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One in 3 Republicans think Trump has probably acted illegally, but most don’t want him convicted

The results of a new Pew Research Center poll complicate messaging for the House impeachment managers and the president’s defense team.
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Travel ban widens in China over coronavirus

Authorities expanded travel restrictions imposed on Wuhan to surrounding municipalities, attempting to quarantine about 25 million people — more than the population of Florida.

Khashoggi documentary could take the film world — and U.S.-Saudi relations — by storm

“The Dissident,” which premiers Friday at Sundance, casts the killing of Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in a new light.
(Nikki Kahn/The Post)
(Nikki Kahn/The Post)
Jim Lehrer

Longtime PBS news anchor dies at 85

He anchored the PBS NewsHour for 36 years and was dubbed the “dean of moderators” for presiding over 12 presidential debates.
Speaking to reporters at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin questioned the climate activist's credentials.
The plan could be unveiled before Israeli elections in March, without input from Palestinians.
The “smishing” campaign starts by asking users to set up delivery preferences and ends with a request for credit card information.
Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes paid tribute to the Chiefs legend by wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with one of the iconic photos.
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A Post Travel Destination
Some people dream about retiring and seeing the world. And some people actually get on a ship and do it.
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The wildly popular Obama portraits are going on a year-long tour to museums across the country

The paintings will travel to museums in five cities, starting in June 2021 in Chicago.

American moms need a break. But is ‘momcation’ a solution or a symptom?

No matter the place or price tag, the momcation is always presented as a necessary act of self-care.
Climate Solutions

The audacious effort to reforest Earth: How trees can fight climate change

Trees suck Earth-warming carbon out of the atmosphere far more efficiently than any machine.
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Impeachment upends the race | On the 2020 trail
Impeachment upends the race | On the 2020 trail
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From child separation to DNA sampling: The impact of Trump’s other immigration 'barriers'
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Regional talk radio is Republicans' secret weapon to reelecting Trump
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How China is reacting to the deadly coronavirus outbreak
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