Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Biden administration is expected to require everyone entering the country, including returning Americans, to be tested one day before boarding flights.
The story of abortion access in the state helps explain why legal experts say the U.S. may be on the brink of overturning Roe v. Wade.
The suspect was a sophomore at Oxford High School in southeast Michigan and had attended class before the rampage, authorities said.
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Some areas could become dominated by rain during certain seasons by 2060 or 2070, according to new findings published in the journal Nature. The changes will probably trigger consequences for local people and wildlife as well as communities around the world.
Responding to increasingly common extreme weather is a vast undertaking that many state transportation departments are only beginning to tackle.
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Bob Coffey and four of his employees spent three hours hanging thousands of lights.
These six farms offer a wide range of live Christmas trees. But make sure you go early in the season.
Another federal judge halted the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement for certain medical workers on Tuesday, effectively halting the requirement across the country after it was blocked in 10 states a day before.
Henry Madden Library at California State University at Fresno. (Cary Edmondson/California State University at Fresno)
Henry Madden, who was the longtime librarian, expressed his views in personal papers that remained sealed for a quarter-century after they were given to the university in 1982, the college said. The university will form a task force to review the name the library has held since 1981.
Barbados has officially severed ties with Queen Elizabeth II — and one of its first actions as the world’s newest republic was to honor the global superstar.
It’s been seven years since the last Outlander installment. Fans have a lot of catching up to do.