Trump says he can bring in virus experts quickly. The experts say it’s not so simple.

The U.S. response to a potential spread of the novel coronavirus is partly improvised because it’s a new infectious disease. (Video: The Post; photo: Reuters)
People in and outside the White House have warned for years that the nation is ill-prepared for a dangerous pandemic.

U.S. workers lacking protective gear met evacuees, HHS whistleblower says

The whistleblower alleges she was improperly reassigned after raising concerns with HHS Secretary Alex Azar's office.

Coronavirus pushes Trump to call on specialists he maligned

At a time when expertise is paramount, the president has hollowed out the very government agencies responsible for the tasks at hand.

Dow plunges more than 1,100 points, extending losses in brutal week

U.S. markets closed in a correction Thursday in one of the worst weeks since the financial crisis, in part over concerns about the potential spread of the coronavirus in the United States.

On S.C. island, generations of black voters confront their Democratic presidential options

Families on Wadmalaw Island have one thing in common: None expressed excitement about their choices. They all vowed to vote, but expressed frustration with the large, chaotic field of candidates.
South Carolina Democratic Primary
Voters in South Carolina will go to the polls on Saturday. Fifty-four delegates are up for grabs.

Surging Sanders shows few signs of making nice with fellow Democrats

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s disputes with Democrats are prompting nervousness and alarm among many of them.

Steyer bets his campaign on S.C. climate change

His argument that global warming will hit black and brown communities hard is meant to resonate in a state that already feels its effects.

Everyone talks about millennial voters. Now let’s hear from them.

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Though President Trump supports the opposition to socialist leader Nicolás Maduro, the U.S. government has been turning away asylum seekers at the southwest border.
(Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)
(Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)
The “reduction in violence” appears to be holding, even in Helmand, one of the country’s most volatile provinces.
The incident highlights the increasing volatility in the Syrian province and could prompt military escalation.
The number of the untraceable guns seized by police has surged in the District and other areas, raising concerns that firearm traffickers have found a new way to bypass background checks.
(Video: Jonathan Baran, Geoffrey A. Fowler/The Post; illustration: Matt Chinworth for The Post)
The car is becoming a sentry, a chaperone and a snitch.
By The Way
A Post Travel Destination
Operators are catering to travelers who want to rediscover America by water (and avoid long flights to Europe).

Bizarre snow strip over Kansas, just 15 miles across, highlights the challenges of forecasting

Such unusual, narrow swaths of snow are a nightmare to predict.
Critic's Notebook

A profound experience watching ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ with 18,000 teenagers

Their reactions pointed to one uncontestable truth: The kids were listening.

Coca-Cola’s new flavored seltzer line is aggressive, colorful and makes us want to brush our teeth

The new brand, dubbed AHA, is throwing some sharp elbows in the crowded seltzer aisle.
(Allie Caren, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post)
Answers to 3 air travel questions during the coronavirus outbreak
Answers to 3 air travel questions during the coronavirus outbreak
Play Video 2:43
Tesla's 'Sentry' mode turns your car into a rolling surveillance machine, recording nearby motion
Play Video 2:48
The signing of a U.S.-Taliban peace deal would be historic—but might not end the war in Afghanistan
Play Video 7:06
As coronavirus fears grow, markets are plunging
Play Video 3:20
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