Democracy Dies in Darkness
The global specter of Donald Trump has transformed itself from an active storm to a threatening cloud, creating an overseas atmosphere in which President Biden was greeted with equal parts optimism and skepticism.
As much of the world begins emerging from the coronavirus pandemic lockdown for Pride celebrations around the world, we asked readers to share why and how they celebrate.
On Tuesday, thousands of Southern Baptists will gather in Nashville to vote on issues that will shape the massive denomination’s future, including the choice of its next president.
Thousands of people across the country gathered to oppose efforts to clamp down on what teachers can say in class about racism, sexism and oppression.
Iran wants guarantees that a future U.S. administration will not reverse any accord, and the United States wants follow-on talks on other issues.
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One suspect is in custody, and another remained at large, the Austin Police Department said. The motive is unclear.
Shane Wayne Michael allegedly coughed and spit on an Iowa man and said, referring to covid-19, “If I have it, you have it!”
The Bidens meet Queen Elizabeth II in Cornwall. (EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
Over the past seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II has met almost every U.S. president, except for Lyndon Johnson, in venues including Balmoral Castle and baseball stadiums. Here are some highlights.
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(Blair Guild, JM Rieger/The Washington Post)
The roots of former president Donald Trump’s power in the Republican Party can be traced back to the backlash following the 2008 election and financial crisis.
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The international soccer tournament, which President Jair Bolsonaro greenlit with little warning late last month, will begin Sunday in Brazil against a backdrop of controversy and fear.
For starters, the bicycle cost only $1,800, and Johnson will likely have to pay for it himself if he wants to keep it.
El Salvador President Nayib Bukele speaks during a news conference in San Salvador last week. (Jose Cabezas/Reuters)
Recent conflict and political developments have turned a spotlight on a community often caught between two worlds.
The vote reflected dismay over the slow pace of reforms since the ouster of longtime leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
At Marbury Plaza in Southeast Washington, lack of air conditioning is just the latest problem. Now residents are looking for a way out.
The northern section of Beach Drive will stay car-free at least into the fall.
From rental aid to flooding infrastructure, the region is considering options for using the nearly half a billion dollars it is expected to receive from the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package over the next two years.
Two of the world's biggest soccer tournaments overlap this month. Here's where to find fans of your favorite team, or just a great soccer bar.
Dauphine’s nails so many of the details, with design to match.
Our favorite activities are coming back as restrictions officially lift across the region.
(AFP/Getty Images)
In the wake of the recent fighting, we asked a Palestinian American entrepreneur who lives near Ramallah and an Israeli journalist who lives near Tel Aviv to correspond with each other.
The surgeon who treated the war wounds of the former senator was Armenian. Now, finally, the United States, has formally recognized the 1915 atrocity.
The unseeded Krejcikova, 25, whose name was on no one’s mind at the start of the French Open, was crowned its champion after a 6-1, 2-6, 6-4 victory.
The Mets have experienced all kinds of absurdity this year, from the sinister to the laughable. They are in first place anyway — and only getting stronger.
Right-hander Erick Fedde returned from the injured list and delivered five shutout innings to lift the Nationals to a 2-0 win in the first game of a doubleheader.
Volunteers with the Capital Area Food Bank deliver boxes of food to the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center in Washington in April. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades for The Post)
Too many food programs focus on providing adequate calories rather than adequate nutrition, experts say.
You were raised to believe you had the inescapable responsibility to be perfect at everything. It’s making you miserable.
Wealthy ex-wife is inviting a large group that likes to drink. Should he pay half?
Reader is annoyed that one night she made dinner and he didn’t eat it.
After the coronavirus shutdown, last summer’s protests for racial justice, the January insurrection and the near-death experience in which our democracy is still embroiled, this feels like a moment for testing, prodding and questioning.
The HBO show lets one of the most recognizable supporting players in Hollywood seize a true star turn.
Dancer Samara Rittinger warms up at Wolf Trap. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)
The author of the Patrick Melrose series tries his hand at a novel of ideas.
Zakiya Dalila Harris’s debut novel lives up to the hype.