Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Donald Trump is expected to appear in court on Tuesday. No other former president has ever been charged with a crime.
An American-flag themed Ruger AR-15.
American IconDeadly weapon, divided nation
The migration of the gun industry out of liberal states into conservative areas underscores the sharp divide among Americans over weapons like the AR-15.
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Tornado watches are in effect for more than 28 million people from around Chicago to east of Dallas.
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Green burials — the American standard until the Civil War — are coming back, as people ditch expensive caskets and decompose into the soil instead.
T.J. Arriaga at his home. At right, Phaedra, a companionship chatbot. (Linnea Bullion for The Post)
Users say their intimate relationship with the AI chatbot alleviated their loneliness. But after a software update, their lover seems like a stranger.
Despite beliefs about the benefits of moderate alcohol use, like a daily glass of red wine, a new analysis finds early death risk increases the more you drink.
AMERICAN ICONDeadly weapon, divided nation
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