Democracy Dies in Darkness
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This photo from the San Francisco home of Sloan Lindemann Barnett and Roger Barnett was modified, as shown by these superimposed screenshots. In one version of the photo, taken from an architect’s website, the Khmer sculptures are visible. In the other, taken from a magazine, they’ve been removed. (Douglas Friedman/Screenshot obtained by The Post)
The homes of a billionaire family, featured in Architectural Digest, provide clues to Cambodian investigators seeking the recovery of lost artifacts.
By mid-century, nearly two thirds of Americans will experience perilous heat waves, with some regions in the South expected to endure as many as 70 consecutive days over 100 degrees.
The prospect of lower demand caused oil prices to slide 5 percent, pushing West Texas Intermediate crude to $89 a barrel.
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Find out which children's names are most changed and adopted, states with the fewest childless couples and to which cities young adults are most likely to move.
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For the many Afghans who suffered unimaginable loss during two decades of war, the hollow peace has neither healed old wounds nor created new opportunities.
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Two simultaneous elections will be held Tuesday — with voters casting ballots under unusual new conditions.
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She appeared in films including “Donnie Brasco” and “Six Days Seven Nights” and broke ground with Ellen DeGeneres as a celebrity same-sex couple in the 1990s.
Satellite imagery and a video from a Utah ski resort were critical in solving the case of the mysterious noise.
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