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Gold medalist Carissa Moore said surfing brought the Olympics a lot of qualities they could use. (Nic Bothma/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
The Hawaiian won gold in surfing and then made a compelling case for why it belongs at the Games.


Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
1United States1111931
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The trip comes amid the fallout of revelations that President Emmanuel Macron may have been considered as a target for surveillance through an Israeli firm's spyware licensed to governments around the world.
Tech companies have started to change their back-to-office plans as delta variant cases surges across the United States.
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(The Washington Post)
The German gymnasts at the Tokyo Olympics aren't the only female athletes fighting uniform status quo.
Authorities called the leak of acetic acid, a food preservative commonly used in vinegar that can be flammable, a "mass casualty incident."
The area is bracing for potentially destructive wind gusts ahead of an anticipated line of severe thunderstorms expected to develop Wednesday afternoon.
The Dixie Fire, now over 200,000 acres, burns in Taylorsville, Calif. (Reuters)
Authorities in at least two counties in Northern California have issued mandatory evacuation orders as well as warnings for more than a dozen areas where officials are concerned about the potential impact of the fire.
A lawsuit filed by the state of California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing alleges multiple instances of gender-based discrimination, inequality and harassment throughout Activision Blizzard’s network of companies.
An employee works at a General Electric Aviation plant in Lafayette, Ind. (Bloomberg News)
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(Helen Frankenthaler Foundation/Artists Rights Society)
Frankenthaler’s “Jacob’s Ladder” reminds that she birthed a school of painting.
Tom McCcarthy’s latest film is part thriller, part father-daughter psychodrama, part romance and part meditation on America’s changing role.
“M, King’s Bodyguard” is a tightly plotted mystery set in Edwardian London.
Martin Shkreli forfeited the only copy of “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” in 2018.