Democracy Dies in Darkness
White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain has been an ally of Tanden’s and a key advocate who recommended her for the White House Office of Management and Budget.
The president will deliver virtual remarks to the National Governors Association, continuing an outreach that in some cases includes GOP governors who resisted declaring him the presidential election winner.
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District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is leading a criminal investigation into the former president and his business activities.
Lower courts had rejected a challenge to Harvard’s race-conscious admissions practices.
The Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle in San Diego. (Jane Hahn for The Post)
As far back as 1955, inventors, engineers and car enthusiasts have dreamed about a car powered by the sun. This year, a pair of California entrepreneurs say they've created one for the masses.
Lee Powell/The Washington Post
How West Virginia became a leader in coronavirus vaccinations
Going into the pandemic, West Virginia knew it was facing trouble, with one of the oldest and sickest populations in the U.S. But it's found vaccine success.
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The change is the result of a pledge President Biden made to reduce the burden on those who say they have been forced to choose between staying healthy or getting a paycheck during the pandemic.
Like the Republican Party and most of its voters, conservative activists meeting in Florida are all-in on false Trump claims.
Demonstrators protested outside the McDonald’s corporate headquarters on Jan. 15 in Chicago. (Getty Images)
Let’s compare costs now with costs from when our senators were young, shall we?
After a slow start, tornado season could roar to life with possible outbreaks in the South and Southeast.
The Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (Shutterstock)
Every national park has its own hazards that are most likely to cause serious injuries and deaths. Some of them might surprise you.
This Black History Month, as history struggles to keep up with current events, we can remember how we got here as we keep our eyes on the future.
D.C. officials say a flood of applicants from outside targeted Zip codes in hard-hit areas jammed its online registration system.
A typical seven-mile trip on weekdays would average $4 to $5, the state says.
Moses Ingram talked to The Post about her breakout role. (Amber Ferguson/The Post)
The Yale-trained actor, 27, pursued her dream with the support of family and a committed student adviser at Baltimore City Community College.
Workers protest outside their grocery store in Long Beach, Calif., on Feb. 3. (Reuters)
Being the new kid at work is even more awkward when you're joining an all-remote office. But the pandemic can help us all embrace the awkwardness.
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