The agency’s assessment — the most definitive to date linking Mohammed bin Salman to the journalist’s death — is based on information that includes a phone call between Khashoggi and the prince’s brother, according to people familiar with the matter.
Election 2018
The manual tally focused exclusively on ballots where the voter’s intent could not be gleaned from the machine count.
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Art critics generally hate it when an auction house sets a record, such as this week’s sale of a David Hockney painting that made it the most expensive work of a living artist ever auctioned. It raises the inevitable question: Is a work of art worth that kind of money?
In the two years since the British voted to break away from the European Union, something remarkable happened: Its citizens stopped worrying so much about foreigners.
Lawyers are asking the nation’s highest court to decide who is the acting attorney general.
Prominent liberal activists are openly floating a primary challenge to the two-term Massachusetts Democrat, and on the Hill, his fusillade against Rep. Nancy Pelosi has angered even some of his admirers.
More than 100,000 demonstrated across the country against hikes in diesel fuel taxes that they blame on the “president of the rich.” One protester was killed when a driver caught in traffic accelerated in the eastern Savoie region.
U.S. guards can process 100 migrants per day, meaning months of waiting in Mexico.
Trump stressed that he has been “busy” and that it has taken some time to complete them, but he also stressed concern about Mueller’s purpose in obtaining them.
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Reactions to CNN’s Acosta return to the White House
Reactions to CNN’s Acosta return to the White House
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She gave the GOP millions this midterm season. Now she has the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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Opinion | Don't panic about the future of the Mueller investigation — yet
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How cringe-worthy is that tweet? Behold, 'the ratio'
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