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James and Jennifer Crumbley, parents of shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, face four counts each after police said that the gun used was purchased days earlier by the father. Oakland County authorities said they are searching for the Crumbleys.
Thirty states and D.C. have passed similar laws, but a parent has never been charged under them in a school shooting.
School officials are trying creative, even bizarre, measures to fill empty jobs.
Anthony Broadwater spent more than 16 years in prison. (Matt Burkhartt for The Post)
Broadwater’s case raises the question of who gets to own a story — and what is owed when that story turns out to be inaccurate.
Twitter's engineering and design leaders are out as Parag Agrawal puts his mark on the company.
Researchers leveraged dozens of peer-reviewed climate projections.
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Rising prices, ongoing supply chain backlogs, clogged ports and labor imbalances continue to pose challenges to the country’s recovery.
The party’s focus on the political ramifications of the infighting has led civil rights groups and Democrats to charge that Republicans are embracing, or at least enabling, bigotry.
A security guard keeps watch outside The Real Real store in San Francisco. (Getty Images)
Experts say the brazen crimes, which can involve dozens of thieves carrying weapons and breaking glass, are likely being coordinated on social media apps
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A flare burns methane produced by an oil well in North Dakota. (AP)
The House Science Committee is demanding data on methane leaks from oil and gas firms to try to slash a greenhouse gas that the United States has pledged to cut by 30 percent by the end of the decade.
To environmentalists, it might seem strange that Cruz wants to sanction a gas pipeline, but the move makes perfect sense to some Democrats and foreign policy experts.