White House physician Ronny L. Jackson called the allegations against him “completely false and fabricated.” Among the new claims is that Jackson had wrecked a government vehicle after getting drunk at a party, according to a memo released by Democrats.
President Trump, in an interview with Fox News, blamed Democrats for trying to derail the nomination. He added that he had another candidate to lead the VA in mind but would not provide a name.
The president has previously denied knowledge of a $130,000 payment to the adult film star that was arranged by his personal attorney Michael Cohen and is the subject of a federal investigation.
With his leadership at the Environmental Protection Agency increasingly on the line, Administrator Scott Pruitt is appearing at two hearings on Capitol Hill today.
“My heart is dark from the injustice,” Samira al-Nasr said at her home in Raqqa, Syria. “My pain is deep.” (Alice Martins for The Post)
“My heart is dark from the injustice,” Samira al-Nasr said at her home in Raqqa, Syria. “My pain is deep.” (Alice Martins for The Post)
Syria: Reflections from a Shattered Land
In conquered Raqqa, Samira al-Nasr was forced to deliver countless babies for Islamic State families, attending the most intimate moments of their secluded lives, which she described as alternately ordinary and grotesque.
Michelle McNamara, a true crime writer, knew exacting details about dozens of rapes and 12 murders that police believe the “Golden State Killer” committed. Her book brought national prominence to the case and may have played a role in the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, a former police officer who has been charged with two counts of murder.
The story must be told.
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In a wide-ranging interview on Fox News, President Trump gave no indication where he planned to meet the North Korean leader for an unprecedented summit that is expected to take place in late May or early June.
The Finance 202
A whirlwind of French charm just failed to forge a trade armistice between the Trump administration and Europe.
In a White House memo, President Trump said that the nation’s intelligence community persuaded him to keep some documents secret because their exposure could harm.
In Oklahoma and other states where teachers walked out, aides are often in the shadows.
Fact Checker
The Kentucky senator makes it sound as if balancing the budget is easy. But he's using fuzzy math.
The Fix
The rapper has had zigzagging political allegiances since 2005, when he criticized George W. Bush by saying he “doesn’t care about black people” following Hurricane Katrina.
The Intersect
In online culture, “incel” means more than just a support group for the lonely and shy — it refers to a specific, insular, self-radicalized community with roots in the anti-feminist, misogynist “manosphere” and 4chan culture.
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