U.S. envoy says he was told Trump wanted Ukraine aid to be contingent on probe of Bidens, 2016 election

William Taylor, the senior U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, said in his opening statement to impeachment investigators that he became alarmed by secondary diplomatic channels involving U.S. officials that he called “weird.”

Trump compares investigation to ‘lynching,’ drawing condemnation

While the president previously called the probe a “witch hunt,” his latest tweet seized on a word associated with the killings of thousands, predominantly African Americans.
Taylor’s testimony called ‘damning’; firestorm continues over Trump’s lynching tweet
Rubio defends White House response to impeachment inquiry
McConnell contradicts Trump on praise of call with Ukraine President
Democrats seek to bolster William Taylor’s credibility

Parliament denies support for fast-tracked Brexit deal

Lawmakers voted to support Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s deal in principle, but then, more importantly, rejected his timetable — a yes/no result that creates further confusion over what happens next.

Russia, Turkey agree to remove Kurdish fighters along Syrian border as U.S. withdraws troops

Russia gave its blessing to a Turkish-led operation against Kurds who had allied with the United States against the Islamic State — cementing Russia’s role as Syria’s central power broker at a moment when U.S. influence in the region is dissipating.
Hampshire College third-year student Elías Alejo, 20, left, talks with fourth-year student Emery Powell. (Sarah Crosby for The Post)
Hampshire College third-year student Elías Alejo, 20, left, talks with fourth-year student Emery Powell. (Sarah Crosby for The Post)
From the Magazine

Are liberal arts colleges doomed? The cautionary tale of Hampshire College.

How a prestigious school went from academic darling to the verge of collapse — and became an omen for liberal arts education as a whole.
  • 1 day ago
The book, titled “A Warning,” expands upon a September 2018 New York Times column that ricocheted around the world.
New members of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology include one university-based scientist and six people from industries including Dow Chemical, Bank of America and IBM. 
HireVue claims it uses artificial intelligence to decide who’s best for a job. Outside experts call it “profoundly disturbing.”
Fact Checker
The president kept gabbing and gabbing — and getting many things wrong.
Chat Transcript
Licensed clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior takes questions about relationships, family, mental health, motivation, work-life balance, well-being and more.
A baseball clubhouse is never going to be a normal workplace. It shouldn’t be a hostile one.

Offset invested in FaZe Clan off a Florida gamer’s tip. Then the story gets sad.

The relationship between a world-famous rapper and a relatively unknown teenager began when they met in a multiplayer lobby.
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In 1969, the journey to the moon was over. Americans are still trying to make sense of it

In the finale of “Moonrise,” we examine how a trip to another world became an inward journey for humankind. Listen to the last installment in the podcast series or get caught up on those you’ve missed.

How a can of spray paint, a rock and a Facebook video exposed a racial divide

A student painted a racial slur on a rock outside a North Carolina high school. The tumult that followed has divided the community even further.
(Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)
If you buy a MAGA hat, where does your money go?
If you buy a MAGA hat, where does your money go?
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What Republicans used to say about congressional subpoenas
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Opinion | Andrew Yang has plenty of domestic-policy ideas. But what about Syria and Iran?
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Nationals in the World Series: 5 things to watch for
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