Democracy Dies in Darkness
The onset of this year’s severe drought was far quicker than previous ones. Now farmers, regulators and politicians are facing the consequences of historic water shortages.
Ebrahim Raisi has expressed a willingness to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, but his presidency was certain to mark a radical departure from the Rouhani era.
Joe Biden — arguably the most observant U.S. president in decades — is also a liberal, and that’s stirring up the U.S. Catholic bishops fighting cultural battles within the church.
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The bodies of three of the party were located Thursday, the sheriff’s office said, about 19 hours after the group of nine extended relatives embarked on a tubing trip. Four people were rescued hanging onto various items.
LEFT: Birgit Brombacher and her daughter Felicia are pictured at their home. (Marzena Skubatz for The Post) RIGHT: Wendy Latella attends a Cub Scouts meeting with her son Robert, 6, in Fredericksburg. (Gabriella Demczuk for The Post)
As parts of Europe and the United States rebound from the depths of the pandemic, two women share how their families coped, struggled and now wonder what’s ahead.
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(Erin Patrick O'Connor/The Washington Post)
First grade teacher Kim Byrd’s death from coronavirus set off a national discussion on whether schools should remain closed or reopen in the midst of the pandemic.
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Ethics experts are disappointed that President Biden hasn’t done more to shift away from the nepotism and cronyism practiced under the previous president.
A woman walks past mayoral campaign posters at John Jay College in Manhattan. (Reuters)
Next Tuesday’s primary comes after a year in which covid-19 killed more than 30,000 in New York and brought the city to a near standstill. Unemployment surged, thousands of businesses closed and much of the city’s moneyed elite escaped. Crime has risen.
Relatives of trapped Afghan Army soldiers protest to demand the government evacuate the injured soldiers in Herat. (EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
A report says prosecutions dropped by 62 percent over the past five years even as reported rapes increased.
The Brussels court cited failures to meet the E.U. vaccine contract but set a lower level of 80 million doses delivered by the end of summer.
The move comes after calls for more aggressive action from diplomat Kyaw Moe Tun, who is still recognized by the United Nations as Myanmar’s ambassador.
Record high temperatures and a worsening drought have parched vast tracts of brush, timber and grasses, leaving an abundance of potential fuels for the flames to consume.
Jewell James of the Lummi Nation works on a 25-foot totem pole he helped make as head carver for the “House of Tears” carvers. (Jason Jones/The Natural History Museum)
A 24-foot-tall totem pole will travel thousands of miles from Washington state to the nation's capital to raise awareness of Native American issues and sacred sites.
In Lonaconing, Md., the identity of the Powerball jackpot winner remains unknown, but that hasn’t stopped gold diggers from descending on the town.
As much of the world comes out of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown for Pride celebrations around the world, we asked readers to share why and how they celebrate.
Samuel Ramsey, an entomologist who goes by Dr. Sammy, holds a jungle nymph. (Julian Vankim)
Growing up in Maryland, Samuel Ramsey was terrified of insects. Now, as a “bug ambassador” with a doctorate, he uses music to demystify others’ fears — and to appeal to children who may not think science holds a place for them..
A small electronic device that was left outside the security perimeter turned out to be a remote control for a dog training collar, an agency spokeswoman said.
The fliers — which had information about the Ku Klux Klan — resemble antisemitic mailers that appeared in Loudoun and Prince William counties in recent years. In all three counties, the fliers were in plastic bags weighed down with birdseed.
We should add a few 90-degree days over the next few. With abundant shower and storm chances, it's feeling like summer.
Parades, concerts, tours and hands-on activities celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery.
Outdoor film screenings, concerts, happy hours and other events to brighten your week.
The District's sandwich scene is stuffed with delicious options.
Members of the DC Design Collective, from left, Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas, Charles Almonte, Iantha Carley, Shawna Underwood and Quintece Hill-Mattauszek at the Janus et Cie showroom. (André Chung for The Post)
Members of the DC Design Collective, formed last year, are determined to create change for themselves.
Readers hate two things the most: poetry and corny old jokes.
The news anchor talks about finding his groove, speaking with authority and confronting racism in America.
The Rev. Juan de la Cruz Turcios celebrates Mass on June 6 outside the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club in Maryland. (Matt McClain/The Post)
The Rev. Juan de la Cruz Turcios became the first Latin American from Langley Park, Md., to be ordained as a Catholic priest — an optimistic sign for his fellow immigrants struggling with poverty, crime and lack of education made more difficult by the pandemic.
This was supposed to be your wedding weekend. How do you manage sadness over a canceled event while the world is in disarray?
She has told others she hope her parents won’t relocate, despite the considerable work of raising child with a severe illness.
Readers have been happy to occasionally care for friends’ cats. They worry that they’ll be asked to watch the pup.