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The Afghanistan Papers A Secret History of the War | Part 4
A Secret History of the War | Part 4
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The U.S. flooded Afghanistan with money — then turned a blind eye to the graft it fueled

Key figures in the Afghanistan war said Washington tolerated corruption by unsavory warlords, drug traffickers and contractors because they were seen as U.S. allies, documents The Post obtained after a three-year legal battle show.

Broken over Brexit, Britain heads to the polls

The vote — between the two major parties offering the starkest of choices — is set to shape the nation's sense of itself, its union, economy and relations not only with Europe but also the United States, for years to come.

Why Washington is still fighting about the origins of the Russia probe

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The Department of Justice accused the players of submitting false claims for medical equipment costing between $40,000 and $50,000.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on the news. But the president has often suggested that the two sides were close to a deal only to see negotiations stall.
A deadly shooting that targeted Jersey City Kosher Supermarket has the city's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community reeling.
In a morning tweet, the president said the Swedish climate activist needs to work on anger management and suggested she see a movie with a friend.
ProPublica reports that the president’s son received special treatment from the Mongolian government just weeks after U.S. and Mongolian officials met at the White House.
Rarely is the aftermath of animal testing so visible — and so hungry.

Ivanka Trump will do her job no matter what happens in Washington

She went to a women’s prison in Indiana with M.C. Hammer, Apple's Tim Cook and Commerce's Wilbur Ross — because why not?
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The oldest story ever told is painted on this cave wall, archaeologists report

Humans hunt animals in this newfound 44,000-year-old cave art in Indonesia.
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Sunny Eaton and Karin Balsley spent years driving and camping in their modified ’97 Toyota Land Cruiser.