President Trump began the day tweeting he might veto the package but signed the bill in the afternoon, saying he was swayed by the gains for the military. The five hours of confusion highlighted his desire to continue to be seen as an outsider.
The now-embattled firm aggressively courted organizations on the right for work on the 2014 midterms with pitches about its “psychographic” profiling that relied in part on Facebook data.
President Trump dismissed the young foreign policy adviser as a “low level volunteer,” but emails show he had more extensive contact with key campaign figures than previously known.
Leigh Corfman's attorney Eddie Sexton says he was asked to sign this note. (Dalton Bennett/The Post)
Recorded phone conversations and text messages sent to Leigh Corfman’s attorney, Eddie Sexton, right, show how far some of Moore’s most fervent supporters were willing to go to salvage the campaign in Alabama.
Like President Trump, the newly named national security adviser has traded insults with North Korean leaders, earning the label the “envoy of evil” and “rude human scum” from Kim Jung Il. But with a decades-long career, Bolton differs with the president on the knowledge he brings to his job.
Although school gunfire remains extremely rare, it has spread fear across the country and led to lockdowns and active-shooter drills that have changed the way kids grow up. In a year-long analysis, The Post examines the widespread damage done by this uniquely American crisis.
The Fix
As thousands of anti-gun-violence protesters are about to descend upon Washington on Saturday, many conservatives and students of color feel that their perspectives aren't receiving the same level of attention.
The story must be told.
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Markets reacted to China’s threats to respond in kind to President Trump’s imposition of $60 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a proposal to define the device as a machine gun under federal law, effectively banning it, but the regulation is likely to face lawsuits from manufacturers.
Recent weeks have seen public pushback from the president and his press secretary against stories that have turned out to be entirely true.
NCAA Tournament
(Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)
(Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports)
If the first day of Sweet 16 play was for the Cinderellas — Loyola Chicago, Kansas State, Florida State and Michigan — tonight is for the evil stepsisters, specifically the Kansas Jayhawks, who made mincemeat of Clemson through the first half.
Eric Greitens is aggressively trying to clear his name following lurid allegations and a backlash in his own party.
Republican Sen. John McCain, a POW in the Vietnam War, asked Gina Haspel to detail her role in the agency’s enhanced interrogation program.
Trayon White's case has opened a dialogue between Jews and African Americans about racism, equality and a relationship that goes back to the civil rights era.
“We saw her ... just dozing off,” one passenger on the 20-plus-hour trip between Phoenix and Dallas said. The driver was reportedly jabbing her face with tweezers to stay awake.