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What you need to know about coronavirus

Scores of doctors, officials and experts answer questions about the newest global health emergency. Here’s what we know so far.
South Carolina Democratic Primary
Voters in South Carolina will go to the polls on Saturday. Fifty-four delegates are up for grabs.
Polls will close Saturday at 7 p.m. ET. Stay with The Post for live coverage of the results.

Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus

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Ratcliffe (R-Tex.) was put up for the same job last summer but withdrew amid questions about his qualifications and whether he had padded his résumé.
The ruling, if it stands, means the president’s former lawyer cannot be forced to appear on Capitol Hill. The White House had claimed top advisers such as McGahn are “absolutely immune from compelled congressional testimony.”
The company cut a key test short and used faulty software, setbacks that led to a flawed mission.
The agreement would let the United States keep a foothold in Afghanistan depending on the conditions on the ground, and carry out strikes against the Islamic State, which is also fighting the Taliban.
In many Olympic sports, only the best of the best reach this stage. But the marathon trials allow top amateurs, including working parents and dedicated recreational runners, to run alongside the country’s fastest long-distance runners.
Freeman Dyson
Dyson helped crack the secrets of the subatomic world, tried to build a spaceship that could carry humans across the solar system and wrote elegantly about science and human destiny.

Don’t be afraid to let children read graphic novels. They’re real books.

A librarian makes the case: Kids’ connection to comics helps create lifelong readers.
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Baseball teams put ads everywhere. This franchise is ditching them.

The Savannah Bananas are taking the advertisements off the outfield walls and out of the game programs and cutting sponsorship announcements between innings.
By The Way

River cruising in the U.S. is popular with boomers. But many people still don’t know it’s a thing.

Operators cater to travelers who want to rediscover America by water (and avoid long flights to Europe).
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California residents react to reports of first community transmission of coronavirus in U.S.
California residents react to reports of first community transmission of coronavirus in U.S.
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What we know about the coronavirus: Symptoms, transmission and response
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The signing of a U.S.-Taliban peace deal would be historic—but might not end the war in Afghanistan
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How South Carolina could revive the Biden campaign | On the 2020 trail
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