Democracy Dies in Darkness
James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, face four counts each after police said that the gun used was purchased days earlier by the father.
The shutdown threat, defense bill snags and potential debt limit drama all point to an excruciating new reality on Capitol Hill.
The attacks were the first confirmed use of NSO Group's surveillance software against U.S. diplomats, and may explain the unusual addition of an Israeli company to the Commerce Department's blacklist of companies U.S. firms are prohibited from doing business with.
The Post reached out to chefs, bloggers and authors from all over the country and in a few international locales to put together an eclectic, engaging array of cookies and confections.
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A view in Gothic, Colo., near the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. (Chet Strange for The Post)
In the decades ahead, the “potential for persistent low-to-no snow to disrupt the [Western U.S.] water system is substantial, potentially even catastrophic,” the study says.
The House Science Committee is demanding data on methane leaks from oil and gas firms to try to slash a greenhouse gas that the United States has pledged to cut by 30 percent by the end of the decade.
Antiabortion protester Rose Ann Schienle outside the Colorado Springs Westside Health Center in 2017. (Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)
Normally low-profile state legislative races and less prominent gubernatorial contests hold the potential to become national flash points.
White House reporters Ashley Parker, Annie Linskey and Sean Sullivan discuss how close the president has come to his promise of returning the nation back to "normal.”
Officials have said that those who are unvaccinated are not deployable.
Passengers board a train bound for Boston on the day before Thanksgiving at Union Station in Washington. (Getty Images)
Up to 6 percent of the railroad’s workforce could face termination for failure to show proof of vaccination as a Jan. 4 deadline nears.
Most schools are monitoring the situation closely, ready to pivot to more stringent rules if needed when students return after winter break.
(Getty Images)
Our children may not have been near the most recent school shooting (or the one before that, or the one before that), but they are still traumatized.
A father confessed to the long-ago abuse of his teenage child, and his other child is upset — at her sibling, for not telling her of the abuse.
Reader is upset to learn that husband of 23 years is more interested in his online life than her.
Reader’s son-in-law teases him about telling the same story. It’s hurting his feelings.