Democracy Dies in Darkness
Amy Coney Barrett secured committee approval with only Republican votes, as Democratic senators boycotted the proceedings. The approval clears the way for Senate confirmation next week.
Voters wait in line Monday at the County Elections & Registration Main Office in Marietta, Ga. (Kevin D. Liles for The Post)
Voters across the country have been lining up to cast their ballots. The Post sent teams of reporters and photographers to six cities to capture how people feel as they wait for their chance to be heard.
The final presidential debate is Thursday. Also, there will be a mute button.
With rising fears of voter intimidation, violence and a potentially contested outcome, the European observers say they hope their efforts will help assure Americans the vote is legitimate.
President Trump and his senior aides are disappointed that FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and Attorney General William P. Barr have not done what Trump had hoped — indicate that Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden or other Biden associates are under investigation.
Patrons at State College, Pa., sports bar Champs. The city's mayor has expressed concern about a Penn State-Ohio State game scheduled for Halloween night. (John McDonnell/The Post)
The Big Ten will kick off its season Friday night in Madison when Wisconsin hosts Illinois.
Outside experts will provide the agency with input on difficult issues involving safety and effectiveness.
Exposure for 15 minutes was the previous standard of close contact. Now the agency is saying that multiple shorter interactions can also lead to infection — a finding that could affect schools and workplaces.
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Jason Lively, center, smiles as he is embraced by his mother, Kathy Lively-Hamilton, and his fiancee, Billie Blankenship. (Lexi Browning for The Post)
Experts say wrongful fire convictions are disturbingly common, because investigators often lack up-to-date education and advanced training.
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The latest on vaccine trials, and who would get a vaccine first. Why personal protective equipment such as the N95 mask is still so scarce. And introducing the mute button to the presidential debate.
Breonna Taylor would be alive today if police had given her and her boyfriend less time to respond before breaking down their door in a raid, a Louisville police officer said.
Erin Patrick O'Connor/The Washington Post
12 destructive hours of wildfire exposed Oregon's resource crisis
The Almeda Fire destroyed the southern Oregon towns of Talent and Phoenix. With limited resources and a powerful wind, there was little firefighters could do.
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Barbara Bollier, the Democratic Senate candidate in Kansas and a former Republican, speaks in Topeka on Oct. 11. (Christopher Smith for The Post)
Former Republican Barbara Bollier is locked in a close race with Rep. Roger Marshall for a Senate seat that the GOP has held since the 1930s.

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Biden is leading (+10) the national polling average.

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Average of national polls since Oct. 4 that meet Washington Post standards for transparency and quality. Includes polls by CNN, Economist-YouGov, Fox, PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist, Pew, Post-ABC, NBC-WSJ and SurveyMonkey-Tableau.

A protester holds the Lebanese flag and shouts slogans denouncing the naming of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri as candidate for prime minister in Beirut on Wednesday. (AP)
After a year of economic collapse, the coronavirus and calls for change, Lebanon brings back its old prime minister.
The presence of Saeb Erekat in a Jerusalem hospital has sparked a debate.
Protesters and opposition leaders are calling for the army to withdraw from politics.
Lockdowns are crude, but they are the best weapon some nations have.
In the two weeks since Nigerians began flooding the streets to rally against a police unit widely viewed as abusive, overseas megastars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Cardi B and Drake have thrown their fame behind the cause.
The proposal has prompted sharp opposition from career officials who say it would be a gift to authoritarian governments that have long sought to delegitimize human rights groups.
Sgt. Harold Preston, a 41-year veteran, was killed Tuesday while responding to a disturbance at an apartment of Elmer Manzano, a Salvadoran immigrant with a criminal history.
Minneapolis saw its earliest heavy snowstorm on record, with 7.9 inches — and more en route in the next week.
The woman, 38, was flying home to Dallas from Las Vegas. The flight was diverted to Albuquerque when she became unresponsive.
The move ramps up the war between Republicans in Washington and tech giants in Silicon Valley less than two weeks before the election.
A pair of lawsuits aim to stop a HUD rule set to go into effect next week that will weaken a key fair housing tool.
Economists say they are concerned by the continued high level of new unemployment claims.
Analysts say Huawei’s smartphone chip supply is dwindling, limiting its sales despite surging patriotic demand at home.
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A successful post-diet strategy: Adopt rules, such as no eating in the car. (iStock)
People on diets lose weight, but then gain it back. It's not that they need to find balance; they need to use some rules.
She won’t take a joking “no” for an answer, so give her a “no” that’s serious but kind.
Reader moves into shared house, and the genial roommate is a ‘sentimental hoarder.’
Owner tells dog to mimic advanced trick with no practice. It was an embarrassing success.
Harry Smith, curator of “The Anthology of American Folk Music,” one of the most influential collections of the 20th century. (John Cohen Archives)
James Randi1928–2020
A bristly contrarian in his profession, he insisted that magic is based solely on earthly sleight of hand and visual trickery.
In the lead-up to the election, country music artists including Maren Morris and the Chicks continue to push back on the genre’s stereotypes.
Movie Review
Armie Hammer and Lily James star in a pretty but pointless tale of obsession and suspense.