Washington Post Social Reader is a free Facebook application that offers a new way to read news from The Washington Post and more of the Web's best news sources — with your friends. Once you're using the app, the stories you read will be instantly shared with your friends, and your friends' reads will be shared with you, creating a socially powered newswire of intriguing articles.

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Keep up with friends.

On Facebook, you scroll through your friends' status updates and photos — now it's just as easy to discover what they're reading. WP Social Reader makes it simple for friends to connect over news like never before.

Start the conversation.

By reading news on WP Social Reader, you're sharing stories that matter to you. Make sure your friends are up to speed, and get their thoughts on the issues you're most passionate about.

Your news.

WP Social Reader uses your likes, your interests, and what you and your friends are reading to deliver a set of stories tailored just for you. The more time you spend with the app, the better it gets to know you.

Delivered to you.

Why scour the Web when you can get news delivered to your online doorstep? WP Social Reader lives on Facebook — and so do all the stories you'll read on the app.

Instant access to high-quality news.

WP Social reader serves up news from The Washington Post and more of the Web's best sources — all on Facebook. Get the latest on everything from politics to technology, from movies to sports, in the U.S. and around the world.

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