Democracy Dies in Darkness
The legal battle over absentee voting in the state is one of two voting cases Republicans have appealed to the Supreme Court ahead of Nov. 3.
The Commission on Presidential Debates may adjust the rules — but it's not clear whether the changes would help.
Hunger advocates said the letters risk compromising the relationship between food banks and the people they serve.
To some members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, this is a version of the informal but powerful networks that have long supported White men: alumni groups, fraternal organizations, business associations.
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The Trump administration has capped the number of refugees it will admit into the United States at 15,000 during the next year, a historic low that reflects the president’s increasing vilification of immigrants on the campaign trail.
The 18-member panel, tasked with examining policing in America, was composed entirely of law enforcement officials and did not include members from the civil rights, criminal defense, social work, religious or academic fields.
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Video: JM Rieger/Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post
17 times Trump promised to enact a health-care plan
Over the past three years, President Trump has repeatedly touted a forthcoming health-care plan, only to blow past his own deadlines without enacting a plan.
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Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) grilled former Celgene CEO Mark Alles for the price of a cancer treatment drug at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on Wednesday. (C-SPAN)
Porter’s pointed interrogation of Mark Alles, a pharmaceutical executive accused of price gouging, is the latest one of her fiery cross-examinations during a congressional hearing to gain fame far beyond Capitol Hill.
The FixAnalysis
The press secretary’s briefing Thursday was contentious on a level we’ve rarely seen, even in this White House.
The Daily 202Analysis
Joe Biden's whistle-stop tour was aimed at tightening the president’s margins of victory from four years ago.
The massive effort to thwart protests planned for China's National Day underscored the government's insistence in stopping the street demonstrations that have been a part of Hong Kong’s unique civic life for years.
After Alexei Navalny’s first interview since the attack, the Kremlin accused him of working with the CIA.
A market in Marseille, France. Bars and restaurants in the port city have been forced to close for two weeks to limit the spread of covid-19. (Getty Images)
Health Minister Olivier Véran said Paris could soon be added to the nation’s “maximum” risk category, which would mean another complete shutdown of bars, restaurants and cafes.
Boris Johnson is breaking one deal even as negotiations with Europe are ongoing over the next one.
Human Rights Watch said Egyptian authorities continue to target LGBT people, meting out beatings and “virginity tests.”
Your favorite autumn activities have been reconfigured for social distancing.
Virtual film festivals, trivia nights, concerts and poetry slams offer an escape for everyone staying at home.
The D.C.-based musician releases his debut album, “Live Forever,” on Oct. 2.
The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration have not yet forgiven any of the 5.2 million emergency coronavirus loans issued to small businesses and need to do more to combat fraud, government watchdogs told Congress Thursday.
The Finance 202Analysis
The K-shaped recovery is in full effect, as the stock and housing markets rebound while millions struggle.
"Ghost of Tsushima" is historically informed by the 1274 Mongol invasion of the Japanese island of Tsushima. (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Launcher Video Game News and Analysis
After the publication of translated Japanese reviews, fans took marketing into their own hands.
A Senate committee voted on Thursday to authorize subpoenas that could force the top executives at Facebook, Google and Twitter to testify at an upcoming congressional hearing, escalating lawmakers' war with Silicon Valley over their policies to police content online.
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Head coach Mike Vrabel of the Tennessee Titans gestures to his players before Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Two more members of the Titans organization, including one player, tested positive, bringing this week's total to 11.
Athletes would get more power under the sweeping bill, which previously passed the Senate and awaits the president's signature.
This isn't how the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy is supposed to be contested.
Washington's coach has said he wants to see better play out of the young quarterback.
(Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post)
(Laura Chase de Formigny for The Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Post)
(Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)
Put a pie in your hand. The variations are nearly endless. 
(Justin Tsucalas for the Washington Post; food styling by Nichole Bryant for the Washington Post)
Garlic-roasted pork shoulder, baked beans, lasagna, kichidi and more recipes that beg to be made ahead.
Tres leches cake starts with a simple base, but you can riff — or not — on the dairy, spices, flavorings, fillings and toppings.
Fires destroyed the Restaurant at Meadowood, one of a number of restaurants and wineries to sustain damage in the deadly fires.