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The Biden administration plans to announce that U.S. officials will require everyone entering the country, including returning Americans, to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure.
To pick the sought-after fruit, Brazilians ascend trees equipped with nothing more than knives and swatches of burlap to protect their bare feet. Because the trunk is tall and thin, and because the weight of an adult can snap it, often those who make the climb are children.
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Water flanks Prime Hook Road as it leads to homes along Prime Hook Beach, Del. (Kyle Grantham for The Post)
Responding to increasingly common extreme weather is a vast undertaking that many state transportation departments are only beginning to tackle.
Billy Barr began logging snowfall to keep busy. Along the way, he became an unwitting chronicler of climate change.
(Tom McCorkle for The Post; food styling by Gina Nistico for The Post)
After making many batches of cookies this year, we're sharing our top tips for guaranteeing your best bake.
These six farms offer a wide range of live Christmas trees. But make sure you go early in the season.
New vaccines are likely to be covered by existing contracts, but some Biden aides are looking at whether more money will be needed.
A sign advertises a Covid-19 testing facility at Newark Liberty International Airport. (Getty Images)
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The new talking point on the right is that we’ve seen more deaths in 2021 than in 2020. It ignores plenty of context — including that Biden’s numbers remain lower than Trump’s even as the world’s have gotten worse.
During the gubernatorial race, Glenn Youngkin said he wants to undo recent revisions to the admissions process at the Fairfax County school — a promise that frustrated equity advocates and school officials.
Wesley Thomas became homeless in 1988.  In 2017, the District charity Miriam's Kitchen helped him find an apartment. (John Kelly/The Post).
Miriam’s Kitchen fed Wesley Thomas. Then it helped him find a home. Now he talks with people still on the streets — checking on them as he walks around the city — and with groups that want to learn about homelessness and how to end it.
It’s been seven years since the last Outlander installment. Fans have a lot of catching up to do.
John Koenig’s compendium of invented words explores the emotions we share.