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Teens turn climate anxiety into action.
Kenyans seek return of sacred drum.
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Trump’s competing instincts on Iran: Big threats vs. eagerness to make a deal

The president is caught between a political imperative to confront Iran — pleasing hawkish Republicans and allies Israel and Saudi Arabia — and his own instincts against foreign intervention and toward cutting a deal.

Pentagon urges restraint to avoid conflict with Iran over Saudi strikes

Military leaders are concerned about the possibility of a costly fight even though no U.S. personnel or facilities were targeted.

Inaction on Kavanaugh sex misconduct allegations reignites political rancor

Democrats are angry about a Supreme Court confirmation process they feel was rushed, while Republicans are decrying what they view as more attempts to tarnish Brett M. Kavanaugh’s reputation.
(Barry Falls for The Post)
(Barry Falls for The Post)

How should we talk about what’s happening to our planet?

The man who pushed for us to say “climate change” instead of “global warming” now says we need a different vocabulary on the issue.
Campaign 2020
The Pursuit

Kamala Harris grew up in a mostly white world. Then she went to a black university in a black city.

When anyone challenges her racial identity, the presidential candidate points to her four years at Howard University.
The House Oversight and Reform Committee’s sweeping request for documents follows growing scrutiny of whether Chao used her position to help a New York-based shipping company owned by her father and sisters gain favor with the Chinese government.
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) said the standoff raises concerns that the White House or other executive branch officials are trying to prevent Joseph Maguire from complying in order to cover up serious misconduct.
Once a punchline, it became a surefire vehicle for fame boosting and image repair. Then it cast Sean Spicer.
The president awarded the Medal of Freedom to baseball legend Mariano Rivera, the latest in a growing list of sports stars to be honored.
The Cars’ lead singer leaves behind a string of hits with remarkable, lasting appeal.

Eric Trump’s Four-Pinocchio claim that the Obamacare website cost more than Trump’s border barrier

The president's son also claimed he was quoting the actor Tim Allen, but that's wrong, too.
(Taylor Glascock for The Post)
(Taylor Glascock for The Post)
Special Report

The autistic children of Donor H898

At least a dozen children diagnosed with autism were conceived with sperm from the same donor, a reportedly unprecedented phenomenon that spurred a lawsuit.
(Raphaelle Macaron for The Post)
(Raphaelle Macaron for The Post)
From The Magazine

A conservative senator’s crusade against Big Tech

Sen. Josh Hawley’s skewering of Silicon Valley has been off-putting to both sides of the political aisle.
  • Aug 28
(Allie Caren/The Washington Post)
What’s the process for impeaching a Supreme Court justice?
What’s the process for impeaching a Supreme Court justice?
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The Trump administration's mixed messages on Iran
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Lilly Singh is joining late-night TV. Here are the women who came first.
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'Did you meet any terrorists?': Muslim mayor says he was profiled, detained at JFK airport
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