Time since shutdown began
Ahead of a noon vote in the Senate that could pave the way for a short-term spending plan, lawmakers were discussing a deal that would allow the government to reopen in exchange for ironclad assurances of a vote on immigration policy in the coming weeks.
Earlier, President Trump slammed accused Democrats of acting at the behest of their “far left base” in demanding protections for young undocumented immigrants.
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The failed efforts by moderate lawmakers to end the spending impasse underscore how poisoned the well has become.
The president’s closest advisers and allies have cautioned him against negotiating with lawmakers.
Miller at the White House. (Jabin Botsford/The Post)
Miller at the White House. (Jabin Botsford/The Post)
The adviser to President Trump holds an influential yet delicate role — a true believer in restrictionist immigration policies who is trying to broker a deal on behalf of a president with more flexible positions. But his approach has its critics as a standoff over border issues has helped fuel the government shutdown.
The White House budget director is trying to minimize the impact of the shutdown, which could send 800,000 federal employees home without pay and limit operations at the Pentagon.
The story must be told.
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Palestinian factions have called for a strike and demonstrations on Tuesday, and a few dozen demonstrators gathered in Bethlehem on Monday night.
A new Washington Post-ABC News poll is a sign that two groups that have recoiled from Donald Trump’s presidency will play a decisive role in November.
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If the U.S. government shutdown doesn't scramble plans, eight Cabinet-level figures and at least seven other top-ranking officials are scheduled to make the trip.
The White House has barely stopped reeling from author Michael Wolff’s account of life in President Trump’s West Wing. Now another life-in-the-White-House book is about to drop, this one by Fox News host Howard Kurtz.
In the midst of the fallout from Hollywood’s flood of sexual harassment scandals, viewers noticed who was not in attendance.
New England is making its eighth Super Bowl appearance with Tom Brady as quarterback and Bill Belichick as coach. But the end of the Patriots’ brilliant run is in sight.
After decades of waiting for the right technology, scientists are finally checking off the last item on a wish list of space projects from 1958.
(Reuben Fischer-Baum and Kim Soffen/The Post)
(The Washington Post)
(The Washington Post)
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