League owners approved a new national anthem policy that gives individual teams the authority to set their own anthem-related rules and permit players to remain in the locker room during the playing of the anthem.
The decision by the Pentagon signals mounting U.S. anger over Beijing’s expanded military footprint in disputed areas.
President Trump said the FBI’s use of a confidential source to seek information from campaign aides could turn out to be “one of the biggest political scandals in history!” There is no evidence to suggest that the source was inserted into the Trump campaign.
Carol Spinks
Her body was found on May 1, 1971. The seventh-grader had been missing a week.
Darlenia Johnson
Her body was discovered in July 1971 just 15 feet from where Spinks’s remains had been found.
Brenda Faye Crockett
She called her family to say that she had been “snatched” and taken to Virginia, but was coming home. Her body was found hours later.
Diane Williams
Her body was found by a trucker along Interstate 295 on Sept. 6, 1972.
Brenda Woodard
Her body was discovered in November 1971 near Prince George’s Hospital. A puzzling note was in her pocket.
Nenomoshia Yates
Her still-warm body was found along Pennsylvania Avenue just hours after she had gone missing after a trip to the store.
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The Freeway Phantom, believed to be the first serial killer in Washington, terrorized the capital city and was never caught. The crimes long ago faded into history — but not everyone has forgotten.
House Republicans who have bucked their party to back a petition forcing a vote on “dreamers” have expressed frustration at a lack of progress on immigration policy. But an analysis of their districts reveals other possible motivations.
Blocking Twitter users for views expressed publicly to the president’s Twitter account is “viewpoint discrimination” in a public space, a federal judge ruled.
The secretary of state’s promise to hold the line with Pyongyang comes as the White House is signaling doubts about its timeline for talks with North Korea to scale back its nuclear ambitions.
Sens. Pat Toomey and Jeff Merkley want the FCC to disclose how many fraudulent comments it received in the run-up to the vote to dismantle net neutrality.
Philip Roth
Books such as “Portnoy’s Complaint” and “Goodbye, Columbus” established Roth as a premier chronicler of sex, desire and Jewish angst. He won the Pulitzer Prize for “American Pastoral.”
Paige Patterson was removed as president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary amid a massive backlash over past comments that are being newly perceived as sexist and demeaning.
The "Veep" actress, who has built a sitcom career on playing boldly neurotic single women, will receive the honor at a nationally televised gala in October.
(Nicole Ellis, Lindsey Sitz/ The Washington Post)
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