Democracy Dies in Darkness
Will Republicans purge the worst of what he has brought to their coalition or will Trump maintain his influence after he is out of office?
Police clear the area around the U.S. Capitol on January 6 after it was overrun by a pro-Trump mob. (Katherine Frey/The Post)
There’s been a notable break in the so-called “blue wall of silence,” an aspect of police culture that encourages officers to ignore misconduct by their peers.
The explanations by some of the president’s supporters of why they attacked the Capitol will likely be featured in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial.
In Aberdeen, Md., the police chief’s son declared he had “stormed the Capitol,” prompting the same reckoning underway in communities across the country.
Zignal Labs charted a 73 percent decline on Twitter and beyond following the action against the president.
People are spending hours refreshing websites and creating tiny intelligence networks to try to get vaccinated. “It feels like I’m trying to get a Beyoncé ticket,” one woman said.
The variant is not thought to be more deadly but has spread so widely it has caused the death toll to spike as well. 
Government officials pray over a box of vaccines Friday in Mumbai. (Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg News)
He said he will use FEMA to build vaccine centers in schools and stadiums, and warned the pandemic will worsen and more Americans will die before the vaccine can be administered to enough people to turn the tide.
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A Post analysis of 49 companies found that only a small share of their contributions went directly to the 147 lawmakers who objected to counting presidential election results.
Iranian police confiscated these machines allegedly used in bitcoin mining operations. (AP)
Iran's cheap energy and high inflation has made it a center for so-called cryptocurrency mining.
(City of South Bend)
Urban leaders see Buttigieg’s willingness to pursue so-called “complete streets” as a promising sign in the incoming transportation secretary.
After one week of in-person classes, Chicago Public Schools is pursuing disciplinary action against employees who did not return to school buildings.
The Washington Post
Trump is impeached, again | Impeachment This Week
A week after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, the House passed one article of impeachment against the president for inciting an insurrection.
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Once he's out of office, the chief question is whether to disqualify him from running again. That could give Republicans more incentive to convict.
Trump loyalist Mike Lindell showed up at the White House on Friday with notes that raise alarming possibilities.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (Oliver Contreras/Bloomberg News)
The president-elect said “mom and pop” small businesses employ more than big corporations. That might be a stretch depending on the definition you use.
The vote puts Armin Laschet in pole position ahead of September elections as Merkel steps away from power.
Voting was largely peaceful, but the campaign period displayed the architecture of Yoweri Museveni’s 35-year grip on power: violent crackdowns, widespread arrests and attempts to bar journalists and independent observers.
Migrants enter Guatemala Saturday after breaking a police barricade at the border checkpoint (Josue Decavele/Getty Images)
The country has not approved a vaccine for general use, but Chinese workers at online casinos and presidential security officials have obtained the shots.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says his government would reach out to other G-20 nations to seek a joint proposal on such bans, which he compared to the “Spanish Inquisition.”
The government agreed not to release census population data used for congressional apportionment or redistricting until after Wednesday's inauguration.  
Researchers surveyed more than 3,000 people in California about racism, fear, disorder and firearms.
When her suburban Dallas high school moved online, Charvi Goyal realized that the schoolmates she’d been informally tutoring between classes would still need extra help.
Dustin Higgs, convicted in the killings of three women in 1996, was the third to receive a lethal injection this week.
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Virtual film festivals, streaming concerts and socially distanced events offer escapes during the coronavirus pandemic.
In an interesting twist, she found his take on their shared interests to be lacking in, well, substance.
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He was “a Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly of street,” dancer and singer Toni Basil said.
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