William Taylor, who had taken the job of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine reluctantly, indicated to lawmakers that he arrived certain that he was being put in place to deliver implacable American support, but gradually came to understand that the entire U.S. relationship was being subverted for President Trump’s political gain.
The Take

Testimony undercuts Trump’s claim of no quid pro quo. How will Washington respond?

It is no longer a question of whether this happened. It is now a question of how the president explains it and how lawmakers choose to respond to it.
Nationals left fielder Juan Soto touches home plate after a fourth-inning home run that tied the game. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
Nationals left fielder Juan Soto touches home plate after a fourth-inning home run that tied the game. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)

Nationals hold off Astros, take 1-0 lead in series

Houston had jumped out to an early lead, but Washington, playing in its first World Series, took the lead after solo homers from Ryan Zimmerman and Juan Soto and runs in the fifth inning.

Juan Soto’s generational talent shines on the national stage

The first four at-bats of Soto’s World Series career produced three hits, including an opposite-field homer off previously unhittable Gerrit Cole. The 20-year-old Soto can’t be pitched to, and that is a series-altering notion.
Campaign 2020

Anxiety rises among Democrats worried about party’s prospects in 2020

As they look at a weakened Republican president, Democrats see vulnerabilities in their own field, and the unpredictable nature of the race so far has contributed to their unease.

Trump’s company scrubs his name from N.Y. ice rinks

The changes in branding mark a milestone: For the first time since President Trump took office, two of his businesses seem to be trying to downplay their connection to his name.

How Vladimir Putin soured the president on Ukraine

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For the first time, a new study claims, a machine has harnessed quantum physics to answer a question no classical computer could solve.
The container is believed to have originated in Bulgaria and the driver of the truck has been arrested.
A former student is suing the Education Department as mounting evidence shows the administration took extraordinary steps to keep two Art Institute campuses accredited after they lost the designation and access to federal student aid.
Warren Hurst, a county commissioner, made a disparaging comment in apparent reference to Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg, who is gay, drawing some applause. He then decried the plight of white men in the United States.
Economists looked at an enormous trove of ride and driver data. If you know who the rider is, you can guess the tip regardless of trip or driver quality, their research found.
From the Magazine

Are liberal arts colleges doomed? The cautionary tale of Hampshire College.

How a prestigious school went from academic darling to the verge of collapse — and became an omen for liberal arts education as a whole.
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In Case You Missed It

‘Don’t leave campus’: Parents use tracking apps to watch their kids at college

Some parents are monitoring everything from where their kids are to how fast they’re driving. Some young people have even described parents using apps in ways that resemble emotional abuse.

Offset invested in FaZe Clan off a Florida gamer’s tip. Then the story gets sad.

The relationship between a world-famous rapper and a relatively unknown teenager began when they met in a multiplayer lobby.
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