White House infighting flares amid Democrats’ probe

Two of President Trump’s top advisers are battling over strategy, contributing to the administration’s increasingly tenuous response to the inquiry.

Trump cites Ukraine’s corruption, European stinginess to justify his actions. Neither rationale withstands scrutiny.

The Defense and State departments have certified that Kyiv has taken “substantial actions” to tackle corruption. And European nations spend more on Ukraine than the United States does.

Jimmy Carter hospitalized to relieve pressure on his brain due to recent falls

Last month, the former president was hospitalized for a minor pelvic fracture after falling at home.
(Obi Arisukwu for The Post)
(Obi Arisukwu for The Post)

Rappers have been name-dropping Trump for decades. Here’s what it all means.

When Donald Trump’s name appears in a rap lyric — something that has occurred in more than 300 songs over the past 30 years — the reference can signify anything from wealth and luxury to fraud and racism.

Gavin Newsom accused PG&E of mismanaging funds and ‘corporate greed.’ The utility helped fund the careers of the governor and his wife.

Over the past two decades, the California governor and his wife have accepted more than $700,000 from Pacific Gas & Electric, its foundation and its employees as the utility has supported his campaigns, ballot initiatives, inauguration festivities and his wife’s film projects, records show.
Campaign 2020
In December, Patrick, 63, said he would not be a candidate for president. The former two-term governor of Massachusetts, elected in 2006 and re-elected in 2010, at that time cited “the cruelty of our elections process.”
The aircraft in question were among 88 used planes purchased from foreign carriers. The Federal Aviation Administration official said they should be grounded.
Hundreds have been arrested. Medics have disappeared on their way to Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, not heard from since. Protesters described receiving threats and seeing strange men appear in their tents, taking photographs and leaving.
When the first customer stepped in to help at the Alabama restaurant, “It was a transition so smooth I initially assumed it was a staff member returning to their shift,” one customer said in an email. Soon after, another jumped in. Then another.
In a letter to fans, the Canadian-born rock legend said he had applied to become a dual citizen and passed the test for American citizenship. But, Young wrote, he was asked to take another test “due to my use of marijuana and how some people who smoke it have exhibited a problem.”
Baseball’s awards week got underway with a pair of landslide victories following remarkable, history-making debut seasons.
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One farm family’s struggle after debt pushes a husband to suicide

Chris Kykshorn had been despondent over the couple’s finances, crippled by flooded fields and surplus grain he couldn’t sell because of the trade war.

An etiquette expert answers common questions about being a houseguest

Should you eat your host’s food? Should you expect to provide your own transportation to and from the airport? What should you do if you clog the toilet?

Fry to greater heights with this crispy restaurant-worthy pork milanese

It’s a marriage bound by the most delicious pork cutlet — and love.
(Parjanya Christian Holtz, Kate Woodsome/The Washington Post)
Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom.
Opinion | 'It is a war here now.' Inside Hong Kong's fight for freedom.
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Why Republicans are targeting the Trump whistleblower
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How to ride Metro, Washington's subway system
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Bolivia’s Morales resigns amid election protests
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