Democracy Dies in Darkness
A computational biologist posted his findings on a server where papers that have not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a journal have been landing by the thousands, prompting instant reaction from scientists who have debated a flurry of theories about the coronavirus’s origin.
Elle Purrier St. Pierre won the women's 1,500-meter final Monday in Eugene, Ore. (Getty Images)
Despite the cloud cast by a star’s positive drug test, the first half of the trials delivered drama and brilliance aplenty.
John McAfee1945–2021
John McAfee sold his eponymous security-software firm in the 1990s and embarked on a globetrotting life of bizarre, often allegedly criminal, pursuits.
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Brandi Levy was kicked off her high school JV cheer squad by administrators who said her Snapchat missive violated policy. A lower court said the school had no authority over speech that occurred off-campus and on a weekend.
U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth castigated Republican lawmakers on Wednesday for downplaying the violence of the mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.
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(Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post)
Britney Spears has been in a conservatorship for over a decade, after some highly publicized incidents. Her father has control over her personal and financial decisions, but the pop star is having her day in court on June 23.
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So far, 28 states have passed new laws this year that drop barriers to voting, a striking countertrend to restrictions adopted by some GOP-controlled states.
Democratic Buffalo mayoral primary candidate India Walton delivers her victory speech Tuesday. (Robert Kirkham/The Buffalo News/AP)
Walton held a lead over four-term incumbent Byron Brown in Tuesday’s Democratic primary with most in-person ballots counted.
The Biden administration will move Mark Calabria, a Trump appointee and libertarian economist, out of the job.
Fact CheckerAnalysis
Ron Klain said every family with kids will get a tax credit, but some on the very high or low ends may be left out.
(Demetrius Freeman/The Post)
Kelly, one of the longest-serving U.S. airline chiefs and Southwest’s top executive since 2004, will step down in early 2022. He’ll be succeeded by Bob Jordan, the carrier’s executive vice president of corporate services.
One ex-employee of an Amazon warehouse in Scotland told ITV News that workers were expected to get rid of an estimated 130,000 items a week.
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President Biden and first lady Jill Biden speak with a priest as they leave St. Joseph on the Brandywine Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del., on Sunday. (Olivier Douliery/AFP/Getty Images)
The CritiquePerspective
As the U.S. Catholic Church makes orthodoxy a matter of politics and debate, President Biden has refused to engage in public.
Your husband has a business that doesn't earn enough to pay bills. He agreed to find other work but hasn’t networked or had any interviews.
Her mom is living in India, and plans to help out with the new baby are up in the air.
Nanny job for “lovely family” includes no pay for overtime or time off.
Carli Lloyd and the U.S. women’s national soccer team continue to fight the U.S. Soccer Federation in court. (Michael Wyke/Associated Press)
“The Blind Accordionist” and “An Atlas of Extinct Countries” are waking dreams of adventure.
Christopher Bartel’s “Skinwalker Ranch Portfolio” documents the landscape of eastern Utah.
“Rebel Hearts” tells the story of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the 1960s.
The new action role-playing title blends anime, visual novel stylings and a robust combat system that feels sleek and fun to use.