Democracy Dies in Darkness
Johnson is the first world leader to say the variant — first identified in England and already spreading globally — “may be associated with a higher degree of mortality.”
They are harnessing their logistical and technological expertise to inoculate their communities.
(Henning Bagger/AFP/Getty Images)
The variant is spreading at an alarming rate and isn’t responding to established ways of slowing the pandemic, Danish scientists say.
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Mel Silva, managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, appears Friday by video link at Parliament House in Canberra. (AAP/AP)
Google and Facebook have been in a long-running fight with Australian lawmakers and media companies over whether they should pay news organizations for showing their stories in search results. A Google executive threatened to pull out of the country.
If they get rid of the filibuster, Democrats could pass everything with 50 votes given Vice President Harris will break ties. But if Republicans vote in unison, Democrats could afford precisely zero defections.
Nicholas Reyes, a convicted murderer, was held in solitary confinement at one of Virginia’s most restrictive prisons for a decade because he did not fill out a journal in a language he does not speak, his attorneys said.
Mahlia Posey/The Washington Post
With Democrats controlling the Senate and White House, here's what's next
The Democrats are taking control of the Senate as an impeachment trial, cabinet nominations and an ambitious Biden agenda are all on the table.
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Black Lives Matter protesters display “I voted” wristbands after leaving a polling center in Louisville on Oct. 13. (Getty Images)
The Capitol Police are investigating the incident, a spokeswoman said.
The government’s leading infectious-disease expert’s repeated references to a new sheriff in town did not go unnoticed as he spoke to reporters Thursday.
President Biden has pledged to pursue a “bold” agenda on LGBTQ issues. But his order outraged some social conservatives, who said it would threaten women’s rights. 
People visit an exhibition about China’s fight against the coronavirus at a convention center previously used as a makeshift hospital in Wuhan. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)
Relatives who lost loved ones early in the pandemic say they cannot move on without answers from authorities who failed to warn the public in a timely way.
In an inaugural address that pleaded for unity, President Biden identified an enemy.
Former astronaut Julie Payette was accused of verbally abusing and humiliating staffers.
Texas realtor Jenna Ryan began raising funds after publicly seeking but not getting a pardon from Donald Trump before he left office. She asked followers Thursday to send money for “legal fees and losses” related to her arrest.
Keli MacIntosh intended to speak before the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners this week with a straightforward demand.
“All of us were so ready for something like this,” said Shanthi Chandrasekar, an organizer of the public art, called a kolam.
Tam Dinh Pham had initially told federal agents he did not go inside the Capitol during the attempted insurrection.
Forums that spread QAnon claims and support Donald Trump have fractured or gone offline entirely, raising questions about their long-term viability.
The sizable sums foreshadow the political blitz that Silicon Valley is likely to mount in the face of fresh promises from President Biden and his new Democratic control in Congress that they plan to rein in the tech industry.
The e-commerce giant has argued in part that the National Labor Relations Board pandemic election guidance never defined what an "outbreak" actually is.
The reserves of the trust fund that pays retirement and survivor benefits will be unable to pay full benefits in 2034.
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Stefon Diggs found the "new beginning" he sought with the Buffalo Bills. (AP)
Rivers never won the MVP award and he never earned first-team all-pro honors.
The presumptive MVP is set to face fellow legend Tom Brady in the NFC championship, and his tale is less one of redemption than relaxation.