Democracy Dies in Darkness
Ukrainian soldiers are marked with yellow and blue tape by children near Siversk. (Wojciech Grzedzinski for The Post)
Russia’s leader is betting an impending infusion of drafted troops can change the dynamic on the battlefield in Ukraine, but he is losing time.
(Video: Joy Yi; photo: Aleathea Cumbo/The Post)
The city has yet to reach about half of those on its “People of Promise” list. A top official graded the program as a C-plus.
The Fall Dining Guide
Queen’s English in D.C. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Post)
Tom Sietsema is looking for value: Dining destinations with memorable food, hospitality and plenty of bang for your buck.
(Thomas Simonetti/The Post)
Biblical amounts of rain swelled ponds beyond their banks and turned creeks into rushing rivers. Storm-water and sewage systems were overwhelmed.
(Getty Images), a major online platform, detailed its reasons for distancing itself from 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Niemann, who was accused of cheating by Magnus Carlsen.
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