Trump to discuss virus at news conference with CDC officials

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Russia’s Arctic winter is now missing its biggest fans: Chinese tourists

The land of the Northern Lights, and the rest of Russia, is off-limits to Chinese visitors under the Kremlin’s super-strict coronavirus precautions.
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Sanders refuses to get bogged down — or pinned down — on specifics during debate

The front-runner shows a Trumpian penchant for counterpunching and a career politician’s knack for deflection.
South Carolina Democratic Primary
Voters in South Carolina will go to the polls on Saturday, Feb. 29. Fifty-four delegates are up for grabs.

Walmart’s ‘Great Workplace’ program means job cuts

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Maryland defied federal guidelines in 2013 when it created driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants. But in recent years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have had direct access to the records in what immigrant rights advocates say is a betrayal of trust.
H.R. 35, the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, was sponsored by Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and passed in a 410-to-4 vote.
Mayor Tom Barrett said the fatalities — the number of which he did not specify — included the shooter.
Disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein faces up to 29 years in prison after his sexual assault conviction this week.
She achieved instant success and fame, yet won only five grand slam titles.
Clive Cussler
His novels about underwater explorer Dirk Pitt sold tens of millions of copies.
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A Syrian offensive inside embattled Idlib wreaks terror on children

Children in the province have died in the cold and withered away because of severe malnutrition as their parents desperately search for food. In bedrooms or schoolyards, they have been blasted by airstrikes or artillery shells.

The quest to identify black Americans’ roots

For Americans descended from enslaved Africans, the roots of their ancestry are often a mystery, and “Where did I come from?” is a uniquely difficult question to answer. Some are trying to change that.
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Reparations, rebranded

South Carolina congressman James Clyburn proposed a race-neutral anti-poverty program a decade ago. Presidential candidates recast it as compensation for slavery.
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Undisclosed and unlimited: The 'dark money' in U.S. politics
Undisclosed and unlimited: The 'dark money' in U.S. politics
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Hydrogen could be the future of driving—if California can fix the infrastructure
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How Bernie Sanders has talked about authoritarians over the years
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Do face masks work? An expert explains.
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