Democracy Dies in Darkness
The president has been reluctant to follow a shift by some others in his party toward a tougher stance on Israel, a disconnect highlighted by his visit Tuesday to a region that is home to many Arab Americans.
Investigators for Attorney General Letitia James have notified lawyers for the Trump Organization, indicating that the nature of the probe has evolved.
Senate President Karen Fann said the process is necessary to answer constituent questions, but local GOP officials this week called the process a “sham” that is harming democracy.
In a report, Rep. Sean Maloney (N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, laid out how Democrats simply underestimated the number of hardcore Trump voters and the potency of Republican criticism.
Simone Biles watches a video of a practice vault with her coach Laurent Landi last month at the gym owned by her parents in Spring, Tex. (Toni L. Sandys/The Post)
Cecile and Laurent Landi had a plan to help the 2016 gold medalist become even better, but first she had to face personal pain.
Early research shows that 15 to 80 percent of people with certain medical conditions, such as specific blood cancers or organ transplants, are generating few antibodies after being vaccinated.
The measure, backed on a strong bipartisan vote, heads to President Biden for his signature. Proponents had cited one study in 16 major cities, where hate crimes decreased overall in the past year, but those crimes against Asian Americans soared 145 percent.
President Biden and most Democratic leaders have been resistant to the idea, pointing to a commission set up by the administration to study court reform.
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With some transit agencies predicting lower ridership levels until 2024, a proposal aimed at serving the low-income passengers who relied most heavily on public transportation during the pandemic has gained steam.
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Some Democratic lawmakers are criticizing Israel’s actions against Hamas, while others are following President Biden in saying it has a right to defend itself.
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State Department lists of Central American officials that the agency has found to be corrupt underscore the Biden administration’s challenges of working with the region’s governments to deter migration.
The International Energy Agency said slowing climate change is not impossible but is “perhaps the greatest challenge ... ever faced.”
Nurses Jenny McGee, center, and Luis Pitarma, second right, looked after Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the hospital. (Getty Images)
Johnson had singled her out for praise. But critics say his government has failed to convey its appreciation with concrete support for the National Health Service.
Ceuta has long been a magnet for migrants from across Africa who hope to claim asylum in Europe, but the record number of arrivals comes at a moment when relations between Spain and Morocco are already strained.
Residents rush to get vaccinated, only to find there are nowhere near enough doses.
Many of longtime youth football coach Perry Sutton's former players went on to college and the NFL. (Travis Dove for The Post)
Rock Hill, S.C., is known for being a pipeline to the pros. But what happens when the game, and the town, no longer needs you?
Democrats on the House Transportation Committee have opened a fresh line of scrutiny into Boeing, seeking records from the company and the Federal Aviation Administration.
Daniel Warmus was arrested Tuesday in Buffalo for his role in the Capitol riot, the Justice Department announced, after someone “overheard Warmus talking about his experience.”
The White House and Ford hope the new electric F-150 is an everyman’s electric vehicle, as President Biden pushes a massive investment in the technology.
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has defended the agency’s decision to tell fully vaccinated people they can forgo masks in many places.
Lawmakers warned that the decision to keep the eviction moratorium in place could imperil millions of dollars in federal funding. The city must use about $130 million in federal rent-relief funds by September or run the risk of being compelled to return the money.
First-grade teacher Erin Donovan walks her class back to the building at Frances Hazel Reid Elementary School in Leesburg, Va., on Tuesday. (Ricky Carioti/The Post)
Howard and Loudoun counties are easing outdoor rules, but schools do not encourage one practice or another, leaving it to students and their families to decide.
Mark Reigelman’s ‘Groundswell’ evokes the Potomac’s rising water levels.
Chicago Tribune appoints staffers Louisa Chu and Nick Kindelsperger as food critics to replace the retired Phil Vettel.
At Bubbie's Plant Burgers, Margaux Riccio and Shaun Sharkey have become more than a great working team. They're innovators in plant-based dining.
Juan Garivaldi, 19, gets his sister’s name added to a family tattoo. (Ted Richardson for The Post)
Body art artists say bookings are on the rise as Americans look for expressive and therapeutic outlets after a year marked by isolation and loss.
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Charles Grodin1935–2021
In film and on TV talk shows, Charles Grodin mastered the cringeworthy moment and well-timed insult.
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Alexandria’s Waterfront Park appears to be a peaceful spot, but it’s actually a battleground. And while most of the conflicts waged there are safely in the past, one is looming. This imminent struggle between the Potomac River and its banks is one of the implied subjects of “Groundswell,” a sculptural installation by Mark Reigelman.