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In an escalating campaign, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his financially strapped regime have raided and seized dozens of businesses, even targeting foreign corporations and family enterprises that stuck by him during the country’s civil war.
Possible measures include more U.S. sanctions and the return of international sanctions that were lifted as part of the original deal.
Is it more transmissible? Does it make people sicker? How well do vaccines fare against it? Scientists hope to have answers to some of their questions within weeks.
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At 12 years old, Alhaji Siraj Bah lived on the streets. A decade later, his business in Sierra Leone employs dozens of people working on an alternative to wood-based charcoal.
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Legal experts say it is exceedingly difficult to show parents could foresee their child committing an act of violence.
The National September 11 Memorial Museum is expanding the voices and stories in its exhibits.
Nearly 20 years after Rose Marie Moniz was found dead in her home, prosecutors identified her half brother as the prime suspect.
From The MagazineLost News: Stories in danger of not being told as local newspapers across the U.S. close
District court Judge Jason Lidyard speaks to his staff over the phone in his chambers. (Adria Malcolm for The Post)
Jason Lidyard witnessed the trauma of substance abuse firsthand. Now he’s determined to keep those battling the same problems with their families.
A Better Glynn wanted a new police chief, a new district attorney and more police accountability.
We spoke to experts on how best to navigate another pandemic holiday, especially if you’re dealing with grief, numbness or burnout.
Memoirs, cookbooks and biographies make great gifts.
Traditionally, it is a time to enjoy fried foods, which symbolizes the miracle of oil that was supposed to only last for just one night but instead burned for eight.
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Slalom the North Atlantic right whale, survivor of multiple deadly fishing net entanglements, gave birth. But can mother and calf survive dangerous, human-infested waters?
The study warns of potential water supply problems in about 35 to 60 years.
Record floods tied to climate change have created a crisis in the world’s newest nation. Among the most vulnerable are South Sudanese villagers in the vast wetland of the Sudd, where the White Nile and its tributaries swelled to levels people said they had never seen.
To environmentalists, it might seem strange that Cruz wants to sanction a gas pipeline, but the move makes perfect sense to some Democrats and foreign policy experts.
Previous research had suggested a possible increase in storm intensity in recent decades. This study also finds that hurricanes are increasing in frequency.
The annual gathering felt like a wake for the past decade, even amid the splendor of a historic hotel decked out for Christmas. Not so this time.
Martin Smith cleans up before the 2019 unveiling of his Limestone of Lost Legacies Mural, which memorializes teens who died from gun violence. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Post)
The city's police chief met Saturday with  teens and their families to discuss reshaping policing and confronting crime that too often impacts them directly.