The findings seemed to dispel the cloud of conspiracy that has hung over the Trump administration. But it also opened the door to fiercer fights over President Trump’s judgment and power.
Meanwhile, Democrats continued to press for the release of the full report by the special counsel.
The Fix
The attorney general's past criticism of the Russia probe and other factors are under scrutiny.
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The Take
There are difficult questions about what investigations House Democrats should pursue and to what end.
Abby and TC Maslin had to rebuild their marriage after a 2012 attack left TC with severe brain damage. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
Abby and TC Maslin had to rebuild their marriage after a 2012 attack left TC with severe brain damage. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
D.C. schoolteacher Abby Maslin struggled for years to keep her family together as her husband slowly recovered. She chronicles their wrenching journey in a new book.
The Trailer
More than anyone else in the Democratic race for president, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has benefited from the idea that the 2016 election demolished notions of what sort of résumé voters look for in a president.
The streaming service would include Apple’s own films and television shows with Hollywood stars including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg.
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The attack, which injured seven people, prompted the prime minister to announce that he would return to Israel immediately after his meeting today with President Trump.
Fifteen percent of mail-in ballots submitted by Parkland, Fla.’s youngest voters were never counted in the 2018 midterm election, a researcher determined.
Fact Checker
President Trump says the media is manipulating the data, but the president himself is engaging in some cherry-picking to claim a 14-year high.
NCAA Tournament
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
Just two teams from outside the NCAA’s power conferences survived the tournament’s first weekend, and that includes top-seeded Gonzaga, a heavyweight in its own right.
The New England tight end was a four-time all-pro and helped the Patriots win three Super Bowl championships.
The Past, Rediscovered
Some journalists initially thought they were about to witness a conjugal act between the Beatles star and his bride. But they found the pair in conservative pajamas upon arrival.
Market Watch
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