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Warren’s student-loan plan.
In India, a voting booth for one.
The Post’s premier daily podcast. Unparalleled reporting, insight and analysis — for your ears.
President Trump ordered agencies to consider action against countries with high rates of immigrants who stay after their visas expire. But that strategy targets a relatively small number of people — and avoids potential conflicts with more powerful countries, such as China and India.
It was unclear how the president would legally justify such a move, since the Constitution delegates impeachment proceedings to Congress, not the courts.
The debate about how to respond "has been reduced to a false choice: immediate impeachment or nothing," writes Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and a former secretary of state.
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(Christopher DeLorenzo for The Post)
(Christopher DeLorenzo for The Post)
You could throw a dart at a map or scour the Web for suggestions. Or just answer these questions and we will create a list of destinations for you, based on four years of coverage from The Post’s Travel section.
Mosques flew white flags and posted banners with messages of condolence for the victims of the suicide bombings, in which more than 350 were killed. 
Officials said the nine alleged perpetrators, including one woman, came from upper- and middle-class backgrounds.
At least 673 cases have been reported in 22 states for 2019, according to a tally by The Washington Post of available state and local health department data.
In a court filing, health officials said they are undoing an Obama-era rule that expanded nondiscrimination protections to gender identity and transgender people.
Bridget Kelly, who was convicted for her role in creating massive traffic delays on the nation’s busiest bridge to punish a political adversary of the former New Jersey governor, was sentenced to 13 months in prison.
The state House voted in favor of a bill that would require local officials to comply with federal immigration authorities and threatens a fine of up to $5,000 a day for entities that violate the law.
The company reported a drop in earnings and sales as it acknowledged that concerns over the safety of its 737 Max airplanes are taking a toll on its business.
She’s courting mainstream success with her new album, a showstopping Coachella run and songs that speak perfectly to things as diverse as a Netflix rom-com and a line of sparkling cocktails.
(J Pat Carter for The Post)
(J Pat Carter for The Post)
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A former Army Ranger is asking the president for vindication after his 2009 murder conviction.
In Case You Missed It
A human chain was formed to save what could be reached. But much was lost, as well.
(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Post)
(Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Post)
We gathered a group to taste test a chef-driven pizza topped with pineapple and ham. The results surprised even the diners.
(JM Rieger/The Washington Post)
Then and now: How Congress handled calls for underlying evidence
Then and now: How Congress handled calls for underlying evidence
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Behind the speech: A joke that didn't land. For a good reason.
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What happens when a government tries to block social media?
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A black man was dragged to his death over 20 years ago. One of his killers is about to be executed.
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