President Trump pressured Congress to reach an agreement amid deep uncertainty over whether Democrats and Republicans could find enough common ground. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney defended Trump’s tweet about the “nuclear option,” arguing that if “ordinary rules prevailed,” the government would be open. The Senate was expected to reconvene today at 1 p.m., and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to take up a new spending plan by Monday morning.
Some Democrats concede that the stalemate — if it is seen as a fight over immigration — holds risks for vulnerable senators, even if they voted to keep the government open. Sen. Robert Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania faces a likely GOP opponent who claimed that the Democrat “put illegal immigrants over health insurance for our kids.”
An impasse on the issue is at the center of the budget fight that led to the shutdown. Starkly different terms — “chain migration” on the right, “family reunification” on the left — show why it’s so hard for Washington to agree on major policy changes.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, left, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Jan. 17 with Democratic counterparts, Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. (AP)
House Speaker Paul Ryan, left, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Jan. 17 with Democratic counterparts, Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. (AP)
The Debrief
The deadlock is happening as — and because — the two parties are in the process of reorienting themselves in ways their top strategists once warned against.
The minority leader’s offer of border wall funding for action to protect those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a weird trade — but many Democrats might agree to it.
Key personnel for the TV and radio broadcasts were to be furloughed, but the Defense Department said AFN is an “operational necessity.” And football is just part of the programming.
The story must be told.
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The vice president’s tour of the region is partly aimed at smoothing over relations with U.S. allies after the controversial White House decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Taylor Weyeneth, who is deputy chief of staff at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, submitted a résumé with errors, including how long he worked at a New York firm, a partner there said.
Last January, as questions about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election were beginning to percolate publicly, prominent business leaders and activists from that country attended Donald Trump’s inauguration, mingling at balls and receptions — at times in proximity to key U.S. officials.
The probe of the case involving Honey and Barry Sherman at times contradicted early reports by Toronto police, who have remained tight-lipped about the case.
The “Saturday Night Live” cold open this week joked about the government shutdown, the results of President Trump's physical exam and Stormy Daniels.
“It’s crazy how one moment can overshadow 15 years of work,” said the adult-film actress, who claimed to have slept with Donald Trump not long after he married Melania.
Consumers question the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t ticket prices that sometimes appear — and disappear.
Companies must craft careful dress codes as some of the conventions of attire change.
Cow's milk, flax milk, soy milk: Learn what to look for, and what to avoid.
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