Joe diGenova, a TV pundit and combative former prosecutor, is joining an already fractious group. The hiring prompted fears President Trump is preparing for bigger changes as he faces the Russia inquiry and Stormy Daniels case.
If implemented, the tariff package would be one of the broadest sets of economic actions imposed by a modern U.S. president against China.
The social media giant changed its policies in 2015, but not before apps such as FarmVille and Tinder — as well as the Obama campaign — accessed the network’s information trove.
(Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)
(Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)
Keira Drake’s debut, “The Continent,” was slammed for using racial stereotypes for her characters. Unlike many authors, she overhauled the book. The Post compared the old advance copy with a newly revised copy and spoke with Drake about changes she made.
In courting the royal, who is visiting the United States this week, the president’s son-in-law has displayed an un­or­tho­dox approach to diplomacy that has unsettled national security and intelligence officials.
The story must be told.
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The 2018 elections are likely to be held under a map much more favorable to Democrats. The 2011 map that has been used this decade has resulted in Republicans consistently winning 13 of the state’s 18 congressional seats. Under the new map, analysts say Republicans start with an edge in 10.
The law and a lawsuit challenging it set up a confrontation sought by abortion opponents, who are hoping federal courts will ultimately prohibit abortions before a fetus is viable. Some experts said a change in the law is unlikely unless the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court changes.
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Anxious Texans huddled inside their homes as investigators scrambled for clues at the scene of the city’s fourth mysterious explosion, which marked an escalation in both the tactics and skills displayed by the bomber or bombers, police said.
Bipartisan congressional leaders remained locked in negotiations on several issues, including immigration and health care, and the eleventh-hour wrangling threatened to delay the bill’s release.
Hospital staff and their lawyer say the older of the Turpin children, freed from disturbing conditions in their Southern California home in January and now at a rural house in an undisclosed location, are on the road to recovery.
Despite previous warnings by school officials to stay off the property, Zachary Cruz, 18, told deputies he skateboarded through the school grounds because he wanted to “reflect on the school shooting,” according to his arrest report.
Forward-thinking astrophysicists and people who specialize in blowing things up with nuclear weapons have come up with a way to stop it. An engineer insists it is just theoretical.
They fled to the U.S. to escape violence. Then their kids were taken away.
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The questions Gina Haspel may have to answer at her confirmation hearing
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A two-part winter storm is coming to the D.C. area
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What you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook controversy
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