Trump steps up attack on minority lawmakers, says they ‘hate our country’

The president expressed no regret about his “go back” tweet: “It doesn’t concern me because many people agree with me. And all I’m saying — they want to leave, they can leave.”

Interior to move one-fifth of Bureau of Land Management’s D.C. staff out West in push to shift power out of Washington

The Trump administration’s proposal to move nearly 80 employees from an agency managing more than 10 percent of the nation’s land comes as officials are forcibly reassigning career officials and upending operations across the federal government.

Trump administration moves to restrict access to U.S. asylum system

The new rule, to take effect Tuesday, aims to curb Central American migration by requiring asylum seekers to request refuge in countries they reach before they get to the United States.
(Illustration by Peter Arkle)
(Illustration by Peter Arkle)
From the Magazine

Is it okay to laugh at Florida man?

He’s an American folk hero and one of the Internet’s most durable memes. But maybe laughing at Florida — and its outrageous headlines — is more complicated than we've thought.
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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned that time was running out to ensure that the government had enough money to pay all its bills.
While dry air meant lower-than-predicted weekend rain, a Monday torrent has pushed some amounts over 15 inches.
Two almost lost their lives, one lost her son: Members of Congress who have experienced gun violence tell us what they think gun reform looks like.
The prosecution of moneyman Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges could dwindle his financial empire to nothing.
By The Way
A Post Travel Destination
Nice prices for domestic travel are forecast through summer, an overall calendar pattern that's typical. But rising oil prices could have an effect on costs a year from now, says a data scientist at a fare-prediction app.
(iStock/Washington Post illustration)
(iStock/Washington Post illustration)
Mosquitoes. Drunks. Traffic. Rain. And the audio is actually terrible. Maybe it’s time to stay home.
(Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
(Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
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Doing these five things could decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 percent, new study says

The report focuses on five lifestyle habits including eating healthier and refraining from smoking.
(Joshua Lott for The Post)
(Joshua Lott for The Post)
Special Report
The Montana governor has staked his candidacy on a centrist message and a focus on money in politics.
(Alamy Stock Photo)
(Alamy Stock Photo)
The primal comforts offered by each are understandable, but here in 2019, some of us are drowning luxuriously in new content.
(Tom Moore, Lee Powell/The Washington Post)
‘Just a big old mess’: Along the Louisiana coast, cleaning up after Barry
‘Just a big old mess’: Along the Louisiana coast, cleaning up after Barry
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'He knows better': Trump tweet targeting minority, liberal congresswomen prompts outcry
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‘Part of me died that night’: Life after surviving the Charleston church shooting
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'No humanity': ICE raids, detention facilities spark debate
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