The Republican-led Senate has installed 24 appellate court judges since January 2017 and is poised to confirm two more this week, a record for a president’s first two years.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrongly said that President Trump has created three times as many jobs for black workers as the Obama administration did. The White House Council of Economic Advisers took responsibility for the error.
The Debrief
President Trump’s calling Omarosa Manigault Newman a dog drew stern condemnations. Trump is the first president in more than a century not to have a dog, and his dislike for the pets shows in his frequent put-downs.
A toxic, red algae bloom has left a trail of dead marine animals, fleeing tourists and abandoned beaches along 150 miles of southwestern Florida coastline, threatening to disrupt the state’s vital tourist season.
Vermont’s Christine Hallquist is the first transgender major-party nominee for governor. (Video: Amber Ferguson/The Post; photo: AP)
Minnesota’s Jeff Johnson is projected to have defeated Tim Pawlenty, a former governor who was critical of Donald Trump in 2016. The upset was a sign of the president’s rising control over the Republican Party electorate.
In New England, Democrats made historic picks: A transgender nominee for governor of Vermont and the first black woman to represent Connecticut in the House.
The story must be told.
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Michelle Nicoll Gutierrez was questioned about health services she received on a previous visit, then was barred from the United States for five years.
But an attack in Westminster and a tweet from Trump are a reminder: Even the specter of terrorism still has power.
Movie Review
The film has a sprightly tone that pushes every pleasure-button of inveterate rom-com fans. But it also has layers of meaning and nuance that give the movie added richness.
The school’s handling of the tragedy, from the time Jordan McNair suffered heatstroke at a practice in May to Tuesday’s news conference by university leaders to apologize for his death, has harmed the entire institution.
Video shows eyewitnesses screaming just after a section of the bridge gave way. One truck was stopped a few feet from the edge of the chasm — the edge of the bridge sheared cleanly off.
The decision is a common tactic by defense lawyers, who often prefer to attack the government’s case by grilling prosecution witnesses instead of offering their own.
Disgusted residents pointed out that the uritrottoirs’ design doesn’t prevent the rest of Paris — including people on tourist barges — from seeing someone relieving himself. On the other hand, flowers grow out of the top.
Here's the moment a car crashed outside British Parliament
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Fox News wants to focus on the economy (and nothing else)
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Italy: Rescuers work to free bridge collapse victims
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Opinion | Trump's favorite poem about snakes is actually about Omarosa
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