Democracy Dies in Darkness
Phillip Schuller's brief 1976 activism overturned state law — and paved the way for abortion rights protests at Supreme Court justices’ homes today.
Vile conversations unfold on the popular service, but so do wholesome ones.

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Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) ( (Octavio Jones/Reuters)
The panel is looking into the trio of GOP lawmakers over allegations ranging from accepting a “free or below-market-value trip” to Aruba to engaging in an improper relationship with a staffer.
Experts doubt a Democrat can win in her Georgia district. That hasn’t stopped people from throwing money at Marcus Flowers.
The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is slated for closure. (Josh Ernstrom)
California becomes a test case of how much the tide has shifted as some who opposed nuclear for decades now think keeping plants like Diablo Canyon open is the only way to stop climate change.