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Posted at 11:53 AM ET, 07/29/2011

Judge orders Nixon grand jury testimony unsealed

A federal judge has ordered the government to unseal grand jury transcripts of testimony by former President Richard Nixon about the Watergate scandal.

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Posted at 12:43 PM ET, 07/21/2011

Unabomber’s tools, passport photo on display

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment unveiled an exhibit Thursday morning featuring items from one of the country’s most elusive and notorious criminals: the Unabomber, Ted Kacyznski.

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Posted at 07:48 AM ET, 04/12/2011

John Hinckley Jr. visit request opposed by government

Government lawyers are opposing a request by would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. for more unsupervised visits to his mother’s Virginia home.

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