Democracy Dies in Darkness
Hundreds of inmates are held inside the central prison in Kunduz, Afghanistan. (Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Post)
If just a fraction of the detainees escape, Afghan security officials warn, it would hand the Taliban a significant advantage on the battlefield, where it is already making steady gains.
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Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
1United States21251662
3Russian O.C.12211750
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While Congress approved $10 billion in federal assistance to help homeowners pay off debt, the program is moving so slowly that protections are expiring before states have figured out how to distribute the money.
Nurses take swabs from patients at a drive-through testing clinic in Fairfield, a Sydney suburb hit hard by the delta outbreak. (Mridula Amin for The Post)
Mixed messaging around use of the AstraZeneca vaccine is complicating efforts to beat back the outbreak in Australia’s largest city.
Tennessee state Rep. David Byrd had become so ill from infection that he had to get a liver transplant in June.
Micheal Freedy’s fiancee is now urging everyone to get vaccinated and drawing vitriol.
(Amber Ferguson/The Washington Post)
As the Senate moves forward with a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, on Aug. 1 some liberal Democrats warned they won’t vote on the package.
Protesters remove a barrier on Tuesday as they march against the Green Pass plan in Rome. (Reuters)
Amid the surge of the highly transmissible delta variant — and the refusal of significant numbers of people to get vaccinated — governments are finding that more needs to be done.
Guidance from the Biden administration is allowing colleges to use their pandemic relief funds to wipe away outstanding balances preventing students from enrolling.
Restaurant staffs have often been on the front lines of a public health problem that has become intertwined with a political battle over indoor mask guidance. (iStock)
A Dallas-area restaurant group is asking customers to mask up once again, and it is trying to get out ahead of guff from diners.
The main bar at Old Ebbitt Gill in D.C. (Robb Hill for The Post)
A spike in delta variant infections is making restaurant goers leery of dining in, which may bankrupt already-strapped eateries.
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Nicholas Gioacchini, right, looks at teammate Miles Robinson after Robinson’s go-ahead goal Sunday night in Las Vegas. (AFP/Getty Images)
Robinson scored on a header in the 117th minute of play to help the United States capture its seventh Gold Cup crown.
Across the NFL, teams are welcoming fans back to training camp after a year in which practices were closed to the public. And over the course of last week in Richmond, Washington’s fans made their presence felt.
The Spirit fell behind by two goals in the first half and ended up with a 3-1 loss at Chicago on Sunday night.