Democracy Dies in Darkness
The guidelines do not apply to airplanes or health-care settings, CDC officials said, and those who are immune compromised should speak with their doctors.
Protesters flood the Capitol on Jan. 6. (Ricky Carioti/The Post)
Since the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, more than 400 people who were part of the pro-Trump mob that day have been arrested — a number that could still grow substantially.
More than half could lose their checks entirely after 13 GOP governors announced plans to cut short their participation in federal stimulus programs, part of a campaign to combat what GOP leaders see as a national worker shortage.
Video surveillance shows Stavian Rodriguez, 15, and Oklahoma City police on Nov. 23. Five officers are charged in the teen's killing. (Oklahoma County District Attorney)
A Washington Post database of fatal force incidents finds most children shot by police are minorities and less likely to be armed than adults shot by police.
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(Zoeann Murphy/The Washington Post)
Priyanka Chopra Jonas's Indian restaurant, SONA, in New York City has dedicated a dish to covid-19 relief efforts in India.
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Republicans’ divergent messages give the impression of disarray.
The FixAnalysis
The GOP ousted a leader whose efforts to inject honesty into the party were unwelcome. Then they followed it up by pushing baseless and false conspiracy theories.
The worst violence in years between the Israeli military and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip risks drawing the United States into just the kind of Middle East morass that President Biden hoped to avoid.
Brandon Cousins plays with his daughter Isabelle, 3, as he and his wife wait in line to vote in Cranberry, Pa., on Nov. 3, 2020. (Michael S. Williamson/The Post)
Census survey data shows turnout was up across nearly every part of the electorate. Here’s what we learned from it.
Framed photos of Indira Chatterjee and her husband, Malay Kumar Chatterjee, who both died after contracting the coronavirus. (Rebecca Conway for The Post)
Sujata Hingorani recorded the struggle of her mother and father, who were partially vaccinated but died nine days apart as finding adequate care became nearly impossible.
Although there will be an eventual cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, it will be harder to stop the communal violence.
But the commissioner found that former finance minister Bill Morneau contravened conflict-of-interest laws.
A direct hit on Mumbai, which would be a 1-in-500-year event, is unlikely. But the cyclone could graze India’s largest city.
Rotating blackouts were instituted island-wide, as the supplier said emergency repairs were underway.
The pro-democracy movement has proven resilient.
After CDC approval on Wednesday, local officials and some parents rush to get younger teens vaccinated.
The ruling came in the third, and probably final, lawsuit by Purple Line opponents.
Tamaria Kelly, 34, drinks a free beer after receiving a coronavirus vaccination at a D.C. Health Department walk-up clinic May 6. (Amanda Voisard/The Post)
Pockets of vaccine hesitancy and the looming threat of vaccine-resistant variants have safety experts recommending that people wear masks indoors and avoid large crowds for the foreseeable future. 
A Washington Post analysis found that over the past 15 years, winning a Golden Globes award for best dramatic film brought in an additional $6 million in box office receipts the weekend after the Globes, compared with the previous weekend.
Leigh H. Perkins1927–2021
He grew the Vermont-based company far beyond fly-fishing, expanding into linen dresses, engraved drinking glasses and even dog beds.
Extended remote work during the pandemic has highlighted how much energy people of color, women, and people with disabilities expend dealing with microaggressions in the office. Some are reluctant to return because of it.
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"I do not want to be a distraction to our incredible men and women," said Mike Polisky, who is among four defendants named in a Title IX lawsuit brought by a former Northwestern cheerleader.
Even without the pall of the Kentucky Derby winner’s failed drug test, you’re better off fading Medina Spirit in the Preakness Stakes.
(Greg Fiume/Maryland Athletics)
The star Maryland lacrosse defender spent a lot of time hurting in silence after tearing her ACL.
If Washington’s coach is to replicate his earlier success with other teams, he will have to see the Capitals’ goalies elevate their game instantly.
After a tumultuous 2020, Wilson and Cambage are ready to lead the Aces back to the WNBA Finals.