The fall in oversight, a byproduct of cuts to the IRS budget, comes as the number of politically active and financially complex charities grows. It represents a success for conservatives who were emboldened by the 2013 revelations of the IRS’s extra scrutiny of tea party groups. “This completely neutered” the IRS, one observer said. “The will is totally gone.”
Republicans plan to vote on the tax bill early in the week, leaving them little time to strike a deal with Democrats to authorize funds to keep the government running.
President Trump criticized Robert S. Mueller III for gaining access to transition team emails, telling reporters the situation was “not looking good.” A spokesman for the special counsel denied any wrongdoing, and some legal experts questioned the claim that the emails were improperly obtained.
With his parents, Ahmet Demir, a 27-year-old kebab shop owner, halted the knife attack on Mayor Andreas Hollstein, below. (Griff Witte/Post)
With his parents, Ahmet Demir, a 27-year-old kebab shop owner, halted the knife attack on Mayor Andreas Hollstein, below. (Griff Witte/Post)
Since the attack, Mayor Andreas Hollstein of Altena — who credits the quick response of an immigrant family with saving his life — has taken in 450 asylum seekers, 100 more than was required under German rules. “It was the right thing to do,” he said. “I’d do the same thing tomorrow.”
Jerry Richardson is being investigated after a report that multiple former team employees received financial settlements after alleged inappropriate behavior and comments by the 81-year-old, including sexually suggestive remarks and behavior. Richardson called football “an integral part of my life” but did not address the accusations in his statement announcing the team’s sale.
(Video: “60 Minutes”; photo illustration: Post)
Investigators said they could show that McKesson Corp. had failed to report suspicious orders involving millions of highly addictive painkillers sent to drugstores from California to Florida. Some of those went to corrupt pharmacies that supplied drug rings. Investigators wanted a $1 billion fine and criminal charges brought against McKesson. That’s not how things worked out. This report comes from a joint investigation with “60 Minutes.”
The story must be told.
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The measure that legalized the drug allows for the convicted to clear their records. Advocates say hundreds of thousands of people in the state might be eligible.
Surprise inspections of five Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities revealed significant problems at four of them. Advocates for immigrants said the report reaffirmed their calls for the detention facilities to be closed.
The celebrity chef was slammed for plugging a cinnamon roll recipe in an apology to fans over sexual harassment allegations.
In the birthplace of George Washington, not George Carlin, swearing can net a $250 fine.
The girl’s teacher shared her note on Facebook, saying “it breaks my heart” to hear students ask for things that many take for granted. A stranger saw the post — and acted.
Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Trump that information provided by the CIA allowed Russian agents to detain suspects who planned to bomb the Kazan Cathedral and other locations in St. Petersburg. The White House lauded the tip as “an example of the positive things that can occur when our countries work together.”
The portrayal of Katharine Graham, a female leader in a man’s world, couldn’t be more timely in the #MeToo era.
(Erin Patrick O'Connor/ The Washington Post)
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