Trump pushes to rack up political wins as impeachment looms

He and his allies are painting his victories as the work of a disciplined leader focusing on the needs of the public, while Democrats argue they have forced Trump to hand over sweeping concessions.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties

His decision to oppose impeachment alienated Democratic voters in his New Jersey district, sparking a primary challenge that threatened his reelection prospects.

Judge orders removal of up to 234,000 people from registered voter list in swing state

Wisconsin elected Donald Trump by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016, causing Republicans and Democrats alike to closely watch this attempt to purge voters from the rolls.
(Tim Meko/The Post)
(Tim Meko/The Post)

Where Christmas trees come from

Before the 1930s, Christmas trees in the United States typically were cut down on an individual’s property or out in the wild. Now, tree farms in all 50 states (yes, Hawaii too) are where most Christmas trees come from, accounting for 98 percent of live Christmas trees brought into homes.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow wins Heisman Trophy by historic voting margin

Burrow was voted college football's most outstanding player after throwing for 4,715 yards and 48 touchdowns, both SEC records.
The Afghanistan Papers A Secret History of the War | Part 6
A Secret History of the War | Part 6
Badakhshan Province, 2006. (Magnum Photos)
Badakhshan Province, 2006. (Magnum Photos)
In dozens of interviews, key players in the anti-narcotics campaign in Afghanistan — in which the United States has spent about $9 billion — acknowledged that none of the efforts to stop the flow of opium have worked and that, in many cases, they have made things worse.
Many American firms are not breathing a full sigh of relief amid anxiety that the truce with China could prove fleeting.
Campaign 2020
He has been steadily pumping money into the Democratic effort to defeat President Trump, part of a move to improve his standing in the party. It is a distinct advantage that no other candidate has ever had — large sums to achieve his aims of making himself the Democratic nominee.
Working mostly without a lawyer, Carter Page was the only one of four initial suspects in the Russia investigation who was never charged or convicted.
The newly elected prime minister predicted a "wonderful adventure" after Labour voters crossed party lines to propel him to a thumping victory. But his clever strategy in England and Wales did not erase nationalist sentiments in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Despite the obstacle of low inventory of homes on the market, they‘re not likely to compromise on the condition of the home.
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The defendant accused Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) of “backing the Russians over our own intelligence,” though it's unclear what ad he may have watched.
Mihrigul Tursun’s imprisonment and torture by the Chinese government, the death of one of her children while in custody and the jailing of her husband for years have been recounted in manga form by artist Tomomi Shimizu.
Weekend Picks
It doesn't seem like a big deal today, but 1930s America lived in fear of the male nipple.
(Adriana Usero/The Washington Post)
Man arrested, charged with battery after slapping reporter’s behind on-air
Man arrested, charged with battery after slapping reporter’s behind on-air
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2020 candidates think we should pay teachers more
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Hostility, insults and theatrics: Articles of impeachment are approved | Impeachment This Week
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The history, evolution and future of drinking straws
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