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Concert-going has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
President Biden said the pandemic is over — and when it comes to casinos, concerts and cosmetic procedures, Americans seem to agree. For theater, therapy and funerals though, not so much.
Severe Weather
(Video: Zoeann Murphy, John Farrell and Drea Cornejo/The Post; photo: AP)
Hurricane Fiona triggered floods in Puerto Rico that destroyed homes, roads and bridges. The U.S. government allocated more than $3 billion for hazard mitigation after Hurricane Maria. But few projects have gotten underway.
(The Washington Post)
A spacecraft that NASA launched last year should smash head-on into an asteroid on Monday, ideally changing the space rock's orbit. It is a test in case Earthlings really need to move an incoming asteroid someday.
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In "Lucy by the Sea," her character Lucy Barton returns, this time riding out the pandemic’s early wave with her ex-husband in Maine.
(Andrew Spear for The Post)
The legal dispute could impact the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation.
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No relationship is perfect. Try to start thinking of yours as an ecosystem that you share with someone else.
Black OutThe NFL’s failure to promote Black coaches
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