President Trump doubled down on his false insistence that Democrats are to blame for the administration’s forced separation of migrant children from their families at the border. Contrary to Trump’s claims, the separations largely stem from a “zero-tolerance” policy announced with fanfare last month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
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The Homeland Security secretary seems to have lost President Trump’s confidence — and will say whatever it takes to win it back.
The redistricting process has always controversial and vulnerable to distortion. Politicians with the power to draw the lines have done so to gain advantage. Is there a fair way to draw these district lines? Read how California does it — and see how your state handles redistricting.
A Russian fan looks at the Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square on Monday.(EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
A Russian fan looks at the Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square on Monday.(EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
One writer dreaded working and living in Moscow for almost six weeks. But the Russian capital has proven to be the vibrant heart of this soccer celebration, erasing any doubts about why Russia was chosen to host the World Cup.
The announcement came less than two weeks after the franchise won its first Stanley Cup. Trotz, 55, spent the team’s championship run as a lame duck after not receiving an extension on his original four-year deal.
The story must be told.
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The president has floated this idea before but offered few details about how an independent sixth branch of the armed forces would operate.
The president’s argument has long been that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russian government. That claim increasingly depends on how one defines “collusion.”
Michael Horowitz revealed the continued investigative work Monday during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
The physician has been suspended from El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, Calif., after arguing with a 20-year-old man about whether he was ill or simply trying to get narcotic pain relievers.
U.S. food companies are — for the most part — no longer allowed to use trans fat, a once-popular ingredient now blamed for tens of thousands of premature deaths.
The case of French telecommunications provider France Telecom, now known as Orange, is reported to be the first time a company of its size in France will face a criminal judgment for a bullying law known as "moral harassment" in the country.
Congress remains at odds over family separation at border
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What it's like to play for your country's national team
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The meaning behind 5 pieces of art seen in the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z video
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As tensions thaw, this blackmarket treat could find its way to North Korean stores
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