Michele Shultz, 50, of Charles Town, W.Va.
“When I moved here, I finally understood what freedom was.”
— Yoyo Ferro, 31, of Atlanta
“Helping each other is the biggest thing.”
— Andrew Castro, 31, of Hot Springs, Ark.
“If we treat each other as a family, things would be a lot better.”
— Blake Smith, 21, of Sykesville, Md.
“To me the American Dream is living in peace.”
— Ivan De La Torre, 26, of Los Angeles
“You never know what somebody is going through.”
— Rashelle Flores, 28, of Whitsett, N.C.
“It’s eclectic. Once you’ve met an American, you’ve met one American.”
— Ferial Pearson, 39, of Ralston, Neb.
“You got to carry your own light with God’s help, because this is a dark tunnel.”
— Billy Clifton, 65, of Tupelo, Miss.
“I admire what we stand for. I’m for the flag and the whole nine yards.”
— Ken Irwin, 71, of Custer, S.D.
“Hope keeps us united.”
— Tina Gregg, 45, of Caryville, Tenn.
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A new poll shows a large number of Americans don't want President Trump to win a second term.
The request suggests a widening of the government’s case. But a similar maneuver largely failed in the comedian’s first trial, which ended with a hung jury.
The offer comes amid rising concerns that the president’s children are using their name to profit from their father’s position.
The president’s trip also comes as Congress frantically works to pass a short-term funding bill to keep the government open.
The 65-to-34 vote on the legislation marks the end of a months-long debate that exposed sharp divisions between privacy advocates and national security hawks in Congress.
The 70-yard-long masterpiece tells the story of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, a pivotal historical event for the British.
(Joyce Koh/ The Washington Post)
What would a government shutdown mean?
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Fact Check: Do illegal immigrants commit more crimes?
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Inside the fight for a pro-Trump district
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Yelp users trash Trump hotels after ‘shithole’ comments
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