Democracy Dies in Darkness
Buffalo shooting
Two months before he allegedly killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket, Peyton Gendron was confronted by a security guard at the store during a trip on which he compiled detailed plans of the location, according to a document posted online in April by a writer who identified himself as Gendron.
Every election has a story. President Biden’s approval ratings are in the danger zone, putting the Democrats’ slender majorities in the House and Senate in jeopardy.
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The election year kicks off in earnest this spring with primaries that will set up the November general election.
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The effort includes a website and 37-slide PowerPoint presentation in which New York-based JetBlue tries to make a case that merging with it — and not a deal in the works with Frontier Airlines — is Spirit’s best path forward.
Musk’s vow to restore free speech to Twitter is likely to be difficult to implement in the United States. But it will be even more complicated abroad in places such as India.
In one of his first starts since returning from Tommy John surgery, Justin Verlander nearly threw a no-hitter against the Twins on May 10. (AP)
Tom Wilson suffered a "significant" knee injury in the postseason, and hip surgery is possible for center Nicklas Backstrom.
Washington couldn't find any answers and took its first regular season loss since August.