Democracy Dies in Darkness
The U.S. president’s enthusiasm for his return to the world stage was palpable as he declared, sometimes multiple times a day, that America is back.
In an NBC television interview ahead of the Geneva meeting, the Russian president was dismissive and nonchalant about issues of U.S. concern.
The bill now heads to the Democratic-led House, where it is likely to be approved, although the timing remains uncertain.
Sri Lankan naval personnel remove debris washed ashore from the MV X-Press Pearl container ship. (AFP/Getty Images)
A fire aboard a container ship led to one of the largest ecological disasters in one country’s history. A Washington Post analysis shows the impact and the potential of further environmental damage that may take years to repair.
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Blood samples from volunteers show coronavirus antibodies; researchers can’t rule out false positives.
Officers with the Savannah Police Department were fired for either not using their body cameras or mocking the death of a 60-year-old man who died by hanging in an interview room.
Jeremy Wooldridge had spent the past two years living at this ramshackle encampment in the Sumner neighborhood of Portland, Ore.
As in many U.S. cities, the homeless population in Portland, Ore., has increased because of the pandemic, leading the overwhelmed city to start issuing ultimatums to people to clear out.
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Experts explain why the masses care about the personal lives of Hollywood elite.
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Prekindergarten student Logan Strauss in a virtual class at home in New Jersey. (Karen Strauss)
Southwest said systemwide delays Monday night were caused by problems with the company that provides weather information to the carrier. More outages occurred Tuesday.
The cashier, 41-year-old Laquitta Willis, was described as a kind and loving person who did nothing to provoke the deadly attack.
As much of the world comes out of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown for Pride celebrations around the world, we asked readers to share why and how they celebrate.
A half-foot or more of rain is possible between coastal Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle this weekend.
Nominated for a Tony in “Hamilton,” the actor appears in Signature Theatre’s ‘After Midnight,” and not for the first time.
The Rockville resident works on the podcast ‘Throughline.’
Two of the world's biggest soccer tournaments overlap this month. Here's where to find fans of your favorite team, or just a great soccer bar.
It would be the first state to grant children of low-income parents individual trusts paid for by the state, which children can access once they turn 18.
A train crosses the Amtrak Susquehanna River Bridge in Maryland. (Ricky Carioti/The Post)
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The best way to prevent burnout is to change the workplace, but experts also have advice for employees who are dealing with it.
The league, which spent the first two months of the season collecting data on the ways in which pitchers were using foreign substances, has decided to implement suspensions for violations of the long-standing, little-enforced rule.
The sport is plagued by too much power. Taking away sticky stuff and asking pitchers to dial things back is a step in the right direction.
Todd Frazier celebrates beating Venezuela during Olympic qualifying. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)
In his 11th major league season, Todd Frazier got cut by the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s when Team USA picked him up.