“I’m not going there,” one GOP senator said when asked about racially charged insults the president has directed toward African Americans and others. The studied avoidance reflects the reluctance of Republicans to confront some of Trump’s often divisive and inflammatory remarks.
The plan, which would let states set emission standards for coal plants, would make only slight cuts to overall emissions of pollutants by 2030, an EPA analysis shows. That could result in hundreds of millions more tons of carbon dioxide being released into the air compared to Obama-era rules.
The Take
President Trump’s order to revoke the security clearance of critic and former CIA director John Brennan has generated a kind of collective rebuttal rarely, if ever, seen in relations between a president and those who have gathered the nation’s secrets.
(Illustration by David Sánchez for The Post)
(Illustration by David Sánchez for The Post)
Critic’s Notebook
Despite their youth, films such as “Children of Men,” “Dunkirk,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Spirited Away” can stand among their acclaimed forebears with confidence.
The story must be told.
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Kofi Annan
Annan’s popular and influential reign at the United Nations — the body he led from 1997 to 2006 — was marred by White House anger at his opposition to the American invasion of Iraq.
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The former cricket star vowed to build a “new Pakistan,” but now he also has to tackle thorny economic problems.
The Russian Embassy had jabbed at U.S. prosecutors over D.C. jail conditions for the alleged covert agent.
The president said “mistakes are being made” just two weeks after some social media companies banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
The Past, Rediscovered
Queen Elizabeth’s cousin is expected to wed in the first same-sex royal wedding this summer — but he is far from the first gay British royal, according to historians.
Swiss officials said the couple's refusal to shake hands with interviewers signaled a lack of integration. Some Muslims, with the exception of certain relatives, do not physically touch members of the opposite sex.
Prabhu Ramamoorthy, an Indian national in the United States on a work visa, faces up to a life sentence and will be deported afterward, a U.S. attorney said.
Weekend Picks
(Smithsonian National Postal Museum)
(Smithsonian National Postal Museum)
A stamp collector’s discovery of the “Inverted Jenny” stamp created a headache for the U.S. Postal Service.
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