Democracy Dies in Darkness
Robert J. Dole1923–2021
(Photo by Larry Morris/The Post; video by Joshua Carroll, Jayne Orenstein/The Post)
He evolved from an abrasive partisan to a statesman of the Senate, where he represented Kansas for nearly three decades.
The 15-year-old suspect had conversations with counselors who were concerned after violent images were found at his desk.
Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad and his regime have raided and seized dozens of businesses, even targeting foreign corporations and family enterprises that stuck by him during the country’s civil war.
Some retail pharmacies report struggling to cope with the uptick in demand amid labor shortages.
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RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
The six-year Pentagon project identified nearly 400 who died on the USS Oklahoma in 1941.
Kim Jong Un has signaled that a difficult winter is ahead, but details on crops and trade remain guarded.
Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson was the game's Most Valuable Player as well as the one who first urged the team to honor Tate Myre. (Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
The Wolverines scored 42 points, which also happened to be the number worn by Tate Myre, the football player who was one of four students shot to death Tuesday at Oxford High School in Michigan last week.
From The MagazineLost News: Stories in danger of not being told as local newspapers across the U.S. close
A grizzly bear on a road at night in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. (Natalie Behring for The Post)
In this Idaho community, killing grizzlies — a threatened species protected by federal law — is punishable with fines up to $50,000 and a year in prison. But someone was flouting the law.
A Better Glynn wanted a new police chief, a new district attorney and more police accountability.
While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, a group of epidemiologists, infectious disease experts and physicians offer some advice.
How best to navigate another pandemic holiday, especially if you’re dealing with grief, numbness or burnout.
Tamarind Mantecadito, left, and Candied Sweet Potato and Walnut. (Scott Suchman for The Post)
The Post reached out to chefs, bloggers and authors from all over the country and in a few international locales to put together an eclectic, engaging array of cookies and confections.
Whether you're shopping for him or her, mom or dad, we've got all the gift ideas you'll need.
Travel through time and geographies in the pages this year's best wine books.
Memoirs, cookbooks and biographies make great gifts.
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Slalom the North Atlantic right whale, survivor of multiple deadly fishing net entanglements, gave birth. But can mother and calf survive dangerous, human-infested waters?
The study warns of potential water supply problems in about 35 to 60 years.
Record floods tied to climate change have created a crisis in the world’s newest nation. Among the most vulnerable are South Sudanese villagers in the vast wetland of the Sudd, where the White Nile and its tributaries swelled to levels people said they had never seen.
Previous research had suggested a possible increase in storm intensity in recent decades. This study also finds that hurricanes are increasing in frequency.
The Antarctic Circumpolar Current’s faster circulation will change the way heat is distributed in the oceans and affect marine life, scientists suggest.
As Arlington County embarks on an effort to strengthen trust with immigrant residents, the details of what that will look like — particularly over when and how Arlington communicates with federal immigration officials — remains an open question.
Martin Smith cleans up before the 2019 unveiling of his Limestone of Lost Legacies Mural, which memorializes teens who died from gun violence. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Post)