The hasty American pullback from Syria is a searing moment in U.S. withdrawal from the Middle East

The move sent a message to the wider world that U.S. disengagement could resonate beyond the region, where many are wondering whether the United States is not only an unreliable power but also a weak one, an analyst said.

Trump tries to distance U.S. from Syria chaos after Turkish incursion

Outrage over the U.S. withdrawal from northern Syria swelled on Capitol Hill, with the House condemning the decision in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote.

McConnell tells Senate Republicans to prepare for impeachment trial

In a PowerPoint presentation, the Senate majority leader said the trial could begin as soon as Thanksgiving and may require six days of meetings a week.

Key figure in Trump impeachment inquiry criticized for $1 million taxpayer-funded home renovation

The project at E.U. ambassador Gordon Sondland’s home on the outskirts of Brussels includes a $209,000 professional kitchen and a $223,000 family kitchen.
“They’ve got a lot of sand over there. So there’s a lot of sand they can play with.”
— Trump, on the battleground between the Turkish military and Syrian Kurds
“I have so many Italian friends. I can’t tell you how many Italian friends.”
— Trump, to the Italian president
“I still ask the FBI: Where is the server?”
— Trump, referring to Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election
“To me it will always be called ‘Columbus Day.’ Some people don’t like that. I do.”
— Trump, referring to the Italian heritage of Christopher Columbus
“Who is an angel? There aren’t too many around.”
— Trump, on the Syrian Kurds
President Trump in the Oval Office on Wednesday, the 1,000th day of his presidency. (Jabin Botsford/The Post)
President Trump in the Oval Office on Wednesday, the 1,000th day of his presidency. (Jabin Botsford/The Post)

Day 1,000 of the Trump presidency: A troop withdrawal, an impeachment inquiry and ‘a lot of sand’

President Trump spent his 1,000th day in office the usual way: by saying unusual things. He talked sand in the Middle East, then got salty with Congress.

A Democratic debate, in the shadow of impeachment

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Campaign 2020
The Democrats' nomination fight is showing signs of narrowing its focus to fewer candidates, divided into parallel feuds in the liberal and moderate wings of the party.
For years, Lenny Pozner has battled conspiracy theorists’ false claims that the 2012 shooting death of his son, Noah, at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax.
Along with familiar issues such as contract length, benefits and class sizes, one of the core demands of the teachers union is about access to affordable housing.
Megan Brennan, a former letter carrier who is the first woman to head the postal agency, had resisted President Trump’s push to double the rates charged to Amazon and other firms to ship packages.

How the Nationals won D.C.’s heart — and what that tells the U.S. about Washington

As the Nationals head to the World Series, the historic moment is uniting people in a divided city where other institutions that once provided the region’s civic glue have struggled or shifted their roles.
President Evo Morales's Movement for Socialism won at the ballot box 13 years ago, and Bolivians are now healthier, wealthier, better educated and living longer than at any time in the South American nation’s history.
A mother's sacrifice gave him a rare gift that pushed him from a Uganda refugee camp into a future of video game development.
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Kim Jong Un rides white horse on sacred mountain – and plans ‘great operation’

Photos showing the North Korean leader on horseback in the snow, atop an active volcano, could presage a major announcement.
By The Way

United has a new tool to help you make tight connections. They say it’s saved 50,000 missed flights.

The airline says that new technology automatically flags flights that can be held and sends texts to travelers with directions to the gate.
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Trump stuns British teen’s parents, says American in crash that killed their son is nearby and able to meet

Harry Dunn's parents, who were visiting the United States, had no idea they were to meet President Trump, much less the woman who after the accident in Britain claimed diplomatic immunity and returned to the United States.
(Daron Taylor/The Washington Post)
HBO's 'Watchmen' series is set in Tulsa. Here's why that's symbolic.
HBO's 'Watchmen' series is set in Tulsa. Here's why that's symbolic.
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‘ISIS is the biggest beneficiary’: Graham lashes out at Trump over Syria withdrawal
Play Video 2:45
Why do Democrats keep asking you for $1 donations?
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There's no difference between sports and esports. Harrisburg U seeks to prove that.
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