Democracy Dies in Darkness
After a wild day on Capitol Hill in which a group of House and Senate Republicans threatened to derail the spending bill over vaccine concerns, congressional leaders navigated a bill through Congress that would fund agencies into February.
The joy of being back in-person has collided with the trauma and setbacks brought on by the pandemic and virtual learning. The school is a place where everything seems normal, but nothing is quite as it should be.
One of the study’s authors said coronavirus vaccines are likely to still offer the most effective protection against severe disease and death.
Refunding fast tests and imposing travel quarantines has been the standard in places like Germany, Britain and Belgium.
Students and the community started to pick up the pieces after Tuesday’s shooting at Oxford High School.
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Normally low-profile state legislative races and less prominent gubernatorial contests suddenly hold the potential to become national flash points.
Former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark is expected to appear as ordered, but may invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to answer a broad swath of questions.
The cast of “Annie Live!" (Virginia Sherwood/NBC)
Pop CultureAnalysis
“Annie Live!” was the latest broadcast TV musical, and while it mostly went very smoothly, there were a few odd details.
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Cargo vessels share space with oil platforms near the Los Angeles-Long Beach port on Oct. 5. (AP)
Previous research had suggested a possible increase in storm intensity in recent decades, tied to climate change. This study also finds that hurricanes are increasing in frequency, a more controversial idea.
The “Home Alone” house. (Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
Kevin’s brother Buzz is hosting — and hopefully burglars won’t show up at the Winnetka, Ill., home, Airbnb said.
Republican Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Mike Lee (Utah) led the charge to shut down the government over Biden's vaccine mandates. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
And 11 questions with South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, who's under investigation over whether he should be impeached after pleading no contest to two misdemeanors in a 2020 car crash that killed a pedestrian.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Grand Tattoo — a traditional ceremonial send-off — in Berlin on Wednesday. (Stefanie Loos/AFP/Getty Images)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t saying. But Nina Hagen’s 1974 East German song goes back to the leader’s upbringing in a divided Germany.
(Lian Law/National Park Service)
Travelers seeking a night sky swimming in stars, planets and meteors can find it in areas designated as having little light pollution.
A father confessed to the long-ago abuse of his teenage child, and his other child is upset — at her sibling, for not telling her of the abuse.
Reader is upset to learn that husband of 23 years is more interested in his online life than her.
Reader’s son-in-law teases him about telling the same story. It’s hurting his feelings.