Democracy Dies in Darkness
(The Post)
Three people with knowledge of the event said the military did not shoot the plane down and there is no indication that the military caused the crash.
(Heidi Levine for The Post)
Recent back-to-back strikes in greater Dnipro were a reminder that Moscow’s relentless barrage of missiles can deliver death and destruction at any moment.
(Elena Lacey/The Post; iStock)
In 2022, stock prices fell off a cliff, thousands of tech workers lost their jobs and a recession seemed just around the corner. Now the gloom is gone. Thank AI.
(Brian Cassey)
The story of the Hasdeo mine is a case study in how the Modi government uses state power to push through its economic policies and aid a key ally.
(National Library of Scotland)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
The 15th-century Heege manuscript contains rare notes of a traveling minstrel, a study found. It is the medieval equivalent of late-night comedy.
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