Democracy Dies in Darkness
Tens of thousands of health-care workers are likely to have refused a vaccine before a state requirement went into effect on Monday. They could face dismissals or unpaid leaves of absence.
Lawmakers now must scramble to pass a stop-gap measure to prevent parts of the government from shutting down Friday.
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The inaugural meeting of the U.S.-E.U. Trade and Technology Council was nearly derailed by French anger over a U.S. decision to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines, a move that cost Paris a lucrative order for less-capable diesel models.
The behavior from officials in Dallas and Boston spurred an unusual review by the Federal Reserve of trading rules for its officials.
A dwelling estimated to be more than 700 years old of the ancestral Puebloan Indians in a canyon of Cedar Mesa. (Joshua Partlow/The Post)
Native American tribes told President Biden they want "immediate action" to enlarge Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, which the Trump administration shrank by 85 percent.
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A woman who identified herself as Anais, left, debates with Suzzanne Monk about removing the Emancipation Memorial in D.C. (Matt McClain/The Post)
After the 9/11 attacks, most Americans believed the nation had been badly traumatized but had also been jolted into a sense of common purpose and indeed had been changed for the better. But over time, that sentiment has flipped.
John Delacruz talks with remote students via Zoom while others work in person during a class at San José State University. (John Brecher for The Post)
At San José State University, students are back. But virtual classes are not going away. The trend toward online teaching, fueled by covid concerns, appears to be making deeper headway in higher education.
Lil Nas X performs onstage during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in September. (Getty Images)
What do Lil Nas X's superstardom and DaBaby's controversial comments tell us about homophobia in rap music?
"Picturing the South" brings together works spanning 25 years from some of today's most well-known photographers, including Sally Mann, Dawoud Bey, Alec Soth and more.
Nintendo is serving up gamers another version of its best-selling 2017 console that is nearly identical.