Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Israeli airstrikes came after Hamas fired seven rockets at Jerusalem — the first time the city had been targeted since 2014 — and 200 more at southern Israel. Earlier in the day, violent clashes in Jerusalem’s Old City left more than 300 Palestinians injured.
The controversy around Taylor's fatal shooting has centered on not only whether officers should have fired shots, but also whether they should have served a warrant at the apartment in the first place.
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Every generation flies a denim battle flag. But surrender may be the only way out.
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As drug companies expand access to coronavirus vaccines, health officials are working to persuade people who are skeptical or unwilling to get vaccinated.
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Western nations are hoping Libya can go ahead with late 2021 elections and convince foreign forces to depart.
The ruling frustrated victims who had seen the trial as a path toward accountability. The plaintiff said she will appeal the decision.
Vicar Wolfgang Rothe blesses the relationship of Christine Walter and Almut Muenster during a Catholic service at St. Benedict's Church in Munich on Sunday. (Felix Hoerhager/AP)
The coordinated ceremonies were a direct response to a Vatican order.
British soldiers stole the priceless Benin bronzes nearly 125 years ago.
The Biden administration says graft is helping to drive migration, but El Salvador and Guatemala have sidelined anti-corruption judges.
A Black Defense Department employee who was hesitant to get out of her car at 2 a.m. was pulled from the car by police, then charged with resisting arrest and eluding police. After prosecutors watched the video, all charges were dropped.
Fallout from the massive cyberattack may have regional repercussions in the Southeast if repairs drag on.
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Shibani Balsaver and Sheilanee Sen are suing the Los Angeles Police Department over a violent mix-up related to a rented U-Haul truck, which LAPD officers thought was stolen.
Forest Grove, Ore., police did not arrest off-duty officer Steven Teets after he attacked a home that was displaying a Black Lives Matter flag. Teets and a responding officer have been charged.
Federal health officials say discrimination based on sex includes gender identity and sexual orientation.
The Virginia governor’s race is one of only two in the nation this year, but it is seen as a major barometer for national political trends in the wake of the Trump presidency. 
Women don’t need to brandish firearms to show they are tough enough to hold office.
Madalene Nelson, 5, of Tremonton, Utah, plays at the park while visiting with her family on Monday. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
The park next to the White House has been ground zero in the struggle over how best to secure the nation’s capital after a year of protests, a bitterly contested election and two deadly attacks in less than three months. 
More than 40 state attorneys general are pressuring Facebook to drop its plan, but the tech giant is plowing ahead anyway, confident in its assertion that a separate service will actually make social media safer for preteens.
The cryptocurrency tumbled as much as 30 percent after the Tesla chief and self-appointed “Dogefather" guest-hosted the comedy show.
Chef Michael Beltran, second from left, jokes with his staff before the dinner service starts picking up at Ariete in Miami on April 30.
A nationwide shortage of restaurant workers is emerging as one of defining quirks of the nation’s economic recovery from the pandemic.
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Alison Bechdel and her new graphic memoir. (HMH Books & Media; Elena Seibert)
In “The Secret to Superhuman Strength,” her first new book in nearly a decade, the "Fun Home" author examines her lifelong pursuit of fitness.