Democracy Dies in Darkness
An announcement from Texas’ governor came after a loud boom and what sounded like gunshots erupted from the area near the synagogue where police had been in a standoff with a hostage-taker for much of Saturday.
The House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol is divided on whether to pursue subpoenas for key witnesses, including several members of Congress who are resisting providing testimony.
The timing of the ruling – roughly 24 hours before Djokovic was due to take to the court at the Australian Open – makes another appeal almost impossible.
Live Well This YearFrom the Archives
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Here are the pros and cons of different sleep positions, and how to pick the best one for you.
Tips for massaging your sore trigger points.
The Potomac Riverkeeper Network said it tracked the discharge to an outflow near the Washington Aqueduct.
As officials weigh whether to label half of Australia’s koalas as endangered, researchers wonder whether some of them are concealed in one of the country’s best-known wilderness areas.
North Carolina officials released four minutes of video from the shooting death of Jason Walker.
A new era of research defines 1 in 4 Americans as secular and predicts that secularism's impact, including on politics, will be big.
Joseph Kennedy’s contract was not renewed by the school in Washington state after an opposing coach complained.
The appeal will be a test of state attorneys’ general ability to play a larger role in tech regulation.
A view of Park City, Utah, where festival attendees would have gathered. (Getty Images)
As the first woman and person of color to direct the festival, Tabitha Jackson hopes the covid-induced safety measures will ultimately provide a mechanism for reaching a wider audience of filmgoers who can’t afford to fly to Utah.