Impeachment witness warns that conspiracy theories advance Russia’s agenda as they divide Americans

During the testimony of Russia expert Fiona Hill, the impeachment probe seemed to broaden into a bracing examination of the insidious forces — including the spread of conspiracy theories — infecting American politics.

White House and Republicans discuss limiting impeachment trial to two weeks

No final decisions were made on strategy for a trial that, if it happens, would come in January at the earliest. But several Senate Republicans believe a two-week trial would be long enough to have credence without dragging on too long.

Justice Dept. inspector general draft report finds FBI lawyer may have altered document

The allegation is contained in a draft of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report analyzing the FBI’s Russia investigation. The report is scheduled to be released publicly Dec. 9.

Kentucky governor’s stay at Trump hotel could carry legal implications for Trump

Gov. Matt Bevin’s two nights at President Trump’s D.C. hotel may run afoul of a provision of the Constitution barring presidents from receiving “emoluments,” or payments, from the states.

Two weeks. Seven hearings. Now what?

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Campaign 2020
In Atlanta, multiple events with presidential hopefuls highlighted a puzzle central to the Democratic primary: Can anyone chip away at black support for former vice president Joe Biden?
President Trump’s intervention in the cases of three U.S. service members reflects his reliance on the views of people outside his administration.
Two similar disputes before the high court say the president’s accounting firm must turn over financial documents.
Here are the main takeaways from the attorney general’s report, the latest development in Netanyahu’s drawn-out indictment process.
The vote on the overhaul, which will reassign thousands of students, marked the culmination of a heated battle that drew national attention.
Jake Burton Carpenter
His company, Burton Snowboards, was credited with transforming snowboarding from a renegade diversion into one of the most popular winter sports.
The process can be a bit anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re juggling many other dishes. Try to work ahead so that nothing is left to chance.
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‘Popcorn lung’ may have brought teen close to death after vaping for months, doctors say

The teen was hospitalized for 47 days and narrowly avoided a double lung transplant, his doctors said.

Winners and losers from the latest Democratic debate

Mayor Pete Buttigieg managed the pressure, there was pushback against Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax, and former vice president Joe Biden had yet another shaky performance.
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Two versions of Texas collide over gun measures and mass shootings

The old Texas expanded availability of guns. The new one is agitating for more restrictions.
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Altamont brought a crowd the Rolling Stones couldn’t control
Altamont brought a crowd the Rolling Stones couldn’t control
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‘Bots’ are becoming more humanlike. What does that mean for 2020?
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Fact-checking the November Democratic presidential debate | The Fact Checker
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Why A$AP Rocky was mentioned in the impeachment inquiry
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