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Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 03/01/2011

In praise of Hailee Steinfeld, the picture of poise at the Oscars

The most recent entertainment news cycle has been a particularly negative one. Christina Aguilera was arrested for alleged public drunkenness. Charlie Sheen is cracking up at a speed so rapid, we need a jet-pack to keep up with it. Americans everywhere -- at least the ones that lurk on the Internet -- have (understandably in most cases) blasted James Franco’s inability to generate a modicum of energy while hosting the Academy Awards. It's enough to make a person start to lose faith in celebrities altogether. (I know, you already did that years ago when John Travolta signed on to star in "Stayin' Alive." Whatever. Just play along.) Well, here's someone to give us all a little hope for the future: Hailee Steinfeld. And while she may have lost the best supporting actress Oscar to Melissa Leo on Sunday night, she still came out a winner for looking adorable and handling...

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Posted at 06:10 PM ET, 02/28/2011

Oscar party scene: Hitting the Governor's Ball and the Elton John party

The scene at the Elton John party. (Jen Chaney) After nearly four hours on the Academy Awards red carpet and four more in the press room, party isn't necessarily the first word that comes to mind. (Pillow is one. Vacation is another.) But this is the Oscars, for heaven's sake. And party -- or at least watch other, more famous people party -- is what must be done. The Post's Dan Zak and Amy Argetsinger navigated their way through the elite throngs at the Vanity Fair party, while I dropped by the Governor's Ball and hit the end of Elton John's annual Oscar viewing event. Here's what was seen and heard on my end of the Oscar party circuit....

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Posted at 01:37 PM ET, 02/28/2011

The Academy Awards red carpet: Seeking equilibrium in the midst of glamour-madness

TV fails to capture other red carpet realities. It's frenetic. It's loud. And for the reporters, it's incredibly cramped, so cramped that at one point on Sunday afternoon, it honestly seemed like a brawl might break out.

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Posted at 12:05 PM ET, 02/28/2011

The Oscars and the foregone conclusions syndrome

Colin Firth, clutching the Oscar we all knew he would win. (AP) At this year's Academy Awards, there wasn't one genuine surprise. "The King's Speech" won best picture, as pretty much every prognosticator predicted. Colin Firth was named best actor. We knew that was going to happen. Natalie Portman won an Oscar, too. Which we also knew. Even the sight of James Franco in drag felt like something we'd all seen before. Because, well, we had. So have the Academy Awards become too predictable, just a formal, fancy way to call out a list of Hollywood winners that were already foregone conclusions?...

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Posted at 10:25 AM ET, 02/28/2011

Could Billy Crystal host the Academy Awards again? It's a possibility.

Billy Crystal, back on the Oscar stage. (AP) When Billy Crystal made his appearance during this year's Academy Awards, he got a standing ovation. Clearly, his Hollywood colleagues love to see him grace that stage, a place where he feels very much at home. (Certainly, it must be said, more at home than James Franco often seemed last night.) So is there a chance he could host again? Based on what Crystal told me last night at the Governor's Ball, it's also not entirely out of the question. Related coverage: The actors' Oscar acceptance speeches: Who said it best? Complete Oscar coverage in Celebritology The Post's Hank Stuever assesses the telecast...

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Posted at 09:47 AM ET, 02/28/2011

Video: Zachary Levi at the Academy Awards: 'Very surreal but a dream come true'

Read what he had to say about his performance.

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Posted at 09:31 AM ET, 02/28/2011

Kirk Douglas: The highlight of the 'young, hip' Oscar broadcast

Sunday's Oscar broadcast was not, in the words of our own Hank Stuever, the youth revolution promised by the hot young hosting pair of James Franco and Anne Hathaway. (Which has us wondering -- will next year's show attempt to skew even younger with, say, Justin Bieber and Natalie Portman's baby hosting?) Despite all the young blood, some of the night's best moments were delivered by card-carrying AARP members -- one-time Oscar fixture Billy Crystal, a CGI clip of Bob Hope and a deliciously feisty Kirk Douglas, who basically stole the show. If you missed it, here's a clip of Douglas's segment, in which the 94-year-old screen legend gets more laughs in three minutes than James Franco got all night:...

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Posted at 01:03 AM ET, 02/28/2011

Oscar's best and worst dressed: Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett wow for totally different reasons.

This year's Oscar ceremony was underwhelming in myriad respects. One of them was fashion. This year's crop of gowns failed to produce even one buzzy fashion trend. And wiith considerably less bling on the red carpet, 2011 may just go down in history as the year that Oscar fashion was a bit of a yawn. Still, there were some standouts -- both stunners and stinkers -- worth a second look. Best dressed The insouciant Gwyneth Paltrow in utterly stunning Calvin Klein (which totally made up for her off-key on-stage performance), host Anne Hathaway's red carpet look: a dress from the Valentino archives (though we loved her in most of her gazillion on-stage gown changes, too), Helen Miren in drop-dead gorgeous grey Vivienne Westwood and a slimmed down Jennifer Hudson in Versace. Worst Dressed The usually fashion forward Cate Blanchett in a homely concoction from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Helena Bonham...

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Posted at 11:15 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Tom Hooper wins best director for 'King's Speech'

Tom Hooper has just been named best director at the Academy Awards for his work on "The King's Speech." One can't say it was unexpected, since he won the same honor from the Directors Guild of America. But many still expected David Fincher to pull it out for "The Social Network" even if the Facebook movie ultimately lost best picture. This could turn into one of the more debated wins of the night. And, probably, another excuse for complaints about Christopher Nolan's snub in the same category. You know. Just because. What do you think if Hooper's win? Weigh in now....

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Posted at 10:50 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Christian Bale in the Oscar press room: another fine performance

Christian Bale is new to this whole Academy Awards process. He made that clear, in most charming fashion, when he entered the press room to undergo the gauntlet of post-Oscar-win questions. Why are you all holding up signs? he wanted to know. They're numbers, he was told, so the Oscar press room bosses can decide which reporters to call on. It's sort of like an auction. Do you win anything? Bale asked, puzzled. But he pressed on. When a reporter from People, who happened to be wearing a bowler hat, stood to ask a question, Bale complimented his head wear. Then he asked: "Have you been drinking?" The reporter played along. He said he had. Then it got better....

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Posted at 10:05 PM ET, 02/27/2011

James Franco in drag: Oscar fail?

Oscar host/nominee James Franco channeled Marilyn Monroe (and Madonna) when he walked on stage in a fuschia gown and blond wig. It may have been a first for the Academy Awards, though not for Franco -- who has done this sort of thing before. More than once. But, in the context of tonight's Oscar broadcast, was there really a point? Or was it just another naked (or thankfully not-naked) bid to woo "young, hip" viewers?...

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Posted at 09:48 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Live tweeting from the Oscar press room

Our own Jen Chaney is in the press room and tweeting as this year's Academy Award winners make their way backstage to face the press scrum. Follow her below and send your comments with hashtag #oscarspotting:...

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Posted at 09:26 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Melissa Leo drops the F-bomb in Oscar acceptance speech

Well, there may not be a best actress Oscar curse, but there is now officially a cursing best supporting actress. Melissa Leo, who won for her role in "The Fighter," was so overcome by her win that she dropped the F bomb during her acceptance speech. Which may just be a first for the Academy Awards. And in the press room after stepping off stage, Leo admitted the Kodak Theater and a live broadcast was probably not the appropriate venue for the f-bomb. "Those words, I apologize to anyone they offend," said Leo, as tweeted by our own Jen Chaney. "There is a great deal of the English language in my vernacular." Kathy Griffin's 2007 Emmy acceptance speech was cut from the broadcast when the comedienne said, "A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had...

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Posted at 09:08 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Oscars 2011: How the opening number looked from James Franco's perspective

Our Oscar co-host just tweeted video that shows what it looks like to walk onto the Academy Awards stage. "The Social Network" Oscars: all about putting you in the action, via the Internet....

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Posted at 08:48 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Oscars 2011: James Franco and Anne Hathaway opening sequence -- love it or hate it?

The Academy Award opener referenced "Inception," "The Social Network," "The Fighter," "Back to the Future," Morgan Freeman's smooth narration and the fact that Alec Baldwin takes Ambien. Among other things. It didn't reinvent any Oscar traditions, but it was funny; the "True Grit" eye patch moment got one of the bigger laughs in the press room. But what did you think? A strong start, or more of the same old, same old? Vote in the poll below....

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Posted at 02:45 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Oscars 2011: Live tweets from the red carpet

Update, 9:25 p.m. EST: Read the partial list of Oscar winners so far It's Academy Awards Sunday. And that means the time has finally come to throw on that dress, slide on those moderately high-heeled shoes and park on the red carpet for an evening of ultra-high-wattage star-gazing, fashion assessing and insightful question-asking. (Sample: "How does it feel to be here tonight? And, in a related question, who are you wearing?) Actually, some of you suggested some great red carpet questions in the blog, on Facebook and via our #oscarspotting Twitter hash tag. I'll aim to post some of the best ones on the Oscar red carpet in just a few hours. Follow my tweets from the scene on twitter.com/celebritology, or right here in the blog. Two notes: The twitter stream will pull in all items with the #oscarspotting hashtag, including tweets from others, so bear that in mind. Also,...

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 02/27/2011

The Rolling Stone Oscar party: Five things learned on the scene

Rolling Stone magazine hosted its pre-Oscar party last night at Drai's Hollywood in the W Hotel. Fruity Skyy vodka drinks were served. The Roots provided outstanding musical entertainment. And a number of celebs -- "Glee's" Jenna Ushkowitz, Max Adler and Harry Shum, Jr., Aaron Sorkin, Kate Walsh and Old Spice ad man Isaiah Mustafa, to name a few -- showed up to party in a dark club while images of this year's Academy Award nominees flashed on various TV screens. (By the way, when you're in a bar listening to hip-hop, the sight of Jesse Eisenberg in his Zuckerberg-style hoodie looks surprisingly gangsta.) During my time at the party, I learned five extremely important* things, one of which is covered in the video of Shum, Jr. below. Here's the list. 1. Harry Shum, Jr. of "Glee" helped choreograph last year's signature dance number for the Academy Awards. The guy who...

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Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Spirit Awards 2011: John Waters, Eva Mendes and more from the scene

At Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards, "Black Swan" won declared the best picture. Natalie Portman was named best actress. James Franco walked with a trophy for best actor. And a multitude of exceptional famous people nearly froze to death, thanks to freakishly cold Southern California weather and some robust breezes off the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, where the ceremony was held. As noted in a previous post, the brisk temperatures and (possibly the fatigue of one too many Oscar-season interviews) compelled many celebs to skip the Spirit Awards red carpet. But a few people stopped to chat. The always game John Waters, for example, was happy to share his thoughts about the Oscars/Spirit Awards overlap: And, as you'll see after the jump, both Eva Mendes and "The Kids Are All Right" director and co-writer Lisa Cholodenko had something to say about what the Spirit Awards mean to them. Related coverage:...

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Posted at 10:45 PM ET, 02/26/2011

The Spirit Awards: 'Black Swan' takes best picture as the worlds of Oscar and indie film collide

"Black Swan" a big winner at the Independent Spirits. (Fox Searchlight) "Black Swan" rose above "The Kids Are All Right" and "Winter's Bone" to take the best picture prize at this year's Independent Spirit Awards, held Saturday afternoon on a particularly gusty day on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif. Darren Aronofsky's portrait of ballet-commitment-turned-madness earned three additional awards: one for Aronofsky's direction, for cinematographer Matthew Libatique and, predictably, for Natalie Portman's lead performance, which is widely expected to be honored during Sunday's Oscars as well. During her acceptance speech, Portman made a point of emphasizing the fact that "Black Swan," which was financed independently before Fox Searchlight signed on to distribute it, qualifies as an indie effort. "My ballet teachers every day were like, when do we get paid?" she said of the drama's modest budget. The Independent Spirit Awards may be thought of as the more laid-back,...

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Posted at 03:00 PM ET, 01/31/2011

Oscars 2011: The Best Picture nominees, brought to you by young children

Academy voters: Do not -- I repeat, do not -- decide which film deserves the Oscar for best picture until you watch these videos.

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Posted at 10:40 AM ET, 01/31/2011

SAG Awards 2011: The best E! red-carpet moments

No awards show is complete without some awkward red-carpet banter. And no one does awkward red-carpet banter better than the people at E! As proof, here are some of the more stellar moments from last night's SAG Awards pregame show.

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Posted at 04:00 PM ET, 01/30/2011

The SAG Awards 2011: Live tweeting

The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be handed out on Sunday in Los Angeles. We'll live tweet what's happening during coverage of the red carpet (on E! beginning at 6 p.m. ET) and ceremony (airing at 8 on TNT and TBS) beginning that night at 7 p.m. EST. Join us on Twitter and/or right here in this blog post. Your browser does not support this feature....

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 01/25/2011

Oscar nominations: The snubs and surprises

Christopher Nolan: snubbed once again. (Warner Bros.) The Academy Award nominations are out. And as always, some pleasant surprises and egregious snubs emerged. Here's a rundown, followed by a pair of polls that allow you to vote for the biggest shocker and the biggest oversights among this year's Oscar nominees. And feel free to post a comment -- or tweet your outrage using the hashtag #oscarshockers -- to vent about Oscar's neglected and happily included. TweetWho were the #oscarshockers this year? new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'search', search: 'oscarshockers', interval: 6000, title: '#oscarshockers on Twitter', subject: '', width: 450, height: 250, theme: { shell: { background: '#eeeeee', color: '#cc0000' }, tweets: { background: '#ffffff', color: '#000000', links: '#0c4790' } }, features: { scrollbar: false, loop: true, live: true, hashtags: true, timestamp: true, avatars: true, toptweets: true, behavior: 'default' } }).render().start();...

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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 01/17/2011

Should Ricky Gervais return as Golden Globes host?

Complete Globes coverage | Gallery: Show highlights | Chat transcript It was challenging to keep track of all the celebrities and institutions that Ricky Gervais insulted during his second year as Golden Globes host. But here's a partial list: Charlie Sheen, Cher, Johnny Depp, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Hurley from "Lost," Heather Mills, Bruce Willis, Scientology, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner's fiancee, Sandra Bullock and Tim Allen. Oh, and God. He tossed that in, too. Gervais was so harsh during certain moments that, when he was absent from the telecast for a while, viewers wondered whether he'd been fired mid-gig. He eventually returned and squashed that conspiracy theory. But the question lingers: Was Gervais cuttingly amusing or just unnecessarily mean? Another important question also remains: Should he be asked back again as host next year?...

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Posted at 10:26 AM ET, 01/17/2011

Golden Globe Awards 2011: Celebs without a cause

Complete Globes coverage | Gallery: Show highlights | Chat transcript 'Most importantly, to all the amazing kids that watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates, who are constantly told 'no' by the people in their environments, by bullies at school that they can't be who they are or have what they want because of who they are. Well, screw that, kids.' -- Best Supporting TV winner, 'Glee's' Chris Colfer (Getty Images) This year, the Golden Globes -- both the red carpet and the main event -- were virtually cause-free zones. As one chatter, Booboo (no relation to Yogi Bear), wryly noted last night, "So just curious... Darfur is all good now, right? Haven't heard a celebrity go on about that in quite a while, so it must be OK now. Just like the rain forests." "Haiti's all rebuilt, too," added chatter P. Before making a sweeping statement...

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Posted at 12:49 AM ET, 01/17/2011

Golden Globes 2011: Winners and losers, mismatched shoes and Ricky Gervais's last time as host

"I am sorry, people. Helena Bonham Carter looks like the 80s threw up on her." -- Jen (Reuters) We spent Sunday night chatting with hundreds of you while watching the Golden Globe Awards. If you weren't around for the live show, some of the wittier exchanges have been excerpted below. A full transcript follows at the end of this post. 6 p.m. Jen Chaney: Good evening, all. Welcome to an evening of honoring the best in film and television while making snarky and/or ridiculous comments. Liz and I are both here and we're eager to commiserate with you and answer your questions. In particular, we'll be collecting #globesfail moments throughout the night, both here and on Twitter. If you see an ugly dress, if Ricky Gervais makes a particularly off-kilter joke, if someone wins who shouldn't -- that counts as a #globesfail moment. All right, let's get started. Liz,...

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Posted at 12:20 AM ET, 01/15/2011

Critics Choice Awards 2011: A recap

Natalie Portman at the Critics' Choice Awards. (AP) Most people have better things to do on a Friday night than sit at home and watch the Critics' Choice Awards on VH1. So for all of you who were out doing those better things, here's a minute-by-minute recap of what went down during the broadcast, followed by a list of all the winners. You're welcome....

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Posted at 05:20 PM ET, 01/14/2011

Golden Globes: A list of ridiculous red carpet moments

Some people watch the Golden Globe Awards because they can't wait to see who wins. Others watch the Golden Globe pre-shows because they can't wait to see which celebrities (or, more likely, interviewers) make flagrant fools of themselves on live television. Yes, during the glam-cammed, inane-question-filled, product-placement-o-rama that is your typical red carpet show, there is usually at least one "did that just happen?" moment. As we prepare for more of those ahead of this Sunday's Globes -- which we'll discuss live in the blog starting that evening at 6 p.m. EST -- here's a rundown of five deliciously bizarre surprises from the Golden Globe red carpets of the recent past. 5. Brangelina snub Ryan Seacrest. At the 2009 Golden Globes, Hollywood's high-glamour couple refused to talk to the E! host, starting an online debate about whether they were rude or right to blow off the Man of 1,000 Media...

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Posted at 01:40 PM ET, 01/14/2011

Golden Globes 2011: Predicting the best picture and TV show winners

Will we hear an acceptance speech for "The King's Speech" on Golden Globe night? (Weinstein Co.) I told you who will win Golden Globe Awards on Sunday in the best screenplay, director and supporting actor categories. I also told you who's got a lock on triumphing in the lead actor categories. Now it's time to predict the winners in the best picture and best TV show races. Read on, decide whether or not you agree with my picks, then make your own predictions by voting in one of our uber-scientific online polls. Let the educated guessing begin....

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Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 01/13/2011

Golden Globes 2011: Predicting the lead acting winners

Natalie Portman, eyeing a potential win on Golden Globe Sunday. (Fox Searchlight) Yesterday I laid out my Golden Globe Award predictions in the screenplay, directing and supporting actor categories. Today we move on to the lead actor and actress categories in both the drama and musical/comedy categories. Will James Franco beat Colin Firth on Sunday night? Does any actress stand a chance against Natalie Portman's performance in "Black Swan"? Can Johnny Depp in "Alice in Wonderland" prevail over ... um ... Johnny Depp in "The Tourist"? Technically I don't have the real answers. But that certainly didn't stop me from making the following educated guesses. And it shouldn't stop you either; polls that allow readers to make their own predictions follow this latest round of prognostication....

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Posted at 12:20 PM ET, 01/12/2011

Golden Globes 2011: A first round of predictions

Is Christian Bale a given as a Golden Globe winner? (Paramount Pictures via AP) The Golden Globe Awards are just four days away. And that means it's time to start making some predictions. Every day for the next three days, I'll prognosticate (read: guess) who is going to win in several of the major categories. The focus will primarily be on movies, since the film awards carry a bit more significance as we speed toward the Academy Awards. Today I'll cover the potential winners in the best screenplay, director and supporting actor categories, then give readers the chance to make some predictions of their own....

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Posted at 10:16 AM ET, 12/28/2010

Jeff Bridges was not high while accepting his Oscar. Just FYI.

He may be the 70 percent Dude in real life, but even Jeff Bridges knows it's probably not a good idea to smoke a little weed before showing up at the Academy Awards as a nominee: [Via Vulture] Related: Jeff Bridges talks about "Tron" and his e-mail addiction After the jump, that Oscar acceptance speech......

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Posted at 10:52 AM ET, 11/30/2010

Watch the Spirit Award nominations live

The nominations for this year's Independent Spirit Awards will be revealed beginning at 11 a.m. EST. Watch Jeremy Renner and Eva Mendes announce who made the cut right here as it happens....

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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 11/29/2010

James Franco and Anne Hathaway will host the Oscars

Deadline is reporting that Anne Hathaway and James Franco *may* -- key word: may -- be hosting this year's Academy Awards.

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Posted at 05:50 PM ET, 11/15/2010

Pick the animated movie on the Oscar short list that does not belong

"Toy Story 3": To infinity, and the Oscar short list for best animated film. (Pixar/AP) We now know which movies are officially in contention for this year's Academy Award for best animated feature. Oscar organizers revealed today the 15 films that have landed on the short list -- short list perhaps being a misnomer here -- of candidates. From those 15 candidates, three will become nominees. And out of those three nominees, "Toy Story 3" will ultimately be deemed the winner. So really, this whole thing is a bit of a cartoon charade. But I digress. All the usual animated suspects made the first round of cuts....

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Posted at 04:11 PM ET, 11/09/2010

People's Choice Award nominees announced. Is this the best we could do?

Breaking news! Earlier today at a star-studded press conference in Hollywood, the nominees for the LEAST important show of the upcoming awards season were announced. That's right, the People's Choice Awards has again reared its populist head to clutter our awards season calendar with the only ceremony to honor film, TV, music and the Web in categories filled with nominees determined by a shadowy "media research company." So, obviously, there are a few oversights and plain old dunderheaded match-ups that should be pointed out: -- Nominees for "Favorite Web Celeb" include Teri Hatcher and Alicia Keys, but not Antoine Dodson? I must've missed when Teri Hatcher made her stand about people climbing in windows and snatching people up. And never once did Alicia Keys warn me to hide my kids or my husband. Run and tell that....

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Posted at 09:25 AM ET, 07/15/2010

How many award nominations will 'Inception' score?

More reviews of "Inception" are in, including one from the Post's Ann Hornaday. And at this point, even though the Academy Awards are still months away, it appears to be a foregone conclusion that Christopher Nolan's twist-your-brain-until-it's-a-pretzel thriller is going to get some Oscar love. The New York Post is saying it. So is New York Magazine. Heck, the blog Film School Rejects has already called a win for Best Picture. Roll up the red carpet at Hollywood and Highland, boys. The show's already over. But wait, I haven't jumped into the fray yet! I had planned to yesterday, but I got detained while trying to untangle the knots in my cerebellum after an "Inception" screening on Tuesday night. So today -- as part of a new awards-season handicapping series in Celebritology to be dubbed "The Contenders" -- I examine the nomination odds for "Inception" at some of this year's...

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Oscars 2010: Talking to our local nominee about his Oscar night

It's taken a few days to fully recover from the red-carpet chaos and statuette-distributing insanity that was this year's Academy Awards. Now that I can both inhale and exhale, I'm finally getting around to posting my last awards-season update on Gregg Helvey, a native of Loudon County, Va., who was nominated in the live-action short film category for "Kavi," a look at an Indian boy attempting to escape the shackles of slave labor. Helvey didn't win an Oscar on Sunday; the honor in his category went instead to "The New Tenants." But as he told me during a phone conversation the day after the Big Night, the whole experience was still "like a dreamworld." Helvey -- accompanied by his wife Margaux, his parents and the young star of his movie, Sagar Salunke -- walked the red carpet, where he had the first of two encounters with another fellow nominee and...

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Oscars 2010: The report from the Governor's Ball

At the Governor’s Ball -- the Academy’s official post-Oscars party -- virtually everyone who appeared during the just-ended ceremony is present and accounted for. There’s Christoph Waltz, roaming the room with his newly earned Oscar in hand. And there’s best cinematography presenter John Travolta, roaming the room with a cell pressed up to his ear. James Cameron is here, chatting with colleagues near the "Avatar" table and looking perfectly calm and unwounded after losing both best picture and best director to his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, and her "Hurt Locker." Co-host Steve Martin is not far away, in a huddle, undoubtedly collecting well-deserved accolades for his dry-as-parchment-paper repartee with Alec Baldwin during the telecast. And T. Bone Burnett has even removed his signature sunglasses, no doubt basking in the collection of his first Oscar for best original song. (He didn't do the traditional post-win spin by the press room with his...

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Oscars 2010: Checking in with local Oscar nominee Gregg Helvey

Our Loudon County-native Oscar nominee -- that's Gregg Helvey, director of the live-action short film "Kavi" and a guy raised in the Purcellville, Va., area -- will be donning his tuxedo and getting ready to walk his first Academy Awards red carpet today. No upcoming local screenings of "Kavi" -- a dramatic short about a "young boy who wants to escape from the brick kiln where he is forced to work as a modern-day slave" -- are currently planned, but here's a quick hit from the movie's trailer: I checked in with Helvey again Saturday afternoon to gauge his pre-glitzy-awards show mental state. "It's been so exciting but overwhelming," he said via telephone. "I'm trying to get to this point where I can just enjoy myself and not worry about all the details." The highlight of his week was attending a reception for the nominees Thursday evening that was hosted...

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Oscars 2010: Meet Oscar nominee Gregg Helvey

The Washington and Baltimore region has plenty to be proud of this Oscar season. Two of the odds-on favorites in the acting categories -- Arlington native Sandra Bullock and Baltimorean Mo'Nique -- are from these parts. And so is another nominee: Gregg Helvey, an L.A. resident formerly from Loudon County, Va., who has received his first nomination in the live-action short film category. "Kavi" -- the story of an Indian boy forced into modern-day slavery by working in a brick kiln -- was Helvey's thesis project, one he had to complete before earning his degree at University of Southern California's film school. After completing the film less than a year ago, in April 2009, the 31-year-old now finds himself in the swirl of life as an Oscar nominee, an existence that involves hopscotching from film screenings to luncheons to parties. On nomination day, Helvey says, "I got so many phone...

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Oscars 2010: The least win-worthy best pictures

No matter which film wins best picture at this year's Academy Awards -- even if it turns out to be "Avatar" -- it's unlikely to go down in history as one of the worst best pictures ever. Say what you will about having 10 nominees, but this field, for the most part, is pretty solid. That said, several past recipients of Oscar's highest honor have been perceived as less-than-stellar works of cinema, especially when compared with the Oscar competition they faced that particular year. The Huffington Post recently shared this look at undeserving best pictures. Meanwhile, I offer this list of five of the least win-worthy best pictures in modern times....

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Oscars 2010: Your dream Academy Awards host?

Is this man (Simon Cowell) the ideal Oscar host? (Reuters) Dispatching the tried and true emcees of yesteryear (Billy Crystal, Bob Hope), for the past few years Oscar organizers have been zigging and zagging all over the entertainment map in an attempt to snag higher ratings with buzzy hosts. But even Chris Rock (2004), Jon Stewart (2005, 2007) and Ellen DeGeneres (2006) didn't do enough to keep us from tuning out on what is really essentially just another industry convention awards ceremony. Last year Hugh Jackman did succeed in stifling some of our Oscar yawns with a rousing opening number and seemingly limitless energy. And he managed to help boost Oscar to its highest ratings -- 36.3 million viewers -- in years. But despite the bump, even Jackman got mixed reviews from critics and fans. This year, the Academy is shaking up the formula again with co-hosts Alec Baldwin...

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Oscars 2010: Academy Award Bingo Cards

Get your big markers ready. (TWP) Lucky you. Not only will you be able to spend Sunday night with me in a marathon online Oscar chat, but thanks to our fabulous design department we can all have a little bit more fun at Hollywood's expense with this year's brand spanking new Oscar night bingo cards. Will Mickey Rourke again sport a regrettable outfit? Who will forget to thank his or her spouse from the podium? And who, pray tell, will be the first performer to go over his or her allotted speech time? Honestly -- who cares? As long as any of the above happen, you'll be well on your way to completing Oscar bingo. We've provided three different versions so you can compete against friends, family and me. Download them now and I'll see you online Sunday evening, when we kick off our online Oscar party with full...

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'Hurt Locker' producer banned from Oscars

Breaking news from Oscar-land: The Academy has issued a press release this afternoon confirming that "Hurt Locker" producer Nicolas Chartier has been denied attendance to this Sunday's Academy Awards. Chartier is the man responsible for sending a frowned-upon e-mail to Academy voters, urging them to campaign for a "Hurt Locker" victory in the best picture category instead of a win for a "$500 M film," a blatant reference to sci-fi juggernaut "Avatar." According to the press release, "Academy rules prohibit 'casting a negative or derogatory light on a competing film.' The executive committee of the Academy’s Producers Branch, at a special session late Monday, ruled that the ethical lapse merited the revocation of Chartier’s invitation to the Awards." Chartier -- who has apologized for his electronically disseminated error -- has not been stripped of his nominee status. If "Hurt Locker" wins the Big Trophy, he will receive his Oscar statuette...

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For Oscars, time to sing a new song

Two of this year's nominees in Oscar's best original song category: T. Bone Burnett (left) and Ryan Bingham, already Golden Globe winner for "The Weary Kind" from "Crazy Heart." (AP) Here's a challenge for your Tuesday: look at the list of this year's Academy Award nominees for best original song. Now try to hum one of them. Can't do it, can you? Don't worry, you're not alone. Most avid filmgoers and award-season scorekeepers couldn't sing "Loin de Paname" from "Paris 36" if their very "vies" depended on it. In what has become an annual phenomenon, we're once again looking at a slate of Oscar-nominated songs that, while recognizing some fine work, pays tribute to music that most people with a working radio or iPod have never heard. Clark Collis wrote a nice, long story on this very subject in Entertainment Weekly's current Oscar issue, which, for reasons that defy...

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Poll: Grammy's worst fashion offender?

From moments sublime to ridiculous, Sunday evening's Grammy Award ceremony -- as per usual -- brought out the music world's extremes. But on an evening awash in outre outfits, who stood out as the evening's biggest fashion offender? Vote your conscience below (just click on your pick, then click "vote" at the bottom of the page). Then, check out the rest of the evening's fashion dos-and-don'ts in our exhaustive Grammy fashion gallery. (Getty Images)...

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Live Tweeting the Golden Globes

Jean Tripplehorn and 'Big Love' co-star Ginnifer Goodwin arrive at Sunday evening's rainy Golden Globes. (Reuters) Join post.com Movies editor Jen Chaney and me on Sunday, starting at 6 p.m. ET, as we tweet our way throughout the red carpet and live show portions of the 67th annual Golden Globes. Throughout the evening we'll be commenting on the action at the Globes and pointing you to our team coverage -- live interactive polls, photo galleries and results as the winners are announced. Reload page to see latest tweets...   MultiTweetUsers = "celebritology,chaneyj,wapolost"; MultiTweetMask = ""; TweetsPerUser = 5; getUserTweet(MultiTweetUsers, TweetsPerUser); More: Gallery: Key nominees Full coverage...

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Gallery: Stars turn out for People's Choice Awards

A cavalcade of stars turned out Wednesday in Los Angeles for the annual People's Choice Awards and we've got the gallery to prove it. Below, "The Office's" Steve Carrell accepts the award for favorite TV comedy actor from presenter Kate Walsh. Click on his face or this link to view the full gallery of stars -- from Taylor Lautner to Taylor Swift and everyone in between. (Getty Images)...

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Here come the People's Choice Awards

Ellen DeGeneres hefts her 2009 People's Choice Award for Favorite Talk Show Host. (AP) The People's Choice Awards -- aka the awards that mean nothing but allow entertainers from movies, TV and music to self-promote and get dressed up -- are set to air tonight at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. And before you decide to forego the star-studded extravaganza, only consider that you'll be missing out on some primo entertainment. F'rinstance, hostess with the mostest Queen Latifah, the chance to see if Vin Diesel edges out Shia LaBeouf as Favorite Action Star, whether "Animal Cops" will reign supreme as Favorite Animal Show and if Charlie Sheen will rise above some recent unpleasantness to take away the award for Favorite TV Comedy Actor. And lest we forget what the night is all about, there will also be an award for (I kid you not) Favorite DiGiorgno Pizza. Have a...

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Hitting the Highlights of the Toronto Film Festival

George Clooney at a press conference for his new movie 'Up In The Air' on Saturday in Toronto. (AP) Jen Chaney has spent the past five days at the Toronto International Film Festival. Today she recaps the highlights of her experience. Covering the Toronto Film Festival has brought on a bit of an existential crisis. I've tried to be everywhere at once in this celeb-filled Canadian city, and perhaps, as a result, I've been nowhere. Or maybe I just think that because I've seen too many movies during the past few days that raise important questions about the human condition. I've met George Clooney, therefore I am: could that be the meaning of life? Honestly, I don't know. All I know is that I had a wonderful time covering one of the most significant film festivals in the world. While doing so, I tried my best to get a...

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2009 Celebritology Honors: A Little Help?

2008's Most Admired celeb: Angelina Jolie. (Getty Images) It's almost the time of year when we pause to honor standouts in the world of celebrity. That's right, we're a mere month away from the 2009 Celebritology Honors (aka The Lizzies). But, as per usual, I need a little help deciding the five or six categories we'll vote on this year. That's where you come in. Share your ideas for celebrity superlatives below. I kicked off this discussion in Thursday's Celebritology Live chat and already have a tidy list of category contenders: 1. Celeb whose kids' tell-all you most want to read 2. Least self-aware celeb 3. Dippiest celeb couple 4. Best fake romance 5. Most confounding celebrity Twitterer 6. Celebrity we'd most like to see go away and never come back 7. Dumbest career move 8. Best-dressed/worst-dressed 9. Scariest celebrity body part 10. Worst celebrity offspring offender 11. Best...

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Oscar's Class Acts

Tom Shales has spoken -- last night's Oscar broadcast was yet another in a long line of duds. But in between the new main show (the red carpet) and the army of awards handed to "Slumdog Millionaire," a few moments of grace stood out. Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway We expected a song and dance routine from Jackman who won an Emmy for hosting the 2004 Tony Awards, but the surprise addition of Hathaway -- as Richard Nixon, no less -- to his opening routine elevated it from mundane to magnificently charming. And the girl can sing. Who knew? Video (Hathaway comes in at 2:12) Jackman and Hathaway make beautiful music together. (Reuters) Jennifer Aniston Regular readers of Celebritology know I'm no Aniston fan, but even a cynical hard-hearted snark machine can recognize the courage it takes to get up on-stage and muddle through a shticky scripted dialogue in front...

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Red Carpet, Red Faces: Last Night's Biggest Losers

By now you've doubtless seen the Gary Busey clip a few times. It was the red carpet moment and, thankfully, provided me with some good posting fodder that has absolutely nothing to do with last night's big winners, the conspicuously absent Angelina Jolie or the fact that George Clooney actually brought 20-something girlfriend Sarah Larson to the ceremony. Below, a look at Busey's sneak attack and the rest of the red carpet's biggest losers. 1. Busey Busts In The 1978 Oscar nominee totally dominated last night's field, deftly scoring a huge triple-threat sabotage maneuver on Ryan Seacrest, Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner. Not since "Gigli" has so much starpower been dimmed so quickly. Busey hasn't seen this much action since his heyday of chasing bank-robbing surfers with Keanu Reeves. Have a look at this man's method: What was Busey even doing on the red carpet? Perhaps his starring role in...

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Oscar: The Benefits of Plan B

The 2008 Academy Awards ceremony: It ain't dead yet. Yesterday members of the Directors Guild announced that they have reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. That contract could -- key word: could -- finally lead to a new deal between the Writers Guild and the Hollywood studios. And what does that mean? Well, among other things, that the Oscars could go on as usual, with no protest from picketing scribes. George Clooney could walk the red carpet in front of the Kodak Theatre without fear of reprisal. Ryan Seacrest could again ask Clooney inane questions during E!'s pre-Oscar ceremony coverage. Viewers could again complain that the Academy Awards broadcast was way too long and boring. All would be right with the world. Of course, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Thus far, the writers have only pledged to carefully "analyze and evaluate" the...

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Cast Your Lizzies Votes

Cast Your Votes Now Last year, Celebritology readers made their mark on the annual awards season when we launched the inaugural Celebritology Honors (aka The Lizzies). This year, the Lizzies are back -- bigger, better and blingier than ever before. Cast your votes in this year's five categories, culled from a list of your nominations: Biggest Celebrity Train Wreck, Best Celebrity-Obsessed Web Site, Best Mug Shot, Most-Shocking Split and Most-Admired Celebrity. Voting will be open through Tuesday, July 3 and winners will be announced Monday, July 9....

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Hollywood's Best Night

Harbingers of spring take many forms -- bulbs peeking through barren flower beds, groundhogs ripped from underground hideaways and, for folks like me, the Hollywood awards season. This last phenomenon officially kicked off last night as the beautiful, the buzzed about and even the Borats gathered as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association handed out the Golden Globes. For many awards devotees, me included, the Globes are a favored treat. There is a casual, nurturing aura organic to the event, as if no one is unwelcome -- not even TV stars or Sharon Stone -- and no fashion flub is really that dire -- even Cameron Diaz's stark new look or Jeremy Irons's pajama tux ensemble. The round tables, the free-flowing alcohol and the constant background conversation give the night a familial feeling. We know this scene. This is a cousin's wedding, a favorite uncle's wake. We are bemused by Abigail...

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