Democracy Dies in Darkness
President Biden’s planned announcement marks a potential breakthrough after months of negotiations and stalled talks. The White House plans to detail specific policies it expects to pass Congress after weeks of whittling down Biden’s agenda.
Only four of President Biden’s choices to be a U.S. ambassador to a foreign government have been approved by the Senate, three of them on Tuesday. Sen. Ted Cruz is blocking many.
Both sides presented written briefs to the Supreme Court in advance of next week’s hastily scheduled hearing on the law that has virtually shut down abortion within the state’s borders.
Hazard-reduction burns are aimed at reducing the chance of a wildfire or, at least, slowing one. But in this chess game with Mother Nature, humans have put themselves at a disadvantage.
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Snow fell near Mammoth Mountain on Monday at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California. (AP)
Like an epic fire hose, a long, narrow band of water vapor located in the lower atmosphere — known as an atmospheric river — doused California with nearly 8 trillion gallons of water Sunday and Monday, making a small dent in the drought.
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But climate experts question the numbers and the science Russia may pitch at the U.N. climate conference.
(Video: United Nations)
The video was released by the U.N. Development Program. The dinosaur was voiced by by actor and songwriter Jack Black.
The plan to help mitigate climate change could demand extreme lifestyle changes from residents addicted to car culture and 24/7 air conditioning.
Methane emissions are set to become a defining issue on Capitol Hill, at the EPA and at an upcoming U.N. climate summit in Scotland next week.
(Casey Silvestri/The Post)
New York Attorney General Letitia James. (AP)
James, who could announce as soon as Thursday, oversaw the inquiry into the sexual harassment claims against then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo that led to his resignation. She is the highest-profile candidate so far to challenge Gov. Kathy Hochul in what is likely to be a fiercely contested Democratic primary.
A federal appeals court on Wednesday delayed the executions of John Marion Grant and Julius Jones, both convicted of murders in the 1990s.
The Audubon Naturalist Society is the first of the 11 original Audubon societies to rebuke its namesake and his racist past.
A tornado swept across a highway in Orange, Tex., on Oct. 27. (Mary Phan via Storyful)
The storm system will sweep eastward, bringing severe weather to the South and eventually more heavy rain and wind to the East Coast.
The new FTC data suggest more Americans turned to cigarettes last year amid the stress of a fractured economy and a once-in-a-generation public health crisis.
The coronavirus infected 59,000 workers at the country’s top meatpacking companies and killed more than 250, lawmakers found.
U.S. companies are increasingly relying on a closed-door system to settle employee and consumer grievances.
Halloween brings costume parties and outdoor movies, but don't overlook the world's best gymnasts or live jazz at one of D.C.'s coolest wine bars.
Nation of Language, Medium Build, Emmit Fenn and Carmen Canedo perform this week.
The Northern Virginia art-rock band got together via a Facebook call out and a Craigslist ad.