House managers also detail a defense of Biden’s actions regarding Ukraine

On the impeachment trial’s second day, House lawmakers charged that President Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine into political investigations were what the nation’s founders sought to guard against. But many Senate Republicans remained unmoved.

Trump, Democrats keep their distance from GOP moderates as crucial impeachment votes loom

White House advisers warned President Trump that outreach would not help his cause, while Democrats say there is no serious effort to privately lobby the key Republicans.
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U.S. government’s science ranks grow thin

Hundreds of scientists across the federal government have been forced out, sidelined or muted since President Trump took office. The exodus has been fueled broadly by administration policies that have diminished the role of science as well as more specific steps, such as moving agencies away from the nation’s capital.

Trumpworld converts regional talk radio hosts into a loyal army

Hundreds of regional radio hosts have been showered with attention from administration officials and surrogates for President Trump. While local media has long been part of national politics, Trump campaign officials have made it a central part of their strategy.

‘Hello MBS.’ Was Jeff Bezos hacked in a WhatsApp message?

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Campaign 2020
The former New York mayor has promised to spend millions to defeat President Trump, whether or not he becomes the Democratic nominee.
Jakob “Jack” Reimer, who served at a Nazi training camp during World War II, and his personnel sheet listing his deployments. (Justice Department)
Jakob “Jack” Reimer, who served at a Nazi training camp during World War II, and his personnel sheet listing his deployments. (Justice Department)
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Decades after the war, a group of prosecutors and historians discovered the truth about a mysterious SS training camp in occupied Poland.
Decades ago, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan prompted thousands of people to flee to neighboring Iran. Now, many of them are again seeking a new home, this time in Turkey, to escape the dire economic conditions fostered by President Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign.
The State Department will no longer issue temporary visitor visas to women hoping to travel to the United States to have a child, White House officials said. The B-1/B-2 visas provide for temporary travel to the United States for tourism, business or medical care.
The “Sopranos” actress delivered emotional testimony as the prosecution’s first witness.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had not spoken to Queen Elizabeth about her grandson’s decision to put down roots in Canada. The absence of concrete information has fueled speculation and some concern.
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Using a model of the mummy’s vocal tract, researchers have approximated the Egyptian priest’s voice. “It is the fulfillment of his belief” to have his voice heard in the afterlife, said the study’s author.
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The wildly popular Obama portraits are going on a year-long tour to museums across the country

The paintings will travel to museums in five cities, starting in June 2021 in Chicago.
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Khashoggi documentary could take the film world — and U.S.-Saudi relations — by storm

“The Dissident,” which premieres Friday at Sundance, casts the killing of Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in a new light.

Always low-key, Jim Lehrer anchored TV news for grown-ups

The PBS anchor, who died Thursday at 85, played it straight. Always straight.
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