Democracy Dies in Darkness
One of ex-president Donald Trump’s most controversial trade initiatives, which angered U.S. allies and drew scorn from many economists, has become a plank in President Biden’s “worker-centered” trade policy. The tale of the tariffs also shows how temporary trade barriers can harden into semi-permanence.
Among many touching images from the intimate funeral at Windsor Castle, most poignant of all perhaps was the image of Prince Philip’s wife of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth II, sitting hunched and small, all alone on a pew.
Hunter Biden spent two years as a silent character in an explosive narrative at the center of the presidential campaign. Now he’s emerging to tell a story of addiction, with the ever-present danger of a relapse that could endanger his health — and his father’s work.
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The producer of “The Book of Mormon” and Oscar-winning “No Country for Old Men” was accused in an article by the Hollywood Reporter of “acts of intimidation” and humiliation against his employees.
(Sarah Hashemi, Monica Rodman, Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)
Domestic terrorism data shows right-wing violence is on the rise in America. Here's how lawmakers and the FBI are responding.
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Many Republican lawmakers are reluctant to talk about getting shots.
Polls suggest that helping refugees is not an issue on which there is broad partisan unity, and thus is not something that reflects President Biden’s stated goal of enacting the urgent demands of the public.
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Since Donald Trump left office, more Republicans have embraced the idea that immigrants are “replacing” other American voters.
How the president is pursuing his agenda.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
An attack on an Iranian nuclear facility has tested President Biden’s resolve to talk with Iran over Israel’s objections.
A long queue of mountain climbers line a path on Mount Everest in Nepal. (AP)
An interdisciplinary research project intended to study the climate change threats facing mountain systems. At the roof of the world, it found high levels of toxic chemicals called PFAS.
A fifth of Democratic incumbents  in the House of Delegates face  opponents in the June election — part of the state’s spreading blue wave that, political analysts say, could leave some of those districts vulnerable to Republicans in the fall.
A make-shift memorial has arisen at the Georgetown gravesite of “Nannie.” (Karon Flage)
There is a power to Nannie’s story, even with the unknowns, or maybe even more so because of them. Nearly 165 years after her death, she is sparking curiosity about the lives of Black girls in antebellum Washington.
Solutions to climate change may be beyond our reach until we first reorient our relationship with Earth. (Torkil Gudnason)
Climate news is relentlessly, objectively grim. Should we ever allow ourselves to feel optimism?
She didn’t want to say goodbye.
Look for chargrilled beef, goat stew and ace side dishes from Kenya native Kevin Onyona.
After missing the 2020 playoffs with a knee injury, the Philadelphia guard is seeking acclaim and his first title.
After learning that right-hander Luis Avilán has a torn elbow ligament, the Nationals saw righty Wander Suero leave with a trainer.
In this November 2019 file photo, a trophy-bearing Asdrubal Cabrera arrives at a rally in D.C. to celebrate the Nationals’ historic World Series victory. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)
The 35-year-old was recognized because he was the starting second baseman on Washington’s 2019 World Series team.