President Trump began the day tweeting he might veto the package but signed the bill in the afternoon, saying he was swayed by the gains for the military. The five hours of confusion highlighted his desire to continue to be seen as an outsider.
The decision revokes a full ban that President Trump issued last summer but disqualifies U.S. troops who have had sex-reassignment surgery.
A family of North Korean defectors hugs in a hotel room after escaping from the country. (Paula Bronstein for The Post)
A family of North Korean defectors hugs in a hotel room after escaping from the country. (Paula Bronstein for The Post)
A fisherman and his wife wanted a better education for their teenage son and young daughter, so they fled the country. Now, the father has learned to drive, the mother washes clothes in a washing machine, and the children use the Internet and play cellphone games. But the defectors were also discovering how expensive life in the South can be.
March for Our Lives
A huge crowd is expected for what is billed as a youth-led movement spearheaded by student survivors of school shootings. Many D.C.-area families, businesses and organizations are lending their support, and “sibling marches” are planned nationwide.
This weekend’s marches aren’t the first time children have shamed adults into action.
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The story must be told.
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Recorded phone conversations and text messages sent to Leigh Corfman’s attorney, Eddie Sexton, show how far some of Moore’s most fervent supporters were willing to go to salvage the campaign in Alabama.
President Trump dismissed the young foreign policy adviser as a “low level volunteer,” but emails show he had more extensive contact with key campaign figures than previously known.
The now-embattled firm aggressively courted organizations on the right for work on the 2014 midterms with pitches about its “psychographic” profiling that relied in part on Facebook data.
The president’s intervention to seemingly derail the megaproject — a rail tunnel and bridge connecting New Jersey and Manhattan — was less about its merits and more about who was in control.
Police confirmed they had been found, with no signs of traumatic injury, in the condominium where they were staying in Tulum, a popular destination for those looking to explore Mayan ruins or snorkel in limestone sinkholes.
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(Shane Bevel for The Post)
(Shane Bevel for The Post)
Edge of Fame
At one time, Hanson’s rise to megastardom may have seemed stunning in itself, but the band’s greatest feat may be how it has survived.
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'Too many of my friends have died because of guns:' Students prepare to march in D.C.
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Opinion | John Bolton is smart and effective. That's why we should be concerned.
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Getting around D.C. during March for Our Lives
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Birth control for men? Here’s what you need to know
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