Democracy Dies in Darkness
John Farrell, Brian Monroe/The Washington Post
How Novavax uses moth cells to create its coronavirus vaccine
Novavax, a biotech company out of Gaithersburg, Md., uses recombinant protein technology to create their coronavirus vaccine.
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Germany is entering what the press has dubbed a super election year with a series of state elections before federal elections in September which will mark and end to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s more than 15 years in power.
The three women were reportedly gunned down as they walked home from work.
Members of South Korean K-pop band BTS pose for photographers in November. (AP)
Plans for the Olympics are taking shape, with most athletes vaccinated, probably no overseas spectators and limits on domestic fans.
The latest annual report on “Freedom in the World” by a major Washington pro-democracy organization provides grim reading.
Brian Myers said he had fallen to the floor, unable to move toward his cellphone, when he looked up to find Sadie standing over him, distressed.
To get vaccinated, the country star returned to a place and a doctor that tie her to the Moderna vaccine, which she helped fund.
This is the worst drought, in terms of its geographical scope, in more than 20 years.
Despite community outrage over the incident, Wayne County’s prosecutor said she was not pursuing charges.
Google is going further in its efforts to stop advertisers from following people around the Web. But the changes are likely to cement the company's power online even more.
Addressing years-old cybersecurity failures could have helped the government catch a massive Russian hacking campaign sooner, the Government Accountability Office head said.
Merchandise for sale at a Walmart store in Salem, N.H., in 2017. (AP)
The country’s largest retailer says the 10-year investment will help create 750,000 jobs.
Lester, 37, was feeling fatigued in spring training before he and the Nationals decided a procedure was the best option.
If San Diego State's basketball team needs a lesson in patience, it can turn to its coach.
Chelsea's Christian Pulisic, right, plays against Barnsley on Feb. 11. (Lee Smith/Reuters)
The U.S. national soccer team star has struggled with injuries and playing time in his sophomore season in the Premier League.