In the past, a few million consumers each year have been auto-enrolled and then were sent notices encouraging them to check whether they could find better or more affordable coverage. This time, the automatic enrollment will take place after it is too late to make changes. That is particularly problematic because turmoil surrounding the law has contributed to price spikes that may surprise customers.
The move to suspend federal enforcement of the insurance mandates, a request that is sure to anger Democrats, was part of what could become a more extended negotiation and could derail the carefully crafted bipartisan package unveiled this week.
The White House stood by the statements by the chief of staff about Rep. Frederica S. Wilson, who has accused the president of insensitivity toward a military widow.
David and Patsy Hogg’s home was flooded by Tropical Storm Harvey and later visited by President Trump. (Michael Stravato for The Post)
David and Patsy Hogg’s home was flooded by Tropical Storm Harvey and later visited by President Trump. (Michael Stravato for The Post)
Residents of a flood-ravaged Houston neighborhood illustrate a divide over how much support the government should give to the U.S. territory, sometimes mistakenly viewed as a separate nation. “They should stay where they are and fix their own country up,” one resident said, adding that Puerto Ricans’ “lack of responsibility is not an emergency on my part.”
A D.C. appeals court set an Oct. 31 deadline for authorities to find a sponsor so that the government does not have to facilitate the procedure. But lawyers for the girl said it would be hard to find a government-approved sponsor to take custody of the teen, who is in a detention facility for undocumented minors who crossed into the United States illegally.
The story must be told.
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“When somebody says something about me . . . I take care of it,” Trump said about his Twitter use, which has become a staple of his presidency.
The president is considering two fierce critics of current Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Both candidates have spent years attacking the Fed's approach to keeping interest rates low in hopes of stimulating the economy.
Police said the men argued with a group of people who had been protesting the event at the University of Florida, shouted Nazi chants and then fired into a crowd at a bus stop.
In West Virginia, the Pulitzer Prize-winning organization's arbiters of what’s accurate meet with those who question their methods of vetting statements uttered by politicians, political organizations and pundits.
The ruined Hollywood mogul's abhorrent public behavior, toward men and women, in front of witnesses, should have forced his business partners to take serious action against him years ago.
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Two division titles in two seasons evidently isn’t enough, but managers who can do better don’t come around often.
(Adriana Usero,Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
The race to save coffee
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After the fire, heroes become homeless
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How to Adult: Saving money on vacation
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Wilson says Kelly ‘lied’ about her 2015 comments. Now there's video from the event.
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