Democracy Dies in Darkness
Millions continue to refuse to get shots as the delta variant drives new outbreaks.
Tennessee's health commissioner said the state would restart its efforts, which include offering the vaccine at events on school property, as early as next week.
The 1964 Tokyo Olympics was an emotional celebration of Japan's triumphant postwar return to the global stage. This year, the postponed Tokyo Olympics looks and feels nothing like those Games — or any other Olympics of the past.
Elite units are leading the battle to retake territory, but the troops called up to secure those gains have inconsistent support and lack advanced training.
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After mostly avoiding direct attacks on Trump, President Biden said Friday he “whipped Donald Trump in Virginia” and so will Terry McAuliffe, highlighting a key strategy for Democratic candidates: linking opponents to Trump.
Barrack, who chaired Trump’s inaugural committee, is charged with lying to the FBI and violating foreign lobbying laws.
Jill Tyson, a close aide to the FBI director, is the subject of a report about her relationship with a subordinate, according to officials.
After a Bumble user asked if he had been “near all the action,” Andrew Taake claimed he was pepper-sprayed by police at the Capitol.
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Hundreds of protesters marched through Tokyo on July 23, opposing Olympic officials holding the games during the coronavirus pandemic.
First lady Jill Biden at the opening of the Olympic Games on Friday in Tokyo. (Reuters)
Senate negotiators say they’re close to finalizing a major infrastructure deal but funding for transit has emerged as one of the last big obstacles.
If the coronavirus is still an issue for Florida by next July or if the state is unusually affected by the current surge in cases, it threatens to shift perceptions of the governor’s first term.
The Republican belief in rampant Democratic voter fraud predates Donald Trump by decades.
Kennedy was U.S. ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017.
Some of the nation’s driest desert landscapes are set to get inundated into this weekend. Much of Arizona, New Mexico and parts of the broader region are under flash-flood watches as heavy monsoon rains target the area.
The foreign researchers were arrested last year in a highly publicized sweep.
Workers complained about "a culture of systemic discrimination, harassment, bullying and bias."
The Cleveland Indians announce their name change to the Cleveland Guardians during a news conference. (Getty)
Cleveland, which had been known as the Indians since 1915, had long faced protests over its name.
With the trade deadline barely a week away, the Nationals entered this series in Baltimore with a chance to declare themselves buyers. A 6-1 loss in the opener instead only creates more uncertainty.
A Southern California woman has accused the Dodgers pitcher of assaulting her. Bauer, whose lawyers have denied the allegations, is on paid leave as MLB and police investigate.
The Washington Capitals, who traded out of the first round last spring to land Anthony Mantha from Detroit, were idle as the top talent came off the board.
Knapp was hired by the New York Jets in January and was expected to play a crucial role in the development of quarterback Zach Wilson, the second overall pick in this year’s draft.