Democracy Dies in Darkness
The House’s effort to help the poor in 12 states afford health-care plans faces an uncertain fate in Senate.
The president spoke to reporters at the White House a day after a video call with the Russian leader in which he warned against an invasion.
Amid a financial boost from the infrastructure bill, Amtrak is struggling to hire and retain workers during a national labor shortage.
The Biden administration imposed sanctions on two Salvadoran officials for allegedly offering privileges to gangs in exchange for a reduction in homicides and political support.
The Diocese of Marquette in Michigan may be the first in the United States to issue such a policy.
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The recipients include Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn Cashe, Master Sgt. Earl Plumlee and Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Celiz.
The announcement is official acknowledgment that the attack, which came after a U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani, was far more serious than Washington was willing to concede initially.
A photo of Raskin and son Tommy, who died by suicide last year at 25. (Andre Chung for The Post)
After his son’s suicide and the attack on the Capitol, the Maryland congressman found a renewed sense of mission.
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In their most public, forceful protest to date, Republicans muscled to passage a proposal that specifically aims to repeal the Biden administration’s rules ordering large private businesses to require vaccination or implement comprehensive coronavirus testing for their workers.
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(Video: Jorge Ribas/The Post; Photo: Joshua Lott/The Post)
From beer to soft drinks, consumers will see beverage shortages on grocery shelves into next year.
This generation is carrying on the quaint custom of sending and receiving season’s greetings, with messages that range from sentimental to snarky.
Hundreds of students showed up at the Christmas parade in Andrews, Tex., to honor band director Darin Johns and bus driver Marc Boswell. (Brad Tarpley)
Too much of our tech ultimately winds up in landfills. That's why two start-ups are trying to reshape the way we buy — and live with — our gadgets.
We want to hear how you creatively presented a gift that hadn’t arrived on time, or gave a digital present or experience in a thoughtful way.
The new map would retain seven safe Democratic seats while putting the state’s only Republican district in play for Democrats.
Democrats said the move would cost the state hundreds of millions a year in flooding and energy-assistance funding.
Djohariah Singer sees her fight with cancer more as a dance than a war. “My life is going to be how do I live with cancer,” she said. “And the more I can learn to dance with this, the more gracefully I dance with it, the longer I will live.”