Democracy Dies in Darkness
President Trump is promising a fast recovery and holding mass rallies, while Joe Biden is calling Trump reckless and sticking to a limited campaign schedule.
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America is facing one of the deepest divides in our history — and, no matter who wins, a difficult path forward.
The party won two major victories Wednesday involving voting deadlines in battleground states, as the justices granted extended periods for receiving mail-in ballots.
Election officials said many of the outstanding ballots may belong to those who requested them early but later decided to vote in person.
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The mayor of New Orleans declared a state of emergency and ordered voluntary evacuations for areas outside the city’s levee system. 
Hundreds of thousands of customers lost electricity in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama because of the storm.
The demand by Taylor’s mother was backed by backed by two anonymous grand jurors who said the attorney general’s office refused to give them all the evidence they asked for.
Jon Gerberg/The Washington Post
Readying for war: Inside an armed right-wing group in Utah
The Utah Citizens' Alarm is a self-styled militia that formed in response to protests for racial justice this spring.
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Strong support among women powers former vice president Joe Biden’s advantages in both states, while rising coronavirus concerns in Wisconsin are hampering President Trump, according to a pair of Washington Post-ABC News polls.
Unlike 2016, Trump’s ability to win in many states this year depends not only on people making up their minds (undecided voters) but on people changing their minds.
President Trump speaks at a campaign rally Tuesday in Lansing, Mich. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)
Public officials are increasingly forced to take extraordinary security precautions after vitriolic words by the president.

National polling average

Biden is leading (+10) the national polling average.

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Average of national polls since Oct. 12 that meet Washington Post standards for transparency and quality. Includes polls by CNN, Economist-YouGov, NBC-WSJ, PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist, SurveyMonkey-Tableau and Quinnipiac University.

By custom, most world leaders do not weigh in on U.S. presidential elections, but President Trump has received vocal support from a handful of foreign leaders, most right-wing populists known for clear parallels to him in policy and rhetoric.
Diners at a restaurant look out toward St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia, on Wednesday. (Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/AP)
The rollback came after the city reported zero new coronavirus cases on Monday and Tuesday, a dramatic drop from the hundreds logged each day during the outbreak’s peak in late July and early August.
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For India, the Trump years have offered a mixture of spectacle and substance.
The country has been ranked as the worst place in the E.U. to be gay or trans.
Assistant Attorney General John Demers said China’s Operation Foxhunt sometimes targeted individuals who might have violated financial laws and were legitimate targets of law enforcement investigations. But many other targets, he said, were political “rivals, dissidents, critics” of the government.
Garrison Courtney, a onetime Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman who pretended to be in the CIA as part of a years-long scam, was sentenced to seven years in prison.
A patrol wagon loaded with confiscated moonshine in Washington on Jan. 23, 1922. (AP)
The association, which represents more than 14,000 FBI agents, seems to be pushing back on President Trump, who has discussed firing Christopher A. Wray.
Haji Najibullah, 42, was in federal custody in New York awaiting his initial appearance before a judge.
An employee checks temperatures of passengers before they board a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver International Airport on Oct. 26. (Matthew Staver for The Post)
A San Francisco judge said the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that Uber had punished drivers over a failure to support Prop 22, a ballot question that would codify them as independent contractors instead of employees with more rights.
Lawmakers grilled the executives at a highly partisan hearing that exposed differing views and deep distrust about Silicon Valley’s power over the Internet.
Dozens of websites, social media apps and e-commerce platforms remain flooded with QAnon's debunked claims.
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The pandemic might have cheated the Dodgers out of their place as one of baseball's greatest teams.
The Dodgers' star third baseman deserved to celebrate, but this troubling year once again called for sacrifice.
The coach confirmed that three more players were leaving the program, bringing the count to six in 48 hours and seven since last week.
D.C. pulled into a three-way tie for the final Eastern Conference playoff berth and within two points of the next-to-last slot.
Event organizers said they were still trying to determine a “feasible” autumn date for the marathon, which is traditionally held on the third Monday in April but was canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Helen Mirren, left, and Sarah Cooper lip-sync to Billy Bush and Donald Trump while reenacting the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape for Cooper's new Netflix special. (Lacey Terrell/Netflix)
In her new Netflix special, "Everything's Fine," comedian Sarah Cooper contends with our grotesque reality — to mixed results.
For such an art form, the intrusion of the outside world — trains, planes and automobiles — feels especially cruel.
Book Review
Scott Eyman delivers an estimable and empathetic biography.
Kevin Eastman has revived "The Last Ronin," an idea he helped conceive in 1987, before TMNT took off.
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These tales of imaginary monsters, ghosts and goblins offer frightful delights.