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Rudolph W. Giuliani listens to fellow Trump lawyer Sidney Powell during a news conference Thursday in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
Ridiculous claims and embarrassing behavior are clearly acceptable. So what wasn't?
Wellshire used what consumer advocates describe as a loophole to a rule designed to prevent most lenders from qualifying for the Fed's Main Street pandemic-loan program.
The pro-Trump Internet can’t stop talking about their exodus from Big Tech, but very few have actually left their long-time social media homes.
More than 3 million people traveled in the past three days, despite CDC guidance to stay home for Thanksgiving.
The meeting, with five players who have been vocal on matters ranging from White privilege to police violence, offers a glimpse into what aspects of U.S. society the pontiff feels are most important.
Adriana Usero, Allie Caren/The Washington Post
Movies that capture the essence of Thanksgiving | Critics at Home
From a classic to the unconventional, the Post’s Mary Beth Albright and Daniela Galarza explore what Thanksgiving movies to watch in 2020.
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Senate candidate Jon Ossoff speaks to voters in Atlanta on Election Day. (Melina Mara/The Post)
If Democrats want to win the Senate majority, they might need some of those who skipped the Senate races on their Nov. 3 ballots or voted for the Republican.
The TrailerAnalysis
The Trump campaign would need to void more than 100,000 votes across at least three states to do what the president is asking and overturn the election, but the total number of votes being challenged is north of 5.2 million.
He and several other Republicans have begun to publicly urge the president to concede.
The president’s campaign sought to disqualify all absentee votes cast in person before Election Day in two Democratic strongholds.
Supporters of President Trump keep claiming that President-elect Joe Biden's vote total bolsters his false claims of improprieties.
The University of Wisconsin at Madison, in a hard-hit state, is a case study of the challenges colleges are facing before the Thanksgiving holiday.
The family is publicly sharing their story in a video campaign hoping to deter those who still plan to gather for the holidays.
Kyle Lierman, Amanda Brown Lierman and their children, Leia, 1, and Belle, 3, at their home in Takoma Park, Md. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser is tightening restrictions on restaurants and social gatherings for the first time since the city entered Phase 2 in June as the region’s seven-day average number of infections has hit a record for 20 consecutive days.
The Maryland governor is one of many who predict an even larger surge in infections if people let their guards down.
Andrea Houston leads a fourth-grade class lesson on the history of Matthew Maury Elementary School, which was named for a Confederate naval officer. (TJ Houston)
The Northern Virginia school system developed classes focused on Confederate naval officer Matthew Maury and segregationist former superintendent Thomas Chambliss Williams.
To restore faith in the voting process, they say to bombard doubters with facts, but show some compassion and don’t insult them.
The firefighter was shot after being sent there to help treat the first of the two civilian victims.
The Finance 202Analysis
Meanwhile, President-elect Biden's advisers think “more urgent action” is necessary before the year ends and are reportedly planning for the possibility of a “double-dip recession” early next year.
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The NCAA tournament selection committee will be challenged while dealing with a smaller set of games.
Many teams deserve a look from the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, even if that look might owe something to pandemic schedule distortions.
(José Luis Soto/The Post)
Stop worrying about who's a lineman and who's a linebacker, and learn a new vocabulary.
“I always had a bit of anger, mostly sarcastic, but anger would kind of come to play at times,” the comedian says.
TV Review
Too long to be a movie and too short to be a series, “Black Narcissus” is set in a spooky convent in the Himalayas.
In SightPerspective
A feeling of absence is touching D.C.’s photographic community after the sudden passing of the photographer. 
A new compliation is the latest reminder of the political, syrupy and quick-burning breed of pop that took over London in the ’80s.