Democracy Dies in Darkness
Early research shows that 15 to 80 percent of people with certain medical conditions, such as specific blood cancers or organ transplants, are generating few antibodies after being vaccinated.
The GOP-dominated county board said Monday that the audit commissioned by state Republicans is promoting falsehoods and defaming public servants.
Israel showed little sign of easing its campaign, despite growing international pressure.
Many of longtime youth football coach Perry Sutton's former players went on to college and the NFL. (Travis Dove for The Post)
Rock Hill, S.C., is known for being a pipeline to the pros. But what happens when the game, and the town, no longer needs you?
The pathway to slower climate change is not impossible, says the International Energy Agency, but is “perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.”
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Burns, who was the first Black woman to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company when she was elevated to that role at Xerox in 2009, discusses ways companies can help facilitate greater gender and ethnic diversity in the boardroom. She will also assess evolving corporate attitudes on issues such as climate change and social justice here in America and around the world.
The head of the New York Racing Association said his organization had to act to “protect the integrity of the sport for our fans, the betting public and racing participants.”
There’s no end in sight as the Israel-Hamas conflict enters a second week. How will the Biden White House respond to the intensifying crisis?
(Video: Billy Tucker/Photo: Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
All that is separating the end of Alex Ovechkin's 13-year contract with the Caps and his free agency this summer is the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs.
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Suzy Eshkuntana, 6, is pulled to safety after Israeli airstrikes destroyed buildings in Gaza and left families trapped under rubble. (Reuters)
In a conflict defined by its asymmetry, the experience of those trapped in Gaza is indisputably worse than those in Israel.
The United Nations has warned that fuel, necessary for power generation, could be exhausted in days.
A memorial for Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minn. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
Jimmy Carter pardoned Peter Yarrow for what he did to a 14-year-old girl in a D.C. hotel room in 1969. But the Peter, Paul and Mary star is accused of sexually assaulting others, too.
Buddy Roemer1943–2021
The Harvard-educated, reform-minded politician served in Congress before winning one term as governor in 1987.
Chicago Tribune appoints staffers Louisa Chu and Nick Kindelsperger as food critics to replace the retired Phil Vettel.
At Bubbie's Plant Burgers, Margaux Riccio and Shaun Sharkey have become more than a great working team. They're innovators in plant-based dining.
The co-founders of the Park View exhibition space — named But, Also — are trying to make art more accessible.
Juan Garivaldi, 19, gets his sister’s name added to a family tattoo. (Ted Richardson for The Post)
Body art artists say bookings are on the rise as Americans look for expressive and therapeutic outlets after a year marked by isolation and loss.
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D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, right, and Cora Masters Barry during the toasts at Barry's birthday party. (Ronald Gilbert Baker)
Cora Master Barry, Washington’s former first lady, celebrated her “75 Plus One.”
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After a comment upset the friend, she said she needed space.
Can a onetime couple renew their friendship and meet without her husband?