Democracy Dies in Darkness
The news came as the highly contagious delta variant is driving a coronavirus surge, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday reporting more than 100,000 daily cases.
The former president is making last-minute moves to bolster the standing of coal lobbyist Mike Carey, one of 11 candidates vying in Tuesday’s primary.
The comments from the Wisconsin Republican, made after a political event, reflect the spread of an unfounded claim that has traveled from far-right commentators to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to the highest levels of the GOP.
Permafrost, seen at the top of the cliff, melts into the Kolyma River outside of Zyryanka, Russia, in July 2019. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
A summer 2020 heat wave in northern Siberia increased atmospheric methane, most likely from fossil fuel previously locked up in reservoirs below and within the permafrost, an analysis found.
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Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
1United States22251764
3Russian O.C.12211750
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(Amber Ferguson/The Washington Post)
As the Senate moves forward with a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, on Aug. 1 some liberal Democrats warned they won’t vote on the package.
The civil-rights icon, who died last summer, co-wrote his sequel memoir “Run” and chose a new artist.
At least 475 guests have been invited to the outdoor party on Martha's Vineyard, a source said. Critics have branded the party as a “super spreader” and commented on the alleged hypocrisy.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) on the House floor during the debt ceiling vote in 2011. (C-SPAN/The Post)
Back then, she knew her recovery from her wounds — and the nation’s fight against gun violence — would be long and painful.
Walmart and Disney became the latest companies to announce they are requiring vaccines for many of their workers as business executives struggle to adjust to the rapidly changing environment caused by covid-19’s delta variant.
Toyota's CUE team, led by Tomohiro Nomi (front, third from left), has designed a basketball robot that has delighted observers at the Olympics, (Ben Golliver/The Post)
CUE5's shooting accuracy is impressive, but it doesn't have to deal with pesky defenders or shot clocks.
While lawmakers and regulators have a long history of pledging to rein in industry giants, their record of delivering is spotty.
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