Democracy Dies in Darkness
Almost all Republican lawmakers have so far lined up in opposition of Democrats’ proposal to fund government operations and suspend the debt ceiling. In asking agencies to prepare for a possible shutdown, administration officials said such warnings reflect normal protocol.
The geography of coronavirus vaccinations and hospitalizations across the United States reveals a stark divide: areas with low rates of vaccination have higher rates of admitted patients.
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In some areas, Democrats have solidified common ground, such as raising the top rate on the country’s top earners to 39.6 percent from the current rate of 37 percent. On others, like corporate tax increases, lawmakers want to raise rates but do not yet see eye-to-eye on the amount.
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Their goal is to maintain 30 percent of the planet in its natural state.
Seasonal changes across the Tidal Basin in Washington. (Kevin Ambrose)
Over the past seven decades, researchers found high summertime temperatures are arriving earlier and lasting longer in the year because of global warming.
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Members of the investigative committee argue that Donald Trump no longer enjoys executive privilege protections, putting pressure on the White House to push aside institutional concerns about sharing information with Congress and aid the panel in a probe into what Democrats and a handful of Republicans have called an assault on democracy.
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The diesel isn’t going to make a huge difference, but it is a further sign of the group’s power in the country.
Locals leave after watching the first film festival held at the newly rebuilt National Theatre in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Wednesday. (Reuters)
There was still a heavy security presence, a part of Somali life after years of war.
The debate comes as Gabby Petito's death dominates public attention in the United States, much as the murder of Sarah Everard did in the UK.
It marks the second-earliest 18th-named storm on record in the Atlantic.
“I was in survival mode for so long, I wasn’t even on my priority list,” said Izzie Chea, mother of Benji, 5, and Julian, 8. (Michael Stravato for The Post)
The chaotic days of Zoom kindergarten and work-from-home are largely over — but some parents are still holding their breath about their unvaccinated kids.
Their abusive father put their stepmom in the hospital. Now the child who believed Dad's lies struggles with not backing Mom.
Friend’s profession of love takes reader by surprise.
Reader had no seat but wanted others to offer theirs to gentleman with a cane.