Democracy Dies in Darkness
A Washington Post-ABC News poll found interest in the election has climbed to near-record levels, with nearly 6 in 10 registered voters saying they are following the election “very closely.”
Supporters of President Trump fire cannons during a boat parade on Ohio’s Sandusky Bay. (Dustin Franz for The Post)
The president’s plan for reelection is to find more of them, as a majority of women have sided with former vice president Joe Biden.
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Donald Trump talks with his parents, Mary and Fred, and his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, at the opening of Trump's Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., in 1990. (AP)
Special Report
Donald J. Trump was facing financial disaster in 1990 when he came up with an audacious plan to exert control of his father’s estate. Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry was recorded by her niece in January 2019 expressing outrage over her brother’s efforts to change the will. “Dad was in dementia,” Barry said. 
Iraqi officials say the decision caught them by surprise; they hope the U.S. will reconsider.
The demonstration by the group — which has earned a reputation for politically motivated violence — was intended to bring adherents from across the nation to a city that has become a magnet for ideological brawls, some of them deadly.
The FixAnalysis
Less than six weeks out from the election, House Republicans have a chance to just pick up a handful of seats. But so do Democrats.
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Orlando was plagued by a lack of affordable housing. Then Florida’s tourism economy crashed, leaving hundreds of people trapped in rundown motels on the edge of society.
Hannah Jewell, Lindsey Sitz, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post
Perspective | The origins of policing in America
Khalil Gibran Muhammad and Chenjerai Kumanyika explain how American policing grew out of efforts to control the labor of poor and enslaved people.
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A Turkish research vessel is surrounded by Turkish navy vessels as it heads into the Mediterranean to conduct seismic research in an area Greece claims as its own. (Turkish Defense Ministry/Pool/AP)
The “Blue Homeland” doctrine is stirring Mediterranean tensions with Greece.
Domestic tourist sites are clamoring to draw visitors, while officials warn of the risks of new virus outbreaks during Golden Week.
It has been more than 30 days since anyone has heard from or seen Li Tsz-yin and the 11 other Hong Kong residents whose speedboat was intercepted by the Chinese Coast Guard as they were fleeing to Taiwan. 
Each side is blaming the other for the crisis over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh, with reports of helicopters shot down and tanks destroyed.
The Commerce Department said tech exports to SMIC could help China’s military.
The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season may be a harbinger of the future.
Like the coronavirus, which has devastated Native Americans, the 1918 pandemic was deadly. Thousands of American Indians lost their lives at a time when tribes were already in crisis.
The University of Maryland resumed in-person classes at its campus in College Park after weeks of conducting coronavirus tests across campus. (Robb Hill/For The Washington Post)
Students, faculty and staff across the Washington region have reported relatively few coronavirus cases so far this fall. But reopening hasn’t come without challenges.
As coronavirus cases in the region hit their lowest levels in months, school systems in Maryland, Virginia and the nation's capital are pledging to gradually usher pupils back into classrooms, and onto sports fields, over the next several weeks.
From the nation's capital to New York to Los Angeles, hopes of a quick recovery for deserted central business districts have sputtered and fear is rising that the collapse of downtown economies could be irreversible.
The apology came one year after a report revealed “hostile learning environment” for students of color.
The early morning crash also left five residents displaced from their home.
The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is currently studying MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a method of treating PTSD. (Post)
These substances are being touted as a game-changing intervention for mental health. But it's not clear if their promise will extend beyond an elite few.
Effective altruism isn’t just about donations. It aims to bring rationality to what people choose to care about.
Sunrise Movement’s Varshini Prakash on setting the agenda for environmental change.
At least New Coke and the Ford Edsel sort of did what they were intended to do. This product does not.
Date Lab
But would it be enough to spark a romance?
Journeyman chef Deepak Sarin brings Indian regional cooking — and a lot of eggs — to Vienna
More than 17 million Americans are dealing with this tough commitment. Many of them pay a steep price in stress, frustration and depression and often say they feel neglected by policymakers, unrecognized by health systems and underappreciated by society.
The pandemic has forced a new reality on many, to make sure they’re ready for “The End.”
Josh Allen celebrates a first-quarter touchdown with Buffalo teammate Lee Smith. The Bills took an early 14-0 lead over the L.A. Rams. (Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Live Updates
No. 3 Oklahoma’s collapse in its 38-35 loss was rooted on both sides of the ball, and it did little to improve the perception of the state of the Big 12.
Live Updates
The Washington Football Team hopes to improve to 2-1 as it faces off against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Follow along for our live updates.
Game 6 is Monday night in the NHL’s postseason bubble at Edmonton’s Rogers Place.
In Max Scherzer’s final start of the season, the Nationals eliminated the Mets from postseason contention, then won the nightcap to sweep a doubleheader.
Virginia scored 21 unanswered points during the fourth quarter in the starting debut of quarterback Brennan Armstrong to rally for a 38-20 triumph at a virtually deserted Scott Stadium.
Russ Green has been working on his muscles. We’re happy for him. (Katherine Frey/The Post)
The 98-year-old organization ponders leaving its historic riverside home in Alexandria.
I’ve spent my children’s childhoods trying to remember to offer them “Take your time,” like a gift wrapped in leisure and ease. What I wouldn’t give for the grace of Alicia Keys.
Would it not be better to take a belated note about a misplaced check at face value?
Stepmom makes dinner, dad makes excuses when adult sons are consistently late.
There’s no strict rule of first contact when someone moves in nearby.
The West Coast wildfires has tainted some of the nation’s most celebrated vineyards. (AP)
West Coast winemakers have yet another hurdle to overcome this year.
Too many people believe that what helped them lose weight is the One True Diet. That’s dangerous.
The makers of Rice Krispies, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Spam and more have signed on to a global initiative to slash their food waste by 2030.
The time for soup is all the time — but these soups are great for early fall.
French dip-inspired lean steak plus umami-rich mushrooms beef up a sandwich, without weighing it down.