The state Attorney General said that more than 1,000 child victims were identified, but the grand jury believes there are more.
The decision came after Judge T.S. Ellis III denied a defense motion to acquit Paul Manafort as his lawyers argued the special counsel had failed to prove its case against the former Trump campaign chairman.
The Debrief
President Trump’s calling Omarosa Manigault Newman a dog drew stern condemnations. Trump is the first president in more than a century not to have a dog, and his dislike for the pets shows in his frequent put-downs.
(Video: Drea Cornejo/The Post; illustration: Nigel Buchanan for The Post)
The children of presidents are generally left alone during their undergraduate years. But Tiffany Trump’s experience has been different. She’s in her mid-20s, and even before she arrived at Georgetown Law, it was clear she would be a proxy for her father’s often divisive politics, whether or not she shares them.
A toxic, red algae bloom has left a trail of dead marine animals, fleeing tourists and abandoned beaches along 150 miles of southwestern Florida coastline, threatening to disrupt the state’s vital tourist season.
Four states have elections today. Here’s what’s in play.
Democrat-held seat
Republican-held seat
Late-breaking scandals could weigh on key races in Minnesota, a crowded field of Democrats is running to challenge Wisconsin’s governor, and Republicans like their chances at electing or reelecting center-right governors in Connecticut and Vermont.
The Fix
At this point in 2018, politicians accused of behaving badly is just par for the course.
Voters cast ballots in Janesville, Wis. (Bloomberg News)
Voters cast ballots in Janesville, Wis. (Bloomberg News)
The story must be told.
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Lawyers in Ohio filed a class-action lawsuit earlier this month, alleging Judge Joseph Kirby at the Warren County Probate Court engaged in a pattern of intentional discrimination against transgender youth.
Video shows eyewitnesses screaming just after a section of the bridge gave way. One truck was stopped a few feet from the edge of the chasm — the edge of the bridge sheared cleanly off.
Among 50 provisions that President Trump disputed were sections that could constrain him on Russia and the Korean peninsula. His predecessors also regularly issued signing statements disputing parts of the annual defense policy bill.
The university president and athletic director met privately with the McNair family and apologized for the school's role in the young football player's heatstroke death in June.
Iraqis’ financial distress is a stark example of how American actions against Iran can reverberate through its neighbor.
Enough viewers complained about the jump-scare ad that YouTube decided to take it down. The incident came amid a year of reckoning for objectionable content on the site.
Bruce Hipkins was arrested near a convenience store in Michigan on numerous charges, including kidnapping, authorities said.
Here's the moment a car crashed outside British Parliament
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Fox News wants to focus on the economy (and nothing else)
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Italy: Rescuers work to free bridge collapse victims
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Opinion | Trump's favorite poem about snakes is actually about Omarosa
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