Trump compares investigation to ‘lynching,’ drawing condemnation

While the president previously called the probe a “witch hunt,” his latest tweet seized on a word associated with killing of thousands, predominantly African Americans.

Diplomat who raised alarm about withholding aid to Ukraine testifies

The acting ambassador to Ukraine is testifying under subpoena after the State Department attempted to block his appearance, an official working on the inquiry said.

Russia, Turkey agree to remove Kurdish fighters along Syrian border as U.S. withdraws troops

The agreement followed a deal between the United States and Turkey that forced the retreat of Syrian Kurdish fighters who had allied with the U.S. military in the fight against the Islamic State.

A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job

HireVue claims it uses artificial intelligence to decide who’s best for a job. Outside experts call it “profoundly disturbing.”
 (Drew Bardana for The Post)
(Drew Bardana for The Post)

Why you should be skeptical about diets tailored for your DNA

Obesity has a genetic component. But to figure out whether knowing your genome can help you zero in on a diet that’s appropriate for you, you have to understand what those genes do.
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The president kept gabbing and gabbing — and getting many things wrong.
The probe reflects concerns among state officials that Facebook may have put consumer data at risk, reduced the quality of consumers’ choices, and increased the price of advertising.
The government published its 110-page bill on Monday evening — the first chance anyone had a chance to lay eyes on it. Johnson wants it sorted in 72 hours.
(Jonathan Newton/The Post)
(Jonathan Newton/The Post)
The secretive space company has formed a partnership with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Draper to build a lunar landing system.
It’s the second time this month that the 95-year-old Carter has been hurt in an accident at his home.
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Licensed clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior takes questions about relationships, family, mental health, motivation, work-life balance, well-being and more.
Gerrit Cole vs. Max Scherzer. Justin Verlander vs. Stephen Strasburg. The tenor and credentials of this series will be based on the starting pitching.

In 1969, the journey to the moon was over. Americans are still trying to make sense of it

In the finale of “Moonrise,” we examine how a trip to another world became an inward journey for humankind. Listen to the last installment in the podcast series or get caught up on those you’ve missed.

How a can of spray paint, a rock and a Facebook video exposed a racial divide

A student painted a racial slur on a rock outside a North Carolina high school. The tumult that followed has divided the community even further.

Her son is a pro gamer. Here’s how she came to understand the world of esports.

It took “negotiations” and education, but the mother of a professional Overwatch League player has gotten a good grasp of a world some view with skepticism.
(Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)
If you buy a MAGA hat, where does your money go?
If you buy a MAGA hat, where does your money go?
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What Republicans used to say about congressional subpoenas
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Opinion | Andrew Yang has plenty of domestic-policy ideas. But what about Syria and Iran?
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Nationals in the World Series: 5 things to watch for
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