The Answer Sheet: Accountability

Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 02/27/2011

2 false claims that drive school reform

"Accountability" and "merit" are compelling concepts, especially when we are talking about adults who are charged with educating our children. But the concepts have been misused in school reform, writes an educator.

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Posted at 01:25 PM ET, 01/19/2011

New report on educational productivity: a waste of resources?

It's hard to argue with the general notion in a new report about educational productivity released today that says -- are you surprised -- that we waste a lot of money. But beyond that, I'm trying to figure out what else of value the report offers. Help.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/02/2010

Is progress in Florida schools exaggerated?

Florida’s public school system is frequently held up as an exemplary example of how specific school reforms -- vouchers, charter schools, on-line schooling, high-stakes standardized tests, etc. -- can improve student achievement. But things aren't always what they seem.

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