Democracy Dies in Darkness
Nancy Lin, left, of Philadelphia decided to continue remote education for her children, Miranda Gao, 12, and Stanley Gao, 13. (Rachel Wisniewski for the Post)
Fear of the virus — and of anti-Asian harassment — has led many Asian and Asian American families to keep children home. What's more, some are pleased with online learning and see no reason to risk the health of their family.
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A worker moves steel moldings for use in automobile catalytic converter emissions control devices in Mansfield, England. (Bloomberg News)
A troy ounce of rhodium now costs more than a brand new Toyota Prius.
Alexa Juliana Ard, Michelangelo Ruzzene/The Washington Post
'Not an hour goes by that my mom isn't remembered'
People 80 and older in Italy — 7 percent of the population — have accounted for 60 percent of the nation’s covid-19 deaths. Susanna Molon lost her mother.
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A supporter of the defendants gestures to signify “Five demands, not one less,” a mantra of Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters, outside a court in the city on Thursday. (AP)
The Iran-linked group said it struck an Aramco facility in Jiddah early in the morning, one of three attacks that day.
Gila Gamliel blamed one of the nation’s worst ecological disasters on an act of “environmental terrorism.” But other Israeli government officials expressed skepticism about the claim.
D.C. will scrap its problem-riddled vaccine sign-up website. In Virginia, health agencies and hospitals will hold large-scale vaccination clinics. Montgomery County expanded vaccine eligibility in its clinics.
Nancy Navarro is the first Latina and first immigrant to serve on the Montgomery County Council.
During a day of filming, instructors Terrence Smith, left, and Rodney “Red” Grant, second from left, assist Brandon Craddock. (Andrea Smith)
D.C.-raised comedian Rodney “Red” Grant dreamed up the “Don’t Shoot Guns. Shoot Cameras” effort after his nephew, a rap artist, was shot and killed in Washington while filming a music video.
A postal carrier makes his rounds in Portland, Maine, on Feb. 3. (AP)
The Postal Service will further divide the agency’s operations and offer early retirements to thousands of workers.
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