Unemployment claims soar, signaling worst jobless rate since Great Depression

Last week’s 6.6 million applications for unemployment benefits are on top of the nearly 10 million Americans who had already applied for unemployment the two previous weeks.

Wide swaths of the country are ill-prepared to see a surge of virus patients

The pandemic has revealed a dearth of reliable data about the key parts of the nation’s health-care system, leaving decision-makers operating in the dark. The Post assembled data to analyze the availability of the critical-care resources needed to treat patients who require extended hospitalization.
The coronavirus is infecting and killing black Americans at a disproportionate rate, according to a Washington Post analysis. Join a panel of Post reporters as they break down the data and what you can do to minimize your risk.

Trump and top aides repeatedly use briefings to describe efforts that have not panned out

The Trump administration’s pronouncements and pledges have turned out, again and again, to be out of sync with what doctors, nurses and stricken families are reporting.

The lesson of revised death toll estimates shouldn’t be that distancing was an overreaction

There has been an increasing focus on the question of whether we went too far. But the revised estimate was a result of new information about distancing efforts.

Guide to the pandemic

There have been more than 1.4 million confirmed cases of covid-19. The virus has killed more than 83,000. Access to the following stories is free:
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Why is Trump advocating an unproven treatment for the coronavirus?

Play the latest episode of Post Reports, the premier daily podcast by The Washington Post.
The former vice president is now the presumptive Democratic nominee. Here's who could fill out the ticket.
Emergency public health measures have led to a 56 percent drop in unlawful border crossings from Mexico, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection now has fewer than 100 people in custody.
This neighborhood park now includes a rain garden and a water-related mural. (Jessica Kourkounis for The Post)
This neighborhood park now includes a rain garden and a water-related mural. (Jessica Kourkounis for The Post)
Climate Solutions
A warming climate means more frequent flooding that can send raw sewage into rivers and streams.
On Fox News, the attorney general was asked about civil liberties concerns surrounding the government’s steps to stem the spread of coronavirus.
The 38-year-old ex-outfielder is a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame whose MLB career was derailed by substance-abuse issues. He was arrested in October.

Hundreds of young Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus, data shows

While the novel coronavirus might be most threatening to the old and compromised, no one is immune.

John Prine’s lyrical one-liners could take your breath away

The songwriting legend, who died Tuesday of covid-19 complications, knew how to land a punchline.
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By The Way

Travel photographers are taking epic nature photos using indoor optical illusions

Outdoor enthusiasts stuck at home because of the pandemic are getting creative with #OurGreatIndoors.
(Whitney Leaming, Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)
Inside a Chicago hospital built to deal with a pandemic
Inside a Chicago hospital built to deal with a pandemic
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Why black communities are more at risk of contracting coronavirus
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Opinion | Covid-19 forced this family doctor to close his practice. Here's how he's providing care.
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An urgent appeal to New Yorkers from a young doctor on the front lines | Voices from the Pandemic
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