Democracy Dies in Darkness
Joe Biden won rapidly diversifying Georgia partly because Asian Americans mobilized to an unprecedented degree. With two critical Senate runoffs approaching, these voters could also boost Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
Up to 88 percent of the workforce at the Office of Management and Budget could be affected.
Watch live as Pope Francis elevates 13 new cardinals, including Wilton Gregory, the archbishop of Washington. (Video: Reuters; file photo: Oliver Contreras for The Post)
The Vatican’s ceremony to elevate new cardinals is unusual for its new safety rules in light of the pandemic. The event is also historic, particularly for the U.S. Catholic Church, where Blacks are a minority inside the faith and an even smaller minority among top leadership.
The offensive to capture the city of Mekele, home to half a million people, comes after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued a 72-hour ultimatum to the leaders of the rebelling region to surrender.
Holidays 2020
(Aysha Tengiz for The Post)
In a year that made history in myriad, often tragic ways, our reading habits reflected our coping methods, as we reached for apocalyptic fiction, primers on race, political books that reflected highly partisan worldviews, plus thrillers, romance and science fiction — anything to help us escape.
Jon Gerberg/The Washington Post
How Trump's false election claims are keeping his movement alive
President Trump lost his bid for re-election, but he and many of his most fervent supporters have refused to accept it.
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Then-Federal Reserve Chair Janet L. Yellen, center, in 2014. (Michael Dwyer/AP)
Janet Yellen's career has long been marked by firsts. After being the first female chair of the Fed, she has been nominated to be the country's first female treasury secretary.
The FixAnalysis
President Trump is out of options, and every week, he’s starting to talk more and more like he knows he’s lost.
Similar flights could soon also connect Rome with New York, the Italian capital’s airport network announced Thursday, citing its cooperation with Delta and Alitalia, Italy’s flag carrier.
Parliament is known as the place where the sausage is made, but Friday’s antics took the process to a whole new level.
(The Post)
The storm will plaster the zone from Tennessee and Kentucky to eastern Michigan with snow and wind, with heavy rain to the east.
Tony Hsieh1973–2020
A lawyer for Hsieh told news outlets that he had been injured in a house fire while visiting Connecticut, but an official cause of death has not been announced. 
Students and employees who visit campus for classes, jobs or other activities are required to confirm they have tested negative for the coronavirus.
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(Luis Velarde/The Post)
Food banks have seen record increases in need even as donations dwindle. In the Washington region, churches have partnered with county officials to distribute food.
The youngster was named Xiao Qi Ji, Mandarin for “little miracle.’’ His mother is said to be the oldest panda to give birth successfully in the United States.
Approved in Nov. 3 elections, the new panel gets underway with the job of drawing political maps for the 2021 races.
Date Lab
Their date for dating’s sake last year transcended their age difference.
Treat yourself with a meatless spread, warming fondue, fancy lunch or Puerto Rican feast