Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Abidemi Rufai’s brazen and repeated pilfering of coronavirus relief funds eventually helped freeze the entire unemployment system in the state of Washington.
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Unions say rail carriers cut too much in the name of efficiency, leaving insufficient flexibility. Companies say workers already have sick leave options.
Federal officials are predicting that Twitter will contribute to more violence, citing the proliferation of extreme content, including support for Nazis by certain celebrities and the reemergence of QAnon proselytizers and white nationalists.
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Final efforts to reach voters in Georgia’s Senate runoff between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker were everywhere at Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship football game.
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At a Poconos resort where both the heart-shaped hot tub and the champagne glass hot tub were invented, it was exactly as expected: Glorious and tragic, a forsaken oasis of dilapidated magic.
With no imminent danger posed by the ongoing flow of lava from Mauna Loa, Hawaiian authorities are busy dealing with a different sort of spectacle: Throngs of people trying to get a closer look at Earth’s biggest volcano.
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