Democracy Dies in Darkness
The gunman, who killed eight people before shooting himself, appeared to have fired his rifle at “random,” officials said. At least four of those killed were members of the Sikh community in Indianapolis.
People rest after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine last week in Santiago, Chile. (AP)
Analysts blame the growth in Chilean infections on a mix of factors: Fatigue with strict and lengthy lockdowns, vacation travel during the Southern Hemisphere summer, the arrival of more transmissible variants and reliance on a Chinese vaccine that has been less effective than Western inoculants.
As Britain prepares to bury its longest-serving royal consort, appreciation of the tart-tongued and gaffe-prone Philip seems to have grown since his death.
The at-home exercise company has delayed the agency’s investigation into potential safety problems, according to officials familiar with the case.
Facial recognition is increasingly used against Kremlin critics. But cameras have been switched off or have a “malfunction” during suspected state-sanctioned attacks.
Medical experts said members of Congress could be great evangelists for vaccination in their communities. Many Republican lawmakers are reluctant, however, to talk about getting the shots.
President Biden signaled a focus on Asia by making Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga his first in-person foreign guest. Biden pledged cooperation across a range of issues, including climate change and coronavirus vaccine distribution.
Rosemary Sepeda, 67, checks on her apartment in Austin about five weeks after a winter storm and loss of power led to burst pipes and flooding. (Julia Robinson for The Post)
More than 200 Texans have joined what is expected to be a flood of liability suits. And state political leaders in Austin are feeling intense pressure to recast the electricity market to try to avoid another debacle.  
The reversal by the National Institutes of Health gives university researchers and government scientists freer rein to use material from elective abortions.
(James Cornsilk/The Post)
Activists allege that meatpacking facilities in Nebraska are still unsafe for workers, and are fighting to enshrine protections as Nebraska law.
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GOP leaders are working to tie Vice President Kamala Harris to the problems at the border, hoping to weaken her politically. She is trying to push back.
The FixAnalysis
That the idea that immigrants are “replacing” and thus diluting other American voters has begun to take hold is a reflection of the lasting impact Trump has had among conservatives. And it’s a commentary on just how ripe the party was for such a shift.
Syrian refugee Mahmoud Mansour, 47, helps his daughter Sahar, 8, with her homework in Amman, Jordan, in January. Mansour's family had completed the work to go to the U.S. when the Trump administration issued its travel ban. (Omar Akour/AP)
Most Americans think that aiding refugees should be a priority. 
Moscow’s move matches part of the U.S. action to impose targeted sanctions and order 10 Russian diplomats to leave the country as punishment for Russian election interference and suspected hacking.
For some, the U.S. invasion created opportunities. But the same forces and the policy that guided them also ripped communities apart, led to thousands of civilian casualties and left the Taliban a more formidable force than the group was before its overthrow.
People wait to get the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine at the Ngor Clinic in Dakar, Senegal, this month. (AFP/Getty Images)
The Covax initiative aims to help developing countries, with the easy-to-store AstraZeneca vaccine as the centerpiece.
Jon Schaffer has agreed to cooperate against others in the domestic terrorism investigation, according to court filings.
Rachel Marie Powell, accused of carrying a bullhorn and breaking a Capitol window, allegedly grew “evasive” when asked about wearing a see-through mask in a Facebook video.
Patricia Stephens Due is arrested for protesting segregation at the Florida Theater in Tallahassee in 1963. (State Archives of Florida)
About UsPerspective
A photo capturing the determination, grit and refusal to relent on the face of Patricia Due while she's being arrested is inspiring voting rights activists anew. 
Jonathan Freitag resigned while under internal Fairfax police investigation in May 2020, then joined the Brevard County Sheriff's Office in Florida three months later. He was fired earlier this month.
Two Republican contenders have each lent their campaigns more than $5 million.
Family members and friends at a recent candlelight vigil for James Johnson and Dominique Williams, the two men shot and killed by an off-duty Pentagon Force Protection officer in the parking lot of a Takoma Park condo, in Md. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
“I seen his eyes and I seen that gun, and God told me to duck,” Michael Thomas recalls of the night police say an off-duty Pentagon police officer fatally shot his two friends.
Solutions to climate change may be beyond our reach until we first reorient our relationship with Earth. (Torkil Gudnason)
Climate news is relentlessly, objectively grim. Should we ever allow ourselves to feel optimism?
She didn’t want to say goodbye.
Look for chargrilled beef, goat stew and ace side dishes from Kenya native Kevin Onyona.
Travelers walk through a pickup area Monday in the arrivals section at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. (Reuters)
Many companies in the hospitality business have refined technologies and practices to serve customers with fewer people, leaving some laid-off workers wondering whether they’ll ever get the call to come back.
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Washington’s ace threw seven scoreless innings before Kyle Schwarber made his introduction to Nationals fans with a 463-foot bomb to win the game in the ninth.
(Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
The 35-year-old was recognized because he was the starting second baseman on Washington’s 2019 World Series team.
The Boston Bruins, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals all made moves with the Stanley Cup in mind.
The midfielder is with the Cavaliers again this season after the Football Championship Subdivision scrapped the 2020 fall football season.