Democracy Dies in Darkness
A new majority on the court, with Amy Coney Barrett playing a decisive role, sided with religious challengers to a pandemic-related restriction in California.
Russia’s moves are seen more as a statement of resolve than as a prelude to an offensive.
Barry Weisselberg is the son of Donald Trump’s longtime confidant and chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg.
Shell Reed plays with her children in Houston’s Third Ward, where several past government antipoverty initiatives have failed to alleviate longtime ills. (Montinique Monroe for The Post)
Whether the largest antipoverty effort in a generation produces lasting change or becomes a cautionary tale about the limits of governmental largesse will play out in communities such as Cuney Homes.
From 41-gun salutes to distanced moments of silence, Brits mourned the royal consort’s passing in both traditional and pandemic-curtailed ways.
The president is now associated with a losing cause, but some labor leaders applaud him for siding with them at an important moment.
The Taliban has shown relative unity during the peace talks. The U.S. and its partners have not.
Members of the U.S. table tennis team stand in front of their hotel in Beijing, on April 14, 1971. (AP)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
Pressure on the federal government to rethink its allocation strategy has mounted.
Why is it so hard to prosecute law enforcement personnel?
(Mahlia Posey/The Washington Post)
One week after it was signed into law, Georgia's Republican-led voting overhaul is facing backlash from a growing number of voting rights advocates.
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The FixAnalysis
The Republican talent pool — or at least the part of it that is seeking promotions — is dominated by those who toed Donald Trump’s line to one extent or another, often going further than the GOP elected officials whom they would replace or join. 
In the budget proposal, non-defense, discretionary spending would increase by roughly 16 percent while the military's budget would remain essentially flat.
(Jabin Botsford/The Post; Orlando Sentinel/AP,)
How the president is pursuing his agenda.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
A street in Nasiriyah, Iraq, last month. (Emilienne Malfatto for The Post)
Young men once flocked to join them. Now, there’s resentment over what they’ve become and their broken promises.
Posts on a pro-militia website prompted the undercover probe into a domestic terrorism suspect who claims he was at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
Last year, drought led to an extreme wildfire season in California and Colorado. This year it's worse.
Vintwan Lee Brooks has been accused of resisting a police officer during a Black Lives Matter protest. (Saul Martinez for The Post)
The measure, which is being debated by the state Senate, would increase the punishment for attending a violent protest or defacing a historic monument.
The long-sought legislation would change how police do their jobs and when and how they can be disciplined.
The Democratic establishment is still wrestling with the state’s scandal-ridden legacy in choosing a gubernatorial nominee.
Tony Lewis Jr., left, is urging the president to free his father, Tony Lewis Sr., right. (Tony Lewis Jr.)
Drug kingpin is the title many associate with the older Lewis. But that describes the 26-year-old when he was arrested and not the 58-year-old who has spent decades in a federal prison mentoring young inmates, his son says.
The 45-year-old dining destination in Great Falls succeeds thanks to delicious consistency.
The coronavirus is still worrisome, but outdoor events are starting up again. Here’s what to know.
After the Chicago Tribune's Phil Vittel and TV host Steve Dolinsky stepped down, the city is left without an experienced voice to help locals and visitors alike understand the scene.
First-round leader Justin Rose overcame a shaky start during Friday’s second round to get back to even for the day and maintain a small lead.
Lawyers for the Texans’ star quarterback offered their first extensive public comments in defense of their client, whom they portrayed as a victim of false accusations.
Kevin Durant returned from a two-month hamstring injury this week. (/Frank Franklin II/AP)
The remade Nets now look nothing like the team that was swept out of the first round of the NBA playoffs last year, and they have far more talent and better positional balance than they did entering the season.