Democracy Dies in Darkness
Activists see a pattern imperiling many of President Biden’s non-White nominees, making their confirmation process rougher and meaner than in previous years and when compared with their White counterparts.
The nominations signal a White House move toward reasserting control of the U.S. Postal Service even as Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told Congress he would press forward with plans to raise prices and slow the mail.
Governors' desire for funding and other help from Washington makes them more open to cooperation, the White House believes.
Opened in 1760, the school may be the oldest still-standing building of its kind. More than 400 Black students were taught during the school’s existence, even though the practice was considered dangerous at the time by enslavers. 
Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.), who has a transgender daughter, hung a transgender rights flag outside her office on Wednesday after a contentious debate on the Equality Act. Her neighbor, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) retaliated with an anti-transgender sign.
Facing criticism from liberals and conservatives, President Biden attempts to once again welcome immigrants and refugees as health and economic crises engulf the country.
Blair Guild/The Washington Post
Security officials detailed communication lapses before and during Capitol insurrection
On Feb. 23, senators probed security officials on their experiences during the Jan. 6 insurrection of the Capitol.
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The campaign — the first concerted effort urging Americans to get vaccinated against coronavirus — is geared toward those unsure about getting shots.
This Black History Month, as history struggles to keep up with current events, we can remember how we got here as we keep our eyes on the future.
The violence in Columbia, Tenn., 75 years ago led to the near-lynching of future Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall.
The directive comes as U.S. automakers are grappling with a severe shortage of semiconductors, essential ingredients in the high-tech entertainment and navigation systems that fill modern passenger vehicles.
A Colorado restaurateur and his community relied on each other through the tragic upheavals of 2020. What emerged was a gutsy reinvention — that's not yet finished.
(Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg News)
With its beefed-up streaming service, the company is aiming to compete with Hulu, Peacock, HBO Max and, to a lesser extent, Netflix and Disney Plus.
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