Whistleblower complaint about Trump involves Ukraine, say people familiar with the matter

The complaint involved communications with a foreign leader and a “promise” that President Trump made. Two and a half weeks before the complaint was filed, Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
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Why Ukraine as the focus of the complaint is particularly ominous

On the list of potential quid pro quos that would have been problematic for President Trump, one with Ukraine was among the worst.

For border wall, officials consider diverting billions more in military funds

Internal projections show that the president’s goal of completing nearly 500 miles of new barriers by the 2020 election will require $18.4 billion, far more than the administration has publicly disclosed.
A man passes by the contaminated shoreline of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
A man passes by the contaminated shoreline of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)

Life is a struggle in Venezuela’s oil capital. So is death.

An economic free fall more severe than the Great Depression has crippled the former boomtown of Maracaibo. Venezuela’s second-largest city — and its industrial engine — is now the epicenter of the socialist nation’s societal meltdown.

Intel official blows a whistle on Trump's interaction with world leader

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Campaign 2020
The mayor of the country’s largest city didn’t catch on with voters nationwide and failed to qualify for the third Democratic debate last week in Houston.
Tehran denies playing a role in the blitz. But analysts say Iran likely wanted to test a key adversary.
Consumer Tech
How good is the iPhone 11 camera? We put it to the test, but still think the new rule of thumb is wait three years.
Hundreds of researchers on a German icebreaker will collect data before summer melting sets the ship free.
Again, it’s all about gold: Yellow roses, golden wattle and gold oil lamps dress up the Rose Garden.
Forget 1920s England. The stars of the movie based on the beloved PBS period drama just want to hark back to a few years ago.
(Marvin Joseph/The Post)
(Marvin Joseph/The Post)
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More states are trying to protect black employees who want to wear natural hairstyles at work

It's still legal in most states to ban natural hair styles like braids or dreadlocks. But several state legislators -- and a coalition of civil rights groups -- are trying to change that
(Laurène Boglio for The Post)
(Laurène Boglio for The Post)
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How did clapping on planes become such a divisive issue?

Some people clap when the plane lands. Others think the celebration is the worst.
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(Tom McCorkle for The Post)
(Tom McCorkle for The Post)

Joy the Baker’s rules of engagement for Voraciously’s Baking Basics newsletter

These guidelines will help you digest all the knowledge from the newsletter series and apply it to your future baking endeavors.
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