Democracy Dies in Darkness
School nutrition directors are battling a lack of cafeteria workers, supply trucks arriving half full and equipment upgrades that do not show up.
“I think about that more than all the good years and the good times.”
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Billy Barr pauses on the walk to his home in the abandoned mining town of Gothic, Colo.
Billy Barr began logging snowfall to keep busy. Along the way, he became an unwitting chronicler of climate change.
Landsat 9, launched in September by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey, offers ultra-detailed views of Earth’s surface.
Karen K. Jankowski, at home in Peachtree City, Ga., shows a photo of herself from the Vietnam War, when she was one of the “Donut Dollies” who visited troops. (Michael A. Schwarz for The Post)
An Army veteran finally got his wish to say thank you to the young women who visited the troops.
“Gun owners are not going to tolerate being ignored,” warns one gun-rights figure, but others in Virginia signaled they would give the Republican governor-elect space to first tackle less controversial issues.
Homeowners neighboring this open green space in Northwest Washington are angry with plans by a private school in another part of town to build a sports complex here. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
Residents push back on Maret’s proposed project, as the school looks toward acquiring greener pastures for its athletics.
Wide receiver Tay Martin of Oklahoma State catches the ball in the end zone against cornerback Woodi Washington of Oklahoma in the fourth quarter. (Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
After a nutty weekend, apparently six teams remain viable for the College Football Playoff.
At the Seoul cafe Green Lab, customers can find silent refuge from the stresses of daily life. (Michelle Ye Hee Lee/The Post)
Some South Koreans seek a social life without being social: visiting public spaces where they can be alone, de-stress and just “space out.”
At any mention of something he could help with or improve on, this husband reacts like he's being told "he is the worst person in the world.”
Our friend has given us many gifts over the years. I found out he has checked our house to see whether they’re being used.
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Jan van Eyck's “Saint Francis of Assisi” painting at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a miniature masterpiece of visionary thinking.
The Baltimore Museum of Art credits one of the city’s great daughters, Etta Cone, as it launches a major Henri Matisse love-in.