Democracy Dies in Darkness
The president is counting on a recent drop in cases to fuel a political rebound — a risky strategy, with polls showing disapproval of his handling of the pandemic.
A supporter cheers President Trump on Sept. 14 in Phoenix. (Ross D. Franklin/AP)
Trump's Latino supporters in Arizona point at religious conservatism and business-oriented policies as more important issues.
The FixAnalysis
No, she didn’t say it would be inappropriate to fill the kind of seat she might soon be nominated to.
A tumor geneticist, who turned his lab into a coronavirus sequencing facility, helped expose a coronavirus outbreak in an Iowa meatpacking plant. (Luis Velarde/The Washington Post)
When workers at an Agri Star meatpacking plant in Iowa were diagnosed with covid-19 in March, the company said it had taken steps to contain the virus. Then dozens of people in the town were diagnosed. The state wouldn’t say where the outbreak was coming from. Genetic science helped expose it.
A snapshot of fall enrollment shows fewer students are pursuing undergraduate degrees this semester as the coronavirus continues to sow fears of infection and devastate the economy.
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) is in quarantine, causing him to postpone campaign events and reschedule the gubernatorial debate.
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Newly obtained records appear to be in conflict with months of Postal Service assertions that blamed lower-level managers for strategies tied to delivery delays.
Mary L. Trump is a vocal critic of her uncle and recently published a book alleging Trump family dysfunction.
Construction next to what is believed to be another new, prisonlike detention center built to intern Uighurs in Kashgar. (Lorenz Huber for The Post)
Some 60 prisonlike facilities have been built, even as Beijing claims Uighurs have “graduated” from reeducation camps.
Drea Cornejo/The Washington Post
The FDA eased its ban on blood donations from gay men. Some say it's not enough.
Gay and bisexual men still face barriers when donating blood, despite the FDA easing guidelines from a 12-month period of abstinence down to three-months.
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(Sarah Cahlan/The Post)
Fact CheckerAnalysis
The president’s Spanish-language ads in many cases simply repeat false or misleading claims first uttered in English about former vice president Joe Biden.
The new arrest and prosecution add to charges Joshua Wong already faces for his political activism.
Hajooj Kuka, one of the jailed, was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year.
People who arrived from Tunisia await the arrival of health workers in Lampedusa, Italy, on Aug. 30. (Getty Images)
As lockdown causes desperation, six times as many Tunisians have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy as last year.
The man disappeared from a patrol boat in what may have been an ill-fated attempt to defect.
The prime minister has been the target of laundry-related accusations in the past.
The once powerful sector has suffered years of mismanagement, corruption, falling prices and, now, a U.S. embargo.
The aerial rescue of 214 people captured national attention, but it also highlighted the expanding involvement of the U.S. military in responding to wildfire season as climate change leaves forests more susceptible to blazes and for longer periods of time each year.
Ray Jefferson reads the newspaper at his office building in Singapore. (Ore Huiyingfor The Post)
Extra-warm ocean waters, boosted by climate change, and La Niña are key drivers in historic season.
Paul Quinn College in Dallas will be the first historically Black college to partner with Guild Education.
Apple's Tim Cook, seen via YouTube, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on July 29. (Carolyn Van Houten/The Post)
The group, called the Coalition for App Fairness, submitted ten principles for the App Store that it says would allow for more competition, fairness and innovation in the mobile app industry.
The Technology 202lAnalysis
As chairman of IAC, a tech holding company that encompasses brands such as Angie's List, Vimeo and, Diller has become intimately familiar with Big Tech.
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A medical worker walks past a row of ambulances outside of Houston Methodist Hospital on June 22. (Callaghan O'Hare/Reuters)
The largest U.S. genetic study of the virus, conducted in Houston, shows one viral strain outdistancing all of its competitors, and many potentially important mutations.
Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense have new blood-oxygen apps. They’re mostly useless.
The experimental vaccine is the fourth to enter the final stage of testing in the United States.
The world’s fifth-largest economy will stop selling new gasoline-powered automobiles within 15 years, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced Wednesday.
Climate Solutions
“The whole purpose of offsets,” said a University of California at Berkeley climate policy researcher, “is to create a way for an individual or a company or a university to pay someone else to reduce emissions to cover emissions that they can’t reduce themselves.”
The World Series champs won't make the playoffs, but just about everyone else will. (Katherine Frey/The Post)
The sport has always demanded excellence. These expanded playoffs will reward mediocrity, with potentially dire side effects.
Soto, 21, played right field in the minor leagues before switching to left as a rookie with the Nationals.
Play continued Wednesday without talk of a shutdown, but the outrage from the players and coaches on both teams was palpable.
No division has more wins, more points scored or a higher point differential than this year’s NFC West.
The movie fudged some of the details about the friendship between Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo, but the speech showed true emotion.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband, Martin. (Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States/AP)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is admired for her legal achievements in gender equality, and her 56-year marriage to Marty put that theory into practice.
Public figures such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg can feel like family or friends. It’s important to honor our heartbreak.
The 98-year-old organization ponders leaving its historic home in Alexandria.
As the number of accusers has grown, the attention paid to them has waned.
A pediatrician should be able to help you discover the reason for this behavior.
New couple can’t keep their hands off each other while in the company of friends.
Friend’s dog peeing on reader’s shoes wasn’t okay, but what response would be better?
From left, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Millie Bobby Brown play siblings Sherlock, Mycroft and Enola Holmes in “Enola Holmes.” (Alex Bailey/Legendary)
The latest Holmes flick stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as siblings Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft.
“It takes an ice pick to this huge glacier of structural white supremacy,” says the artistic director of Ballet Hispánico, one of the grant recipients.
Movie Review
Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Evan Rachel Wood play a family of con artists in this funny and unexpectedly poignant tale.
Even political cartoonists, so trained in drawing on deadline, can be caught cold by breaking news. Here’s a sampling of their work.
Book Review
The book takes a “Sliding Doors” approach, as a woman, on the heels of a near-death experience, contemplates her next move.
Depending on whom you ask, it's not as easy or as hard as people say.
The owner of Bludso's in Los Angeles, and a judge on Netflix's "The American Barbecue Showdown" is working on what may be just the third barbecue cookbook by a Black pitmaster.