Democracy Dies in Darkness
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The party-line vote marks a major achievement for Democrats, after more than a year of wrangling over a centerpiece of President Biden’s economic agenda. It now awaits a vote in the House.
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Past, Rediscovered
A White House fountain honors artist Francis Davis Millet and military aide Archibald Butt. Here's what we know about them.
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A photographer traveled to Afghanistan three times since the Taliban returned to power. Here's what he saw.
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Since July 6, they have parked their American flag-draped vehicles on the National Mall protesting what they say is America’s abandonment of the Constitution.
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The breakthrough came as conditions inside Gaza are becoming increasingly dire, with electricity supplies dwindling and hospitals warning that vital services are close to collapse.
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Let’s put aside the brain-boggling size and possible infinitude of the universe for one moment. The successful launch, deployment and early scientific returns from the Webb are a big deal in astronomy. But make no mistake: The universe is not about to reveal all its secrets.
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As the warming atmosphere fuels once-unthinkable amounts of rain in single bursts, the problem of so much water arriving so quickly is posing serious challenges in a nation where the built environment is outdated and increasingly outmatched.
By The WayPerspective
Nothing feels more selfish than planning a vacation as the world faces climate change.
Researchers say the water may temporarily warm the climate.
Outfitted with roof solar panels and a battery pack, the lighthouses store energy to help people who are especially vulnerable during extended power outages.
The department is proposing to update airline refund and credit rules based on consumer complaints during the pandemic.
It’s complicated. Be forewarned: Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are nuanced and a little confusing.
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With abortion rights overturned, are Republicans ready to change the way they think about federal support for families?
Modernizing the tax collector is a key to the party’s climate change and health care bill, but the agency has many problems after years of underfunding
Recruiters say OB/GYNs are turning down offers, a warning for conservative-dominated states already experiencing shortages.
Local, state and federal police are exploring possible connections in the deaths of four men.
Families are trying to undo a deferred prosecution deal between Boeing and the Justice Department they say lets the company evade accountability.