Stone, who spoke about the previously unreported incident in exclusive interviews with The Washington Post, says the man, who called himself Henry Greenberg, offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton in exchange for $2 million during a brief sit-down in Florida in late May 2016. The meeting has resurfaced as part of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s sprawling investigation of Russian interference.
Peter Strzok would testify without immunity and not invoke his Fifth Amendment rights, his attorney said. President Trump has used Strzok’s texts to question the Russia investigation.
Campaign 2018
In the counties where voters flipped from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, candidates search for a compelling message. It’s not an easy task: “We don’t know how those no-party voters feel,” one expert said.
The Democratic lawmakers chose Father’s Day for a trip to the southern Texas border to draw attention to the plight of divided families. One lawmaker estimated that there were 100 children under the age of 6 at the facility.
The story must be told.
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The U.S.-educated Duque has pledged to ramp up the drug war and push for controversial changes in the historic peace accord with leftist guerrillas. U.S. officials see him as a reliable partner who may bring back forced coca eradication with aerial spraying, which has been banned since 2015 because of its health risks.
Students and recent graduates of Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School joined survivors of urban violence in the South Side of Chicago to launch the March for Our Lives activists’ 20-state summer bus tour with a drive to register young voters and encourage them to go to the polls.
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A cognitive scientist and linguist who has long studied how propaganda works believes it’s long past time for the reality-based news media to stop kowtowing to the emperor.
Sen. Tim Kaine attacked his challenger in a speech before more than 1,000 cheering Democrats in Richmond. Stewart, who just secured the GOP nomination, called on his critics to “find one racist thing I’ve ever said.”
If legislation proposed by members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hawkish coalition is approved, filming and distributing the videos could carry prison terms of five to 10 years.
World Cup 2018
Mexico became the first non-European team to shut out Germany since Brazil did it in the 2002 final, despite possessing the ball only 41 percent of the time.
The couple addressed their marriage, their success, police brutality and Kanye West — with a little help from Blue Ivy.
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‘Every rock has a story’: Advice from the man who keeps finding dinosaur fossils
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‘Every rock has a story’: Advice from the man who keeps finding dinosaur fossils
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‘I don’t blame the president.’ A Trump appointee who was fired speaks out.
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Congress remains at odds over family separation at border
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