Democracy Dies in Darkness
Joe Biden won rapidly diversifying Georgia partly because Asian Americans mobilized to an unprecedented degree. With two critical Senate runoffs approaching, these voters could also boost Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.
The TakeAnalysis
The president-elect is assembling an experienced and trusted team, and one of the most important priorities ahead will be his ability to hit the ground running.
The approach could aid GOP areas at the expense of states with large immigrant populations.
Scituate High School in Rhode Island has remained open, even as some staff self-quarantine after potential coronavirus exposure in the community. (Adam Glanzman for The Post)
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) has followed the lead of some European countries, saying schools, with their controlled environments, may actually be safer for children and “should be among the very last things to close.”
Holidays 2020
(Aysha Tengiz for The Post)
In a year that made history in myriad, often tragic ways, our reading habits reflected our coping methods, as we reached for apocalyptic fiction, primers on race, political books that reflected highly partisan worldviews, plus thrillers, romance and science fiction — anything to help us escape.
Jon Gerberg/The Washington Post
How Trump's false election claims are keeping his movement alive
President Trump lost his bid for re-election, but he and many of his most fervent supporters have refused to accept it.
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(Demetrius Freeman/The Post)
The dynamic underscores how Trumpism is likely to animate the nation’s politics after the president is replaced by Joe Biden.
Employees would be vulnerable to dismissal before President Trump leaves office if they are considered poor performers or have resisted executing his priorities, effectively turning them into political appointees that come and go with each administration.
Chief Executive Carrie Lam is paid around 5.21 million Hong Kong dollars, roughly $672,000, a year, making her among the highest paid public officials in the world.
(Vito Finocchiaro)
In SightPerspective
Photographer Vito Finocchiaro's photos whisk us away from our own reality and plunge us into a world drenched in tradition.
(Cory Morse/The Grand Rapids Press/AP)
Tony Hsieh1973-2020
He built the online shoe and clothing retailer into a billion-dollar business and led revitalization efforts in Las Vegas.
Efforts to add new servers created a cascading set of errors that hobbled Web-connected security cameras, robotic vacuums and publishing sites, the company acknowledged in a lengthy postmortem Saturday.
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(Luis Velarde/The Post)
Food banks have seen record increases in need even as donations dwindle. In the Washington region, churches have partnered with county officials to distribute food.
A 3-alarm fire tore through the upper floor and roof of a Silver Spring apartment building early Saturday, displacing some fifty residents, according to fire fighters.
Timothy E. Francis, 50, was a homicide detective who had been on the force for 20 years.
Date Lab
Their date for dating’s sake last year transcended their age difference.
Treat yourself with a meatless spread, warming fondue, fancy lunch or Puerto Rican feast