Democracy Dies in Darkness
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after signing a $109.9 billion state budget bill. (AP)
The pandemic isn't over and the economy is on rocky ground, but GOP-led states are pushing to use federal coronavirus funds to slash taxes.
Austrian soldiers prepare a Russian flag before a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Vienna in 2018. (AFP/Getty Images)
A case involving a long-serving official in Austria’s security services is fueling questions about the extent to which Moscow’s influence came to permeate this European nation.
(Sarah Silbiger for The Post)
All four men served in the Army and previously had received lower-level decorations for their battlefield gallantry. But after years of deliberation, senior military officials decided to upgrade each of their awards, and President Biden approved.
(The Post)
TikTok’s “interracial influencers,” unwittingly or not, are benefiting in part from the nation’s long history and not-always-healthy fascination with mixed-race families. But this time, real-world interracial couples can present the narratives of their lives directly to the masses.
The heat dome is forecast to gradually shift westward in coming days. (WeatherBell)
On Tuesday, heat advisories and excessive-heat warnings covered a sprawling zone from northern Louisiana to southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, affecting over 60 million people.
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Disinformation researchers and abortion rights advocates, worry that what abortion-seekers find online can sometimes leave them even more confused and point them toward options that may be misleading or even dangerous.
The Harlem-raised, Ivy League-educated lawyer spent his career seeking to shatter racial boundaries with statesmanlike calm.
Amelia Clark, Miya Anderson, Ruby Isaacson and Landon Nelson. (Jenn Ackerman for The Post)
The legal challenge is likely to escalate tensions with the Indian government, which has increasingly sought to regulate social media platforms.
(The Washington Post/Google; The Washington Post illustration)
In post-Roe America, Google searches and location records can be evidence of a crime. Here are four ways Google should protect civil rights.