Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Video: Julie Yoon/The Post; photo: AFP/Getty Images)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under more pressure from strikes and demonstrations after firing his defense minister for opposing the legislation.
(Planet Labs PBC. NAIP imagery courtesy of the USDA Farm Service Agency)
Left: AI-generated images of hands used to be unrealistic. Right: An AI-generated image from a newer program. (Aidan Ragan/Midjourney)
Critics warn that flawless images will make deep fake-campaigns more plausible, absent glaring clues that an image is fabricated.
(Ricky Carioti/The Post)
The women, and hundreds of others like them, found out that they had to prove to the federal government their need for specialized health care because the Pentagon never classified them as “combat” veterans.
(Kathleen Hinkel for The Post)
Roger Sharpe’s momentous 1976 game is now the inspiration for a new movie, “Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game.” But he wanted to make sure the filmmakers got it right.
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