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Posted at 04:35 PM ET, 03/02/2011

Levine cancels appearances, steps down in Boston

James Levine cancels his upcoming appearances with the BSO; the BSO subsequently pulls the plug and announces he will step down as music director in September, 2011. But Peter Serkin will play with the orchestra in Washington.

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Posted at 08:55 AM ET, 03/02/2011

BSO does strong woman number in 2011-12

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra announces a 2011-12 season with a focus on that most delicate flower of the classical music field: women.

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Posted at 03:41 PM ET, 03/01/2011

DSO: Too little, too late?

The Detroit Symphony musicians now say they'll go back to work after all, without a contract. Does the orchestra have any hopes of rebuilding - and how can it demonstrate its vitality to a struggling American city?

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 06/17/2009

Of Ghosts and Men

A new, scaled-down version of John Corigliano's opera "The Ghosts of Versailles" opens tonight in St. Louis. Why has this work, remembered as successful, had so few subsequent performances?

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