Former CIA director John O. Brennan voiced his eagerness to challenge President Trump on the same day that national security adviser John Bolton floated the idea of reviewing all security clearances inside and outside the government. Such a review could affect more than 4 million Americans.
As Turkey’s economy reels from American sanctions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has focused domestic anger against the United States and shifted attention away from the economic problems that his government has failed to address.
Pickers work at Lindy’s Seafood on Hoopers Island. (Michael S. Williamson/The Post)
Pickers work at Lindy’s Seafood on Hoopers Island. (Michael S. Williamson/The Post)
Business owners on the Eastern Shore say they’ve raised wages and tried recruiting, but about a third of crab-picking jobs remain unfilled as few Americans have responded to openings and Mexican laborers are stranded at home without permission to come here to work.
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In July, as the Ferguson Fire threatened the shuttered Yosemite Valley, fire officials requested air support. A call came back that nothing was available.
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The story must be told.
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Facing fierce political head winds, the House majority leader and other top Republicans are scrambling to save the GOP majority — and their own leadership prospects.
At Knock Shrine, Pope Francis will join a sea of pilgrims. But in a country that was once the most Catholic in Europe, congregants are leaving their scandal-battered church in droves. “You could say the church is at rock bottom,” said the parish priest and rector of Knock Shrine.
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Analysts said the plan failed to address the fundamental problems causing the nation's hyperinflation. Some store owners in Caracas wondered if it was even worth opening up this week.
Many questions remain about the woman’s ordeal, including how she fell off the ship she had been on, what happened in the moments just before or how she was able to survive for almost half a day.
The former president’s summer reading list is a model of diverse voices and concerns and a reminder of how incurious and aliterate the Oval Office has become.
Recent announcements certainly suggest that might be the case.
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