Democracy Dies in Darkness
People take part in the Covid March to Remember in New York City earlier this year. (Getty Images)
Some epidemiologists and demographers predict the trend of older, sicker and poorer people dying at disproportionate rates will continue, raising hard questions about the trade-offs Americans are making in pursuit of normalcy — and at whose expense.
ClimateExpanded coverage of a changing planet
(Zoeann Murphy/The Post)
(Rafael Abdrakhmanov and iStock images/The Washington Post)
In the age of texting and DMs, a ringing phone can sound like nothing but bad news.
(Robb Hill for The Post)
The terrifying oddity of the incident had drawn hundreds of onlookers to a nearby shopping center. They milled about and gazed up at the white airplane stuck in the tower, at times barely visible through the nighttime fog.
A solar-powered stove sits on the Outback Way near the Queensland-Northern Territory border.
A Post photojournalist looks back on his two weeks traversing Australia’s often grueling, constantly surprising Outback Way.
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