Four key takeaways from Jeff Sessions’s memory-lapse-filled congressional hearing

Meetings he had with the Russian ambassador during the campaign. Campaign-related conversations he had with the Russian ambassador. Shutting down campaign aide George Papadopoulos after Papadopoulos suggested then-candidate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin get together.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he couldn't remember any of these events — that is until the media or Robert S. Mueller III's investigation remembered them for him.

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Roy Moore and the long leash of conservative Christians in GOP politics

The number of conservative Christian pastors, writers and politicians who have gone on record to denounce Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore appears to be growing by the day.

At least five women said publicly that the former judge known for his conservative Christian principles pursued romantic relationships with them when they were teenagers, and two of those women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct.

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Jeff Sessions just threw a wet blanket on President Trump’s Russia dossier conspiracy theory

President Trump is unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation — which led to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Trump has also criticized the Justice Department's handling of his travel ban, and he clearly has been unhappy with Sessions's perceived lack of zeal in investigating Democrats.

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The clear timeline suggesting Donald Trump Jr. coordinated with WikiLeaks

On Oct. 14, 2016, Mike Pence took to Fox News and flat-out denied that the Trump campaign was “in cahoots” with WikiLeaks. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” the Republican vice-presidential nominee said.

Turns out Pence's answer was pretty far from the truth.

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Lewandowski’s logic: The media can’t criticize Trump Jr.’s contact with WikiLeaks because the media covers WikiLeaks

Never underestimate Corey Lewandowski's ability to spin a story that negatively affects President Trump into an attack on the media.

The Atlantic reported on Monday that Donald Trump Jr. exchanged private Twitter messages with WikiLeaks before and after the 2016 election — messages that the president's elder son subsequently released. The correspondence shows that WikiLeaks:

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Candidate Donald Trump asked black voters: ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’ Well, apparently, judgeships.

During the 2016 presidential election season, Donald Trump repeatedly asked black Americans what they had to lose by sending him to the White House to succeed the country's first black president.

Well apparently, the courts.

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Steve Bannon is twisting Chuck Todd’s words to claim an ‘orchestrated’ smear of Roy Moore

Stephen K. Bannon has identified the perfect person to convince Alabama voters who might be wavering on Roy Moore that the GOP Senate candidate's alleged pursuit of teenage girls is nothing more than a smear campaign by Democrats, establishment Republicans and the media, all working in cahoots: NBC's Chuck Todd.

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Roy Moore’s problems just got much, much more serious

Shortly before Roy Moore's latest accuser came forward Monday afternoon, an Alabama political reporter appeared on CNN to defend him. What Moore is accused of doing was only a misdemeanor in 1979, emphasized Brandon Moseley of “If [Moore] had stolen a lawn mower at age 21, would that be a reason not to elect him 50 years later?”

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Think Sean Hannity will get himself boycotted off the air? Don’t count on it.

A cartoon illustration published by Media Matters for America depicts Sean Hannity sweating under a headline announcing that “more advertisers are dropping” him.

However, Hannity doesn't seem to be perspiring as he publicly revels in the boycott — particularly a decision by Keurig to pull commercials from his Fox News Channel program. Hannity's new favorite pastime is retweeting videos of fans destroying their coffee makers in a show of solidarity. He is offering prizes for the best clips.

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How Senate Republicans could kick Roy Moore out of the Senate

Senate Republican leaders are making clear they would rather have a Democrat join them in the Senate than Roy Moore, who has been accused of initiating sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. But there's not much they can do about it before the election. Even if the Alabama Republican Senate candidate were to suddenly heed their calls to drop out, his name would still appear on the ballot in December's special election.

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