Democracy Dies in Darkness
Walmart and Disney became the latest companies to abruptly announce they are requiring vaccines for many of their employees as business executives struggle to adjust to the rapidly changing environment caused by covid-19′s delta variant.
As the deal threatened to collapse at several points, President Biden picked up the phone to speak privately with key Republicans. The negotiations tested his promise that he could work with GOP senators, yielding results but angering some liberals.
A tracking dog and its handler take part in a search for infected wild boars in a forest near Beeskow, Germany, last month. (Omer Messinger/Getty Images)
As the world fights the coronavirus pandemic, teams in Europe are battling another outbreak: African swine fever, a virus that kills almost every pig it infects in about a week to 10 days.
While Congress approved $10 billion in federal assistance to help homeowners pay off debt, the program is moving so slowly that protections are expiring before states have figured out how to distribute the money.
Large-scale conventional attacks on Kandahar and Herat have the potential to endanger millions more civilians.
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1United States20231659
3Russian O.C.12191344
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Hostilities between Israel and Iran are more frequently playing out at sea, in tit-for-tat attacks on oil tankers, private commercial vessels and warships.
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) joked about hitting the House speaker while speaking at a Tennessee GOP dinner in which he was presented with an oversize gavel.
Morning Star Gali is seen at Vista Point Park in Napa, Calif., in July. (Marlena Sloss for The Post)
Tennessee state Rep. David Byrd had become so ill from infection that he had to get a liver transplant in June.
Micheal Freedy’s fiancee is now urging everyone to get vaccinated and drawing vitriol.
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(Amber Ferguson/The Washington Post)
As cases of the coronavirus surge across the United States, health officials and politicians discussed masking and potential restrictions on Aug. 1.