Democracy Dies in Darkness
Ukrainian soldiers near Lyman in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. (AFP/Getty Images)
Russia’s leader is betting an impending infusion of drafted troops can change the dynamic on the battlefield in Ukraine, but he is losing time.
(Video: Joy Yi; photo: Aleathea Cumbo/The Post)
The city has yet to reach about half of those on its “People of Promise” list. A top official graded the program as a C-plus.
(Getty Images), a major online platform, detailed its reasons for distancing itself from 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Niemann, who was accused of cheating by Magnus Carlsen.
(Thomas Simonetti/The Post)
Biblical amounts of rain swelled ponds beyond their banks and turned creeks into rushing rivers. Storm-water and sewage systems were overwhelmed.
(iStock/Washington Post illustration)
McDonald’s is using its Happy Meals for adults to target grown-ups who still recall the thrill of that free toy.
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