Democracy Dies in Darkness
The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas urged two legislators to choose “a clean slate of Electors,” according to emails obtained by The Post.
The GOP donor participated along with Fox’s Sean Hannity and Sen. Lindsey Graham, according to court filings and a participant.
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The ruling is a win for Republicans, who have defended the Title 42 order issued by President Donald Trump that directed the swift expulsion of migrants arriving at the southern border.
A U.S. official disputed earlier accounts that one employee had been arrested.
Although rare, the concept of spending long stretches at sea is not unheard of. (iStock)
When Angelyn Burk crunched some numbers one evening last year, she made a stunning discovery: It would be cheaper for her and her husband to spend their retirement perpetually aboard cruise ships.
An unprecedented global spread of monkeypox has raised alarm among public health authorities.
A range of problems that cut across borders are driving inflation around the world.
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The twister ripped through the city’s business district, where social media photos showed sheared off roofs and toppled signs and power lines with debris scattered all around.
Ron Rice1940–2022
The former “mountain boy” from North Carolina built an empire of sun-care products.
The sheriff's office thought the skull might belong to a missing person. Then a report came back.
A Massachusetts company says it could help stop shootings like the Tops massacre in Buffalo. Its surveillance product is increasingly popular — and, critics say, problematic.
Scientist Rebellion activists chain themselves together in Glasgow, Scotland, on Nov. 6. (Reuters)
After decades of being ignored, scientists are resorting to more radical action to communicate the dire urgency of the climate crisis.
“What’s happening in philanthropy cannot make up for where there are government policy failures,” says one climate advocate. But "it can help show the solutions.“