Democracy Dies in Darkness
Chief Louis Dekmar has started training his officers to shoot for the legs, pelvis or abdomen in situations where they think it could stop a deadly threat because he believes it could reduce the number of fatal police shootings. However, the effort in LaGrange, Ga., has elicited harsh, widespread criticism from the national law enforcement community.
A coal excavator works next to the village of Lützerath, Germany, on Oct. 5. (Fabian Ritter for The Post)
Germany is on the front lines of the global disconnect in the climate fight, with pledges to cut carbon, but continued investments in fossil fuels.
The apparent detention of the prime minister and a large number of his Cabinet and party members plunged the country’s fragile democratic transition into disarray. The country's capital has been engulfed in the biggest pro-democracy street protests since 2019, when longtime dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir was toppled by a wave of popular discontent.
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The caravan is made up of Central American migrants, as well as some Haitians, many of whom say they have been stuck in legal limbo, waiting as long as a year for asylum applications to be processed.
An Istanbul street dog has become a regular commuter, using the city’s public transportation network to travel up to 30 kilometers a day using subway trains, ferries, buses and historic trams.
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End of carousel
People attend the Governors Ball music festival in N.Y. last month. (AP)
The events are in the common position of contributing to the climate crisis while being weighed down by their own practices.
The vastly different ways these small towns are managing their water supplies highlight how uneven California’s brutal drought has been across the state — and even within a single county.
A license plate reader that scans every passing vehicle greets motorists entering the Paradise Hills neighborhood in Golden, Colo., outside Denver. (Stephen Speranza for The Post)
The devices are rapidly reshaping private security in American neighborhoods, bringing police surveillance tools to the masses with an automated watchdog that records 24 hours a day. They've created a new point of friction between crime-fearing residents and their privacy-minded neighbors.
Those who gathered before the Brooklyn Nets’ home opener were there to support Nets guard Kyrie Irving, who has been told by the team to stay away as long as he refuses to receive a coronavirus vaccination.
At Maiz64, Oaxacan chef Alam Méndez Florián shows flashes of innovative cooking.
New developments have brought beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center to Tysons.
Día de los Muertos returns to the Wharf, and the 17th Street High Heel Race celebrates its 34th edition.