Democracy Dies in Darkness
The White House is keeping the number at former president Donald Trump’s 15,000 rather than the 62,500 it had proposed to Congress earlier this year, a senior administration official says.
Moscow’s move matches part of the U.S. action to impose targeted sanctions and order 10 Russian diplomats to leave the country as punishment for Russian election interference and suspected hacking.
Rosemary Sepeda, 67, checks on her apartment in Austin about five weeks after a winter storm and loss of power led to burst pipes and flooding. (Julia Robinson for The Post)
More than 200 Texans have joined what is expected to be a flood of liability suits. And state political leaders in Austin are feeling intense pressure to recast the electricity market to try to avoid another debacle.  
Case numbers have spiked in nearly all regions, with larger outbreaks gripping Brazil, India, Poland, Turkey and some other countries.
Should I take a vaccine selfie? Can I ask someone else if they've been vaccinated? How do I talk to family members about the shots? Vaccines bring new etiquette questions.
The Justice Department’s new policy is likely to be welcomed by civil liberties advocates but to face criticism from conservatives wary of government overreach.
People wait to get the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine at the Ngor Clinic in Dakar, Senegal, this month. (John Wessels/AFP/Getty Images)
The Covax initiative aims to help developing countries, with the easy-to-store AstraZeneca vaccine as the centerpiece.
Iranian officials have cast the decision to enrich uranium at 60 percent purity as a response to a suspected Israeli attack on a key nuclear facility.
(James Cornsilk/The Post)
Activists allege that meatpacking facilities in Nebraska are still unsafe for workers, and are fighting to enshrine protections as Nebraska law.
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The new president signals a focus on Asia by making Japan’s leader his first in-person foreign guest.
Republican opinion of Anthony Fauci has dropped in the Biden era, and GOP legislators are aware of it.
The effort in Maricopa County, which local officials have resisted, is the most extensive endeavor still underway to scrutinize President Biden’s win.
Jerry W. Jones Jr., pastor at the Servants for Christ Baptist Church, and other clergy members meet at National City Christian Church to urge Congress to vote for D.C. statehood. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
The bill to make the District of Columbia the 51st state is likely to pass the House but will face hurdles in the Senate.
Some in the mostly elderly group received suspended sentences, but others were immediately jailed for a peaceful demonstration.
Jordan's ancient city Petra is empty of tourists amid the pandemic . (Sarah Dadouch/The Post)
Criticism of King Abdullah II’s leadership is growing. At the same time, he is trying to quash dissent.
Fidel's younger brother is expected to leave the powerful office during a party congress this weekend.
The Biden administration Thursday imposed a substantial slate of economic sanctions on Russia. The move came as little surprise.
“I see no evidence whatsoever that Adam Toledo shot at police,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) told reporters.
More than 200 health care professionals signed a letter saying they are concerned that withdrawing Helfer’s membership will create a culture of stigma and shame for clients seeking therapy.
Patricia Stephens Due is arrested for protesting segregation at the Florida Theater in Tallahassee in 1963. (State Archives of Florida)
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A photo capturing the determination, grit and refusal to relent on the face of Patricia Due while she's being arrested is inspiring voting rights activists anew. 
A Lord & Taylor store in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of D.C. (Matt McClain/The Post)
Nearly 200 department stores have disappeared in the past year, and another 800 — or about half the country’s remaining mall-based locations — are expected to shutter by the end of 2025, according to one real estate firm.
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The rebound is outpacing Western nations, despite vaccine challenges and U.S. sanctions.
After 118 years, the Minnesota men's gymnastics team is shuttering, part of a wave of sports cuts at universities across the country. (Kelly Hagenson/University of Minnesota)
The budget-driven elimination of men's gymnastics at Minnesota leave only 12 NCAA Division I teams nationwide, raising alarm about the pipeline for future Olympians.
Washington put on a warm ceremony for Backstrom’s 1,000th game with the team, then lost to Buffalo, 5-2.
Major League Soccer kicks off its 25th-anniversary season this weekend.
Stowaway Brian Robson, who shipped himself out of Australia in a crate, is seen upon his arrival at London Airport on May 18, 1965. (AP)
Homesick while working in Australia, Brian Robson didn't have enough money to travel home to Wales. So he came up with a madcap idea: Ship himself in a crate via airfreight to London for a fraction of the fare.
The book by Louisville Police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly details the raid that killed Breonna Taylor.