Democracy Dies in Darkness
Vaccinated people were completely protected against severe and even moderate cases of illness by the two-shot regimen in a 30,000-person trial conducted when variants had begun to complicate the pandemic.
The relationship between the Russian government and criminals allegedly operating within the country is expected to be a point of tension between President Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin at their planned summit on Wednesday.
The leaders said they would challenge Beijing’s “non-market policies” and seek transparency on the origins of the coronavirus.
Rice addresses constituents during a community coffee event in Loris, S.C., on June 9. (Madeline Gray for The Post)
Rice (R-S.C.) shocked Washington and his constituents when he voted to impeach Donald Trump on charges he incited the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Now that vote threatens to end his career as he faces several potential primary opponents who strongly support the former president.
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Detained civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and detained president Win Myint make their first court appearance in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, in May. (AFP)
The 75-year-old has been held incommunicado since she was detained when the generals seized power in February.
(John Farrell, Brian Monroe/The Washington Post)
Novavax, a biotech company in Gaithersburg, Md., uses recombinant protein technology to create its coronavirus vaccine.
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Power UpAnalysis
Democratic state legislators in Texas are heading to Washington to meet with congressional members after blocking a Republican-backed voting restriction bill last month.
Security personnel scan the airport before the arrival of President  Biden ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels. (Yves Herman, Pool/AP)
In some but not all cases, it was due to former president Donald Trump’s pressure.
The plant said that accusations of dangerous levels of radiation leakage were untrue and that its two reactors were operating normally.
Even as President Biden tries to turn the page on the Trump era, he's reading from his predecessor's script as he urges allies to confront China.
Vehicles queue-up for fuel at a petrol station in Lebanon's capital Beirut on June 11, 2021, amid severe fuel shortages. (AFP/Getty Images)
The government doesn’t have the dollars to import gasoline and the Lebanese are now trapped in endless lines waiting.
The lesions on the sharks appeared to be ulcers linked to warmer sea temperatures, one expert said.
Objections centered on the movie’s focus on the prime minister, to be played by Rose Byrne, rather than the victims of the 2019 massacre.
The Bidens concluded the U.K. leg of their trip with a cup of tea with the British monarch.
Though President Biden quickly signed several executive orders to roll back some of former president Donald Trump’s most draconian policies, a number of other restrictive measures and rulings that directly affect domestic violence survivors remain in place.
It started a few months ago, when a friend asked Austin Beutner, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, if he wanted to open a new public high school.
Douglas B. Huron1945–2021
One of his cases included a landmark Supreme Court decision that declared gender stereotyping a form of workplace discrimination.
As much of the world begins emerging from the coronavirus pandemic lockdown for Pride celebrations around the world, we asked readers to share why and how they celebrate.
Less than half of Virginia State Police troopers are vaccinated, while large police departments have slightly better rates, with 58 percent of officers inoculated in D.C. and 65 percent in Prince George’s County.
King, a former education secretary in the Obama administration, is one of six candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.
The view of the Interstate 95 over the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Va. (Getty Images)
America is back. And by “back,” I mean “stuck in traffic on I-95 south, looking at Google Maps and trying to find an alternative route.”
(Bloomberg News)
Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dogecoin and ethereum have risen in popularity in recent years, bringing along new terminology and concepts that can be tough to visualize and troubling to understand.
Companies and travelers have learned how to get by without amenities such as daily room cleanings and free breakfasts. The changes could be long-term.
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For the first time in its 145-year history, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show traded the buzz of the Big Apple for the airy grounds of the Lyndhurst estate in Tarrytown, N.Y., one of many changes prompted by pandemic precautions.
Your son got into a program he’s really interested in, but it won't be the same because of ongoing covid restrictions.
She gives them reduced rent, babysitting, household items. They don’t offer even a cup of coffee.
Brother and sister agreed not to talk politics because their didn’t trust media sources.
​Alice Carter, center, cries as she talks on the phone with her mother, Betty Russell, who asked when she was coming home from the hospital because she thought she only had a sinus infection. With Carter are Cyndia Miller, left, Bobbi Kuhn and Lori Daum, right. (Tina Russell)
In SightPerspective
Photographer Tina Russell documented her extended family in the days after her grandmother died of covid-19.
“Now I’m finding myself being able to hear that old music from another perspective and enjoy it for what it is,” said the songwriter and mandolin whiz.
“Elizabeth and Monty,” by Charles Casillo, charts the pair’s personal and professional relationship.