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Posted at 10:47 AM ET, 02/07/2012

Claremont McKenna SAT scandal: More at stake than rankings?

The school’s admission of falsified SAT scores suggests bad data were sent to regional accreditors and the feds, agencies with real power.

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Posted at 11:45 AM ET, 11/07/2011

Guest post: Reform law schools, don’t deregulate them

Law schools need to focus a bit less on pedagogy and a bit more more on preparing lawyers for jobs, professor says.

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Posted at 09:27 AM ET, 08/22/2011

Va. university chancellor resigns over ‘sex dungeon’ flap

The University of Northern Virginia was already in the news for an immigration raid; chancellor says his personal life has become a distraction.

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 08/01/2011

Feds raid Northern Virginia university

Immigration authorities seize documents and computers; students in limbo.

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Posted at 05:56 PM ET, 05/12/2011

D.C. Council recommends separate community college

“Community College Independence Act of 2011” would effectively dissolve the two-year college created in the division of UDC and replace it with an independent entity.

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Posted at 09:52 AM ET, 02/28/2011

Fixing higher ed: ACE's Molly Corbett Broad

In an article published last week in The Washington Post Magazine, I offered eight suggestions to "fix" higher education. After reading the article, you can rank the ideas in a poll, which you will find farther down on this blog....

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