Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Russian president plans to hold an annexation ceremony Friday after staged referendums — illegal under international law, with widespread reports of voter coercion — concluded earlier this week in portions of four regions in Ukraine.
These images were created by artificial intelligence — not a camera. (DALL-E)
Since April, DALL-E has triggered an explosion of images generated using artificial intelligence. But the technology is spreading faster than creators can shape norms around its use.
(Bloomberg News)
New federal data to be released today could show the effects of the Federal Reserve’s latest interest rate hike
(Toledo Museum of Art)
One may assume this painting by Dirck Jacobsz is a self-portrait, showing the artist putting the finishing touches on a portrait of a woman, perhaps his wife. Jacobsz, though, tells another story.
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How to prepare your home for an electric vehicle, including what it takes to install an EV charger, how much it costs, and when it's not possible.