Democracy Dies in Darkness
Israel has so far declined entreaties from outside mediators that it agree to a halt, according to two officials. Hamas has vowed to continue retaliatory rocket attacks for an Israeli strike that killed 42 people.
Garth Brooks says at this point in his career, he remains grateful for the fans who stand by him no matter what. (Getty Images)
Brooks, the country music icon who redefined the genre in the 1990s, will receive a Kennedy Center Honor for his impact on the culture.
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All that is separating the end of Alex Ovechkin's 13-year contract with the Caps and his free agency this summer is the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs.
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New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D). (Reuters)
Details of the contract for the New York governor emerged as he released his 2020 tax returns.
People protest in support of Palestinians in Brooklyn on Saturday. (Getty Images)
Bipartisan support for Israel still endures, but analysts say the ground is perceptibly shifting in Washington.
The incident occurred Sunday night during prayers held in an unfinished synagogue with no occupancy permit.
Those who are fully vaccinated only need to wear a mask in places where it is required. The move brings the city in line with Virginia and Maryland, which had lifted their mandates last week.
With more and more of the population vaccinated and other activities permitted to resume, the D.C. Council faces a contentious vote Tuesday about how to slowly return to being a city where people can legally be evicted.
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Gas shortages across southeastern states were slowly improving in the aftermath of a cyberattack that forced Colonial Pipeline offline last week. 
It'll be a nice evening to get outside. Temperatures rise to around 80 tomorrow.
At Bubbie's Plant Burgers, Margaux Riccio and Shaun Sharkey have become more than a great working team. They're innovators in plant-based dining.
The co-founders of the Park View exhibition space — named But, Also — are trying to make art more accessible.
The Point Crab House near Annapolis offers crab-everything: steamed, in soup, on toast and in cakes
Parler, which was kicked off the platform after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, is using a new artificial-intelligence moderation system so iPhone users won’t see any posts labeled as hate speech.
A worker inspects hardware devices as illuminated mining rigs operate inside racks at the CryptoUniverse cryptocurrency mining farm in Nadvoitsy, Russia, in March. (Bloomberg News)
Cryptocurrency’s extraordinary run has attracted hordes of new investors, drawn by the potential for huge profits and a culture soaked in humor and risk-taking.
The deadline to file your federal taxes is Monday. And, your tax return could determine the amount you're owed.
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