Democracy Dies in Darkness
Out of 249 Republicans in the House and Senate, 220 would not say who won the election, largely hiding from answering questions about President Trump’s loss.
Amber Phillips analyzes how some of the rhetoric from President Trump's allies could depress GOP turnout at the Georgia Senate runoffs. (Video: Blair Guild, JM Rieger/The Post; photo: Reuters)
The TakeAnalysis
The two Senate runoffs in January will determine control of the chamber and shape the future of the Biden-Harris administration.
Kinzinger, 42, has been nearly alone among House Republicans in rejecting Trump’s baseless claims of mass voter fraud and pushing back on the most domineering GOP leader in generations.
Sick people are being found dead at home and long lines are forming for intensive care beds. But the streets and beaches remain full of unmasked people who are either unaware or unbothered by the alarming health warnings.
Even the most accurate one, called PCR, can give false negative results, research shows.
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The American Historical Association and other groups fear President Trump and his inner circle may not preserve critical records.
The state will soon allow doctors to ration care as beds fill up and covid deaths mount.
Firefighters on Thursday in Riverside, Calif. (Will Lester/The Orange County Register/AP)
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Jerrold M. Post1934–2020
The psychiatrist analyzed notable figures such as Saddam Hussein for the CIA. In a 2019 book, he analyzed the 45th president.
listen-solidPost ReportsPodcast
Reporter Hannah Knowles reveals a portrait of a criminal justice system that allowed a serial killer to target those on the margins of society.
(Tom McCorkle for The Post)
This year, everyone — no matter your skill level or taste — deserves to make, eat and receive something truly excellent.
For Hanukkah this year, you can do both traditional and creative.
Don’t let distance and the pandemic stop you from indulging in a holiday cookie swap.
Plug in your favorite ingredients (or the ones you have on hand) to find the perfect recipe.
Zoeann Murphy/The Washington Post
This is how covid-19 can transform the buildings we live and work in
Architects are reimagining the spaces where people live, work, learn and heal in light of the coronavirus
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The FixAnalysis
President Trump scored a post-election fundraising bonanza, but he didn't have to dig into his own pockets.
The data points suggest that even in smaller regions of the United States, there’s more political diversity than it might appear.
Japan’s space agency said its helicopter search team has spotted the spacecraft in a remote area of southern Australia as expected.
After Germany opted for “lockdown light” this fall, new cases have remained higher than in nearby nations with stricter restrictions.
While the government says the sweeping changes will spur investment, the farmers camped out in Delhi consider them an existential threat.
A surge in deaths was inevitably going to follow the surge in cases.
(Justin Merriman for The Post)
A new study by University of Arkansas scholars reveals that despite good results, charters have fallen far behind regular schools in financial support. Charter critics often say charters are draining money from regular schools, but the latest figures show they haven’t been very successful at that.
The D.C. Council decriminalized needle possession and expanded good Samaritan laws, but by August the city had recorded 282 fatal overdoses — one more than it had in all of 2019.
The agency has proposed ending weekend rail service to address a nearly $500 million projected deficit.
Supporters of President Trump stand next to protesters outside the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., on Nov. 8. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)
A flamboyant candidate in the style of Trump faces a more cautious veteran legislator in what could be a growing GOP field.
(Scott Clarke/ESPN Images)
A delirious ecosystem has formed around the Corso house this college football season.
The push for league title game berths varies with only three Saturdays between now and the College Football Playoff selections.
Paula Dapena has received death threats following her protest, which was done to send a message about domestic violence. She has also received plenty of support.
At the MLB winter meetings that begin Sunday, general managers aren’t just making decisions about this year’s free agent crop, but comparing their options with those in the years that follow.
British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, at the Gillian Lynne Theatre in London on Nov. 19, is ready for a post-pandemic world. (Tori Ferenc for The Post)
The composer-impresario behind “Cats” and “Phantom” is on a pandemic-thwarting mission.
The film was inspired by critic Pauline Kael’s look into Herman Mankiewicz’s and Orson Welles’s contributions to the classic movie.
Book Review
Michelle Gallen’s winning novel documents one Irish woman’s effort to organize the chaos swirling around her.