Democracy Dies in Darkness
Talks advanced between the party’s moderate and liberal factions, but they still appeared far apart on their plans to expand health-care coverage, invest in green energy, provide paid leave to all Americans and overhaul the tax code.
Fans watch as cars approach turn one during the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin on Sunday. (AP)
The U.S. Grand Prix drew 140,000 Formula One fans to Austin this past weekend, the latest sign of the sport’s popularity.
Facebook engineers gave extra value to emoji reactions, pushing more emotional and provocative content into users’ news feeds.
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Two weeks after the Biden administration announced steps toward round-the-clock operations at the nation’s chief port complex, there is little sign that truckers are taking advantage of the extended hours.
Starting Nov. 8, people from 33 countries that had been barred from entering the United States will be able to enter if they are fully vaccinated and show negative test results.
Richard Spencer, center, clashes with Virginia State Police at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. (Getty Images)
Potential jurors for the Charlottesville Unite the Right federal civil trial were questioned on their views on antifa, Black Lives Matter, racism and antisemitism.
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But climate experts question the numbers and the science Russia may pitch at the U.N. climate conference.
Steven Guilbeault worked for environment advocacy groups for more than a decade and once denounced then-president George W. Bush as a "climate killer."
“We’re just so far off track,” says one co-author, calling for bolder and more urgent action from major emitters.
Democrats and White House officials are optimistic they can reach a deal on climate before next week's U.N. climate summit.
Colin Kahl, undersecretary of defense for policy, said that the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan could build the capacity to conduct international operations within six months if left unchecked. Al-Qaeda, he said, could have that capability in one to two years.
A view from the Palazzo Uffici, completed in 1939. A bas-relief sculpture depicting Mussolini flanks the entrance. (Federica Valabrega for The Post)
Designed for the canceled the 1942 World’s Fair, EUR gets its moment in the spotlight eight decades later for this weekend’s gathering.
Dubbed “Will Rogers with fangs,” the comedian had a fearless style that was revolutionary in the 1950s. During the height of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts, Mr. Sahl took the position that “McCarthy doesn’t question what you say as much as your right to say it.”
George Butler1943–2021
His first film, “Pumping Iron,” introduced bodybuilding to a wide audience. Later movies examined the career of John F. Kerry and a NASA mission to Mars.
Mary, Esther and Ellis, members of the Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice, Uniontown, Ala., in 2014. (Harvard Art Museums, Kenyon C. Bolton III Fund/© Jeff Rich)