Democracy Dies in Darkness
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) speaks with press after reaching a tentative deal with President Biden to raise the U.S. debt limit. (AP)
The House and Senate still have to approve the legislation before the government runs out of money, which could happen as soon as June 5.
Turkish voters head to the polls Sunday for a landmark presidential runoff, with President Recep Tayip Erdogan favored to cement his rule after 20 years in power.
Here are some of the best digs and insults from HBO’s “Succession” (Allie Caren/The Post)
We know they’re all bad. But who takes the crown top villain? We asked experts on moral philosophy and business ethics, plus a member of the Disney family.
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(María Alconada Brooks/The Post)
By The Way Concierge investigates an urban legend about hotel key cards.
As other species disappeared during Earth’s most extreme known extinction event 252 million years ago, one species of saber-toothed apex predator went on an epic journey, recent research suggests.
(Emily Sabens/The Post; iStock)
The streaming company wants to charge $7.99 a month for extra users, but many are upset about another monthly charge.
A lighthouse in Keweenaw Bay, in Chassell, Mich., that is up for auction. (AP)
A record number of lighthouses are being made available to the public, some through auction. Some of the structures, which can be centuries old, have colorful histories.
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