Democracy Dies in Darkness
While employing tough rhetoric against the Russian leader, President Biden has resisted calls from inside his administration to take an even more aggressive stance toward Moscow.
The House Oversight Committee questions FBI Director Christopher Wray. (Reuters)
Sixty-five percent of federal judges confirmed under Donald Trump were non-Hispanic White men. President Biden has launched an early effort to reverse that trend, nominating 11 women who would add diversity to the federal bench.
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Experts explain why the masses care about the personal lives of Hollywood elite.
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Virtual learning is in flux as areas emerge from the pandemic. Some state and local leaders have called it quits, essentially putting an end to family choices. Elsewhere, virtual learning is expanding, with many school districts creating new virtual “academies” that draw on the lessons of the pandemic.
A half-foot or more of rain is possible between coastal Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle this weekend.
A man drove a car into a crowd protesting the June 3 shooting of Winston Smith in Minneapolis. (The Post)
A suspect is in police custody after demonstrators pulled him from his vehicle following the crash late Sunday in Minneapolis, police said.
As much of the world comes out of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown for Pride celebrations around the world, we asked readers to share why and how they celebrate.
Apple, Microsoft and Google receive tens of thousands of requests each year to provide data about their customers, and often the companies are barred from notifying them.
Maryland has a record-low positivity rate, with more than 72 percent of its adult population at least partially vaccinated.
The videos left many critics questioning whether police needed to use such force over a vaping ordinance.
An Amtrak train on the rusting Long Bridge crosses over the Mount Vernon Trail in Virginia. (Michael S. Williamson/The Post)
The quest to get more residents on trains has earned Virginia accolades and a national spotlight, particularly as new transportation priorities in Washington elevate multimodal travel with an eye on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Nominated for a Tony in “Hamilton,” the actor appears in Signature Theatre’s ‘After Midnight,” and not for the first time.
The Rockville resident works on the podcast ‘Throughline.’
Two of the world's biggest soccer tournaments overlap this month. Here's where to find fans of your favorite team, or just a great soccer bar.
(Megan Jelinger for The Post)
The broad economy has yet to show signs of a serious worker shortage, economists say. But in some narrow pockets, from sawmills to psychologists’ offices, employers are raising wages significantly and seeing little response.
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The league, which spent the first two months of the season collecting data on the ways in which pitchers were using foreign substances, has decided to implement suspensions for violations of the long-standing, little-enforced rule.
Todd Frazier celebrates beating Venezuela during Olympic qualifying. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)
In his 11th major league season, Todd Frazier got cut by the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s when Team USA picked him up.
A look at the best bets to win at Torrey Pines, which hosts an annual PGA Tour stop but is likely to look different this week at the U.S. Open.
The Danish soccer star remains hospitalized as his teammates prepare for their next match.
Don Lemon is the host of CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight.” (Akime Snow for The Post)
“I don’t think America intimately knows enough people like me. I would love America to see Black people, especially Black gay men as — and I hate this word — normal, and as human beings and as part of the culture.”
Your boyfriend is uncomfortable with compliments. Should you edit yourself around him?
As three-year engagement drags on, reader wants to set a date. Would a prenup help seal the deal?
Handing a stranger your cellphone to take your photo is risky business.