Democracy Dies in Darkness
Supporters say the country’s top officer sought to protect the Constitution, but some fear his actions could compound existing problems.
The former president required the Secret Service to devote agents and money to wealthy adults with no role in government, whom the agents trailed to ski vacations, weekend houses, a resort in Cabo San Lucas and business trips abroad.
Urns containing the cremated remains of 13 Maricopa County residents are placed in their resting place at White Tanks Cemetery. (Caitlin O’Hara for The Post)
The Forgotten DeadFirst in a series
There are no official statistics about how many unclaimed bodies are buried across America, but a six-month Post investigation that included more than 100 interviews with medical examiners and officials from Maine to California found that every year tens of thousands of lives end this way.
Tech giants had been pressured to remove the “Smart Voting” tool, which tells voters to back candidates not aligned with President Putin.
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Ohio’s Anthony Gonzalez, a former professional football player, was once seen as a rising Republican star, before his vote to impeach Trump incurred the wrath of the former president and his supporters.
Migrant families walk toward the U.S. border at the Rio Grande in Del Rio, Tex. (Sergio Flores for The Post)
Authorities in Del Rio, Tex., say more than 10,000 people have arrived at an impromptu camp, and they are expecting thousands more, overwhelming Customs and Border Protection capacity.
California firefighters are attempting to save General Sherman and other trees in Sequoia National Park by wrapping their bases in aluminum.
Top left clockwise: Mitzi Jonelle Tan; flames in the Philippines; Dominique Palmer; flood debris in Germany (Getty Images)
Young people coming of age in an era of natural disasters are facing another struggle, too: growing anxiety about climate change. Experts warn of the emotional toll that will come from the warming of the planet, which for many people, now feels a lot more up close.
Foraging is “like the adult Easter egg hunt, just going out and finding something. It’s very primal.”
The next few weekends are packed with fall festivals. Here are some of the best.
Get ready for Oktoberfests, outdoor festivals, including the H Street Festival, and free admission at local museums.
Nationals reliever Kyle Finnegan gave up a game-winning homer Wednesday against the Marlins. (John McDonnell}/The Post)
The Nats must develop more players who are worth paying good money to see, so Septembers at the ballpark can go back to being electric.
This is how quarterback Taylor Heinicke brushed off a bad interception to lead his team to a dramatic victory.