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Jennifer and James Crumbley, who police said were found hiding in a commercial building in Detroit, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter — a rare move — after their 15-year-old son was accused of killing four classmates.
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An abortion doctor from Kansas City, Mo., travels across state lines every month to provide care at clinics in the Midwest.
As a virus evolves to become more transmissible, it generally “loses” traits that are likely to cause severe disease, researchers said.
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The antiviral drug is the first covid-19 treatment to receive full FDA approval.
LSU’s new coach is the most shameless ex in college sports.
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Amazon's use of Alexa as a wake word for its voice assistant turned the name into a command, impacting daily interactions for people with the name.
From The MagazineLost News: Stories in danger of not being told as local newspapers across the U.S. close
District court Judge Jason Lidyard speaks to his staff over the phone in his chambers. (Adria Malcolm for The Post)
Jason Lidyard witnessed the trauma of substance abuse firsthand. Now he’s determined to keep those battling the same problems with their families.
A Better Glynn wanted a new police chief, a new district attorney and more police accountability.
Tamarind Mantecadito, left, and Candied Sweet Potato and Walnut. (Scott Suchman for The Post)
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Modern football analytics rely heavily on the pass. But effective rushing can't be tracked by numbers alone, and Washington has revived its season with a strategy seemingly in contrast with the rest of the league.
Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr leads the NFL in passing yards entering Sunday's matchup. (AP)
The Washington Football Team has a chance at its fourth straight win Sunday afternoon against the shorthanded Raiders at Allegiant Stadium.
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Our children may not have been near the most recent school shooting (or the one before that, or the one before that), but they are still traumatized.
Daughter-in-law asks for help talking to her parents, who are upset that she and her husband might be moving away.
Reader planned on purchasing car for their daughter. A health emergency delayed pick up of the car and derailed the sale.
Reader asks if it’s okay to accept someone’s first offer to do something nice for you, rather than (politely) volleying back and forth.
Virtuoso musician Billy Preston, right, became the Beatles’ de facto fifth member. (AP)
All kinds of luminaries pop up in Peter Jackson’s three-part documentary.
Here are thrillers, biographies and histories for every bibliophile.
The “Cowboy Bebop” actor’s glam-rock radiance casts the high-octane musical in a new light.