Democracy Dies in Darkness
With the 67-year-old chancellor deciding not to run for reelection, the election is the first in Germany’s postwar history in which an incumbent isn’t in the mix.
The role has allowed her to establish independence from a Biden administration that has disappointed many activists.
Building Afghanistan’s national security forces was one of the most ambitious and expensive aspects of two decades of U.S.-led war. The United States spent billions of dollars training and equipping police, soldiers and special forces. But it resulted in failure.
One body was hung from a crane in the main square of Herat by Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers, and three others were displayed elsewhere in the city.
The dire situation in Idaho, one of the least-vaccinated states in the country, is another grisly illustration of what happens when a state fails to contain infections.
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Children returning to school line up before entering P.S. 179 Kensington in December, in New York City. (Getty Images)
The hack of the Internet-services company popular with the far right is seen as the “mother of all data lodes” for extremism researchers.
Every year, Facebook, Google and other technology companies receive hundreds of thousands of orders from law enforcement agencies,  seeking data people stash online and forbidding the companies from telling their customers about it.
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(Kate Wool for The Post)
The Cold Climate Housing Research Center combines “Indigenous wisdom and 21st-century technologies” for sustainable architecture that can withstand the state’s elements.
A new study showed nighttime air in the western U.S. is getting drier and warmer, potentially prolonging fire activity.
The agency hopes that government workers — once the rail system’s backbone — will return en masse but admits that other options are needed if they don’t.
The collapse was probably caused by an unusual buildup of corrosive gases in the pipe, according to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
In 1948, 14-year-old Bill Neff attended an airshow at Bolling Air Force Base in which a B-17 made a rough landing after being flown by remote control from Florida. Here it is on the right, under the control of a pilot aboard the “mother ship” on the left. (Bill Neff)
The B-17 was just one of the military’s glitchy remote-controlled drones.
“Dream Boat,” by Stephanie Garmey, dazzles with 3-D effects. (Bethesda Urban Partnership)
Anne Marchand offers mixed media abstractions at a new apartment lobby exhibition space, and Sara Dittrich explores climate change at Honfleur Gallery.
A reader cleaning up after a parent's poor financial choices wonders why, these days, it's "not their fault" when people are ignorant, addicted, in debt.
Cousin’s daughter got married on the opposite coast and didn’t tell all the family.
Bride is hurt that the left after an hour, missing “99 percent” of the fun.
The 81-year-old is up for a Tony for her part in “Grand Horizons.” (Melissa Bunni Elian for The Post)
With her eighth Tony nomination, the acclaimed performer may be leaving the theater. But her offstage work as a biodiversity activist is far from over.
“I’m proud of his journey,” said Mayor Muriel E. Bowser, who hired Khalid Naji-Allah as her staff photographer.