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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 01/19/2011

'DICK TRACY': Writer-artist Dick Locher hangs up his fedora after 32 years

After three decades, Dick Locher is turning in his badge as storyteller and steward of the iconic comic strip "Dick Tracy." "It's time to move on to other things," Locher, 81, tells Comic Riffs. "It's time to do normal...

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Posted at 11:45 AM ET, 09/22/2010

OBAMA and PALIN share a milkshake? Archie serves up one intriguing 'straw poll'

(images courtesy of Archie Comics) We've grown accustomed to a lot of changes in Riverdale. We've watched Archie, Betty and Veronica share a three-way malted. We've seen this year's debut of gay character Kevin Keller. And we've witnessed last...

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 09/08/2010

FIRST LOOK: Bluewater Comics unveils BETTY WHITE comic book

Bluewater Comics might be facing a legal threat over its Justin Bieber comic, but that won't delay the publisher from pursuing a bio-book about another celebrity recently boosted by social media: BETTY WHITE. Bluewater has announced that the America's...

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Posted at 10:15 PM ET, 08/31/2010

Bluewater's JUSTIN BIEBER comic book prompts lawsuit threat

Comic Riffs reported last month that Justin Bieber was getting his own comic book, courtesy of the Vancouver-based publisher Bluewater Productions. Now, a Los Angeles attorney is saying: Not so fast. Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis tells Comic Riffs...

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 08/26/2010

'FRANK CHO's WORLD': Pulling back the cover on the 'Liberty Meadows' cartoonist

Early this year, my fellow Postie Annys Shin came to me with a seemingly simple question: "What can you tell me about Frank Cho?" Simple question, sure, but mine turned out to be a one-hour answer. That's because for...

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Posted at 03:00 PM ET, 08/24/2010

'CHEW' sells out -- and gets this new Tarantino spoof cover

Among "Chew" fans, the spoof cover of "Pulp Fiction" turned out to be one bad mutha. Issue No. 13, featuring the "Pullet Fiction" cover, has already sold out, writer John Layman confirms to Comic Riffs. It sold so well,...

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Posted at 02:45 PM ET, 08/02/2010

The apple of our eyesore: Check out THIS Marvel cover for a real surprise

Murphy's Law, meet Newton's Flaw. On Marvel's "S.H.I.E.L.D." book out this week, the cover (No. 3 Variant edition) is striking for at least several reasons. One reason is Dustin Weaver's beautiful artwork. Another reason is the equally eye-catching typo....

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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 07/17/2010

POP FICTION: Justin Bieber gets his own comic book

One creative Canadian moneymaker is about to feature another. And how: Justin Bieber, the Ontario-born pop star, is getting his own comic book -- courtesy of the Vancouver-based publisher Bluewater Productions. "Fame: Justin Bieber" will be a 32-page bio-comic...

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Posted at 07:00 PM ET, 06/23/2010

Readers can help write Superman's new road trip

The troubling news straight from the Daily Planet: DC is snubbing D.C. Then again, Washington shouldn't take it terribly personally that the DC's Man of Steel is bypassing our Nation's Capital. Clark Kent is also bypassing the Big Apple...

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Posted at 09:35 AM ET, 03/30/2010

RIP, Dick Giordano: Remembering a comics legend [UPDATED]

NOTE: Several more voices of remembrance have been added to this tribute, which was originally published Monday, It's difficult, if not impossible, to imagine a comic-book industry not graced and fostered by Dick Giordano. Giordano touched the field, the...

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Posted at 06:20 PM ET, 03/29/2010

Ka-ching! SUPERMAN breaks record again with $1.5M comic book

You know Batman couldn't knock down Superman without soon getting clocked himself with a haymaker. At least where the comic-book collectibles industry is concerned. A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 -- in which Superman...

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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 03/25/2010

Bluewater's Wonder Woman? MICHELLE OBAMA, Comic-Book 'Superhero'

"Welcome to the gun show, America!" "Michelle Obama would just be learning the full extent of her powers." "One little bug bite and she could be crawling the White House walls and slinging webs at Joe Biden." If the...

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 02/25/2010

BREAKING: Holy Outta-Control! Batman comic breaks record in million-dollar sale

(Heritage Auction Galleries / AP) Well that record didn't last long. Just three days after a Superman issue became the first comic book ever to sell for a million dollars, a Batman comic book sold today at auction --...

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Posted at 07:25 PM ET, 02/22/2010

Call the Daily Planet! Superman comic book sells for record $1M [UPDATED]

[Note: This post from Monday afternoon has been updated.] "This sale is groundbreaking," says a comics dealer who helped conduct the transaction. ( / AP) It's a story worthy of a banner headline in the Daily Planet. The Holy Grail...

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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 12/10/2009

Sarah Palin, hot-selling cartoon character

SARAH PALIN is sparkling big-time sales of not only her memoir, "Going Rogue." The former Alaska guv has also meant serious business for the comic-book company Bluewater Productions. Bluewater says its releasing its fourth printing of its Palin bio...

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