Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Bloomberg News)
The outlook for the global economy in recent weeks has unexpectedly brightened, with the United States, Europe and China all outperforming expectations and avoiding — at least for now — some predicted stumbles.
Filipino fishermen sail past a Chinese coast guard ship in the South China Sea. (AFP/Getty Images)
The expansion is part of a broader push in the Indo-Pacific to buttress U.S. force posture, reinforce alliances and deter China.
(Artur Galocha/The Post)
See how frigid temperatures and heavy snow can wreak havoc on everything from a city's hospitals and power grid to its rail and air transportation.
(Serhiy Morgunov for The Post)
Gen. Kyrylo Budanov’s words words carry serious weight with President Volodymyr Zelensky and others in Kyiv.
(Melissa Ortman)
“I guess a lot of people might find it a little unusual, but to us, it’s now the normal routine,” said  the teen’s father.
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