Celebritology 2.0: Blind Items

Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 03/27/2007

Celebritology 101: The Art of the Blind Item

Which pop diva makes her friend go out undercover to get fried chicken so her mom doesn't find out? Which pop megastar celebrated his visit to NYC last week with an east Village go-go dancer and gay-for-pay rent boy? "He was fat, completely hairless and doesn't really like being touched," says the young gentleman. Which starlet amuses friends by carting her cocaine around town in a simply darling little Hello Kitty change purse? Sometimes there is no more satisfying read than the questionable, and often ridiculously sublime, blind item. As in the examples above, the blind item -- long a staple of gossip columnists hoping to avoid messy litigation or add a little spice to an otherwise slow news day -- hits that irresistible sweet spot between salacious hearsay and our desire to fill in the blanks. Of course, here at Celebritology we would never engage in blind item generation...

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