Democracy Dies in Darkness
Joe Biden greets voters, including a woman with a son in the military, at the South Carolina Democratic Party Convention in June 2019. (Melina Mara/The Post)
Biden had his sights on the White House from a young age. But unlike some of his predecessors, Biden has shown striking empathy, regularly blowing up his schedule by hanging back to clasp the shoulders of those who’d lost children, or keeping donors waiting while he spent time with a kid who stuttered.
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The 45-page report, released on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, is largely an attack on decades of historical scholarship, particularly when it comes to the nation's 400-year-old legacy of slavery. Most of those listed as authors lack credentials as historians.
Martha MacCallum's news show is moving to 3 p.m. Morning co-host Brian Kilmeade is getting the first chance to replace her. (AP)
With viewership faltering since November, last year’s top-rated cable channel will try out pundits for a 7 p.m. slot once devoted to news. In the running: Maria Bartiromo.
Alice Li/The Washington Post
Downtown D.C. is a fortress as inauguration nears
The heart of the nation’s capital is a maze of fences, concrete barriers and security checkpoints ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.
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A quarantine facility is under construction in Shijiazhuang, China. (CNS/AFP/Getty Images)
Executive pardons are a common power across the globe. But Trump’s approach to the pardon stands out on the world stage.
Approval of the U.S. president in France, Germany and Italy is likely to jump by roughly 50 percentage points on Wednesday.
Mark Ruwedel’s book, "Seventy-Two and One Half Miles Across Los Angeles," is a portrait of his hometown.
Social studies and civics teachers, who explain how government works, face an unprecedented task.
As coronavirus pandemic intensifies, many colleges are starting classes online.
Md. Gov. Larry Hogan got the Moderna vaccine on Monday. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
A spokesman for Gov. Larry Hogan said the state is doing the best it can with the vaccine supply available.
More sunshine returns today before a cold and windy Inauguration Day. Most days this week should be mainly sunny with near-average temperatures.
FAQ: What to know about restrictions and safety
(AFP/Getty Images)
More than 180 countries across the globe have pushed for the International Monetary Fund to approve emergency financial backing for nations reeling from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus.
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(The Frick Collection, New York)
A heron, a shepherd and a rabbit all add to a sense of dazzling profusion and potential in Giovanni Bellini’s “St. Francis in the Desert.”
This Swiss Oscar submission paints a portrait of a woman trying to save her brother’s life.
The story collection arrives on the heels of Barry’s superb 2019 novel, “Night Boat to Tangier.”