Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Jan. 6 attack showed that violent extremism is not a threat exclusively imported from foreign shores. Law enforcement and security officials, experts say, will face significant legal, political and cultural hurdles to battle a disease that seems to have taken hold in the nation’s nervous system.
Law enforcement officials are considering forgoing charges against those who went into the building but are not linked to violence, threats or destruction.
The former president, in his first political activity since leaving office, endorsed an ally for Arizona party chair who backed his false claims of election fraud.
President Biden may find he can get a big plan or a bipartisan plan — but not both.
In December, mixed cover crops filled a field outside Chestertown, Md., that is part of Harborview Farms. (Gabriella Demczuk for The Post)
Among his plans for fighting climate change, President Biden wants to pay farmers to use agricultural methods that lock carbon in the soil. But can climate-friendly farming practices make a dent in global warming?
Jonathan Baran/The Washington Post
QAnon believers grapple with reality of Biden presidency
Followers of the QAnon extremist ideology believed then-President Donald Trump would hold onto power after 2020. With him gone, they struggle with what's next.
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(Caroline Fernandez/Hans Lucas for The Post)
The contrast between pandemic rules is on vivid display in the Alps, where booming business at Switzerland's venues has prompted envy in French towns devastated by pandemic restrictions.
In the tradition-bound sport, wrestlers facing coronavirus fears have two options: compete or leave forever.
There is no indication that activists protesting the church were responsible for the attack, the El Monte Police chief said.
(Charlie Riedel/AP)
People following a violent movement that promotes a second U.S. civil war or the breakdown of modern society have been showing up at recent protests across the nation armed and wearing tactical gear. But the anti-government “boogaloo” movement has adopted an unlikely public and online symbol: the so-called Hawaiian shirt. 
Canceled appointments, long waits and uncertainty about future vaccine shipments dominate.
Under a proposed agreement, the state might have to pay up to $50 million in firms’ “predevelopment” costs if the controversial highway project doesn’t move forward.
(This lot serves as a rare outdoor gathering place in Anacostia. (Courtesy of Ronald Starks El)
In one of his final moves before leaving office, the former president absolved Douglas Jemal of a 2006 conviction. Now, some Anacostia residents fear the real estate magnate  will order them to vacate a cherished community hub.
For these two, the differences in interests and tastes didn’t keep a connection from sparking.
Fine-dining chefs Michael Rafidi and Matt Baker pivot with Yellow and Baker’s Daughter.
I tried it. What happened next was not pretty.
( Wake Forest and UNC players scramble at Wednesday’s game at Chapel Hill. (AP)
The Tar Heels’ postseason résumé is flimsy, and the Blue Devils' is tissue thin.
When times were hard, the Bills always kept me going. Now they keep me connected to Buffalo.
Racism forced him to build a wall that he fortified over the years out of self-preservation. It’s a wall many Black Americans put up just to survive.
A Twitter search for “true home run king” produced thousands of results Friday afternoon.
After sitting out the 2020 season because of coronavirus concerns, the 36-year-old Nats veteran plans to back up Josh Bell at first base.
Maryland has defeated three ranked teams on the road for the first time in the program's history.
People walk Park City’s Main Street during the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. (Arthur Mola/AP)
In a covid-era cinematic phenomenon, the movie year is lapping itself.
Davone Tines, Wang Lu, Balmorhea and 18 more artists to keep your ears open to this year.
Beginning his career at 10, he had long associations with Dinah Washington and Dizzy Gillespie.