Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) is animated in comments during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh in 2018. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) will be at the center of what is likely to be one of the most contentious confirmation battles in history, affording him an opportunity to demonstrate his loyalty to President Trump. 
The raucous nature of the rally stood in contrast to the vigil held for Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Washington by the legions of the liberal justice’s fans.
(Alexa Juliana Ard, Nick Oloo/The Washington Post)
One studio in a rural town has recorded more than 50 such songs since the pandemic began. The artists hope the music that chronicles this strange era will be the most memorable — and most played — on local airwaves.
Activists, lawyers and some officers say the department lacks diversity, tolerates excessive force against minorities and systematically covers up bad police behavior.
The state of race relations in the country has become one of the defining aspects of the Trump political era.
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Eight months after the countries signed a partial trade agreement that President Trump promised would be “transformative,” the U.S.-China relationship instead is mired in an escalating number of bitter disputes.
Neither the ban on WeChat nor a separate one on TikTok will go into effect as scheduled after the court order and a separate decision Saturday by the Commerce Department to delay the TikTok ban until Sept. 27. TikTok’s owner is negotiating a possible deal to give Oracle oversight of U.S. user data.
Video: Rhonda Colvin/Photo: Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post
Rep. Shalala: Ginsburg 'would have been mortified' by push to fill seat before election
Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Fla.), a friend of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, spoke to The Washington Post on Sep. 19 about her early years and her path to the Supreme Court.
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A TV shows Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, as President Trump talks with reporters Thursday on Air Force One. (AP)
No election is officially complete until the results are certified by a state or locality, a process that can take weeks.
The FixAnalysis
Senate Republicans and Democrats both see potential benefits.
Alexandria native Kara Lawson was named the Duke's women's basketball coach in July. (AP)
The West Springfield high school graduate made stops as a player and broadcaster before becoming the Blue Devils' first African American basketball coach.
In Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan (R) eased restrictions on indoor dining to coincide with a new statewide restaurant week promotion that his administration created.
Capitol Lounge survived two fires, four presidents and countless hangovers. But the pandemic ended its 26-year happy hour.
The Trump administration plans this week to spell out how it intends to enforce U.N. sanctions against Iran that the international community says it has no right to reimpose because it withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran’s currency sank to a historic low.
The prime minister will lay out a plan for a Canada that is “healthier and safer, greener and more competitive.”
(Bryan Van Der Beek/Bloomberg News)
A visa clampdown and rising resentment toward foreigners amid the pandemic is fueling worries among some Indian tech and finance workers.
Among younger generations, there is less tolerance for claims of free expression as a cover for Islamophobia.
As countries grapple with how to return students to classrooms, a growing number of schools have embraced outdoor learning — especially in the highly regarded Nordic education systems, where the model had already begun to gain momentum.
Storm surge flooding is already underway as Beta slowly approaches.
Some say the cause is not as important as the reality, while others worry human-affected climate change will make storms more intense and dangerous.
The company that runs the for-profit jail has been the subject of several lawsuits alleging medical neglect.
The letter mailed from Canada was intercepted before it reached the White House, according to officials.
From the Magellan spacecraft, cameras captured images of the volcanic peak named Idunn Mons in the Imdr Regio area of Venus. Bright areas are rough or have steep slopes. (NASA/ESA)
Insulin is the poster child for outrageous prescription prices, but patients are paying ever more to treat depression, asthma, HIV, cholesterol and more.
Doctors are urging people to get the annual flu vaccine to prevent a "twindemic" this fall and winter.
Groups helping adoptees seek reunions say they’re seeing a growth in activity.
“Darkening Day” features movies made to be watched in schools and libraries.
(The breakdown of chlorophyll is responsible for the season’s picturesque foliage. (Getty Images)
What looks like pretty scenery to us is a matter of deadly serious survival for trees.
She and her friend’s brother hit it off, and the friend and his wife hit the roof.
Daughter needs a higher salary but is afraid that leaving will disappoint her mother.
Reader in her ‘50s says she has no time for their bravado. But how to let them know?
A file photo of the late justice with Sheryl Crow and Barry Levinson. (Courtesy of Margot Schulman)
The legal icon, who died Friday, was perhaps the most faithful patron of theater and opera in the upper echelons of officialdom.
Paulson embraces the fear that comes with inhabiting the iconic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” villain in the latest Netflix series from Ryan Murphy.
As the reality show returns amid the news that it will soon come to an end, we look back at our favorite fights, laughs, baby births and oh-so-many weddings.
In an era when the genre was focused on girl-chasing and lewd jokes, this high school romp starring Emma Stone redefined coming-of-age confidence.
Book Review
A selection of Van Gogh’s correspondence gives us a fuller picture of the man behind the mercurial reputation.
People watch the sunset from the hills of Tío Pío Park. (Guillermo Gutierrez for The Post)
Visitors can travel to the islands if they take a coronavirus test and test negative within 72 hours of their arrival in the state.
What visitors can eat, drink and do in the Mile High City.
The package included a note: “You forgot something at Khao Yai National Park.”
Qantas said its flight that departs and arrives at the same airport sold out within 10 minutes.