Democracy Dies in Darkness
A more conservative court could make changes in how rules for next election will be set. This week, justices will review the shield provided by the Voting Rights Act, first passed in 1965 to forbid laws that result in discrimination based on race.
President Biden is pushing to reclaim America’s global leadership after four years of the former president's insults and snubs. 
Cawthorn, 25, has adopted the Trump playbook, making false statements about his background, issuing baseless allegations about voter fraud and demonizing his political opponents.
Marina Gonzales Camarillo works as a waitress at the 20 de Noviembre market, often having to interact with people up close. (Eva Lepiz for The Post)
While Oaxaca doesn’t pull in nearly as many visitors as Mexican destinations such as Cancún, Acapulco or Mexico City, tourism is a significant part of its economy. Yet some visitors are behaving like the pandemic is over.
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Demonstrators gesture at police Sunday during a protest in Mandalay, Myanmar, against the military coup . (EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
The scenes turned Yangon into a battleground as the military moved to crush resistance to the coup.
More than 40 activists were charged Sunday under the national security law — the widest use of the draconian measure to date — and all face life in prison.
The contenders include a fake smoker, a pretend granny and Sen. Ted Cruz.
Charlotte Bennett, 25, told the New York Times that the 63-year-old governor asked about her sex life, wondered whether she had slept with older men and told her he would be interested in relationships with women in their 20s.
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Marty Baron on reporting with a soul and a spine | How to be a journalist
Retiring Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron says there will always be a need for journalism and accurate information in a democracy.
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Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) resume presiding over a joint session of Congress to certify the 2020 electoral college results on Jan. 6. (Reuters)
The votes that followed the Capitol siege are a red line upon which House Democrats are basing their decisions on which Republicans to work with.
Follow the president’s progress in filling hundreds of positions.
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The average life span of a pangolin is unknown. The animal's average size ranges from 45 inches to 4.5 feet long. A pangolin can weigh anywhere from 4 to 72 pounds. (Justin Mott)
A photographer documented pangolin rescue and rehabilitation efforts at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife Rescue Center.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States will not impose any direct punishment on the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
(Nina Riggio for The Post)
A one-man operation repurposes used lithium batteries from electric vehicles for campers and RVs in Quartzsite, Ariz.
Annual closures are expected along the exotic road. But wildfire is reaching into places it has never been, stripping vegetation from fragile hillsides and causing more serious washouts.
Sharbat in Adams Morgan welcomes visitors with expertly made sweet and savory baked goods from Azerbaijan.
The National Museum of Mathematics presents an augmented-reality art show you look at on your phone.
A new anthology compiles decades of music writing from the 90-year-old jazz critic.