Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Authorities said they arrested the driver, a 51-year-old German. Video posted online showed ambulances and paramedics on a shopping street strewn with debris near a central square and Christmas tree.
Miles Taylor at an undisclosed location in Washington in November. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
The whistleblowing insider known for his explosive New York Times column is hoping to reshape the Republican Party.
The U.S. government doubles down on maximum pressure campaign, which has had mixed success.
Human rights advocates are seeking to hold Nestlé USA and Cargill responsible for the mistreatment of six Malians who say they were trafficked as children to work on cocoa farms.
Zach Purser Brown/The Washington Post
The transition is underway. What happens now?
The Post's White House bureau chief Philip Rucker explains what to expect now that the Biden transition is formally underway.
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Several GOP senators said that Neera Tanden, who has regularly clashed with Republicans, could run into trouble during confirmation hearings because of her “partisan” background.
Three lower courts have ruled against the president, and a fourth said the time was not ripe for a decision on the question’s merits.
A cattle farm on Highway 11 in Jasper County, Ga. (Audra Melton for The Post)
Newton has become brighter blue. Jasper is deeper red. Density, diplomas and diversity explain why.
The FixAnalysis
Kemp was once Public Enemy No. 1 for Democrats when it came to voter fraud claims. But he's not the only self-styled fraud watchdog who has refused to go along with Trump's charade.
The FixAnalysis
Their loyalty to the president over his party could undermine Republican efforts to keep the Senate majority.
In response to villagers capturing one of their own, Boko Haram gunmen on motorbikes stormed the village of Koshobe on Saturday, killing at least 110 people in one of the region’s deadliest attacks in years.
Today’s WorldViewAnalysis
The social toll of the pandemic is still difficult to measure on a global scale, but international organizations are worried about the disproportionate harm it’s causing to women.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a vial of the AstraZeneca/Oxford University vaccine. (Reuters)
Those hopes persist, accompanied by much flag waving, despite questions about the Oxford vaccine’s trials and effectiveness.
The roughly 90-second segment features a conversation between the actor posing as Obama and the show’s host, Tigran Keosayan.
Kaavan has been freed from a notorious zoo in Pakistan and will begin a new life in Cambodia.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) speaks during an interview in Columbus in 2019. (AP)
Four Republican state lawmakers say the governor violated state and federal laws by requiring masks and ordering some businesses to close.
The reversal came after swift backlash from residents who questioned the city’s leadership for putting the filming of a rom-com ahead of the health and safety of its citizens.
A free database will allow anyone from academic historians to amateur family genealogists to search for individual enslaved people around the globe.
Leslie and Patricia McWaters lived in tandem, and that’s how they died — both in the same hospital Tuesday, at 4:23 p.m., from complications caused by covid-19.
The plan would require that companies include at least one woman and one who identifies as an underrepresented minority among their directors.
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The Cybersecurity 202Analysis
The 1980s law has made it tough for cybersecurity pros to do their jobs.
The beauty giant, which is ending its longtime partnership with J.C. Penney, said it is hoping to reach more suburban shoppers.
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Tech Review
Better-sounding smart speakers, mini and mighty iPhones, TV upgrades and more: our tech columnist tests the fall’s buzziest new electronics
Washington's Thanksgiving win over Dallas improved the team's odds of winning the division from 9-to-2 to 2-to-1.
“It’s good to say I played for [Deion Sanders]. I was an athlete for him at his school,” says DeMarcus Peterson, who played for Prime Prep in Texas. “But when you look at it, it’s just kind of a huge fallacy.” (Cody Duty for The Post)
Students at Sanders's shuttered Dallas charter school saw their academic and athletic careers derailed after the school unraveled.
The clip sparked fierce debate in a country not accustomed to discussing such issues.
Ohio State might be perfect for the College Football Playoff — if the Buckeyes can play again.
Perestroika in Paris by Jane Smiley (Knopf, Derek Shapton)
Book Review
‘Perestroika in Paris’ may star a talking horse, but it’s a story about humanity, too.
Book Review
Parton, with collaborator Robert K. Oermann, has penned an excellent new memoir-slash-song-primer.