Democracy Dies in Darkness
The department is giving its health workers eight weeks to comply with the new requirement.
Republicans initially said they had hoped to finalize a more robust blueprint by today, but the prospect now seems unimaginable.
Cuba has clung to an economic model based on centralized planning and state control. But the July 11 protests that shook the country’s rulers showed that model might be their biggest vulnerability
The identification of a final victim, Estelle Hedaya, marks the conclusion to one step of a rescue-and-recovery process that was the largest non-hurricane disaster response in Florida’s history.
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Japanese public opinion on the Olympics is mixed, from disappointed former ticket-holders to those who oppose the Tokyo Games. But many residents said that now that the Games have begun, they want to enjoy the event and experience it however they can.
Struggling with covid, the island nation finds solace in its reigning Olympic champions.
Tina Charles tries to pass against Elizabeth Balogun during an exhibition game. (Getty Images)
Tina Charles is leading the WNBA in scoring but will come off the bench for a stacked U.S. women's basketball team.


Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
2United States73414
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Some U.S. economists wonder if the United Kingdom will be the “canary in the coal mine” as Prime Minister Boris Johnson pursues an aggressive reopening.
The administration’s announcement of the new policy was timed to coincide with the 31st anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Rescuers work to seal a dike Monday after it was breached by heavy rains in Hebi, in China’s central Henan province. (AFP/Getty Images)
Officials said the death toll from the floods had climbed to 63, with five people missing, though many users online speculated that the number of people unaccounted for was far higher.
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(John Farrell/The Washington Post)
Some people are catching coronavirus after being vaccinated. Johns Hopkins University infectious disease expert Lisa Maragakis gives advice on how to stay safe.
(Evert Nelson/AP)
Workers at the Topeka plant had called on the snack food giant to end forced overtime and 84-hour workweeks when the walkout began July 5.
The suit claims that J. Allen Brack was personally aware of multiple instances of sexism and workplace toxicity.
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The 17th overall pick in the 2017 draft has established himself as one of the team’s core players.
The NHL’s free agency period starts Wednesday at noon, and the Capitals still have not agreed to a new deal with captain Alex Ovechkin.
The schools won't renew their media rights deal with the Big 12, signaling their intent to depart.
Gyasi Zardes, in action against Canada last Sunday, is among three U.S. Gold Cup players pursuing a coaching license this year. (Getty Images)
Coaching courses began in July and will run into December, overlapping with league schedules and, in the case of the three men’s national team players, the Gold Cup.
Alvin Ailey is pictured in the 1950s with Misaye Kawasaki, Larry Maldonado and Lelia Goldoni of the Lester Horton Dance Group. (Courtesy of Neon)
“If you just throw yourself into it and are not afraid to fail, then that’s when you can learn things,” the musician says of being self-taught.
Signature Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre and Shakespeare Theatre Company are teaming up with Broadway producers, with all three shows running during the holiday season.
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DICE developers have repeatedly described Battlefield Portal, the newly-revealed creative mode for the upcoming “Battlefield 2042” as a “love letter” to their community.
Omar El Akkad’s novel about a Syrian boy’s panicked flight is a testament to the impossible predicament confronted by millions of people.