Democracy Dies in Darkness
On Thursday, the president will convene the two-day “Summit for Democracy” as a rally against authoritarianism. Some invitees have undisputed democratic credentials, and some that were omitted are clearly authoritarian — but many fall into a murky area.
Nunes (R-Calif.) will step down from his seat at the end of December, the company said.
With high unemployment and a record contraction in the economy during the pandemic, many families in India can scarcely afford three meals a day.
An unrelated sexual misconduct claim may have only hastened the network’s decision to dismiss its star anchor for crossing ethical lines to help his brother.
A witness said Maxwell encouraged her to give Jeffrey Epstein massages.
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For a successful get-together with a blended family, set conflicts aside, communicate ahead of time and keep expectations clear.
Fig and Ginger Terrazzo Tiles With Disco Sugar; Spiced Spelt. (Scott Suchman for The Post)
Whether you're shopping for him or her, mom or dad, we've got all the gift ideas you'll need.
Officials say the FBI could not confirm assertions that a key witness recanted prior testimony.
Fewer and fewer reporters are covering the nation’s state governments. One organization is trying to reverse that trend.
(Julie Yoon/The Post)
The cold-season Kona storm system could deliver up to 25 inches of rain, a foot of mountain snow and hurricane-force winds on the summits of the Big Island. A rare blizzard warning was issued for Mauna Kea, whose nearly 14,000-foot summit was a winter wonderland over the weekend.
Hospitals are accusing the travel companies of price gouging. The companies say they are responding to the laws of supply and demand in an increasingly mobile work environment.
Quarterbacks have dominated the award for the past two decades, and three of this year's four finalists play the position.
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After a “special” performance in a win over the Raiders, Washington’s defense is living up to its potential.
The team fired general manager Neil Olshey, the leading corporate executive abruptly resigned, and franchise player Damian Lillard has expressed unhappiness.
The Wizards were their own worst enemy as self-inflicted mistakes arrived in crucial moments.
Ringo Starr, (from left) Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, in "Get Back." (AP)
In Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary, Paul McCartney writes "Get Back" in a number of minutes. Many musicians felt validated.
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Even in a year of recovery, theater hit some high notes, onstage and on-screen.
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Despite the covid confinement, dance artists found many ways to unleash their creativity.
A bristling alienation can still be heard, but opening band Bed Maker delivered a stronger example.
Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize winner got a vivacious tryout at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.