Democracy Dies in Darkness
The S&P 500 has slipped three straight weeks to start the year. Technology and communications stocks were among the biggest drags on the market Friday, with Netflix losing more than a fifth of its value and Disney falling 6.9 percent.
Cache digs with trainer Chris Brindisi at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming.
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If a person is trapped beneath snow from an avalanche, highly skilled dogs can pinpoint their location.
The Biden administration is racing to head off what it says could be a dangerous assault on Russia’s neighbor.
Tony Flanders, a housing consultant at Factory Direct Homes, stands outside a manufactured home in Pittsford, Vt. (Hilary Swift for The Post)
For the first time since 1994, the government must update energy-efficiency standards for manufactured houses. Some, however, have already been finding workarounds.
China has provided scant evidence to back its grand promises of sustainability and a “carbon-neutral” Winter Olympics.
The justices said they would consider whether to limit the court’s previous decision that expanded the Indian land in the state, a ruling that has upended criminal prosecutions there.
Colleges must decide whether to issue award letters with outdated numbers or hold off until federal appropriators are through with their work.
The comments from Michigan Judge Alexis Krot toward Burhan Chowdhury have been met with a backlash since a video of the court exchange was shared on social media this month.
Police, community members and others meet near the Columbia Heights Metro Station to discuss recent shootings and other crime in the area on Jan. 20. (Matt McClain/The Post)
Residents, who on Thursday toured the area with D.C. police and city leaders, say shootings have made them feel unsafe in their neighborhood.
Michael Lombard, 67, drove from Florida to participate in the March for Life in Washington on Friday. (Astrid Riecken for The Post)
Here's what the anti-abortion movement owes people with unwanted pregnancies and their future children.
A couple gave their child a combined last name. His parents disapprove and refuse to include the wife's last name when they address mail to the child.
Reader wants to know if it's appropriate to ask brother-in-law's boyfriend not to use his typical cologne.