Democracy Dies in Darkness
The former president spent hours in a deposition with the New York attorney general and refused more than 400 times to answer questions about his businesses, property valuations, and loans, according to a person with knowledge of the discussion.
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The Inflation Reduction Act, which could become law within days, includes tax credits heralded as a way to make electric vehicles more affordable. But many of the stipulations have sparked confusion among potential car buyers.
Should Russia succeed in annexing the territory it has seized, Ukraine would lose access to almost two-thirds of its coal deposits. The Kremlin would also gain stores of natural gas, oil and rare earth minerals that are essential for certain high-tech components.
Many have been forced to make different grocery choices. We asked readers to share how they’ve adjusted, especially as decades-high inflation has also raised other living costs.
(Lloyd Campbell)
Maurica Manyan was killed at a training session for library police officers. A retired D.C. police officer is charged with involuntary manslaughter.
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The East Antarctic Ice Sheet could add up to 16 feet to sea levels in the long term if Paris climate accord targets aren’t met, according to a new study.
A trend toward warmer nights is one of the leading indicators of human-caused climate change.
The bill that is expected to be approved in the House on Friday clinches only some of Democrats’ long-delayed plans.
Trump and his allies are suggesting, without any justification, that perhaps the FBI was planting evidence.
(Sarah Silbiger for The Post)
The bill enjoyed broad bipartisan support — but encountered an unexpected road bump last month after 25 Senate Republicans switched their votes in apparent political retribution.
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The Justice Department indicted a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for trying to pay someone in Washington $300,000 to track down and assassinate Bolton, a hawkish critic of Iran and opponent of President Barack Obama's Iran nuclear deal.