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Former Maryland elementary school aide sentenced to 75 years for child sex abuse

(N/A / Prince George's County Police Department)

Deonte Carraway, 23, pleaded guilty to exploiting 12 children between ages 9 and 13.


‘Mommy loves you,’ woman shouts to Maryland man accused of killing his sister, cousins

(Bonnie Jo Mount / The Washington Post)

Antonio Williams is ordered held for mental evaluation in tense and chaotic court hearing.

Southbound BW Parkway reopens after crash in Prince George’s

The crash was reported in an area south of route 197.

Don’t make the highway your solar eclipse viewing location, officials warn

Local transportation authorities are warning drivers that parking is not allowed on the interstates and most state highways, except for emergencies.


At county conference, talk of Charlottesville and Roger B. Taney statue overshadow 2018 primaries

(Linda Davidson / The Washington Post)

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) announces executive order to create a new state development plan.


He was supposed to be caring for his sister and two cousins. Instead he killed them, he told police.

(Bonnie Jo Mount / Washington Post)

The girls, two six-year-olds and a 9-year-old, were stabbed to death by an older brother of one of the children, Prince George’s County police said.


Animal Watch: Wrong exit for kitty

Stray animal was rescued from Interstate 295 ramp.


Man arrested after three girls found dead in Prince George’s home

(Bonnie Jo Mount / The Washington Post)

Police described the scene in Prince George’s as one of most “difficult”they’ve encountered.


Justice Taney defended slavery in 1857. Now his statue is gone from Md.’s State House.

(Jose Luis Magana / AP)

After Charlottesville, Gov. Larry Hogan did an about-face on the monument to the author of the Dred Scott decision.


Hogan: ‘We’re not going to tell every jurisdiction what to do’ with their statues

(Jose Luis Magana / AP)

The Maryland governor backed the removal of the Taney monument at the State House but said cities and counties must make their own decisions.


‘Then they came for me’: A Hitler supporter’s haunting warning has a complicated history

People outraged by President Trump's racial rhetoric are quoting Martin Niemöller, a Protestant priest who once shared Hitler's ideology.

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Michael S. Rosenwald

Mall of America at 25: Still big, still kooky, still a symbol

Since it opened its doors on Aug. 11, 1992, the country's biggest mall has become a magnet for attention seekers of all kinds.

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Michael S. Rosenwald

What if the president ordering a nuclear attack isn’t sane? An Air Force major lost his job for asking.

During the Nixon era, Air Force Maj. Harold Hering asked a troubling question about nuclear attack orders. The answer is still the same.

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Michael S. Rosenwald

Who are the Trump White House leakers? In Lincoln’s day, it might have been his wife.

Some believed Mary Lincoln leaked her husband's first State of the Union speech. Its appearance in the New York Herald led to a congressional investigation.

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Michael S. Rosenwald

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Maryland & regional photo galleries

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Scenes of rural Maryland, where the Amish have amassed

The state is home to three Amish communities that were settled in 1830 and whose members live simple lives, mostly as farmers.

Photos from the Chincoteague Pony Swim

The wild ponies of Maryland’s Assateague Island swam across to Chincoteague Island in Virginia. The event draws thousands of tourists each year and was memorialized in Marguerite Henry’s novel “Misty of Chincoteague.”

See residents cope as arctic winds hit the D.C. region

Heavy winds and a cold surge blew into the area Thursday.

What it looks like inside the MGM National Harbor resort in Maryland

The casino and entertainment complex boasts all the flash and amenities that many have come to expect.

The scene after a school bus and commuter bus collide in Baltimore

Six people are dead and at least five others were injured after a commuter bus and a school bus collided in southwest Baltimore.

A flood swept away her home and her business, and a new future awaits

Before Ellicott City, Md., was devastated by flooding in July, Sally Tennant ran a beloved shop, Discoveries, and thought her life was settled. She and others in town face decisions on rebuilding.

The scene after a massive explosion and fire leveled an apartment complex in Md.

At least 6 were killed after a blast destroyed an apartment complex in Silver Spring.

See what the scene looks like after flooding in historic Ellicott City

Cleanup begins after a night of flooding damages Ellicott City, Md., and surrounding areas.

What it looked like at Joint Base Andrews during the lockdown

Following an earlier report of an active shooter, the lockdown has mostly been lifted at Joint Base Andrews.

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