Democracy Dies in Darkness
Palestinians inspect their destroyed houses after overnight Israeli airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. (AP)
The fighting appeared poised to intensify, with Israel massing three brigades near the border and thousands of Muslim worshipers expected to attend Friday prayers at Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque.
Popular anger has undermined an assumption at the center of the Abraham Accords: that the Arab world was no longer stirred by Palestinian suffering.
The New York Republican pitched herself as a candidate who will focus on the Republican message and attack President Biden’s policies, while standing by Donald Trump.
(Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)
Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza and Palestinian militants have fired rocket salvos in the most intense fighting in years.
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A patient arrives at the Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Kathmandu. (Getty)
The government has imposed a nationwide shutdown, which came after thousands of migrant workers returned from India. 
Amid the chaos and trauma of the resurgent conflict, two long-standing foes see their own political fortunes rise.
Many of the Arab Israelis taking part in recent mass protests are angered not only by the ongoing airstrikes against Palestinians but also their own sense of being second-class citizens.
Since the Jan. 6 riot, more than 400 people in the pro-Trump mob that day have been arrested — a number that could still grow substantially.
Marine Corps Maj. Christopher Warnagiris was the first person to push through the Capitol's East Rotunda doors, prosecutors said.
Body camera footage from D.C. police Officer Michael Fanone shows him screaming in agony after a pro-Trump mob dragged him down the U.S. Capitol steps, beat him and Tasered him.
One of the factors behind last year’s extremely active Atlantic hurricane season and a contributor to below-average rainfall in the South and Southwest, has faded away.
A judge on Thursday delayed the planned August trial for the three former Minneapolis police officers accused of aiding and abetting Derek Chauvin in the death of Floyd.
The fact that Boeing and its regulator discovered the new safety problem only last month, and not during a protracted reexamination of the plane’s safety following two Max crashes, underscored questions about safety oversight.
A bipartisan proposal would let people wait until they’re 75 to begin taking (federally taxable) distributions from their retirement accounts.
Guests walk down Main Street USA at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., in April. (AP)
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Elena Delle Donne hasn't played since the Mystics won the 2019 WNBA championship.
For this season and (maybe) this season only, the NBA will use a mini tournament to determine the last two playoff seeds in each conference.
Maryland defender Lizzie Colson. (Greg Fiume/Maryland Athletics)
The star Maryland lacrosse defender spent a lot of time hurting in silence after tearing her ACL.
Caleb Kennedy performs an original song on “American Idol” last Sunday. (ABC/Getty Images)
A Washington Post analysis found that over the past 15 years, winning a Golden Globes award for best dramatic film brought in an additional $6 million in box office receipts the weekend after the Globes, compared with the previous weekend.
Chris Power’s new novel follows the complicated relationship of two writers in Berlin.