Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Feminist activists and artists dance outside the Mexican human rights office, which for two months has been run as a shelter for women and children. (Marissa Lang/The Post)
In 2020, on pace to become the deadliest year for women in Mexico on record, activists say there is no safe place left for women in the country. So they have made one. 
In contrast, the governments of France, Italy and Germany are eyeing an E.U.-wide closure of ski facilities until at least early January — usually one of the busiest periods that includes the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
Adriana Usero, Allie Caren/The Washington Post
Movies that capture the essence of Thanksgiving | Critics at Home
From a classic to the unconventional, the Post’s Mary Beth Albright and Daniela Galarza explore what Thanksgiving movies to watch in 2020.
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(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)
Ousted Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.) has always been fascinated by people willing to believe in the monster. Now he sees parallels in the conspiracy theories shaping political discourse.
(Zach Purser Brown/The Washington Post)
A man sits outside his family’s flooded home in Bajos de Choloma, Honduras, after Hurricane Iota. (Enncarni Pindado)
Weeks after the one-two punch of Eta and Iota, tens of thousands remain displaced. The impoverished country is appealing to the international community for aid.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned civilians in Mekele to “disarm, stay at home and stay away.”
Their online group —  nearly 1,500 people excitedly discussing the vaccine trial — is one of the quirkiest corners in the global race for a vaccine.
Billy Lewis and Emily Bugg. (Sophie Cazottes Photography)
When the pandemic upended their plans, Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis tied the knot at Chicago’s city hall instead. But there was still one piece of unfinished business: What to do about their $5,000 nonrefundable catering deposit?
John Barsa leads the U.S. Agency for International Development, one of the world’s largest aid organizations. He has been isolating since he began exhibiting symptoms late Monday.
Peter Newsham is the latest experienced chief to resign or retire as jurisdictions nationwide reexamine the role of policing after widespread demonstrations for social and racial justice.
Local officials are pleading with residents to stay home for Thanksgiving and avoid gatherings.
Veronica Whitley, 50, left, and her daughter Courtney “Coco J” Whitley, 18, prepare Thanksgiving dinners in their Fort Washington home that will mostly be distributed to the homeless because they’re having a small dinner under coronavirus restrictions. (Willie Whitley)
LightStrike is a germ-zapping robot at San Antonio International Airport in Texas. Other airports are considering whether to invest in the $125,000 device.
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TSM CEO Andy Dinh said he believed the contract was the richest deal ever for a "League of Legends" pro or any other esports pro in North America.
A college basketball tournament event during a pandemic isn’t exactly a walk on the beach.