Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Rudolph W. Giuliani listens to fellow Trump lawyer Sidney Powell during a news conference Thursday in Washington. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
Ridiculous claims and embarrassing behavior are clearly acceptable. So what wasn't?
Only the United States and the Soviet Union have successfully brought lunar material back to Earth.
Wellshire used what consumer advocates describe as a loophole to a rule designed to prevent most lenders from qualifying for the Fed's Main Street pandemic-loan program.
Adriana Usero, Allie Caren/The Washington Post
Movies that capture the essence of Thanksgiving | Critics at Home
From a classic to the unconventional, the Post’s Mary Beth Albright and Daniela Galarza explore what Thanksgiving movies to watch in 2020.
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If Democrats want to win the Senate majority, they might need some of those who skipped the Senate races on their Nov. 3 ballots or voted for the Republican.
The FixAnalysis
It’s hard to imagine what else would need to happen to prompt other Republicans to speak up.
President-elect Joe Biden flipped several battlegrounds and dominated in key groups of counties such as major cities. Look up how your county swung.
Fox News and the GOP face vocal opposition from Trump die-hards who have embraced his falsehoods.
Power UpPerspective
My private conversations with Republicans struck a different note than the public positions of their covid-19 skeptic bosses.
Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, however, denied that the meeting took place.
Cordier in 1945. (Musée de ’Ordre De la Libération/AFP/Getty Images)
Daniel Cordier1920–2020
Mr. Cordier was a key member of the French resistance, helping coordinate and unify the disparate guerrilla groups who set out to attack Nazi trains and bases to weaken, confuse and distract them in the run-up to the 1944 Allied landings at Normandy.
The full splendor of the northern lights appeared over Scandinavia, too, in this video from Sunday. (Matthew Robinson via Storyful)
“It’s good for everyone to see that on a national level and normalize it,” said Amanda Brown Lierman, who is Black and is married to a White man.
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
Evidence of at least two graves and other artifacts was found during a dig at the site of a historic African American church in Colonial Williamsburg, officials said Monday.
Pentagon regulations implemented on April 12, 2019, prohibit anyone with gender dysphoria from enlisting but allow transgender service members who were serving before then to remain in uniform.
The family is publicly sharing their story in a video campaign hoping to deter those who still plan to gather for the holidays.
One of the largest awardees in a key pandemic relief operation redirected $3 million to its own nonprofit organization despite its lack of track record or capacity in delivering food to people in need, House Democrats allege.
Thomas Moyer is accused of promising to donate iPads to the Santa Clara County (Calif.) Sheriff’s office in exchange for concealed weapons permits.
The vulnerability demonstrated another pitfall of our increasingly connected cars.
Market Watch
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The NCAA tournament selection committee will be challenged while dealing with a smaller set of games.
Many teams deserve a look from the College Football Playoff Selection Committee, even if that look might owe something to pandemic schedule distortions.
(José Luis Soto/The Post)
Stop worrying about who's a lineman and who's a linebacker, and learn a new vocabulary.
Jennings, who once won 74 games in a row and claimed the show’s “Greatest of All Time” title in a competition last year, is set to host episodes that air in January.
“I always had a bit of anger, mostly sarcastic, but anger would kind of come to play at times,” the comedian says.
The Weeknd made headlines with his costume, Swift won artist of the year, and BTS closed the American Music Awards on a note of hope.
TV Review
Too long to be a movie and too short to be a series, “Black Narcissus” is set in a spooky convent in the Himalayas.