Democracy Dies in Darkness
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For the often-overlooked victims present when their moms and dads are gunned down, the trauma is unique and immense. Three Chicago cases reveal the depths of sadness, anger, guilt and dread that child witnesses endure.
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The superstar’s trademark claim is based largely on her 1994 smash hit and holiday classic, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”
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The teenager, described in court documents as “almost seventeen years-old and parentless” and identified only as Jane Doe 22-B, had submitted a handwritten petition seeking a waiver of the state’s parental notification and consent requirements.
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Consumer spending drives more than two-thirds of GDP, offering important insight into the state of the economy and the likelihood of a recession. Here are some less-intuitive markers that might qualify as economic tea leaves.
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Ukrainians are offering to write personal messages on a growing arsenal of weapons. Westerners are opening their wallets.
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