Celebritology 2.0: Fashion

Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 11/03/2010

Fashion statement: The Olsen twins puff up for WWD

Thing one and thing two (aka Ashley, left, and Mary-Kate Olsen) on Tuesday at the Women's Wear Daily 100th anniversary celebration in New York: (AP)...

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Posted at 01:19 PM ET, 10/01/2010

Fashion Statement: Tyra Banks, caught in her own web

(AP Photo)...

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Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 09/01/2010

When Emmy fashion policing goes too far

Suffice it to say, the world of fashion criticism can get a little mean. But it seems that certain rules should be followed here, one of which is: criticize in real time on the Internet if you must, but don't blast people's gowns on live television before the ceremony has even started, especially on the network hosting the show. On Sunday night, NBC broke that rule.

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 06/03/2010

Fashion Statement: Hanging out with Christina Ricci

(AP) Context is everything, so we should probably note that Christina Ricci wore the dress at right to an event honoring performance artist Marina Abramovic's MOMA exhibit, in which the artist spent the past several days -- possibly catheterized -- sitting stock still in a chair while her naked underlings elsewhere in the museum did their best to shock and awe titillated visitors. But back to Ricci. The frock is Givenchy and may have been absolutely stunning on a gazelle-like, willowy runway model. But from the rigid black half moon (described by some Internet commenters as a pirate's hat that seems to have slipped down over her torso) at her shoulders to the waistline -- which gives the impression of a beer gut -- to the mismatched floofy skirt to the stray piece of fabric trailing behind her, nothing about this look works for the diminutive Ricci. But forget...

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 05/13/2010

Fashion statement: Jersey girl Teresa Guidice's red carpet look

(Getty Images) What do Jersey girls do when they aren't busy trashing each other or pushing their elementary-aged daughters on to Fashion Week runways? Well, in the case of Teresa Guidice -- one of the foul-mouthed "Real Housewives of New Jersey" who will forever be known for coining the phrase "prostitution whore" and had already struck a major blow at the image of Garden State girls a full year ahead of "Jersey Shore's" Snooki and J-Woww -- one apparently pens superfluous cookbooks and strikes awkward doll-like red carpet poses. Anyone who watches the Jersey-based edition of the "Housewives" franchise is familiar with Guidice's over-the-top bordello of a home, muscle-bound grunting husband and penchant for dressing her tiny daughters like mini-strumpets. So it should come as no surprise that the Franklin Lakes mom showed up for a NBC Universal event wearing what appears to be a too-small negligee (seriously, the...

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Posted at 10:15 AM ET, 05/07/2010

Fashion statement: Jessica Simpson's gown -- hit or miss?

Hot on the heels of her winning White House Correspondents' Dinner look, Jessica Simpson on Thursday turned up at an Operation Smile gala in New York wearing the floor-length one-shouldered gown pictured below. I'm not sure if it's the messily upswept hair, the raccoon eyes, the fake bake, the overwhelming graphic pattern or the stuffed sausage effect, but something about this -- to me -- just isn't working for our favorite makeup-free cover girl. (AP) Agree, disagree? Vote below......

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Posted at 12:45 PM ET, 03/22/2010

Fashion statement: America Ferrara's red carpet one-piece -- hot or hideous?

Is America Ferrara's red carpet look retro fabulous or an unfortunate misstep?

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 03/18/2010

Karl Lagerfeld on the superiority of high-class escorts and sunglasses

As an avid reader of Karl Lagerfeld's fake-ish* Twitter feed, I was all a-flutter when I came across this ridiculously long Q&A with Lagerfeld (thanks Gawker).

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 02/22/2010

Celebrity fashion inspiration gets techie

"Who are you wearing?" Oscar-watchers are familiar with that question and the idea of celebs as walking advertisements -- the biggest names are covered head to foot in gowns, jewelry and shoes donated by designers anxious to ride Oscar buzz to higher sales. But now some savvy e-commerce types have worked out a way to make money even from a celeb's every day wardrobe choices. On Sunday, the New York Times explored the new, lucrative business of selling celebrity looks online. For those of you who aren't regular visitors to hardcore celeb-scoop blogs like Celebitchy, Just Jared or INF Daily -- the sites, which post a high volume of paparazzi-snapped star pics -- feature ads directly on pix of several stars that take interested readers to online shopping sites where one can buy either the item the star is wearing or a reasonably facsimile. Shopt for Jolie's glasses -- neve...

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Posted at 11:25 AM ET, 01/29/2010

Kelis, fashion forward or flop?

Kelis arrives at Thursday's first annual Data Awards presented by Black Eyed Pea will.i.am. in Los Angeles. (Getty Images) Although a huge fashion fan, I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to my own garb. I do appreciate a calculated gamble on the outre as much as the next girl, but Kelis -- she of the better "Milkshake" who recently divorced longtime beau baby daddy Nas -- has taken her long-percolating penchant for the fashion fringe to the extreme. I'm not even sure what she's going for here -- costume shop explosion meets farmyard chic? The Statue of Liberty-esque spikes in the hair, the six-foot long mangy braid casually tossed over one shoulder, the pink jumpsuit, the tux top and -- at the teetering base of this hodge-podge -- a pair of heels apparently designed for stripper pigs... It all adds up to blech. Girl, time...

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Posted at 11:45 AM ET, 12/04/2009

Meg Ryan + Moth Cloth = Fail!

Meg Ryan on Monday at New York premiere of 'Serious Moonlight.' (AP) Okay, Meg Ryan. Enough already. First it was the ill-advised plastic surgery, then the insulting remake of "The Women" and now you come at us wearing some kind of body-covering sheath that might could double as an entymology final exam (Sample test question: The moth quietly resting on Meg's right breast is: a. Attacus atlas, b. Bombyx mori, or c. One element, among many, of a hideous dress). The irony? Real moths wouldn't dare eat that rag. What's worse, you wore it to the premiere of your new movie (opening this weekend) "Serious Moonlight," which is summarized thusly by IMDB.com: "A high-powered attorney duct tapes her adulterous husband to the toilet ... right before their home is invaded by burglars." Someone needs to duct tape you to a stylist. Stat....

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Posted at 10:31 AM ET, 11/04/2009

Brad Pitt's beard beads: Love 'em or hate 'em?

Somewhere in the fashion void that lies between ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons and Captain Jack Sparrow, Brad Pitt now rests comfortably -- challenging us to scoff at his sassy beard beads. Pitt shows off his new accessorized goatee at the Tokyo premiere of 'Inglorious Basterds.' (Pix: AP, Getty Images) Well, scoff I must. I was always a bigger fan of scuzzwad Brad Pitt (think "12 Monkeys") than matinee idol Brad Pitt ("A River Runs Through It"). It's as if the guy is almost too good looking and needs a dimming patina of scruff to make his classic outlines visible to the mortal eye. So I can get behind the I don't brush my hair thing, the Charles Manson look, even the street map-ish tattoo. Now I'm no facial hair expert, but Pitt is -- as far as I can tell -- sporting some kind of modified "French fork." But instead...

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 08/27/2009

Hey Starlets, Give This Trend the Boot

Sandra Bullock. (Getty Images) A recent runway trend starting to crop up on red carpets is the pairing of clunky ankle boots with otherwise typically shape-hugging knock 'em dead dresses. Ill-advised for anyone not about to appear in a Pussycat Dolls stage show. Not even perky Sandra Bullock -- at Wednesday's premiere of her new movie "All About Steve" -- can pull off this look. It doesn't help that Sandy's Lanvin dress isn't so knock 'em dead and appears to be two sizes too big and constructed from funeral parlor drapes. But even that might be forgivable were in not for the big black -- and in Sandy's case scuffed -- boots. But lest you think I'm using the boots as an excuse to pick on Bullock, here are two young starlets who also followed Sandy's footsteps into booted ickiness: Left: Scout Taylor-Compton at the premiere of 'Halloween 2.'...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 02/25/2009

Insta-Poll: Pink's Pirate Moment

(Getty Images) Yo ho ho and bottle of Pepto. Spunky popster Pink yesterday rocked a French audience in Nice decked out in a confusing mash-up of pirate drag gear. While Pink's torso and head got the party started in a reasonable facsimile of Captain Crunch's uniform, she was all tarted up flamingo from the waist down. And that's not even including the yards of tulle that made this pirate's booty larger than life....

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 12/09/2008

Style-o-Metrics: Rate Cate

Even fashion royals are allowed an off day every now and then, nay? Which is why we won't be too severe with Cate Blanchett for wearing a papier mache body cast to the L.A. premiere of her new movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." (Reuters) I generally get all misty eyed and euphoric when I see Cate walk a red carpet. She's has a proven history of (mostly) unerring, impeccable taste that has -- thus far -- kept her in the rarified ranks of the gracefully fashion forward, whatever those nit-picky Fug girls may say. But this dress, well -- I'm undecided. And only because it is on Cate, who normally isn't insensitive enough to put us -- her fashion faithful -- in the position of having to defend a questionable ensemble. I'm liking the color, the sparkle, the nude shoes, the understated maquillage, even the vaguely Spanx-ish pencil...

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Posted at 01:42 PM ET, 12/05/2008

About Face: Is Brad Bringing Back the 'Stache?

Mr. Moustache, Brad Pitt. (AP) Talk of Brad Pitt's new moustache is growing faster than a pre-teen boy's first lip tickler. Even serious morning journalist Ann Curry took time out from considering Pitt's paparazzi aversion and Angelina Jolie baby-making to offer her own saccharin-yet-scary family anecdote about male facial hair. A few days earlier, Pitt told a gullible gaggle of entertainment scribes that he intended to single-handedly bring the moustache back into style. But is this really a look that bears a redux or will it be less welcome than that unfortunate leg warmer resurgence of a couple years back? Can any of us under the age of 30-something even point to one sexy 'stache sporting celeb? Or, are we all -- like me -- put more in the mind of Tom Selleck's bristly "Magnum P.I." or Motorhead's Lemmy (who, it bears noting, is about as un-sexy as one...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 12/02/2008

Fashion Lesson No. 1 for Men: Do Not As Diddy Does

Guys, I know you. I love you. So I mean no disrespect when I say that you're sometimes a bit muddled when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Or, getting dressed for an evening event. Or, say, knowing when to say goodbye to a particularly threadbare pair of boxers. There are exceptions, of course, but the vast majority of men I've come across -- brother, husband, co-worker or a man possessed of enough money to field a Lacrosse team comprised of stylists -- just haven't a clue when it comes to assembling a decent outfit. (Seriously -- thanks to men we've been subjected to decades-long trends of mullets, big baggy falling-off-the-backside jeans and Zubaz.) Which is why it is particularly galling when someone like the walking Burlington Coat Factory below -- aka Sean "P. Diddy" Combs -- presumes to not only declare himself a tastemaker, but also presumes...

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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 10/29/2008

Jessica Simpson: Fashionably Late

It's a relatively slow day, celeb-news wise, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to rag on Jessica SImpson a little bit more. Earlier I shared the happy news that Jess has hit on her hands with "Major Movie Star" taking the number one spot at the Russian box office. While scanning the photo wires this morning, I happened upon this picture of Jess attending Macy's 150th anniversary celebration yesterday in New York. Ignoring for the moment the fact that she's got less reason than ever to walk a state-side red carpet, lets consider her outfit. (AP) While it is somewhat refreshing to see a C-lister taking her fashion cues from Lovey Howell, something about this getup overwhelms Jessica, threatening to envelop her spray-on tan in a swoosh of gray polyester and fur topped off with a sprinkle of cubic zirconia. I'm having trouble coming up with the perfect phrase...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 04/23/2008

For Gwyneth Paltrow, Change is Afoot

Gwyneth Paltrow, left, in 2006 and, right, with 'Iron Man' co-star Robert Downey Jr. in Rome today. (AP Photos) We've lambasted Gwyneth Paltrow here -- at pretty much every opportunity -- for her insouciance, her doofy baby-naming habit (Apple, Moses) her proclivity for sticking her foot in her mouth (comments about preferring to live in England where people are wittier). But, strive as we must to keep everything in our shallow comfort zone, today's focus on Gwynnie is all about looks, baby. Like a couture butterfly emerging from a hippy-dippy chrysalis, recent snaps of Paltrow are heavy on va-va-voom. She's turned in her long, straight, parted-in-the-middle hair-did for a flouncier, bouncier shoulder-brushing hairdo. Where she once exuded a quiet, granola-fied class -- Ralph Lauren meets hemp -- now there's nothing subtle or soft about her look. And she's been rocking some may-jor heels lately, even at the risk of...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 04/14/2008

Fashion Check: Liev's Chops -- Well Done or Overcooked?

Nothing says Civil War reenactor or "I'm starring in a period piece" like good old muttonchops. On men, that is. For women, a busty decolletage would be the equivalent. For Liev Schreiber, pictured below with the lovely Naomi Watts, the chops are perhaps an unfortunate side effect of his role as Sabretooth in the currently filming "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Sabretooth is apparently possessed of a superhuman ability to heal from all wounds and "acute senses of sight, hearing, smell, and taste." Sabretooth's blindspot, it would seem, is fashion sense. Rule of thumb: facial hair should not cover more than 40 percent of one's face. It may become an obstacle, rendering other fashion missteps invisible, such as a suit that goes all moiré when photographed or videotaped. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber at the Australian premiere of 'Iron Man.' (AP) Polling courtesy twiigs.com....

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 03/13/2008

Mary-Kate Olsen Raided My Memory

Mary-Kate Olsen and Arden Wohl at the American Museum of Natural History's Annual Winter Dance. (Getty Images) I know Celebritology readers aren't big fans of critical takedowns of celebs caught in a bad photo moment and I could never hope to out-Fug the Fug Girls, but when I saw this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen cross the wires, well, I knew it was incumbent upon me to say something. Because this photo contains concrete evidence of the lengths to which Mary-Kate will go to further her diabolical scheme to drive me insane. Mary-Kate Olsen is a shape shifter, a fashion faux pas of the first order and, now, guilty of ransacking my memory banks to find new and twisted ways in which to accoutre her diminutive frame. The evidence: 1. Mary-Kate is wearing my grandmother's mink stole, the one that spent several years stashed in an attic crawlspace with other...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 08/02/2007

Skin Deep: A Trio of Questionable Celeb Looks

I know. You're expecting to settle in for your weekly Highbrow dose. Highbrow will return in two weeks. In the meantime, step right up for a peek at a selection of celeb-curiosities. Below, behold fashion victims, freaks of nature and unruly follicles. Mary-Kate, Fashion Plate (AP) Don't look now, but here's Mary-Kate Olsen sporting yet another questionable ensemble. This time the diminutive multi-millionaire paired the bottom half of a Morticia Addams costume with what looks to be a large mens' V-neck T-Shirt. She added the coup de grace with a massive blinged-out (sorry Kanye) cross, earning herself a title as the wackiest wardrobe mashup artist to grace the red carpet since Bai Ling. See more of Mary-Kate's transgressions at gofugyourself.com. Neck Hair, Anyone? (AP) We love Seth Rogan. He makes schlumpy cool. He added an extra bit of slacker-fab to "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," totally kicked butt in this summer's "Knocked...

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Posted at 10:41 AM ET, 05/09/2007

Fashion Victim: Mary-Kate Olsen

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Mary-Kate Olsen in a goth feather duster. (Getty Images) Hey Cate Blanchett and Kirsten Dunst (see Morning Mix), you're not the only ones who can rock the Costume Institute red carpet with a really gnarly ensemble! Behold Mary-Kate Olsen, who had Big Bird's carcass dyed special for the occasion, then crawled into it for warmth. Not content to confine her animalistic urges to ornithological inspiration, this New York Times-dubbed "fashion star" also recently stepped out in this belted leopard print drapery panel to celebrate Kate Moss's new fashion line (check out the shoes, too). Entertain yourself for minutes on end with Mary-Kate and Ashley's greatest fashion hits....

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