Shutdown deadline
House Republican leaders prevailed in lobbying the conservative House Freedom Caucus and defense hawks, passing a stopgap measure that would keep the government open through Feb. 16. But Democrats signaled they had rallied enough opposition to stop the bill because it does not include a solution for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.
A funding lapse would mark the first time in U.S. history that there has been a government shutdown, with federal employees furloughed, when one party controlled both Congress and the White House.
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Recent polling indicates President Trump and the GOP are likely to be blamed for a shutdown — but not if the public believes the immigration issue is the reason for the impasse.
As other federal agencies prepared to close, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was working out plans to keep the parks open without staff on site in an attempt to minimize public anger over the disruption of services.
The story must be told.
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The decision means that this year’s elections are likely to be conducted under the 2016 boundaries that a lower court found unconstitutional and in which Republicans hold 10 out of 13 congressional seats.
If they misbehaved, the 13 siblings living in a California home would be tied to their beds, officials said, using ropes at first but later chains and padlocks. Over time, officials said, the periods of confinement grew longer, and the children would not be released to use the bathroom.
Carl Higbie, a senior official at the agency that runs AmeriCorps, had a history of disparaging minority groups during radio and podcast appearances.
The Washington region is the only metro area with three locations among the 20 rivals vying for the headquarters and 50,000 jobs. Local leaders crowed about the news, but it also stirred concerns of the potential to worsen traffic, burden school systems and drive up housing prices.
The Debrief
On his trip to Pennsylvania, the president followed a path blazed by his White House predecessors by mixing campaign politics with official presidential business. Government watchdogs have raised red flags over such dual-purpose jaunts and who pays for them.
It's an unusual move: The justices usually wait for a lower court to act, and it's late for the court to add cases to its calendar, which ends in April.
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In the year since President Trump’s inauguration, Washington Post photographers explored what unites Americans through portraiture and audio interviews. In 102 conversations in every state plus D.C., seven themes emerge — and they reveal that what binds us is as powerful as what divides us.
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Pressure rises in Senate as possible shutdown nears
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