Democracy Dies in Darkness
In becoming the highest-ranking administration official to break with President Trump on his allegation that the election was stolen, Attorney General William P. Barr might offer political cover to other Republicans.
Court records show that prosecutors this summer and fall looked into a scheme in which a large political contribution would be offered in exchange for a presidential pardon. 
President-elect Joe Biden will take office under pressure to repudiate and rescind many, if not most, of the more than 400 executive actions President Trump used to tighten the U.S. immigration system. But Biden also will start his term in a bind that could make such changes difficult to accomplish quickly.
Friends and former associates say they expect the first daughter to think about running for office, or at least get involved in Republican politics.
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Governors and state lawmakers across the country are racing to authorize millions of dollars in new coronavirus stimulus aid, aiming to plug gaping holes in their local economies before the end of the year.
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Fact CheckerAnalysis
President Trump's scattershot legal effort to overturn the 2020 election is losing steam. Here's a guide to his claims — and the reality.
The newly released data comes after a federal lawsuit filed by The Washington Post and 10 other news organizations under the Freedom of Information Act challenging the SBA’s refusal to release records on borrowers and loan amounts.
Parler’s lax moderation policies, in keeping with its claims to being a bastion of free speech, have helped it become a magnet for pornographers, escort services and online sex merchants.
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Elliot Page’s history as a LGBTQ advocate
Elliot Page, the Oscar-nominated actor best known for the 2008 film “Juno,” came out as transgender on Dec. 1.
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Powell filed an affidavit from Ron Watkins, one of the few people who can authenticate the mysterious Q posts that drive the conspiracy theory.
If there was a conspiracy to use the systems to throw the election, it didn't work very well.
Gabriel Sterling, voting systems manager for the Georgia secretary of state, holds a news conference Tuesday. (Megan Varner/Getty Images)
In an emotional news conference, a top state Republican official called on Trump and other Republicans to speak out against threats that have flourished in the wake of the president’s baseless attacks on the election’s integrity.
The FixAnalysis
They’re gearing up to oppose Neera Tanden to lead a key budget office because she’s been aggressively partisan on Twitter.
The FixAnalysis
Republicans fear his conspiracy-mongering about a rigged election will depress turnout among their base in the January runoffs for control of the Senate.
Activists Ivan Lam, Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow arrive at a Hong Kong courthouse on Nov. 23 to face charges related to illegal assembly stemming from 2019. (Reuters)
A court sentenced the democracy campaigners to between seven and 13½ months in connection with protests last year against China’s crackdown in the city.
The Washington-based organization argued that crimes such as torture or extrajudicial killings have only worsened under President Nicolás Maduro since the OAS first published such findings in 2018.
A planned no-confidence vote Wednesday could spell the end of the unity government formed seven months ago.
A key political ally of right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attempted to escape “through the roof gutter,” according to a Belgian newspaper, before being apprehended by officers.
The approach contrasts sharply with the prevailing wisdom in the United States, where public health officials have focused on low rates of positive coronavirus tests in the broader community as a prerequisite for in-person schooling.
The financial toll of the pandemic has caught up with transit agencies across the nation. The outlook is grim without federal assistance.
Federal prosecutors charged Jerry Boylan for his alleged “misconduct, negligence and inattention” before fire.
The controversial Education secretary denounced calls for student debt cancellation as "insidious ... government gift giving," while calling the free college movement a "socialist takeover of higher education."
A free, public clearinghouse that debuted Tuesday will for the first time allow anyone from academic historians to amateur family genealogists to search for individual enslaved people around the globe in one central online location.
The president and three of his adult children — Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric — were sued two years ago on allegations of promoting a marketing program that allegedly duped plaintiffs.
The emergency lending facilities set up by the Fed and Treasury have become a political football for lawmakers and a litmus test on how they rate the economic recovery.
Color of MoneyPerspective
Even though Black families have been hard hit by the covid-19-related recession, they were better prepared because of the increase in their savings, a new report finds.
A division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will target criminals who try to capitalize on high demand for doses of the vaccine.
Slack has become indispensable for many businesses operating remotely during the pandemic. Here’s what the  acquisition could mean for users.
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This is the third time Maryland has had to adjust its schedule since the college basketball season began a week ago.
Buffalo's Jaret Patterson runs past Northern Illinois linebacker Daveren Rayner for a touchdown during the first half of a game in November. (AP)
On Saturday, the junior tied an FBS record with eight touchdowns and may have forced his way into Heisman Trophy consideration.
The Spiders men’s basketball team’s first road victory against a top-10 team in 26 tries came two years after a turbulent season led to unrest in the fanbase.
Brooks has a lot to juggle in the final year of his five-year contract.
Viola Davis as Ma Rainey in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” (Netflix)
Movie Review
The two actors deliver breathtaking performances in a film adaptation of August Wilson’s play.
If you still have holiday shopping to do, perhaps one of these books will fit the bill.
Book Review
‘Perestroika in Paris’ may star a talking horse, but it’s a story about humanity, too.
Page, who earned Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for “Juno,” has been one of Hollywood’s most outspoken advocates for LGBTQ rights in recent years. 
Book Review
One of Perry’s unique talents is his ability to tell the same story over and over again, while finding ways to make it fresh and absorbing.