Democracy Dies in Darkness
A leak from Nord Stream 2 is seen on Sept. 28, 2022. (Swedish Coast Guard/AP)
THE DISCORD LEAKS | The CIA in June 2022 learned that a team of Ukrainian special operations forces intended to attack the Russia-to-Germany natural gas pipeline. It was sabotaged in September 2022.
(Illustration: Emily Sabens/The Post; photos: Getty Images; iStock)
Adina Azarian and her daughter, Aria. (Family photo)
John Rumpel, who owned the Cessna Citation that crashed in Virginia after prompting F-16s to scramble to intercept it, described his last moments with his family members.
(MSP Second District/Storyful)
“Roping a cow in the middle of the freeway was definitely a first for all of us,” said cowboy Ricky Littlejohn, who returned the bovine to a sanctuary.
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