Democracy Dies in Darkness
The decision allows U.S. athletes to participate in the Games but is a significant political snub and reflects the administration’s displeasure over China’s human rights abuses.
It is the second time in a month that the Biden administration is suing Texas over voting laws. The new lawsuit alleges that state lawmakers discriminated against minorities when they approved districts that increased the power of White voters.
Alex Stow, a travel nurse, after finishing a 12.5-hour shift at a hospital in Traverse City, Mich. (Elaine Cromie for The Post)
Hospitals are accusing the travel companies of price gouging. The companies say they are responding to the laws of supply and demand in an increasingly mobile work environment.
Fred Hiatt1955–2021
A onetime foreign correspondent, Fred Hiatt greatly expanded The Post’s opinions department and wrote spirited columns and editorials on politics and foreign affairs.
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For a successful get-together with a blended family, set conflicts aside, communicate ahead of time and keep expectations clear.
Fig and Ginger Terrazzo Tiles With Disco Sugar; Spiced Spelt. (Scott Suchman for The Post)
Whether you're shopping for him or her, mom or dad, we've got all the gift ideas you'll need.
Memoirs, cookbooks and biographies make great gifts.
The announcement launches what is widely anticipated to be an ugly and divisive race centered on Donald Trump’s loss in the state in 2020.
A new survey determined that very few Latinos identify as “Latinx” (as opposed to “Hispanic” or “Latino/a”) and that 4 in 10 say that use of the term bothers them to at least some extent.
The White House flag flies at half-staff in honor of former senator Bob Dole. (AFP/Getty Images)
Ravens tight end Mark Andrews cannot make a catch on a two-point conversion attempt during Sunday’s loss to the Steelers. (AP)
Plus, the Vikings are collapsing, the Lions finally won, and Washington and the Dolphins extended winning streaks.
Alabama will play Cincinnati in one semifinal while Michigan will take on Georgia in the other semifinal. Both games will be played Dec. 31.
The Cavaliers will face Southern Methodist at Fenway Park on Dec. 29 in the fourth bowl game in last five years under departing Bronco Mendenhall.
Ringo Starr, (from left) Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, in "Get Back." (AP)
In Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary, Paul McCartney writes "Get Back" in a number of minutes. Many musicians felt validated.
Best of 2021
TheaterCritic's Notebook
Even in a year of recovery, theater hit some high notes, onstage and on-screen.
DanceCritic's Notebook
Despite the covid confinement, dance artists found many ways to unleash their creativity.
A bristling alienation can still be heard, but opening band Bed Maker delivered a stronger example.
The stage version of the 1993 film feels like an erratic musical-theater equivalent of a tribute band.