Democracy Dies in Darkness
Registered nurse Adele Prieto receives her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine Wednesday from Lesia Turner at a Dallas mass vaccination site. (LM Otero/AP)
A draft FEMA document envisions four different models for sites, with the largest capable of handling 6,000 doses a day.
The president appears to be putting the brakes on what critics said was a Trump administration effort to turn the federal government’s news agencies into mouthpieces for Trump’s views and policies.
The appointment of Rebecca Kelly Slaughter as acting chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission positions the watchdog agency to take on a more aggressive role in policing Facebook, Google and other tech giants in Silicon Valley.
Cases involving the variant are increasing 70 percent a week there, despite a strict lockdown, according to a government agency that tracks diseases and advises health policy.
They are harnessing their logistical and technological expertise to inoculate their communities.
Workers attend to patients at a hospital in Wuhan on Feb. 6, 2020. (Reuters)
Relatives who lost loved ones early in the pandemic say they cannot move on without answers from authorities who failed to warn the public in a timely way.
Confusion over nursing home set-asides, uncertainty about the status of second doses and reluctance to order vaccine that might go unused mean some doses remain in warehouses.
On Tuesday, Israel’s Health Ministry and council for gynecological health updated its guidance to recommend the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, especially those with preexisting health issues or who work in close contact with the public.
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Byung J. “BJay” Pak suddenly stepped down earlier this month as then-President Trump waged a pressure campaign on Georgia officials over the election.
The brother of disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn defended his actions in the U.S. military's deliberations over how to respond to the assault on the Capitol.
A man wears a QAnon shirt in New Hampshire in August. (Getty Images)
With Q having vanished and Trump out of office, far-right extremist groups are targeting disillusioned believers online in hopes of further radicalizing them to a new cause.
Mahlia Posey/The Washington Post
Democrats take control of 50-50 Senate
The Democrats are taking control of the Senate as an impeachment trial, cabinet nominations and an ambitious Biden agenda are all on the table.
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Black Lives Matter protesters display “I voted” wristbands after leaving a polling center in Louisville on Oct. 13. (Getty Images)
Systemic racial inequalities have left Black Americans trailing Whites on every economic measure — gaps that are worsening amid the coronavirus recession.
Biden and his team found themselves immediately on what the president called a “wartime” footing as he issued executive orders aimed at combating the coronavirus and preparing measures to take on the struggling economy and other challenges. 
(Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters)
Some members of the ruling coalition are reported to have developed cold feet, but Tokyo and the IOC insist the show will go on.
The warning and the arrests triggered an outpouring of support for the jailed opposition leader from prominent Russians who usually shun politics.
In an inaugural address that pleaded for unity, President Biden identified an enemy.
Former astronaut Julie Payette was accused of verbally abusing and humiliating staffers.
A lawyers’ group has filed an ethics complaint against Rudy Giuliani with New York’s courts.
The pandemic makes it harder for students and counselors to address mental health problems.
Ajitha Ratnam, 53, and her daughters Tulsi, 27, and Tirtha, 20, hold up their tile contributions in Oakton, Va. (Courtesy of Ajitha Ratnam)
For thousands of Americans, their first trip to the nation’s capital was to either storm the Capitol or to protect it.
While Pope Francis sent warm congratulations, condemnation this week from U.S. bishops suggests Biden’s tenure will be marked by Catholic infighting.
(Amelia Chen for The Post)
As shoppers 60 and older head online, major retailers and consumer goods brands are scrambling to meet them there.
The reserves of the trust fund that pays retirement and survivor benefits will be unable to pay full benefits in 2034.
The review would be the first major case for the Facebook-funded Oversight Board, an independent watchdog organization.
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Stefon Diggs found the "new beginning" he sought with the Buffalo Bills. (AP)
Rivers never won the MVP award and he never earned first-team all-pro honors.
The presumptive MVP is set to face fellow legend Tom Brady in the NFC championship, and his tale is less one of redemption than relaxation.
The team reportedly plans to let 1,500 fans attend games starting  this month, and all guests and employees will need to be screened by the dogs.