In mock questioning sessions, Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh refused to answer some questions that he saw as too personal. The tense preparations underscore the monumental stakes of public testimony from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused him of sexual assault.
The emerging accord marked the most concrete signs of progress yet in high-stakes negotiations that seemed to be at an impasse at the start of the weekend. Still, the Senate has made no public announcement of a hearing, and those close to the situation cautioned that disagreements remained.
Her husband, Russell Ford, remembers her mind-set when Justice Anthony M. Kennedy announced his retirement. She even considered moving to another country, he said.
The memorial stands at a busy intersection in Bladensburg, Md. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
The memorial stands at a busy intersection in Bladensburg, Md. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
Ninety-three years after the Peace Cross was dedicated, the U.S. Supreme Court could wade into a legal skirmish over the future of the memorial, a 40-foot-tall granite and concrete cross that a federal appeals court ruled was an unconstitutional government endorsement of religion.
The president has long wanted to get rid of the deputy attorney general, but aides say recent revelations in Justice Department memos should be held in reserve.
The story must be told.
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The proposed changes amount to a broad expansion of the government’s ability to deny visas or residency to immigrants if they benefit from programs like Medicaid or housing vouchers.
Ankara fears a regime offensive in Idlib could send refugees racing to the border and fuel a new militancy.
(The Washington Post)
(The Washington Post)
Since helping broker a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer, Rob Goldstone said his life has been “quite a whirl.”
Jim Knoblach, a Republican state representative in Minnesota, denied the allegations but dropped his bid for reelection, saying he needs to focus on “healing my family.”
Police took John Miller and his son, Michael Miller, into custody citing “great concern” for the community and declaring the original bond insufficient.
Alaska officials defended the plea deal, saying it was a means to compel the defendant to undergo sex-offender treatment and monitoring.
Repercussions of War
(The Washington Post)
Angel’s mother tried to kill her twice. Nearly 23 years since Rwanda’s genocide, they are still dealing with the repercussions of war and rape.
(Library of Congress)
(Library of Congress)
All of George Washington’s Supreme Court nominees were confirmed in only two days, but half of them were tardy.
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'I'm just going to move': North Carolina residents assess their flooded homes
'I'm just going to move': North Carolina residents assess their flooded homes
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