Democracy Dies in Darkness
Members of both parties have noted that President Biden has asked Vice President Harris to take on often-thankless issues, including abortion and immigration. But her meetings with activists in these areas have helped her to build political connections.
The dire situation in Idaho, one of the least-vaccinated states in the country, is another grisly illustration of what happens when a state fails to contain infections.
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As the former president continues to falsely claim fraud, GOP leaders refuse to call a halt to his efforts that pose a threat to future elections.
“I was in survival mode for so long, I wasn’t even on my priority list,” said Izzie Chea, a Pearland, Tex., piano teacher and mother of Benji, 5 and Julian, 8. (Michael Stravato for The Post)
The chaotic days of Zoom kindergarten and work-from-home are now over for many parents, but the farewell to sustained domestic chaos has come with a grab bag of emotions: joy, relief — and yes, new flavors of stress about their unvaccinated kids.
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Actress Cate Blanchett recently stepped away from an upcoming documentary about Australian wildfires. Other efforts have hit snags as well.
A new study showed nighttime air in the western U.S. is getting drier and warmer, potentially prolonging fire activity.
The Kroger store in Collierville, Tenn., where a gunman killed one person and wounded 14 others. (Patrick Lantrip/AP)
Between 2000 and 2020, 78 people were killed in 28 grocery store incidents, FBI data shows.
The Central York School District in Pennsylvania reversed its “freeze” on a list of anti-racism books and educational resources focused almost entirely on titles related to people of color, including children's books on Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.
The FBI said that Khalil El Dahr was being held on charges of interfering with flight crew.
The agency hopes that government workers — once the rail system’s backbone — will return en masse but admits that other options are needed if they don’t.
The collapse was probably caused by an unusual buildup of corrosive gases in the pipe, according to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
In 1948, 14-year-old Bill Neff attended an airshow at Bolling Air Force Base in which a B-17 made a rough landing after being flown by remote control from Florida. Here it is on the right, under the control of a pilot aboard the “mother ship” on the left. (Bill Neff)
The B-17 was just one of the military’s glitchy remote-controlled drones.
“Dream Boat,” by Stephanie Garmey, dazzles with 3-D effects. (Bethesda Urban Partnership)
Anne Marchand offers mixed media abstractions at a new apartment lobby exhibition space, and Sara Dittrich explores climate change at Honfleur Gallery.
Parents are noticeably less excited for one sister's pregnancy than they were about the other sister's. Should the favored sister speak up?
Reader plans and pays for trip for family and one child’s best friend. Girlfriend wants the friend to pay.
Bride is hurt that the left after an hour, missing “99 percent” of the fun.
The 81-year-old is up for a Tony for her part in “Grand Horizons.” (Melissa Bunni Elian for The Post)
With her eighth Tony nomination, the acclaimed performer may be leaving the theater. But her offstage work as a biodiversity activist is far from over.
“I’m proud of his journey,” said Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, who hired Khalid Naji-Allah as her staff photographer.