Democracy Dies in Darkness
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The pace of warming is one of several recent indicators providing evidence the planet isn't waiting around as the U.S. prepares to pass a landmark climate bill.
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Antiquities reproduced in vivid color, now on view in the “Chroma” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, may look garish to modern eyes.
An uneasy calm has settled over the Afghan capital this summer, a wary detente between the country’s stern religious rulers and a deflated, worried populace that is struggling to survive but also relieved that the punishing 20-year war involving foreign troops is over.
“All the raw materials went up,” said developer Rait Pallo. (Juho Kuva for The Post)
This tiny Baltic nation, and its neighbors, Latvia and Lithuania, represent extreme examples of the price pressures sweeping Europe and confronting policymakers, executives and consumers with a challenge unseen for 40 years.
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"If we didn’t get her out, she would die in there," one of the rescuers said.
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The East Antarctic Ice Sheet could add up to 16 feet to sea levels in the long term if Paris climate accord targets aren’t met, according to a new study.