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A coalition government is likely, and  negotiations could take weeks.

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The battle over vaccine mandates can be especially fraught at public places and large events. In New Mexico, 4-H and similar organizations boycotted the state fair over a vaccine requirement and held their own livestock expo.
Here's where to find the right forms and email addresses — and why data rights requests under the consumer privacy act are so complicated.
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(Kate Wool for The Post)
The Cold Climate Housing Research Center combines “Indigenous wisdom and 21st-century technologies” for sustainable architecture that can withstand the state’s elements.
A new study showed nighttime air in the western U.S. is getting drier and warmer, potentially prolonging fire activity.
The train that runs between Seattle and Chicago carried more than 150 people. (Kimberly Fossen/AP)
San Diego police said the fall from the third level of the stadium “appeared to be suspicious” but were seeking more information from witnesses.
The mass shooting at a Tennessee grocery store has renewed attention on how gun violence is steadily upending a sense of safety in small towns across the United States.
A fenced-off encampment is seen at 2nd and D Streets in Northeast Washington last month. (Craig Hudson for The Post)
The city hopes an increase in spending can come close to ending chronic homelessness altogether.
Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is hoping his approval of vaccine mandates — and Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin’s opposition to them — will be enough to put him over the edge in a tight race for Virginia governor.
The report said that glitches in the cashless tolling infrastructure implemented at all of the state’s bridges, tunnels and express lanes overbilled motorists thousands of dollars and, in some cases, didn’t identify the issues and reimburse customers promptly.
“Dream Boat,” by Stephanie Garmey, dazzles with 3-D effects. (Bethesda Urban Partnership)
Anne Marchand offers mixed media abstractions at a new apartment lobby exhibition space, and Sara Dittrich explores climate change at Honfleur Gallery.
A reader cleaning up after a parent's poor financial choices wonders why, these days, it's "not their fault" when people are ignorant, addicted, in debt.
Cousin’s daughter got married on the opposite coast and didn’t tell all the family.
Bride is hurt that the left after an hour, missing “99 percent” of the fun.
Britney Spears attends the premiere of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in July 2019. (Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images)
The follow-up to February's explosive "Framing Britney Spears" provides new, disturbing details about life under the Spears conservatorship.
The 74th Annual Tony Awards take place Sunday night. Here’s what to know about Broadway’s big night.