‘Domestic political errand’ fits with Trump’s absolutist views of presidential power

Listen to President Trump talk about this donnybrook and the presidency, and it’s not at all clear that he thinks anything he’s accused of would have been inappropriate — if he did it.
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The story of Altamont, the rock festival that the ’60s wants to forget

50 years ago the Rolling Stones headlined a “West Coast Woodstock.” Altamont ended the ’60s with chaos and death. The Post takes an extensive look back at the fatal festival on its 50th anniversary.

Trump says he might veto bill protecting human rights in Hong Kong to pave way for China trade deal

The vetoproof majorities indicate that Congress could overrule President Trump if he tries to block the bill from becoming law.

Two weeks. Seven hearings. Now what?

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The inspector general found that the alleged misconduct did not affect the overall validity of an application for surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser, officials said.
During an elaborate demonstration, CEO Elon Musk asked one of the people on stage to try to break its windows. “Maybe that was a little too hard,” he said, punctuating his reaction with an expletive.
The Post sifted through more than 130,000 reviews of six random chat apps earlier this month and inspected more than 1,500 reviews that made mention of uncomfortable sexual situations.
News reports have debunked myths — circulated on social media — that 911 dispatchers are commonly trained to see hidden meaning in a request for pepperoni pizza. In this case, the dispatcher picked up on the caller's distress.
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‘Popcorn lung’ may have brought teen close to death after vaping for months, doctors say

The teen was hospitalized for 47 days and narrowly avoided a double lung transplant, his doctors said.

Winners and losers from the latest Democratic debate

Mayor Pete Buttigieg managed the pressure, there was pushback against Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax, and former vice president Joe Biden had yet another shaky performance.
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Two versions of Texas collide over gun measures and mass shootings

The old Texas expanded availability of guns. The new one is agitating for more restrictions.
(James Pace-Cornsilk, Reed Albergotti, Al Johri/The Washington Post)
Watch how The Post used machine learning to find reports of sexual harassment in App Store reviews
Watch how The Post used machine learning to find reports of sexual harassment in App Store reviews
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Altamont brought a crowd the Rolling Stones couldn’t control
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What holiday leftovers are allowed through airport security?
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Anti-impeachment ad twists Ocasio-Cortez’s words
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