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In honor of ‘Skyfall,’ a list of the 10 best James Bond theme songs

Where does Adele’s latest rank?

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People’s Sexiest Man Alive: 10 stars who could earn this year’s title

Is this Robert Downey Jr.’s year?

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Friday list: 10 non-scary things from pop culture that petrified us as kids

“The Never Ending Story”? Check. Various types of Muppets? Also check.

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Five off-the-air TV shows that don’t get enough Internet love

The Internet loves “Arrested Development.” But don’t shows like “Undeclared” and “Ed” also deserve some affection?

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‘Arrested Development’: The five minor characters that need to be in the new episodes

Franklin has to be in it. Because “Franklin Comes Alive” still needs to happen.

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Friday list: The cheesy power ballads we are embarrassed to admit we love

You know you still love Skid Row’s “I Remember You.”

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Posted at 12:52 PM ET, 07/27/2012

Vince Vaughn: A list of the 10 best things he’s ever done

It goes without saying that “Swingers” is on here.

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Friday list: TomKat? Daniel Tosh? What was the most compelling celeb controversy of the week?

It was a volatile week, so making a call is going to be tough.

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Friday list: 10 hot and sweaty movies for hot and sweaty days

Movies in which the characters perspire as much as you do on a 100-degree day.

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Friday list: 10 movie stars who are impossible to dislike

Go ahead. Come up with a reason to hate Emma Stone and Paul Rudd. I dare you.

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Posted at 01:16 PM ET, 05/13/2011

In light of ‘Bridesmaids,’ five earlier comedies that appealed to both men and women

“Bridesmaids” may be a groundbreaker in some ways, but don’t forget the great female-centric comedies of the past whose appeal crossed gender lines.

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In honor of ‘Arthur,’ a list of our favorite movie and TV drunkards

We don’t condone alcoholism. But we sometimes enjoy watching it in movies and on TV.

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With ‘Hop’ in theaters, a salute to cinema’s best use of bunny rabbits

The film world has given us so many unforgettable rabbit moments. Seriously. Here are eight of our favorites.

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Posted at 11:54 AM ET, 12/17/2010

Friday List: Five unconventional holiday movies

Nothing says Christmas like Jake Gyllenhaal in a Santa hat. (Universal) Like so much about the yuletide season, when it comes to our Christmas movies, we tend to fall back on tradition. Hence, at some point in December, we feel obligated to sit down and watch one or all of the following: "It's a Wonderful Life," "A Christmas Story," "Miracle on 34th Street," "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and/or "Elf." And hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I also feel like something is amiss if I haven't spent time with George Bailey or Ralphie Parker before the holidays are over. But sometimes it's nice to mix it up. Which is why, five years ago, I wrote this list of unconventional holiday movies to watch on DVD. That first list led to a second list, then morphed into an annual little Washington Post tradition of its own. This year's rundown of...

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Posted at 10:11 AM ET, 12/03/2010

Friday List: Rank the best (and worst) holiday viewing

A scene from 1983's "A Christmas Story." (Reuters) Ah, December -- the time of year when one can settle in for a favorite (or not so favorite) holiday-themed movie or TV special 24 hours a day. In lieu of our normal Friday List, today we're asking you to rank holiday viewing -- from the best to the worst. Write in candidates are welcome in the comments section below....

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Posted at 01:50 PM ET, 11/05/2010

Friday list: Seven great road trip movies you may have forgotten

Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, hitting the road. (Warner Bros.) This weekend Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis star in "Due Date," thereby joining in a time-honored, cinematic tradition: the road trip movie. I mean, who doesn't love watching a film in which incompatibly matched people gas up the car and head out on the road, only to encounter numerous travel-related high jinks? Answer: no one, unless that movie features Ice Cube and dares to ask the question "Are We There Yet?" Obviously there are many, many well-known favorites in this genre: "It Happened One Night," "Easy Rider," "Thelma & Louise," and, of course, "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," just to name a few. But even within this well-covered terrain there are a few slightly more obscure road trip movies that you may have neglected. Today's Friday List covers seven of the best. As always, feel free to share your...

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Posted at 01:14 PM ET, 10/15/2010

Friday list: The scariest TV moments ever

In keeping with our month-long Friday List salute to Halloween, we could have done the obvious thing and spat out a list of the scariest films of all time. But since we did a list on cinematic childhood wreckers a couple of weeks ago, and most of us know which movies belong on a scariest-ever list ("Psycho," "The Exorcist," "The Shining," blah blah blah), we decided to focus on a medium that tends to get forgotten during discussions of horror: TV. When "Walking Dead" premieres on AMC in a few weeks, it could claim the new title for most terrifying TV show of all time. But until that moment arrives, we say that the most consistently nightmare-inducing series ever made is ... "Twin Peaks." Why? Because we couldn't even come up with one moment that most freaked us out -- there are too many. Ronette Pulaski's dream? Up there....

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Friday list: Eight TV shows that are not on DVD and should be

Sometimes it seems like every television show that's ever aired, even for a nanosecond, has been released in a prettily packaged DVD box set. "Voyagers," starring a moppy-haired Meeno Peluce? Available. The detectives-on-a-boat series "Riptide"? Also available. "Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp"? Yes, thankfully, the crime-solving monkeys who wear real-people clothes and "talk" can be viewed in disc form. Oh, and also via totally groovy YouTube clips: Yet somehow, a few gems -- genuinely excellent TV shows or ones that boast an exceptionally high retro-nostalgia value -- still have not made their way to either Amazon.com or the shelves of Best Buy. Here are eight that seem particularly worthy of release. Weigh in on the selections and nominate a few of your own in the comments section....

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Friday List: Movies that make me proud to be an American

This Fourth of July weekend, Americans will find many ways to celebrate their freedom Some will do it by sizzling up as much red meat as their double-decker, stainless steel Weber grills will allow. Others will demonstrate their patriotism by going to the movies and watching a vampire and a werewolf fight over the same girl. After all, that's what this country was based on: the notion that all of us are free to obsess over "Twilight: Eclipse" as much as we want. Of course, If the "Twilight" saga doesn't exactly fill you with the urge to burst into "My County 'Tis of Thee," you could always stay home and watch a film that just might make you genuinely proud to be an American. Need some options? That's exactly what this list provides. "Rocky": Americans love to see an underdog rise up. And in this 1976 Oscar winner, Rocky Balboa...

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 06/18/2010

Friday list: Our favorite retro toys

The opening of "Toy Story 3," which marks the return of the franchise that gave us Woody, Buzz Lightyear and a Mr. Potato Head with the voice of Don Rickles, has put us in a playful mood. And repeat viewings of the "Toy Story 3" viral video that's been circulating since April -- the one that promotes new "TS 3" character Lotso in a commercial purposely doctored to look like it was ripped from a 1983 VHS tape -- has put us in a decidedly retro-toy mood. As Pixar's "Toy Story" movies remind us, once upon a time we were all little kids who lived for every moment we could spend in the company of Barbie, Weebles and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. With that in mind, Liz and I have focused today's Friday list on our favorite toys from our childhoods. Of course, we encourage you to add your...

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Posted at 10:54 AM ET, 05/14/2010

Friday List: More candidates for a Betty White-style career revival

Hollywood likes a remake, so it's no surprise that Betty White is the latest thing to -- again -- take the entertainment world by storm. But surely White -- the 88-year-old sensation who utterly burned up the small screen when she hosted "SNL" last weekend -- isn't the only card-carrying AARP member worthy of a later-in-life career revival. In fact, another grassroots Facebook campaign is already underway in support of another comic legend taking the "SNL" stage: Carol Burnett. With that in mind, we started thinking about more elder statesmen -- and women -- of stage and screen who could totally mount successful returns to an entertainment landscape awash in whippersnappers. We've listed five candidates below and ask that you return the favor by sharing more nominees in the comments section. Don Rickles in 2007. (Los Angeles Times) Don Rickles: If it's funny we're after, this king of comedy --...

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Posted at 02:35 PM ET, 04/16/2010

Friday list: The Rewatchables -- The movies we can view again and again

On Jen's list: 1994's 'Pulp Fiction. (Miramax) A couple of weeks ago, we focused a Friday List on what we called The Unwatchables: the movies, TV shows and Web videos we take pride in having skipped. This week, we hit the opposite end of the spectrum with The Rewatchables, a look at the movies we never tire of viewing again and again, and then one more time after that. Some people believe watching a film once is enough. Here at Celebritology, we do not understand these people. Some motion pictures are filled with so much rich dialogue, blood pressure-raising action and gut-busting comedy, there's no such thing as seeing them too many times. After the jump, read about our favorite rewatchable movies, then add your selections in the comments below....

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Posted at 11:33 AM ET, 03/12/2010

Friday List: '80s movie remakes -- dos and don'ts

Out of an abundance of concern, we've each compiled lists of '80s movies that should not be remade, as well as a few that have reboot potential. Our picks follow after the jump. Read them, then add yours in the comments section.

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Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 11/27/2009

Hot Dirtbags: The top 10

Forget the "Sexiest Man Alive." We gather today to give thanks for a much rarer form of male attractor: the hot dirtbag. The topic came up in last week's Celebritology Live discussion and by the end of the chat I had promised to compile a list of my top 10 objects of attraction. Now I get that the dirtbag isn't for everyone, but hey, sometimes nice guys finish last. And to somewhat fracture the words of Mae West: when guys are good they're good, but when they're bad they're better. For some of us, the bad boy will always hold a certain attraction. If we're lucky, we know better than to act on our impulses; we learn to admire a dirtbag from afar, much as we would a Picasso dipped in ebola juice. The dirtbag criteria: A man who's attractive -- either physically or charismatically -- but whose appeal may...

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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 11/09/2009

Monday List: Celebs Who Should Join Twitter

Amy Winehouse, an as-yet unfullfilled Twitter genius. (Getty Images) After spending far too much of my Sunday evening reading Tila Tequila's increasingly unhinged tweets and wondering if it would be unprofessional for me to offer her some kind of monetary reward to quit the service, I was ready to follow Miley Cyrus into swearing off the whole over-hyped service. I was, then, of course reminded of Twitter's better side by reading a few dispatches from Sarah Silverman and Tracy Morgan, who see the 140-character or less model as yet another vehicle for their genius. And by Lindsay Lohan, who just plain overshares. And oversharing, in her case, is a good thing. But although I didn't much agree with this list from Popeater -- of celebrities who should join Twitter -- it did get me to thinking: which bold-namers would I like to see sign up and start dazzling us...

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Posted at 11:18 AM ET, 09/25/2009

Friday List: No Talent? No Problem!

Yesterday, as is wont to happen, a reader wrote in to the weekly Celebritology Live chat with a query that makes for an excellent Friday List: What celebrity has come the farthest with the least amount of talent? For my money, it's Jay Leno. He couldn't be less funny, more cheesy or further past his expiration date. He is the hackiest of hacks and when trying to somehow account for his success I can only presume a) There are more blue-haired old ladies watching late night TV than I'd realized or, b) Leno has made some kind of deal with, well, diabolical forces. I mean, the man's big idea was "Jaywalking": Please. Who tops your list of talentless success stories? Share your picks -- and your reasons -- below......

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Posted at 10:41 AM ET, 09/18/2009

Friday List: Animated, Anthropomorphic Childhood Trauma

In retrospect, I suppose I'm lucky for counting three animated films as some of the most traumatic events of my childhood. Sure, I had my share of bumps, scrapes and time spent hiding out under the dining room table on particularly contentious days around the Kelly household, but when I reach into the vulnerable pain that perhaps only kids under the age of 10 are capable of feeling, it is the faces of anthropomorphic animals I see. Anthropomorphic animals in severe emotional pain. Based on a conversation that kicked off in yesterday's Celebritology Live discussion, today we'll lean on each other as we recall -- and maybe re-feel a bit -- the pop culture touchstones that bruised our little hearts as children. I'll start with the three that really got me but good, then ask you to share yours below. >> I was all of seven years old when my...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 03/06/2009

Friday List: 'Flirtexting' Advice for the Celeb Set

(Skyhorse Publishing) Critics of celebrity news often accuse devotees and their favored publications (and blogs) of lowering the level of public discourse. But, listen, there is plenty of stupid to go around without factoring Paris Hilton, Jeremy Piven or the entire celeb-reality genre into the equation. Yesterday in the mail, I received a copy of what may be the most dimwitted, inane book ever printed (and, yes, I did stop to consider Nicole Richie's "novel" before making that pronouncement). "Flirtexting" promises 184 pages of breathless advice for "anyone who has a cell phone and wants to get it on." From the back cover: "It's official. Boys text, therefore girls must learn how to flirtext! Like it or not we live in a culture that accepts dates, heart-to-heart talks, and late night invites via text. Embrace it -- flirtexting is the way to his heart!" The book's two authors --...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 12/30/2008

2008: The Year in Celebrity

Tomorrow I'll share with you my biggest surprise in the world of celebrity from 2008 -- and ask for yours, but in the meantime I wanted to get our listy juice flowing by sharing a few lists compiled by others. Agree? Disagree? Add your input to the comment section. Entertainer of the Year Tina Fey. (Paramount Pictures) Entertainer of the Year: Tina Fey (AP) Anyone who wants to question Fey's pick as the most talented human being on TV (and sometimes off) can talk to me. And if I can't change your mind, well, suck it monkeys. It should be noted that Fey edged out the almost equally entertaining Robert Downey Jr. for the title. Person of the Year: Jennifer Aniston (Popeater) I. Just. Don't. Get. It. Top Entertainment Stories of the Year (AP) Nothing to snark about here. Heath Ledger's untimely death last January set a somber tone for...

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Posted at 10:36 AM ET, 10/24/2008

Video Friday List: Celeb-Inspired Halloween Hilarity

The thing to keep in mind if you decide to go the celebrity route for your Halloween costume is this: Don't take yourself too seriously. You want people laughing with you, not at you. And nothing says desperation so much as a straight-faced facsimile of Marilyn Monroe or an elaborate recreation of "300's" Leonidas. Trust me, guys -- no matter how cut your abs, there's only one Gerard Butler and loin cloths tend to make people uncomfortable. Earlier this week, Rocci Fisch (who produces my weekly chat) and I went in search of celeb-related Halloween duds. Much to the chagrin of Rocci and my ego, we share the results here: Now, if you can wipe the image of bizarro world Paris Hilton out of your mind, share your ideas for celebrity-inspired costumes below. And remember, the devil is in the details. (Many thanks to D.C.'s Backstage Costumes and Falls Church's...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 08/15/2008

Friday List: Celebrity Wedding Officiants

We're all about pie-in-the-sky dreaming here, kids. That's why we drew inspiration for today's Friday List from Howard Stern and soon-to-be-wife Beth Ostrosky. This week, the couple announced that they will be married by Mark Consuelos, as in Mr. Kelly Ripa. While this is probably a relief to Ostrosky's family, who might have feared a wedding officiated by Ron Jeremy or Eric the Midget, the choice of Consuelos is, erhhmm, creative. To be fair, though, Consuelos is not just some B-list actor who met wife Kelly Ripa on the set of "All My Children." He's a B-list actor who also cameoed in 10 (ten!) episodes of his wife's show "Hope and Faith" and has a degree in marketing from the esteemed University of Southern Florida. So he's obviously way more qualified to perform a wedding ceremony than, say, Tiny Tim or even "The Love Boat's" Capt. Stubing. Why Consuelos? Stern...

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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 08/01/2008

Friday List: Casting a Celeb-Centric Presidential Campaign Ad

Thanks, John McCain, for reminding we average Americans that the most important determinants of our vote in the upcoming presidential election are not the same old tired criteria of election years past: the economy, candidate track records, platforms. No, you've rightly moved the election rhetoric into the TMZ-saturated present by comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears: As a tireless celeb watcher, let me just say "Bravo!" for your choice -- because Paris and Britney are icky and you've potentially saved us from electing a man who might share qualities with these women. For instance, how embarrassing would it be to have a president who goes commando at state dinners or, like, starts dating a Madden brother? Still, in the interest of fair play, we here at Celebritology must step up and perform our civic duty by leveling the playing field. Since it's unlikely that the Obama campaign...

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Posted at 09:39 AM ET, 04/11/2008

Friday List: Celeb-Reality Dream Team

Show me a tired out, unemployable D-list celebrity and I'll show you a reality show in the making. Names that once seemed bound for a comfortable level of stardom, but somehow fell short of the mark and were relegated to in-store appearances at suburban malls or, like, robbing dry cleaners. All of that changed when "The Osbornes" ushered in a new era of TV voyeurism: celeb-reality. From Ozzy's home life to Danny Bonaduce's on-camera self-destruction there is a show for every flavor of fan, each one a little more demeaning than the last. Watch the time capsule of red flags that is the "Anna Nicole Smith Show," help Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav find love, get in on the ground floor of Britney and K-Fed's "Chaotic" relationship, watch Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's drug-fueled daily life, behold as Gene Simmons queues up his kids for years of therapy, amaze yourself...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 03/26/2008

Wednesday List: A Little Advice?

A little advice for Spencer Pratt (seen here with girlfriend Heidi Montag): no one likes PDAs. (Getty Images) I don't really get "The Hills," but I know a good idea when I see it. And that, my friends, is how I was able to finally recognize the value in the easy-on-the-eyes waste of space that is Spencer Pratt. See, Radar online has taken his pretty face and superimposed it on the age-old advice column model. He's hardly the first celeb to dabble in the Hax-ian arts. Jane magazine (R.I.P.) blazed that trail years ago by recruiting male celebs to help readers with boy trouble and Garrison Keillor (kind of the anti-Spencer Pratt) penned the fabulously entertaining Mr. Blue column on Salon.com for years. With Pratt, though, it's not about problems solved so much as a refreshingly dopey party-boy turn of phrase. To sum up his first crack at the...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 02/26/2008

Tuesday List: Joking With the Stars

Today's task is simple. Simple-minded, even. Using the current celeb news landscape as inspiration, we'll craft a comedy routine on par with Jon Stewart's Oscar monologue -- or at least the next amateur night at the local comedy club. So sharpen your funny bone and make with the ha-ha. And, please, keep it clean. "The Aristocrats," this ain't. Swinton, left, and Combs. Let the hilarity ensue. (AP) The Inspiration: P. Diddy's debut as a leading man in the made-for-TV adaptation of "Raisin in the Sun" and Tilda Swinton's anti-glamour Oscar night look. The Set Up: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Tilda Swinton walk into a bar... --- The Inspiration: Lindsay Lohan poses in her altogether in an attempt to recreate an iconic Marilyn Monroe photo shoot. The Set Up: Knock knock. Who's there? --- The Inspiration: Gary Busey's red carpet-owning moment, in which the one-time Oscar nominee busted in on...

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Posted at 10:39 AM ET, 01/11/2008

Friday List: The First Crush is the Deepest

No one rocks a painter's cap like Shaun Cassidy. I must have been about six years old when I taped that Shaun Cassidy poster to the wall. Thirty years later, I can't quite remember how the poster or Cassidy's perky little album -- the unoriginal "Da Doo Ron Ron" -- came into my possession. I only remember moving my Bionic Woman poster to the inside of my closet door, so it would be the eyes of Cassidy staring down at me from the wall alongside my bed as I drifted to sleep each night. Before long, Cassidy inspired my first act of rebellion -- I defaced the wall surrounding the poster with cartoon bubbles reading "I love you, Liz" and "I love you, too, Shawn." Barbie and Ken were recast as Shaun and me and soon both sported mini satin jackets and went roller skating with Parker Stevenson, Leif...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 01/04/2008

Friday List: Outsized Egos Edition

Alec Baldwin (aka The Bloviator) competes for the room's oxygen supply with Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters during this April 2007 'View' appearance. (Reuters) It's an ugly side effect of fame: celebrities who take themselves way too seriously. Symptoms may include a perception that one can sway an election, write op-eds in major newspapers, sustain a daily blog or spend an hour talking about one's prison experiences on "Larry King Live." In yesterday's Celebritology Live discussion, readers unburdened themselves, disclosing their most personally annoying self-important celebs: "I think Denzel needs an editor and a publicist to keep him intriguing," said one after listening to this NPR interview. "Katherine Heigl," said another, perhaps referring to the actress's recent bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you criticism of "Knocked Up." Alec Baldwin (dubbed "The Bloviator" by the New York Post), the insouciant Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly -- all were cited as being shameless self-absorbed attention...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 12/21/2007

Friday List: 2007's Top Celeb Surprises

Jamie Lynn Spears's pregnancy was only the latest addition to a year rife with Celebritological surprises. Below, the Celebritology Field Agent Guild and I have compiled a list of the items we found most surprising over the last 12 months. Some are silly, some are serious -- all took us by surprise. The list is far from comprehensive, so add your own below. Papa-wow! Kevin Federline. (AP) * K-Fed -- he of the jaw-droppingly inept rap career and Britney's shadow -- emerges as a good parent (at least when compared with baby mamma Britney). He's got primary custody of kids Sean Preston and Jayden James while Brit continues her shame spiral. * Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tyra Banks are fat? So sayeth some seriously dysmorphic "critics." Snark clearinghouse TMZ.com headlined one bikini shot of Hewitt "We know what you ate this summer, Love -- everything!" Nice. * Tony Parker gets...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 11/30/2007

Friday List: TV Crush Groove 2007 -- Your Nominees?

Naveen Andrews: Hot or not? (AP) It's no secret that at least three of the reasons I'm hooked on "Lost" are named Matthew Fox (Jack), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid). There, I said it. I'm as susceptible to three-day stubble and a well-delivered line as the next girl. And any guys out there claiming to watch "Gilmore Girls" for the well-done portrayal of family drama can kiss my tuchus. With that in mind, today we shoulder a momentous task: compiling a list of the top TV crushes of 2007. Ideally, the final list -- based on your submissions -- will be whittled down to five characters from each side of the gender divide and released here on Monday. Don't underestimate the importance of the word "character" here. Yes, Heidi Klum is hot, but we're taking our attraction one step further into fandom to admit crushes on the...

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Posted at 10:42 AM ET, 10/26/2007

Friday List: Dream Show Marathon?

'Ab Fab's' Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. (AP) washingtonpost.com's new Channel This TV blog is my new go-to spot for post-show analysis of Celebritology-critical TV fare like "Dancing With the Stars," but sometimes the heart longs for the TV of seasons past. That's where EW's Mandi Bierly comes in. Earlier this week, Bierly asked EW readers to share picks for the ultimate dream show marathon. Bierly opted for a non-stop dose of "America's Next Top Model" while commenters' choices were all over the dial -- from the obvious ("Lost") to the mystifying ("Head of the Class"). Today we build upon EW's list by adding our own recommendations (which may come in handy around D.C. this weekend if the rain keeps falling). My picks, in no particular order: - "My So-Called Life" (Angst. Growing pains. Teen romance. Perfection.) - "Absolutely Fabulous" (Love it.) - "Deadwood" (Who can get enough Al...

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Friday Follies: Waste a Day the Celebritology Way

List-a-palooza This Friday I present a trio of lists from other sources with which to while away the few short hours until the official start of the weekend. None particularly lends itself to much outside input, but all three are well worth your precious surfing time. 1. Top 10 Topical Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Be Wearing Even Though We Wish They Wouldn't. Best Week Ever presents their list of the season's top annoying and inevitably ubiquitous disguises. From JT's "SNL" song parody to an iPhone to a post-life Anna Nicole Smith, this list is not for the faint of heart (and possibly not safe for work). 2. Worst Movies Directed by Actors. For those of us who didn't realize that Nicolas Cage and William Shatner have both spent time behind the lens, this list is edifying. For those among us who are fans of "Braveheart" and "The Cable Guy," this...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 09/28/2007

Friday List: Go Ahead, Remake My Day

Russell Crowe's on target performance in the '3:10 to Yuma' remake perfectly illustrates this blog post. Or I just like looking at Russell Crowe. (Lionsgate) Back in April, we compiled a list of movies so sacred that even uttering the word "remake" in their general vicinity constituted a crime against all that is right and good. "Leave alone our 'Escape from New York,'" we said. "Unhand 'Wonder Woman' and 'Hairspray' and shame on you, nameless faceless movie execs for even thinking you could replace Divine. A scant five months later, though, we live in a changed world. A world where the John Travolta-fronted "Hairspray" remake was not only lauded by critics, but a bona fide box office smash, taking over $117 million in domestic box office receipts. Divine who? And, thanks to a kick-butt cast led by Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, the September release of western classic "3:10...

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Friday List: Inspired Albums

My album cover. (Photo: BBC) Jay-Z is back in the rap game, again. This time the Def Jam mogul, who (ahem) retired in 2003, says his new concept album was inspired by the new Denzel Washington-Russell Crowe flick "American Gangster." "It immediately clicked with me," Jay-Z told the New York Times. "Like 'Scarface,' or any one of those films, you take the good out of it, and you can see it as an inspiring film." Fair enough. But Hova's inspiration has inspired me, too, to create this Friday List asking what movies (or to widen the scope, TV shows) would inspire you to birth your own concept album -- rap, pop, punk or any genre of your choice. We'll just assume everyone participating has the mad skills required to get your brainstorms down on wax. Or MP3. Just one caveat: No movie musicals for inspiration. That's just a little...

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Friday List: Best Buddies

Batman without Robin, Thelma without Louise, Paris without Nicole -- imagining one without the other is unthinkable. The fabric of the universe would unravel if, say, Laverne turned up at the Shotz brewery minus Shirley or Lenny busted through their basement apartment door without hetero lifemate Squiggy. In short, these duos complete each other and our pop culture lexicon. Today's Friday List comes to us courtesy of New York Magazine's excellent Culture Vulture blog, where editors recently compiled a list of the "15 Most Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture History." The criteria: "No sidekicks allowed! Buddies must be on an equal footing; so long Sancho Panza, Robin, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Romance is completely off the table, so off went Mulder and Scully, Lyra and Will, Fred and Ginger, and Ennis and Jack. And finally, the buddies must stand alone, not as part of some larger group of near-equal importance;...

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Friday List: Best High School Flicks

The Disney Channel's flakking of "High School Musical 2" (opening Aug. 17) has kicked into high gear. If you have occasion to turn on that channel, you'll find your tweener sitcoms spiked with a healthy dose of "HSM" promos and behind-the-scenes peeks. And why not? Last year's original was a smash hit for Disney -- kids not only watched over and over, but bought DVDs and made the soundtrack the top-selling album of 2006. And star Zac Efron is everywhere again -- the shining beacon of Disney-built formulaically-perfect "it" boy with his shaggy hair, earnest smile and "It's OK, mom and dad, I'm safe for your kids" vibe. Blech. It's enough to make anyone of voting age dyspeptic. So, like any self-respecting member of a passe generation, I react by comparing this entertainment juggernaut with what the mind leaps to label as "real" high school movies: the ones that got...

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Friday List: Better Off Dead

Go away, little girl. "Lost's" Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack (Matthew Fox). (Photo courtesy ABC) Sometimes it's okay to hate. Most especially when the hate is directed at a make-believe entity. When it comes down to it, there are lots of reasons to wish a fictional character dead: He's unlikable; she serves no purpose to the plot; his very existence ruins an otherwise well-told tale or, like a pebble lodged in one's shoe, she's just unbearably annoying. Recognizing this, the staff over at New York Magazine's Culture Vulture blog compiled a list of 10 fictional characters that would be better off dead. Their picks range from alleged movie-ruining wet rags like "Spider-Man's" Kirsten Dunst to "24's" Jack Bauer, who wore out his welcome a day (read: season) ago. Today, we'll build on this list by compiling our own fictional character death row. Who would you ax (not literally) if...

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Friday List: Unlikely Celebritology Headlines

Inspired by smarty-pants Gene Weingarten's Googlenope experiments, McSweeney's hilarious list of lists and a predilection for the absurd, today we convene to create an alternate Celebritology universe, one where anything is possible and the improbable is to be expected. How? By creating a list of headlines we would probably never see in Celebritology. Our mission today is to craft headlines so outrageously unlikely, yet logical enough to make a twisted kind of sense. Like so: Paris Hilton Beats IBM Chess Computer Britney Spears Thanks the Academy, Fans for Top Acting Honor President Willis: 'Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er.' No More Albums from 11-Years-Dead Rapper Tupac Shakur Frances Bean Cobain Thanks Mom for Solid Start Brad Pitt: Woody Allen an Inspiration You get the idea. The 10 best headlines (as judged by an esteemed panel consisting of me and editrix Nancy Kerr) will be chosen and displayed here Monday. Let's get started......

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Friday Lists: For Your Consideration

This Friday, three lists currently making the rounds of pop culture sites and e-mail boxes are summarized below: 25 Movies with Real Impact In their ongoing series of 25th-anniversary lists, the USA Today staff has compiled a list of the most important movie moments from the last quarter-century. I'm on board with the list-topping "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but "The Cable Guy," "Total Recall" and -- I kid you not -- "The Bodyguard?" 100 Days That Changed Music Blender magazine says that without these 25 watershed musical moments, we'd have "no mp3s, no LSD, no hip-hop, no soul-sucking corporate rock." Everything from January 31, 1955 (RCA demonstrates the first synthesizer) to November 16, 1985 (the day Starship's "We Built This City" reached No. 1). Don't worry -- this comprehensive list includes "Pet Sounds," the iPod, the Sex Pistols and the Sugarhill Gang. I think we approve. Springfield's Best Kudos...

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Posted at 10:02 AM ET, 06/22/2007

Friday List: Worst Cover Songs Ever

Well do I remember the Saturday night in 1998 when I recoiled in horror as P. Diddy (then known as "Puff Daddy") furiously "rapped" over Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir", backed by Jimmy Page (sellout) and a complement of classical musicians. How had this abomination happened? Where was Robert Plant and why was he not rushing out on stage to best P. Diddy Daddy with his own honey-dripping Viking-inspired wail? I think I passed out in pain sometime after Diddy tore off his jacket in rage and uttered his 432nd "Ya." See how long you can stand it: Nine years later, my gut feeling has at last been validated by Web site Retrocrush, which compiled an ungodly list of the 100 Worst Cover Songs Ever. Diddy's take on "Kashmir" is there, though it only made it to no. 96 on the list. Other dishonorees include Kelly Osbourne for her cover of Madonna's...

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Friday List: Call to Action

Another Friday, another "best of" list to lay to waste. Sigourney vs. Bruce? Our money's on Ripley. (Courtesy 20th Century Fox) This week, Entertainment Weekly has incurred our god-like wrath for daring to top a list of the best action movies ever made with "Die Hard." Ignoring the uncomfortable fact that the latest installment in the series, "Live Free or Die Hard," coincidentally opens in just two weeks and that EW also includes an interview with star Bruce Willis in the same issue, we'll give EW's editors the benefit of the doubt and confine our refutation to systematically dismantling their list and rebuilding it in the form of the one truly righteous list, a list topped by a movie that doesn't include Willis in a wife beater, Mel Gibson in a mullet or an abominable Keanu Reeves-Sandra Bullock pairing. Here's EW's list, hot off the presses: 1. "Die Hard" (1988)...

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Friday List: The Dream Theme

Concept drawing of Hogwarts. (Photo courtesy Universal Studios) As reported in this morning's Mix, Universal Studios yesterday announced plans to open a Harry Potter theme park in 2009 -- finally creating a long-overdue Mecca for rabid Potter fans. Visitors will lose themselves in a "fully immersive Harry Potter themed environment" that will include recreations of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade Village, the Forbidden Forest and offer "experiential shops and restaurants that will enable guests to sample fare from the wizarding world's best known establishments." Not being much of a Harry Potter fan, though, I'm left cold by the thought of seing a faithful facsimile of Dumbledore's office, let alone surrendering my ducats to J.K. Rowling's sprawling empire. Surely, we can do better by crafting a wish list of movies that deserve the theme park treatment. To get us started, I took a quick survey of a few trusted Celebritology field agents. A...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 05/18/2007

Friday List: The Best Soundtracks

(Courtesy Fontana London) The gunna-gunk gunna-gunk, gunna-gunk gunna-gunk first few riffs from Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" instantly conjures up visions of the interior of Mike Damone's car in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and I'm similarly transported by songs from the other varied soundtracks taking up space on my iPod. Songs from movies like "Jesus' Son" and "Rize" share space with pre-adolescent favorites like "Camelot," "Xanadu" and my first know-it-all-by-heart soundtrack, "Grease." Hip or cheesy, loaded with subtext or unapologetically meaningless, movie soundtracks are often entry points into a genre and I have many directors I'd like to thank for sparking lifelong love affairs with artists like Cat Stevens and Mudhoney. Today's mission is to list our favorite movie soundtracks. You'll receive bonus points for including your reasons. As usual, I'll start: "Donnie Darko" -- Sadly, the official soundtrack only included the original score, so I had to craft my...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 04/20/2007

Friday List: A Little Help for Sanjaya

Might we recommend the 'Don Juan De Marco' look for Saturday night's festivities? (Fox TV) "What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?" -- The Beatles. Sanjaya Malakar needs a little help from his friends. Malakar, he of the novelty hair and shaky vocals, is coming to D.C. tomorrow night to attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. As a guest of People magazine, Sanjaya will doubtlessly be this year's most-talked-about attendee. Even now I can picture hordes of low-level cable news staffers hunting the Hilton's honeycomb of event rooms to catch a pre-dinner glimpse of 17-year-old reality TV sensation. One can only hope that photo ops include shots of the gangly teen with dinner regulars. ("Helen Thomas, you're on candid camera!") Sanjaya isn't the first "Idol" castoff to attend the event. A couple of years ago, I'll...

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Friday List: Celluloid Celebrity

Gloria Swanson in 'Sunset Blvd.' (Paramount Pictures) Not all Friday Lists are intended as cathartic releases. Some -- like these lists of Sad Songs and tips on How to Survive a Horror Flick -- also fall into the category of service journalism. I, for one, consider myself enriched: my iPod is now extra mopey and I have been duly warned to give three-year-olds who speak Latin, Ancient Aramaic, Scytho-Khotanese or any other extinct language a wide berth. This Friday, we'll build on the spirit of goodwill by compiling a list of the best movies about life in front of the lens. From Woody Allen's "Celebrity" to J.Lo's "Selena," which films stand out as illuminating peeks into the surreal world of the entertainment industry and its attendant fame? Help me -- and each other -- compile a syllabus for a celebrity cinema master class. As usual, I'll start by sharing...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 04/06/2007

Friday List: Don't Remake This Movie

There seems to be no escape from remakes. (AVCO Embassy Pictures) Quite possibly you heard it: The sound of legions of faithful "Escape from New York" fans shuddering in unison after learning that "300's" Gerard Butler will star as Snake Plissken in a remake of "Escape from New York." For those few uninitiated souls out there who somehow managed to make it to 2007 without experiencing "Escape," the 1981 original stands as an unparalleled masterpiece of B-movie fare. To compare it to its peers of the same era: If "Mad Max" was post-apocalyptic and edgy, "Escape" was post-apocalyptic and cheesy. If "Blade Runner" was a "cyberpunk vision of the future," "Escape" was the low-rent dream of kids turning off disco and turning on to leather jackets. If "Star Wars" was the ground-breaking first installment of George Lucas's storied trilogy, "Escape," too, spawned a mini-empire for director John Carpenter, who...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 03/30/2007

Guilty Pleasure: Movies to Watch Again and Again

(Image courtesy Paramount Pictures) The first time I saw "Airplane" it was projected on the wall of my family's villa in Italy. I was maybe nine years old and thought an inflatable autopilot, a guy who spilled drinks down his face and, well, feces hitting a fan was hi-larious. As I matured, I found new nuances to delight me in "Airplane" -- the teen me felt smug recognizing cameos from Barbara Billingsley, Kareem Abdul Jabar and a young Joe Izuzu (David Leisure). As an adult, I snicker at the subtle (and not so subtle) dialogue and I have finally come to appreciate Julie Hagerty. I've also been known to fast forward through the DVD to hear the lines from Stephen Stucker's Johnny ("I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl.") "Airplane" is just one of the movies contained in a box I keep close at hand....

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 03/09/2007

Friday List: Sweet-Sounding Guilty Pleasures

Just admit it: We all (heart) Abba. (Copyright Torbjorn Calvero) A couple of weeks ago I was talking with one of washingtonpost.com's head honchos (a hip kind of guy who defies comparisons to Ricky Gervais or any kind of Dilbertian manager in that he is certainly above being swayed by base flattery) at a company event (whose swank factor was not at all affected by drinking wine out of paper cups) about some of the more embarrassing songs we happen to have on our iPods. What started as a passing reference to the Starland Vocal Band ("Afternoon Delight") and my current obsession with "Itchycoo Park" soon morphed into a conversational one-upsmanship featuring a smorgasbord of cheesy songs of yesteryear. Often we can't explain exactly what it is that makes a particular cheesy song so appealing. Sometimes it's an infectious chorus or a musical hook that just gets you in...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 02/23/2007

Friday List: Celeb-Zeros -- Running on Fumes

Hey, Charo was on 'Fantasy Island' twice. (20th Century Fox Television) In yesterday's Celebritology Live chat, some anonymous genius posed this fabulous question: Who invented this notion of people who are famous for being famous? I'm not sure who invented the notion, but over the years we've been subjected to or fascinated with an array of talentless, yet seemingly ubiquitous, celebrities. The current crop of celeb-zeros is presided over by Paris Hilton, who has managed to turn her lack of skills into a cottage industry, spawning a (relatively contrived) reality show and a lucrative sideline as a paid party guest. And she's not alone -- gossip pages now regularly track the sons and daughters of the famous, recording every drunken revel or, umm, parachute jump to feed our inexplicable appetite for these empty calories. Yesterday's chatters came up with the start of a fabulous Friday list, dropping names like...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 02/16/2007

Friday List: Stars We Hate to Love

A couple weeks back I unwittingly set off a torrent of star-hating when I unburdened myself of a lifelong, and somewhat inexplicable, aversion to Diane Keaton. Three-hundred-plus comments later, an initially tentative response had morphed into a cacophony of contempt by the end of the day. I only can imagine if I had detailed my much deeper abhorrence of Dabney Coleman. The mind reels. (Aside: In an informal and highly unscientific count Angelina Jolie emerged as the most-hated celebrity for Celebritology readers. She was closely trailed by Oprah Winfrey and the "insouciant" Gwyneth Paltrow.) Although we offered up varied reasons for our loathing, the common thread was an immediate and visceral dislike. Today, after prompting from Celebritology readers, we turn this mother upside down and -- keeping in mind that this is a (mostly) anonymous forum -- come clean about the stars we hate to love. Yet again, Liz takes...

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 02/14/2007

Hump Day Snow Day Valentine's Day Wednesday List

Violets are blue, Roses are red, Get in on the list, If you're not still in bed. (For real poetic artistry, see last post) In a survey of 5,000 Australians, more than 70 percent of respondents (of both sexes) said they'd rather spend Valentine's Day with their partner than a celebrity dream date. While fidelity is commendable, we here in the land of list-making know that there's nothing wrong with a healthy imagination and today we'll get our creative juices flowing by compiling a list of fantasy dream dates. We could opt for the obvious and name our celebrity dream dates ("and then Russell Crowe would duel the "Donnie Darko"-era Jake Gyllenhaal for my affection"), but why make this a rehash of our top fives? To give this list a little twist, we'll make the objects of our affection completely unattainable: If you could spend Valentine's Day with one fictional...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 01/26/2007

Friday List: Picture This

The Brady Bunch -- Alice, Carol, Bobby, Marsha, Peter, Cindy, Mike, Greg, Jan and Cousin Liz. (Photo illustration by Liz Kelly) When I was six I had a serious desire to live with the Brady Bunch. The groovy Brady homestead rocked (I so wanted Greg Brady's teen attic pad with a beaded curtain instead of a real door) and despite some slight intervention from Carol, Mike, and Alice, the Brady household was ruled by a sort of "Lord of the Flies" childhood law. I would be cousin Liz, the cool, accepted seventh Brady -- not a bad-luck magnet like that dorky Cousin Oliver. As a pre-teen, I yearned to attend Eastland Academy with Blair, Tootie, Jo, Natalie and the other girls on "Facts of Life," wear cute uniforms and escape the awkward reality of junior high in Pemberton, N.J. By high school, I was so jonesing to be a...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 01/19/2007

Friday List: Worst-Rhyming Lyrics Ever?

Bob Dylan: King of rock or ruiner of rhymes? (AP) Today's Friday list may have a detrimental side effect: There is a slight risk of getting sub-par song lyrics stuck in your head. This is a risk we must take, however, if we are to consider and expand on Cracked.com's list of the 20 worst rhymes in pop music history. The list contains a few real stinkers -- "I'm like a bowl of gumbo/You ain't hotter than this/I'm what they play in the clubo" (Mariah Carey, "Don't Stop" ) -- and gives top honors to Bob Dylan for his "contacts"/"lumberjacks"-rhyming "Ballad of a Thin Man." But I'm not convinced that the bulk of the songs on the list have committed any grave transgression. This is pop music we're talking about, so Jimmy Buffett's "flip flop"/"pop top" rhyme in "Margaritaville" doesn't detract from the experience (which, for the record, is...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 01/05/2007

Friday List: Dumbest Movie Moments

I've been saving this Friday list topic for a rainy day and, at least in D.C., that day is today. I can think of nothing I'd rather do than curl up with my laptop and a hot cup of tea and spend the day getting listy with you. To that end, please turn your attention to exhibit A: Amazing Planet's list of the 49 Dumbest Movie Moments. Though a dumb enough skydiving sequence from "Point Break" tops this list, some entries are a stretch. For instance, I don't think I'd have included Jodie Foster's space travel scene from "Contact" or "Cape Fear's" climax. Where are the moments that completely ruin the mood and shatter movie magic? Where is Patrick Swayze saying "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" in "Dirty Dancing" or "Top Gun's" Tom Cruise singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" or pretty much any scene from "Waterworld?" I think...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 12/15/2006

Friday List: Sad Songs

Sad songs. They say so much. (Or so sang Elton John in his mid-80's paean to the sappier side of the musical spectrum.) And obviously others agree. A new "scientific" study has named The Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work" as the saddest rock/pop song ever. Here's the full Brit-centric list: 1. The Verve - "The Drugs Don't Work" 2. Robbie Williams - "Angels" 3. Elton John - "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" 4. Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You" 5. Sinead O'Connor - "Nothing Compares 2 U" 6. Will Young - "Leave Right Now" 7. Elvis Presley - "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" 8. Christina Aguilera - "Beautiful" 9. James Blunt - "Goodbye My Lover" 10. Radiohead - "Fake Plastic Trees" I dunno about the above list, but I think Sir Elton has a point. There seems to be a sad song for every emotional let down...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 12/08/2006

Friday List: A Star-Studded Wish List

If he only had a brain. (Photo illustration by Mr. Liz for washingtonpost.com) Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore because Kevin Federline is making news for trying to become a better person. Yep, you heard that right, K-Fed -- borrowing a page from "The Wizard of Oz's" Scarecrow -- is trying to get his own brain. If K-Fed's fondest wish is for a little gray matter to fill his empty head, what quality or essential item do stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Jennifer Aniston need to head into 2007 stronger than ever? This Friday we'll play the role of the Great and Powerful Oz by identifying the one thing celebrities need to be complete this holiday season. To get the list started, below are a few examples compiled with Celebritology field agent Frank Thomason: Britney Spears: Maturity (though a publicist would be a close second)....

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 11/30/2006

A Musical List Smorgasbord

Long-time Celebritology readers know there's nothing I like more than a list. What is more satisfying than second-guessing someone else's taste? Not much, it turns out. We've been critiquing lists here for the better part of a year now and, may I be the first to say, we have impeccable taste. I couldn't agree with us more. Today, we have a trio of music-related lists to dissect: Teen Spirit, the Bestest Smell Fans of "I'm Too Sexy" might want to sit down: Nirvana grunge-breaking "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was named the best pop song of the last two decades by Britain's Q magazine. To make the list a song must have been released in the past 20 years and be "instantly memorable." Which explains why stinkers like Britney Spears's "...Baby One More Time" and Eminem's "Stan" made the list. Twice As Nice If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,...

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Posted at 10:36 AM ET, 11/21/2006

List: Top 100 Albums of All Time?

Apparently sub-par band Pink Floyd in 1973. (From "The Dark Side of the Moon") It's Tuesday, so it must be time for a Friday list. In a convoluted Liz-logic sort of way this does make sense, see, because I won't be here Friday so we need to make hay while the sun shines, carpe diem, gather rosebuds and whatnot. So, on this browser page it's Friday and we're in list mode. I saw Time's all-time top 100 album list last week, but we were so busy getting ready for TomKat that it would've been lost in the shuffle. It's worth a look, but IMHO there's a lot amiss with this list. The albums aren't ranked, but divided by decade. I guess we're meant to draw some kind of conclusion from the fact that of the nine albums listed as 2000s releases, four are compilations of older artists (Hank Williams,...

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 11/17/2006

Friday List: Elvis's Pound Cake and More Famous Food

Let's pound some cake. Thankyouverymuch. (Mark Finkenstaedt/The Post) Earlier this week, a friend and I ('sup, Francine?) were instant messaging about Thanksgiving and girding our bellies for some power-eating when she stopped the conversation by casually mentioning Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake, which she proceeded described thusly: "You eat it and you feel the weight walking across the room afterwards." This triggered a memory for me: Years ago, Martha Stewart looking on in horror as Aretha Franklin concocted her Queen of Soul Ham -- complete with ginger ale, coconut, yellow mustard and an entire box of brown sugar -- on one of the now defunct Martha primetime holiday specials. So, of course I started thinking about celebrities and food and dishes endorsed by or inextricably tied to certain stars. So I started Googling and something weird happened. I noticed that many of the recipes linked to a particular celebrity...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 10/27/2006

Friday List: How to Survive a Horror Flick

Sadly,"The Blair Witch Project's" Heather Donahue didn't have our rules. (AP) Okay, you're being chased by a club-footed vampire zombie with a chainsaw. Your options are to run into the woods, hide in a dark mineshaft or turn and face him with only a fork as a weapon. What do you do, hotshot? What - do - you - do? Since we all cringe every time a "victim" seals his or her fate, surely we're the go-to experts on how to outwit those zombies, maniacal killers, possessed personages and P.O.'d dead janitors, right? Okay then, smartie, share your rules for how to survive a horror film -- as few or as many as you like. I'll start: 1. Don't babysit at homes more than half-an-acre away from another house or busy road. 2. Do not ever, under any circumstance, have sex or engage in any other kind of love-making....

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 10/17/2006

List: The Most-Stylish Movies

It's Tuesday so it must be time for another Friday list! Or maybe I'm willing to do just about anything to avoid writing about Madonna's continuing adoption saga ("Malawi Tops Kazakhstan as Most-Talked-About Country No One Can Pinpoint on a Map") or Jennifer Aniston's Oprah gabfest ("No New Boobs and Vince Stays in Relationship"). Though I would probably pay good money to write -- at length -- if the two stories somehow intersected ("Aniston Breaks Up with Malawi, Contemplates Boob Job.") Fashion icon Cary Grant. (Viking Press/MGM) Alas, no such luck. So let's do the next best thing: turn our attention to GQ's new list of the most stylish movies of all time, movies that had a lasting impact on the way we dress. Not surprisingly, a film starring possibly the most debonair man ever to walk the Earth tops the list: Cary Grant and "North By Northwest." Eighteen movies...

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 10/06/2006

Friday List: Goodbye Songs

Today's Friday list was inspired by this beaut from across the pond: Britain's Bereavement Register announced that James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" tops a list of songs played at funerals. A look at the full list (below) makes it clear that a British funeral is now officially as boring as the music piped into my dentist's office. Still, this does force one's mind to consider the set list for one's own, ahem, sendoff. Depending on the desired reaction, music is one surefire way to render your post-partum guests elated, sad, wracked with guilt or -- if you're completely sadistic -- appalled. So, today's list: Choose 1 - 3 songs you'd want played at your final farewell. I'm actually having a hard time (I think the mental image of someone playing the "Dirty Dancing" theme song at a funeral is blocking my creative juices), so I'll stick with one song for...

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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 09/22/2006

Friday List: TV Casualties

Ah, fall. Suddenly the world -- at least within a two-mile radius of D.C. -- has gone all cool air, pumpkins, mums and new TV season debuts. The husband and I have been feverishly rearranging our lives -- and DVR -- to handle a whole new schedule. Already, we have some good ("The Simpsons," "COPS"), some bad ("Men in Trees") and some ugly ("Survivor"), but we're still awaiting a few yet to debut. Since it's Friday, I thought TV proclivities might make for a great Friday list. Specifically, TV casualties of two kinds: 1. No matter how many of us profess a desire to curb our TV habit, most tend to sacrifice at least some small part of our lives to at least one show -- be it sitcom, Adult Swim or Stephen Colbert. Hence, we are TV casualties. 2. The other variety of TV casualty: the quality entertaining show...

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 09/15/2006

Friday List: Rename Supernova

Okay, I swear this will be the last you hear from me about "Rock Star" until next season. Unless something really crazy happens on tour and, of course, when they rename the band. As we all know by now, the band made the baffling decision to take both Lukas and Dilana on tour (Dilana will front the House Band. I'm sure they're overjoyed) But, I'm not here to wring my hands about the bad decisions of others because, really, why should I stress about something out of my control? I won't go on about how Lukas looks like his outfits -- right down to the studded half-glove thingy -- were issued by a stylist who has punk'd him big time (and I mean this kind of punk'd). I won't waste precious space talking about his staggering, doubled over way of careening around the stage or his over-emoted wailing. All I...

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