Democracy Dies in Darkness
The emerging ideas to address the issue in their framework to expand the nation’s social safety net shed light on what has been one of the most divisive issues of the Biden presidency.
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Policy experts’ war game and follow-on analysis comes at a moment of heightened tension between Washington and Beijing, with the United States opposing China’s military expansion in the region and China calling on the Pentagon to cut ties with Taiwan.
European model forecast for the storm east of Long Island on Tuesday afternoon. (WeatherBell)
The rain could cause areas of flooding in Philadelphia, New York and Boston, while winds may be strong enough to topple trees and cause power outages in eastern New England.
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The failure to reach agreement on any maps, with time running out to reconvene, marked a stunning departure from the type of redistricting overhaul voters sought when they approved the commission last year.
(Mandel Ngan/Pool/Reuters)
When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ended her presidential run, rivals said she was too far to the left. Now Democrats are resurrecting the “wealth tax” at the heart of her campaign — at a critical moment for President Biden.
The Donald Trump favorite once gave the GOP pause over allegations that he threatened the lives of two women, including his ex-wife, and embellished his business record.
The state has caught up to New York in total reported covid-19 deaths per capita.
Many colleges and universities are still reporting a decline in people pursuing degrees this semester, especially schools serving large populations of low-income students.
The Flathead Republican Party float drives along Main Street during the Western Montana State Fair in Kalispell in August. (Tony Bynum for The Post)
Hostility over the November election, the coronavirus and social movements have left a trail of bad blood, convulsing everything from the school district and the public library to daily interactions.
Republican Glenn Youngkin charged that Democrat Terry McAuliffe isn’t allowing parental choice in reading materials; McAuliffe said Youngkin was using children as “political pawns.”
The case has generated anger among parents and become an issue in the Virginia governor’s race.
According to police, these surveillance images show James Wersick robbing banks in Montgomery County. (Montgomery County Police)
James Wersick's business slowed as he entered his 60s, prompting him to begin robbing banks. “Sometimes, desperation gets in the picture,” he told a judge before receiving his prison sentence of five years.