Alabama Senate Election
Doug Jones’s victory in a part of the Deep South that has not elected a Democratic senator since 1992 was a dramatic repudiation of his opponent, Roy Moore, a former judge who faced accusations of sexual misconduct. Moore, telling supporters “it's not over,” suggested that the race might go to a recount. But the Alabama Republican Party said it would not support his push for one.
After more than a year of partywide bickering in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Democrats found solace in beating a Trump-style Republican in one of the most ruby-red states in the nation.
The Democrat’s surprising victory gives Senate Republicans an even thinner margin entering the second year of Trump’s presidency.
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Senior Republican negotiators in Congress were moving closer to a deal to reduce the top tax rate for high-income households from 39.6 percent to 37 percent, blowing by political concerns about aiding the rich.
The Debrief
President Trump has displayed the flexibility and precision of a Russian gymnast when it comes to dancing on the balance beam of outlandish statements — and then claim he meant nothing of the sort.
The messages — the subject of an ethics probe by the Justice Department — show two senior officials offering harsh opinions on politicians, such as describing Trump as “a loathsome human” and calling Sen. Bernie Sanders “an idiot like Trump.”
Fact Checker
The late-night television host addressed the dispute over funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but he was a bit one-sided.
Fearful that he won’t remember his own name by the time he’s 50, the former Pro Bowler is taking steps to ensure that his daughter someday can watch her Papi run, to learn who he was and maybe understand why he was so unpredictable.
Harriet Fridkin's friends, who call themselves “Harriet's Harem,” got the idea for their caregiving circle from an article they read in Parade Magazine in 1996. Fridkin, 75, has multiple sclerosis, but is as sharp and sociable as ever.
State leaders from both parties are calling for state Rep. Dan Johnson’s resignation after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published an exposé detailing allegations about his actions with a daughter’s friend.
Lt. Gov. Tina Smith has served as a longtime adviser to Gov. Mark Dayton, who will reveal his choice Wednesday.
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