Democracy Dies in Darkness
Security reports and emails didn’t predict the attack on the Capitol, but they raise questions about whether law enforcement agencies were aware of the scope of planned protests.
Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave his first public comments on the events of Jan. 6.
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If one Democrat has a fever, breaks an ankle or takes a bad fall, the legislative process would come to a stop. Worse, Democrats are fully aware that a death could end their majority at any moment.
Some health experts say that in venturing to a country with far fewer resources to manage the pandemic, the pope’s trip is nonetheless risky.
A vehicle packed with at least 25 passengers collided with a tractor-trailer, according to hospital officials and the California Highway Patrol.
John Farrell/The Washington Post
How Novavax uses moth cells to create its coronavirus vaccine
Novavax, a biotech company out of Gaithersburg, Md., uses recombinant protein technology to create their coronavirus vaccine.
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The independent commission, set up two years ago with the approval of French church officials, has received more than 6,500 calls from people providing testimony on incidents over the past seven decades.
The sanctions are the first by the Biden administration targeting Russia. Alexei Navalny has been a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The PBS program took unprecedented steps to find an audience for a documentary about persecuted Filipino journalist Maria Ressa.
The latest annual report on “Freedom in the World” by a major Washington pro-democracy organization provides grim reading.
The influence campaign by dozens of Saudi-based Twitter accounts sought to deflect responsibility for Jamal Khashoggi's killing from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Law enforcement at a Florida apartment complex where two agents were shot last month. (AP)
A combination of coronavirus precautions and existing immunity to the flu has nearly eradicated influenza infections and deaths in the United States.
Brian Myers said he had fallen to the floor, unable to move toward his cellphone, when he looked up to find Sadie standing over him, distressed.
Graham’s books made him one of the foremost U.S. commentators of the 1990s on race and class.
The alert was meant to be a test message and was not supposed to trigger a wireless emergency alert.
The new policy is intended to encourage local health departments, which focus on the highest-priority recipients, to make appointments for each available dose.
Maryland Sen. Dolores G. Kelley speaks during a meeting of the Legislative Black Caucus in Annapolis. (Doug Kapustin for The Post)
Republican lawmakers said some colleagues were uncomfortable with the language. So all 11 references to racism, past and present, were struck.